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RG3, Luck go on the offensive for No. 1 pick

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are conducting a bit of a battle for the first overall selection in the NFL draft. And both are using the charm offensive.

Both have already begun interview sessions with teams. Luck has already spoken with the Colts at the Combine. RG3 spoke with Philadelphia Thursday evening and said he's scheduled to talk to Kansas City, Washington, and Indianapolis.

Luck shaved his mountain man beard for the event. RG3 today was rocking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle socks. Neither will throw at the Combine -- confirmed by both.

Luck is obviously prepared. He knows he is the presumptive first pick. But he cannot blow it by being something of a jerk during the Combine. He can leave no doubt that he'd be a bad teammate in Indy if he's selected and the Colts try to keep Peyton Manning.

So he's not.

"Peyton was my football hero. That's who I modeled myself after. You never truly replace a guy like that ... Who knows what happens."

Luck went on to say that, "If I have the opportunity to learn from a guy like that, of course, you're going to take advantage of it."

Yes, he was coached well. Luck measured an even 6-4 today.

RG3 was equally effective during his media session. The guy was masterful. Obviously, he wants to go No. 1 and cleared the way by saying he wouldn't be a problematic backup behind Peyton Manning.

"It would be an honor to sit back and learn," he said. "I'd hold the clipboard with pride."

Asked to name players he patterns himself after, RG3 mentioned Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, John Elway and Ken Stabler.

Ken Stabler!

One knock against RG2 was erased earlier today when he measured in at 6-2 3/8ths and 223 pounds. Another knock is he played his entire career at Baylor in the shotgun.

"So did Eli Manning and Tom Brady in the Super Bowl," Griffin said.

Griffin also said he's eager to get on the grease board with teams and show him he knows schemes. There is a perception the Baylor offense is simplistic and RG3 might have trouble picking up NFL concepts.

Not true, he said.

"I can't wait to show teams what I know," he said.

Griffin is from a military family. Both parents were sergeants in the service. "It helped me to be the disciplined person I am," he said.

Love this kid!


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Love them both. Will be watching then achieve stardom in other uniforms unfortunately.

Mando. You have to take it from the logical point of Mel Kiper aka the size queen draftnick. Take Brock Osweiler #1 because he's 6'7" or better yet, let's convert a basketball center who is at least 7 feet and can throw the ball far. I'm thinking "Big Show" from the WWE. Isn't that right Mel?

Give me Manning.

PLEASE Dolphins, PLEASE have some courage and trade up for RG3. He is the best potential elite QB we have a chance to get! after 13 years of misery and crap QB, please make it end, get RG3.

Manning is only good for one year, Flynn is a noodle arm and does not have the skills to be elite.

Trade up to get RG3!

Cleveland does not want to give up its two first round picks and hopefully takes Flynn.

Redskins hopefully take Manning.

DOLPHINS baby, do something you haven't done in almost 30 years, draft a QB in the first round! NO MORE LINEMAN!

Oh remember also. If you do not pick the player that Mel Kper thinks you should he'll be really mad at you for the rest of the year. That's really important. Forget about your scout's medical reports.

Who's RG2? is he any good? Ireland will probably take RG2! not 3!

I believe RG3 is the most nfl ready to win with a bad supporting cast. But Luck may be the better game manager. Indy needs more than a game manager right now. 1st overall pick indicates this.

Even with a healthy Manning Indy may have struggled to be 8-8 with last year's version of the team.

When the Dolphins won the toss with Carolina this morning, I ecpected them to defer.

Can the season please start already?

9/11, I don't think we have, on our entire roster plus our picks, enough ammo to trade up for RGIII. I mean, if we offered Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush, Matt Moore, Jake Long, and the rest of our draft picks, Indy or Cleveland wouldn't take it.

The other teams want RGIII (and Luck) too. We're stuck w/ number 8 pick, period.

And Tennehill = Henne.

We're toast.

Does Vegas have an over and under on how many of Jacory Harris passes will be intercepted at the combine?



You can only trade draft picks.

In other words, all the other teams already have what we have to offer. Every single team in the league has someone serviceable at RB to not need Bush. Same re Long at LT and Marshall at WR. We have nothing to offer.

What we need is for Philbin to be the hidden gem, as coaching is 80% of what's important.

We need our guys (who we already have and who we are stuck with) to get better, sort of like Sparano was always saying.

We need Marshall, who had a good year, to be even better next year. Same with Bush. We need Gates and Thomas to step up. And our starting QB, Matt Moore.

Like others have said, we ain't getting Luck or RGIII and we need our team, which finished the year 6-3, to take it to the next level.

Let's hope Philbin is a miracle worker.

It's kine of like when the Heat were mediocre all those years. We have our guys. We need Bess, Gates, Clay, Bush, to have a magical season that sees us score 32 points a game instead of 17.

We will need Matt Moore, Bush, and Marshall to get it done.

Andruw Luck was cheated out of the Heisman Trophy by a one year wonder. And some factions of Our franchise want to mortgage everything We have for RG3.It's too pricey and equally risky.We should keep Our draft picks and take a chance on Tannehill.NO MORE PATCH WORK.ENOUGH OF THE MEDIOCRITY.

Dave Wanstadt is trying to convince Chan Gaily to sign Jay Fiedler.

Inside, rg2 is the lovechild or rg3 and r2d2.

Ireland is going to draft R2D2.

Ozkar is the one blogger here above all others who is consistently wrong on every single thing he posts.

The Baltimore Ravens have assigned Cam Camaron to interview the Families of all their potential draft choices so they can be drafted too.

Jeff Ireland is a "Baylor alumn". If Ireland won't at least attempt to pull the trigger on a guy that's from his alumn, then it's official:


Cam Camron probably wants to Draft RG1, RG2, & RG3


From the last blog....

It's all good man....I accept your words.....I know what I said sounded short tempered.....but....it was really just sarcasm.....I figured you an DC wouldn't get to offended by it.....
Were good man...

Posted by: Kris | February 24, 2012 at 03:17 PM

Trade Brian Hartline but thats it to St Louis for the 2nd pick.

Hey He-Man I know you're all man.Am I consistently wrong again She-Ra?

Sign Peyton, move up to draft RG3. RG3 has already stated he doesnt mind sitting behind Peyton.

Then Matt Moore can be used as trade bait while he still has pretty good value. IMO, what I have just posted is perfect case scenario. Joe Robbie would be sold out for the next 10yrs!


Your post on the last blog still has me cracking up.....

Next topic.....

Flynn vs. Manning vs. Weeden vs. Tanahill vs. Rg3 vs. Luck.....

Posted by: Kris | February 24, 2012 at 03:20 PM

Wont happen if Cleveland wants him. Cleveland can offer this years 4th pick, this years 22nd pick and then next years first. We can offer this years 8th, this years 41st, and next years first. Or three firsts the third of which they wont be able to use until 2014.

Why isn't anyone doing the math on this one? If you were Fisher wouldn't you take the Cleveland deal?

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Since Jeff Fisher has announced he is open to a trade and could pull the trigger with the right team "Before the draft."

So my offer would be, this years first, next years first, Jake Long and Hartline. Hartline is sort of the topping not the whole dessert.

Then we get best OT available in the 2nd (Maybe Massie) along with whichever QB falls to 2. Which the consensus is RGIII at the moment.

I wonder if Bill Parcell is advising any team to pick up Jacory Harris to add a new wrinkles to your offense.

Ireland is going to sign one quarterback, probably Manning if available and then keep his draft pics. He might draft Blackmon if available. Why not? But we need guys on the right side of the line. We also need pass rushers if you are going to beat the Pats and they are the team to beat in this division. There are maybe two or three qbs that can beat Brady. But we know for sure there is one defense that can beat Brady.

Model the teams after the Giants. Easy guys to get, no real superstars and a good solid quarterback.

All this other stuff is just panic. We don't need to spend a cazillion dollars and all our top draft picks for 3 years to get one player. That would be real stupid in a team sport.


Teams trade up all the time in the first round. On average it takes this years 1st round pick, next year's 1st round pick, and additional picks (this year or next year's 2nd round plus filler). Yes, we do have those picks. What are you missing?

Going from 8 to 2 or 3 is not unprecedented. If you are a Dolfan and suffered through the last 13 years of crap QBs, you do whatever you can to trade up to get a potential elite QB.

What would you rather have RG3 or a grouping of our last 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks; Misi, Langford, Pat White, Merling, Sean Smith, Patrick Turner, John Jerry. I mean c'mon!

News flash Tex: other teams want to win too and it is not their goal in life to help us.

NOBODY WANTS HARTLINE. He has zero trade value.

RG3 is not in the same class as Luck. Frankly, I thought he needed another year of college ball and was surprised he came out. He will be another Jamarcus Russell at best. Whatever happens we can expect Ireland to screw it up again.


I lean towards what your saying(don't mortgage the future)......

But some of these guys are making pretty convincing arguments for RGIII......

Trade Brian Hartline but thats it to St Louis for the 2nd pick.

Posted by: Tim Couch | February 24, 2012 at 03:23 PM

DunceDick, you can't trade players, only picks.

You and I may not want Hartline but the WR starved Rams may want him even if it is just topping on the whole deal. 2 Firsts and Long make that a good deal. It opens the Rams to all kinds of possibilities for that 8th pick in the draft.

One of the Rams primary needs is LT and Long takes that off the table right away.

They can still trade down if possible, they can take a guy like Coples or even get a very good OG in Decastro.

We should hire Steve Spurrier as QB coach and then keep Matt Moore but start calling him Matty Moore like the ol' ball coach would.

It would be hard to find a player with more upside than RG3. Pull the trigger on him. You have to try.

Long is DONE. He will announce his retirement soon.

DophinDave, your name is slightly off, I think it should say DufusDave for posted the comment @ 3:32

Can We stop wasting Our brain cells on the possibility of obtaining RG3? Like it has been priorly posted here,other qb needy franchises have more to afford to move up.We should focus on other qb prospects that are in the draft or in FA.And optimize Our draft picks to correct ineffeciencies on Our linemen.

Lockout is long over. You most certainly can trade players during draft

Some are as excited about RGIII as they were about Brady Quinn.


Here's why...

Every time I mention RGIII and that we don't need a Vick style player you all come back to me with the "RGII is not Vick" crap. If it looks, quacks and runs like duck.. IT'S A FREAKING DUCK or in this case, a freaking QB who 's instinct is to RUN FOR HIS LIFE.

And also...How many games did Michael Vick win for the Eagles this year? HOW MANY??? I cant hear you!

Exactly... We don't need RGIII.

RGIII is NOT a good fit for the fins as they are built for a pocket passer NOT a young, intelligent, athletic great personality and charisma QB who was taught to RUN FOR HIS LIFE through collage.

RG will without a doubt for the Dolphins become a "project". Sure, he will win games but also he is very, very susceptible to getting flattened by the D in the NFL. Our O line is going to susceptible to injuries as they have no clue where this kid will launch from directionally.

He will require 2 -3 years of behavioral training which in the end, when under pressure he will resort to running.

By the time we are done with the behavioral training the O line and players will either be retired or will become free agents and hence, we will be once again rebuilding.

We need to stop the bleeding with all the years and years and years of band aids and fix this once and for all.

kris, at least someone finds me funny. Happy to provide you some entertainment.

Watch us get rid of Hartline and he becomes another Wes Welker...lmfao

NY'G' instead of bashing RG3 with that long non sensical post why dont you watch his game and realize he first instance is to pass and when there nothing there run just because he's blk and have braids doesnt make him Vick.

I think we should sign Payton Manning, Matt Flynn and trade All of our good players and some of our bad ones to St. Louis for RGIII. Then in the second round we should draft Weeden from Oklahoma State. Then next year try to trade up and draft Barkely.

RGIII is NOT a good fit for the fins as they are built for a pocket passer NOT a young, intelligent, athletic great personality and charisma QB who was taught to RUN FOR HIS LIFE through collage.

Well, we know who didn't go to college. Haha, just busting chops nyg

NY "G"

have you watched RG3 play in college, he stays in the pocket till the last second and as a last resort runs. He does not quack like Vick. bad comparison outside being a brother.

You say,

"We need to stop the bleeding with all the years and years and years of band aids and fix this once and for all."

EXACTLY! RG3 will stop the bleeding. strong arm, accurate, intelligent and young.

Anyone, is there a better POTENTIAL ELITE QB prospect in free agency or the draft that can lead this team to wins for the next decade than RG3? who? RG3! obvious.

DC -- maybe the wooziness is due to the quarterly mood swing you get regarding the Dolphins. The winning of the coin toss caused an early up swing in positiveness and your brain and body weren't ready. :)

How many black QB's have won the SB? Not many.

Love how the arguments against RG3 are; he is black, is like Pat White and Vick, runs for his life, doesn't fit our system, IS TO HARD TO GET...all laughable arguments and a loser mentality.

If you want to keep losing, go after Flynn and a semi-retired injured Manning for one year. If you want a chance to win for the next decade you go for the best potential QB; RG3!

DC, chemtrail spraying here in Wyoming a couple times a week. turns blue blue sky days to Los Angeles looking deep dark haze. Same in South Florida?

I'd trade up if it's possible but I doubt they will have as much ammunition as the Browns would

Texas, I had to pause for a sec on that post (was about to ask what the H*LL you were talking about). But I saw the earlier post. Obviously, that's an imposter (they seem to be going around today).

One way to know for sure it's not me, only chem...ical I'd ever talk about is Cocaine (helluva drug).

Wow, I've heard it all now. So teams win SBs because of the race of their QBs huh? Now I see why the U.S. is crumbling so fast. Someone should have warned Joe Gibbs about that stat. Or the Colts (I'm sure not many black HC's won the SB either).

Ireland might bring in Bret Favre to add wrinkles to our offense.

Ah Sorry DC, was talking of the woozy chemtrail post and didn't realize it wasn't you.

Maybe there should be a user account creation and logon for the blog. Would make it a pain but would know everyone is who they are and would be less ( a little) less trolling.

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