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RG3, Luck go on the offensive for No. 1 pick

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are conducting a bit of a battle for the first overall selection in the NFL draft. And both are using the charm offensive.

Both have already begun interview sessions with teams. Luck has already spoken with the Colts at the Combine. RG3 spoke with Philadelphia Thursday evening and said he's scheduled to talk to Kansas City, Washington, and Indianapolis.

Luck shaved his mountain man beard for the event. RG3 today was rocking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle socks. Neither will throw at the Combine -- confirmed by both.

Luck is obviously prepared. He knows he is the presumptive first pick. But he cannot blow it by being something of a jerk during the Combine. He can leave no doubt that he'd be a bad teammate in Indy if he's selected and the Colts try to keep Peyton Manning.

So he's not.

"Peyton was my football hero. That's who I modeled myself after. You never truly replace a guy like that ... Who knows what happens."

Luck went on to say that, "If I have the opportunity to learn from a guy like that, of course, you're going to take advantage of it."

Yes, he was coached well. Luck measured an even 6-4 today.

RG3 was equally effective during his media session. The guy was masterful. Obviously, he wants to go No. 1 and cleared the way by saying he wouldn't be a problematic backup behind Peyton Manning.

"It would be an honor to sit back and learn," he said. "I'd hold the clipboard with pride."

Asked to name players he patterns himself after, RG3 mentioned Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, John Elway and Ken Stabler.

Ken Stabler!

One knock against RG2 was erased earlier today when he measured in at 6-2 3/8ths and 223 pounds. Another knock is he played his entire career at Baylor in the shotgun.

"So did Eli Manning and Tom Brady in the Super Bowl," Griffin said.

Griffin also said he's eager to get on the grease board with teams and show him he knows schemes. There is a perception the Baylor offense is simplistic and RG3 might have trouble picking up NFL concepts.

Not true, he said.

"I can't wait to show teams what I know," he said.

Griffin is from a military family. Both parents were sergeants in the service. "It helped me to be the disciplined person I am," he said.

Love this kid!


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You've got RG3 all wrong. You need to watch some tape on him. He is a great passer, way better than Vick. He is patient. He will only get better.

He does not play the way you portrayed him. He, like Cam Newton are the next evolution of QB's.


Consider this response to you my last.

For starters I HAVE watched him play many, many times just as I have watched other collage QB prospects as well as other position players. If you don't like my opinion then by all means don't.

In closing...

I don't engage with people such as yourself who come on here playing some BS race card.

YOU are insinuating that my post had something to do with his color or hair style which is utterly pathetic.

Just because I make reference to Vick does NOT have anything to do with race or hair style.

Would you rather me compare him to Marino? Get real.

Fortunately for the people on here that read this can actually read my post above and clearly see that you are wrong.

Done with clue.

NY "G"

Would any of you trade 1st rounder this year, 1st and 2nd rounder next year and vontae davis for number 2 pick?

Does Jeff Ireland have the balls to move up and get RGIII???

Does Jeff Ireland have the balls to move up and get RGIII???

NO - BUT Ross may kick him there if he doesn't.


I appreciate your feed back and I believe he IS a much better player then Vick. My reference in my original post was a Vick STYLE QB (please go back and check if needed) as I was not talking about his performance, just running.


You can only trade draft picks.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | February 24, 2012 at 03:10 PM

That was last year because we had no CBA in place.

Cleveland can trade ONLY a player to the Vikes to swap picks if both teams agreed.

Would any of you trade 1st rounder this year, 1st and 2nd rounder next year and vontae davis for number 2 pick?

Posted by: Slam


No. I don't trade Vontae Davis. I would trade this years #1 and #3 and NEXT years #1 and #2 for RGIII

DunceDick, you can't trade players, only picks.
Posted by: 3 year old fan | February 24, 2012 at 03:34 PM

Freaking retard calling names because of his own ignorance-PRICELESS-LOL!

Ozzie Newsome can trade chewing gum for draft picks **THIS YEAR**

Of course Ireland would be the only one to take him up on it.

No Balls,

What if we miss out on Manning and Flynn, would u include davis then?

For trades the trading period does need to start first. I believe the end of March is when it starts.

NY 'G', 90 % of bloggers diasagree with you and you insult me with you classless post @4:09. You sir Im done with!

Some people in this blog need a good kick in the balls.

I can't believe in this day and age there are still so many ridiculous racists out there. You know who you are so know this as well. You come off looking like the biggest idiots in the world when you spew that nonsense. How many black Qbs have wona super bowl? And then your answer is not many? Its one you dumbazz. Doug Williams.

But that completely ignores the fact that the Qb position in the nfl has been dominated by whites throughout the history of the league. Back in the dayand Im talking the 70's here blacks weren't even considered for the position because caucasians in charge labeled them as not having enough intelligence! This was only 40 years ago so spare us with the how many blacks have won blah blah blah. How many whites have won league mvp in the nba in the past 30 years? How many blacks have ledtheir hockey team to a stanley cup? Understand what Im saying dummy?

Texas Dolfan dont even waste your time. I have suggested a sign in rule in here for years but the powers that be don't want it. Like it or not half of the people in here are uneducated morons and the herald would lose those page hits because they probably would not understand the sign in process.

Preach Phins. I got your back!

Greg Aiello commenting on the draft taking place during a work stoppage(no CBA in place):

If players are not allowed to be traded before or during the draft, things will be vastly different this year.

Sifting through some articles concerning Washington and their QB plans.
*They are apparently gathering a package together in anticipation to trade up. This depends on Flynn.
*Rumors have been swirling for a while they are after Flynn next month. Also Orton, but I fail to see Orton as replacement for star starter. Could be wrong.
*They also have been very vocal about getting Manning should he look good in September.

SO.. to sum up - WHATEVER we plan to do, Washington will be there to drive up the price. -OR-

..This may have the advantage of Washington GETTING their man in Flynn or Manning, and we get the leftovers.
If leftovers means losing out on Manning and Flynn, and having to draft RG3 ...Yay!
If it means losing FLynn/Manning, and RG3, and we draft Weeden/Cousins?... yay!
Not sure how to rate all this, but it is interesting.

Phins\NYG. I hear you. We don't need no juke and jive dude, we need someone that can run a sophisticated offense.

No way let that post just sit out there.....

Ohio contributes some good stuff on this blog.....and he brings a balanced perspective that helps some of the more opinionated blog heads (myself included).....take a 2nd look at our post.....and see if possibly I am to far right....or left...

Looks like Mando (or someone's) patrolling the blog. See, they if they can clean up Times Square they can clean up the blog trolls.

Sifting through some Cleveland rumors/articles...
HC Shurmur is downright giddy at his team's ability to move up in the draft should they wish, or grab a bunch of great players otherwise. It all depends on how much Griffin imoresses them I suppose. Interviews ongoing.
2 first rounders and an extra 4th too. They could trade all that and still not miss a single round.

Watching NFL NETWORK......Top 10 Draft Day Trades.....

I'll bet those chargers fans are more disgruntled than us.....

Kris, get Ohio pe pe out of your mouth jeez.....

Testing the new kocksuking program. Armando does your wife swallow?

Kris has peniz envy.

Kris a KOCKSuk3rs!

Yes, in South Florida, Miami Beach to be precise, chemtrail spraying occurs every weekend when it's sunny with clear beautifuls skys as I'm trying to enjoy my hot tub with my lady friends. And boy does it get HOT!!! in there!!! ;)

The greatest TE in history is Ferrell Edmunds.

Ohio you are swell. I like you.

Kris a KOCKSuk3rs!

Guy...what's the difference between jam & jelly?

When was the last time you 'jellied' your co*k down a chick's throat?


NHFINFAN, The last chick I had was Kris. She like to write wit a lot of .....

The greatest problem with this draft is outside of Luck/RG3, a couple wr's, a couple olinemen, and a couple corners. There arent any "INSTANT IMPACT" players to be had in this draft. Worst case scenario I hoipe we dont end up going with another 1st rd olineman.

After maybe the first 15 picks there arent any players with enough upside to warrant not giving up nearly an entire draft moving up to get Griffin. Clearly after the 1st rd it looks like the only thing available are just a bunch of nfl backups.

you can replace chick with guy if you want....totally your call

This draft looks so sorry, even the 2nd rd is like the beginning of the 4th rd in more recent "loaded" drafts. Swapping 1st rd picks with Rams and giving the entire draft would be like only giving a bunch mid to late rd picks to move up to get RG3.

Phins78, the number of white NBA MVPS outisde of Canadians like Steve nash???

If ever there's a perfect draft to trade away all of your picks for one player(RG3) this is the one to do be like NIKE and "Just Do It"!

jelly and jam, hahaha, awesome!!!

Fisher announced today that Bradford will NOT be traded.

I don't get the reasoning behing making this announcement now. But I think it guarantees that they won't be interested in Luck or Griffen.

I think Fisher just talked himself into a corner on this one. Sure, it makes it clear that he's willing to trade away his pick. But for a team like Cleveland it also tells them they don't have to worry about the Rams taking Griffen(or Luck).

Kris, you're a smart guy. Am I missing something here?

It could be meant to signal other teams that they can jump in front of Cleveland. But still, just knowing they won't be going for Griffen automatically strengthens the Vikings position more so than his own.


RG3 likely gets a huge NIKE contract. So lets not let him SWOOSH by us in Miami!

Wow.......I guess someone doesn't like me much on here, lol

Looks like I was under attack and didn't even know it.

Wonder what I did to tick them off? Owell

Other then Andrew Luck, ita a weak year for QB's. Last year's crop was far better. Neither RG3 or Matt Flynn could beat out Matt Moore. So if we dont get a healthy Manning, we're looking at another dissapointing season.

When Lord, When, Well you deliver us from the follies of Odin?Please Lord.


Did you mention liking women by chance?

That really pisses off the gay beret trolls here.

I don't know what women ever did to them(or more likely, didn't do)but man - o - do they NOT like women.

Which reminds me, I have to get some baby oil for the Twister Mat. My favorite Brunette is coming over tonight. We have our version of Strip Poker/Naked Twister that we like to play.

PS: I hope she brings her Sister with her!

(That outta piss off the gay beret trolls-LMFAO!)


Last time Odin touched a women was coming out of the womb. 65 years ago.

I’d rather offer our #1 and #2 for Tim Tebow. At least people would go to the games.

The Rams made it clear they are willing to trade the pick in order to drive up the bidding war. The more teams salivate for RG3, the more they will sweeten the offer. Fisher has nothing to lose by announcing it early.

The Rams can also get an idea of what the market it for the pick, if its not as high as they like, they could simply change their mind and use the pick.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Odin, tell us about the time you went hunting on Morphine,With your child.Or should I just go back to your sept 5th posts?

Finally we win something!

Alan, nobody in South Florida is going to go see Tebow. The only religion in Miami is sex and drugs. They don't want no bible boner praying after touchdowns,

Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa will all be interested in acquiring Tebow.

Sign Manning.
Trade 8th plus Brandon Marshall for the 2 with a swap of the 34 and the 41.
Draft RGIII or Luck and sign Garçon.
Meets the trade chart #s and Rams can draft best OT available at 8.
Win win for both orgs.

It is curious why many People rejected a magnificent QB like Cam Newton last year, and this year they are embracing a not so proven, more scrambling-like QB like RG3.


Tebow = packed stadium

I don't care if he is an Ayatolla'. If he wins for us, we want him.

Tebow=5 and 11.

Nothing but Pillow Bitters and loosers here!

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