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RG3, Luck go on the offensive for No. 1 pick

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are conducting a bit of a battle for the first overall selection in the NFL draft. And both are using the charm offensive.

Both have already begun interview sessions with teams. Luck has already spoken with the Colts at the Combine. RG3 spoke with Philadelphia Thursday evening and said he's scheduled to talk to Kansas City, Washington, and Indianapolis.

Luck shaved his mountain man beard for the event. RG3 today was rocking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle socks. Neither will throw at the Combine -- confirmed by both.

Luck is obviously prepared. He knows he is the presumptive first pick. But he cannot blow it by being something of a jerk during the Combine. He can leave no doubt that he'd be a bad teammate in Indy if he's selected and the Colts try to keep Peyton Manning.

So he's not.

"Peyton was my football hero. That's who I modeled myself after. You never truly replace a guy like that ... Who knows what happens."

Luck went on to say that, "If I have the opportunity to learn from a guy like that, of course, you're going to take advantage of it."

Yes, he was coached well. Luck measured an even 6-4 today.

RG3 was equally effective during his media session. The guy was masterful. Obviously, he wants to go No. 1 and cleared the way by saying he wouldn't be a problematic backup behind Peyton Manning.

"It would be an honor to sit back and learn," he said. "I'd hold the clipboard with pride."

Asked to name players he patterns himself after, RG3 mentioned Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, John Elway and Ken Stabler.

Ken Stabler!

One knock against RG2 was erased earlier today when he measured in at 6-2 3/8ths and 223 pounds. Another knock is he played his entire career at Baylor in the shotgun.

"So did Eli Manning and Tom Brady in the Super Bowl," Griffin said.

Griffin also said he's eager to get on the grease board with teams and show him he knows schemes. There is a perception the Baylor offense is simplistic and RG3 might have trouble picking up NFL concepts.

Not true, he said.

"I can't wait to show teams what I know," he said.

Griffin is from a military family. Both parents were sergeants in the service. "It helped me to be the disciplined person I am," he said.

Love this kid!


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Marshall is overrated. He is not fast. He can not be considered a possession receiver because he drops way too many balls. And he is a problem child. He gets in the QB's head and makes them feel guilty if they aren't throwing to him enough. He was not worth two #2's.

With the #8 they could still get a lineman and also have Marshall. I just am not willing to give up the farm for 2 years for someone. I think if we don't get Manning or Flynn via FA that trading so many picks for RG3 is to much.
Yea, we don't have 2 #1s, but in reality, I'm not sure they're gonna get a lot more than Marshall and a good young lineman at #8 with the two 1st rounders from Cleveland. Marshall is good/Pro Bpwl material with a solid QB as he has proven in the past and Bradford is a good QB.

***** Act of Valor *****

Using active duty Navy SEALs in a tale of men trying to prevent a terrorist attack on U.S soil.

Must see.

I see we're once again at that time of the offseason when some fans concoct ludicrously one-sided trade scenarios that would benefit the Dolphins but immediately get any GM in the league instantly fired for doing it.

Always good for a few laughs.

Also forget late round picks, they don't amount to much. You have to be offering firsts and seconds, maybe thirds along with them.

N Y "G".....

glad you liked the

RG3 may very well be the most exciting player in the draft of the last decade. He is going to command way more than Marshall and swapping #1's.

With the #4 and #22 from Cleveland, St Louis can still trade that #4 and reap more goodies.

Cleveland is in the drivers seat. We are in the trunk.

NY "G".....

Glad you liked the movie....

Just remember.....IT WAS ONLY A MOVIE.......

This one in particular has inspired feelings of patriotism...and pride.....


Just remember...Its only a movie.....

Truth Be Told @ 4:24...is closer to the truth than you may realize.......

I am most curious to see if they make a play for Flynn. If Philbin doesn't want him, that will speak volumes as to his real value, which I believe is way inflated.

Like the comedy huh...:-) In our case these days, all we can probably do is laugh!!!
Yep, we're likely SOL if we think we're gonna get him as it is just going to cost us wayyy too much. I just believe it willl set us back too far for the future. Marshall is the only decent player we could put on the table and not miss in the future, otherwise we're giving up too much in return with picks.
We're going to a West Coast Offense, hopefully Moore will develop if we don't get Flynn. Manning is obviously a risk both health wise and also as far as offense goes since Philbin and Sherman are all West Coast Offense type guys.

RG3 will be lucky to be picked in the top 5-8. If he came out last year he wouldnt be in the top 3 rds. Its a weak QB class so maybe some team will reach for him. Big mistake IMO.

Manning only guarantees we will be starting over at QB 2 or 3 years down the line. I don't like it.

When I look back on my days, I hope not many of them include wasting perfectly good weekend afternoons discussing absolutely NOTHING of importance on an inconsequential blog rather than doing something, ANYTHING of interest such as actually being productive or expansing my understanding of the world beyond a juvenile, homoerotic obsession with young men in spandex costumes playing a child's game.

But so glad you asked.

Hopefully, we can solve our QB problem in Free-Agency (Manning or Flynn), then use the #8 pick on a pass-rusher (like Ingram).
I'm sure that Ireland would love to have RGIII at the #8 spot, and he may even attempt to move up, but if he thinks it costs too much, he'll bail out of the bidding.
And, he may think that any of the QB's available, when we do go to make our pick, aren't worth it at that spot (Tannehill). Again, we may be looking at a young-gun in the second round (which has NEVER been kind to us). Ireland is still locked into the evaluation process that Parcells taught him. If he does something different this time around (and he should, in my opinion), it means he's ignoring those rules, thinking for himself (for a change), and realizes that he's on the hot seat for the team to win now!

When I look back on my days, I hope not many of them include wasting perfectly good weekend afternoons discussing absolutely NOTHING of importance on an inconsequential blog rather than doing something, ANYTHING of interest such as actually being productive or expansing my understanding of the world beyond a juvenile, homoerotic obsession with young men in spandex costumes playing a child's game.

But so glad you asked.

Posted by: Reality | February 25, 2012 at 05:00 PM

Well all that sounds good, but you are here, paying attention, and contributing to that which you scoff at.

Evidently the Dolphins are the last team in the NFL to find out that a QB is important. IF they have found out yet! LOL

Fins, as long as Ireland and Ross are here we will suck. It's simply unavoidable.

You're right.

Is it just me or does this Philbin-Flynn thing remind you of Cameron-Ginn?

Been reading some other stuff on the Dolphins that I thought I'd share (since I'm in Football Limbo like everyone else).

Drafttek's 7 Round Mock Draft has Miami taking the following:

(Rnd/#Pick) (Name/Position/School)
1. 8. Quinton Coples, DE, NC
2. 41. Bobby Massie, OT, Ole Miss
3. 72. Marvin Jones, WR, Cal
4. 104. Kheeston Randall, DT, Texas
5. 135. Michael Egnew, TE, Missouri
6. 199. Markus Zusevics, OT, Iowa

Interesting, huh?

And, on another note, that guy....er, whatshisname...Omar, I think...says that Miami will add 2 QB's in the off-season and will double-down to take 2 pass-rushers in the draft to fill their needs! Also, Miami will draft an O-lineman because that's a major need.

He really does crack me up sometimes!

Did Omar learn grammar yet?

You will see it happen. I am sure of it!

How much would it take to move up to draft RG3? And if it involved Long or Marshall would anyone do it if you were in charge?

Two of our QB's in 2012 will be from this list:


Go fins :)

To make this deal happen we have to part with one player in our roster to overcome Washington's package for the 2nd pick. Fortunately we have the kinda players the Rams will show any interest, someone like Brian Hartline at WR or either Sean Smith or Vontae Davis at CB. Washington does not have that luxury, their roster sucks. I think Cleveland is high on Flynn and Holmgren loves those WCO QB projects like he did once with Hasselbeck. Fortunately for us the Browns have so many holes that I just can not see them trading a bunch of picks for a QB when they have a decent one in McCoy, who I think is a good QB playing with a horrendous cast.

Washington on the other hand is not impressed with Flynn at all and will not pursue the guy. Now this is very speculative but I just do not see RG3 fitting Shanahan's bill either, I think he rather go with the taller Tanehill.

RG3 makes way more sense to us, especially because we have an equally athletic and explosive player in Reggie Bush. Those two together will be a nightmare for any defense, in fact under Ireland we have been transitioning from the "Tuna Big Show" to a more balance of quickness and size, something Ireland himself mentioned last year. RG3 will definitely bring balance to that equation and we will have a massive team with speed in the right areas at QB, RB and other positions. The one area we would need more of it would be at WR. Since signing RG3 would give the team much needed breathing room than signing Flynn to a ridiculous contract, the team can go after prized and above all young free agents. At WR DeSean Jackson makes all the sense in the world having played with Vick in a WCO. He's proven he can stretch the field and he is just 25, plenty of good years left in his tank.

There are also many other young free agents that we would miss signing if we ink Flynn, among them Mario Williams (27), Greg Olsen (26), Michael Griffin (27), Cortland Finnegan (28). Finally I'd love for Ireland to revise the contract situation of a few players that I think are not playing in par with the money they are being paid: Solai (well, he's good but in a 4-3 his role at $14 million will be diluted), Dansby (at $11 million I rather pay Mario Williams who is 4 years younger and an much hard to find freak physique) and Y. Bell (he needs to go, much rather sign M. Griffin).

Matt Moore is our QB he throws the ball far with his eyes closed I saw his picture

TigerSam sound like dopey local reporter.
Pretend like good free agents come here.
What good free agents come here TigerSam?
Wilford, NoodleArm, Incogs, Fasano, Columbus & Olshansky.
All washedup other teams.
All starters this team
Good free agents not come here.
Acorns come here.

Washington on the other hand is not impressed with Flynn at all and will not pursue the guy. Now this is very speculative but I just do not see RG3 fitting Shanahan's bill either, I think he rather go with the taller Tanehill.

Posted by: TigerSam | February 25, 2012 at 07:42 PM

How can you have any idea what Washington things of Flynn?

Also, Tannehill is only 5/8 of an inch taller than RG3.

If YOU don't love this COUNTRY , (USA),


The last QB drafted by Mike Shanahan was Brien Greise.
Brien Griese went to Michigan.
Brien Greise won the Nat'l C'ship at Mich the year that he and Peyton were both seniors.
(Tom Brady was the backup, he could not beat out Greise for starting job).

Shanahan got a lot of production out of Griese in Denver.
Then when the defense dissolved Greise proved to be a valuable scapegoat.
I would not be surprised to see Shanahan try to sign Henne and then draft Blackmon.

Kris and Truth be Told you could not be more right!

thank you for being awakened.

Our country is the biggest purveyor of violence in the world today. It is not the common people of the country or the brave military men and women, the problem is the multi-national corporations that have hijacked are great country. The pre-emptive wars we have illegally started are not about freedom and democracy, they are about oil, money and geo-politics.

Most Americans believe mainstream media which is owned by these same corporations. Wall street and the military industrial complex own our figurehead presidents. Democratic and Republican leaders are two sides of the same coin. No need to argue amongst ourselves, as they are trying to divide us. The current empire expansion is not about killing the evil doers it is about our largest corps making the foreign policy that is best for them, not the American people. If you would look at the map of the middle east, you will see regime changes in countries, that the academic hawks have tried for decades to overthrow.

How does a bankrupt country, USA, continue to escalate our military budget exponentially each year for these illegal wars? because they are creating $ out of thin air through the FED, a PRIVATE COMPANY, owned by the worlds largest banks. This created $ is a LOAN and the American people are obligated to this debt. This is not freedom, democracy and capitalism. It is a corporate dictatorship.

How to sell the American people on creating $ out of thin air? create a crisis; 9/11, the mortgage crisis, civilians being killed in foreign sovereign countries, etc, etc.

9/11 was a false flag pysop. All you have to do is look at the evidence vs what the govt and media are telling you.

For example, the smoking gun of the 9/11 coverup;

World Trade Center Tower 7 collapsed at 5:17 on 9/11 at FREE FALL SPEED, symmetrically, and in its own footprint with no plane hitting it. All three towers were brought down by controlled demolition. Decide for yourself-


In the last 13 years we have had a losing team. We haven't won a playoff game. We have drafted plenty of O lineman, D lineman, LBs, CBs, DEs, WRs, etc. We have had a top 5 defense for most of those years. For what, for nothing, we have won nothing! What are we missing? How come we are not winning?

It is laughable that any of you Dolfans would even think of focusing on another lineman, DE, etc. WE NEED AN ELITE QB! Isn't it obvious.

Solution- Do everything you possibly can to go get an elite QB! Have a plan, act instead of react.

Who is the best potential elite QB within our grasp? RG3.

Flynn and Manning are more of the same crap we have been doing for the last decade +.

Blake, Are you a Dolfan? do you like how your Dolphins have played the last decade? No. Have you left the team?

You don't leave something just because it is going bad. that's cowardice. pointing fingers at people and telling them to leave is ignorant and a big waste of everyones time.

what are you doing to make the country better?

9/11 making sense now.
Talk about stupid Dolphins team better than talk about stupid world we live in.
I agree RG3 very good athlete.
In right situation be very productive.
In wrong situation not be very productive.
I notice QB's who are most productive outside pocket very popular, also spend lot of time on IR.
Best landing spot for RG3 is Philly.
Best QB for Miami still in college, his name Logan Thomas of VT, see this year Sugar Bowl for info.

Since when did this blog become a soap box? I appreciate our differences or similarities in opinions on religion and politics, but this is a FOOTBALL blog!!!

Here, we should be united as Miami Dolphins Fans!!'

Here, there should be no differences in race, color, creed, religion, or politics!!!

I am not saying that you don't have the right to free speech! I spent 10 years serving in the military to protect that right! What I'm saying is that it's inappropriate to discuss such things here...where all men (and women too) are equally fans of the Miami Dolphins.

And, if that's not why you're here on this site, I invite you to visit the site of the New York Jets. There you will find like minded people and those who would enjoy talking to you about such things. I'm sure that I speak for the majority of the fans here...



PY, when do I not make sense?

I can see by the political commentaries here that most bloggers have been influenced by the left wing side of the Media. I understand that, as there is very little representation of the right side of our Political thinking. Try Ann Ryand's series of books, specially, Atlas Shrugged, for a taste of our Capitalism.

Imposter at 8:46.
It's that j ew h omo kris I'm sure.

Tiger is completely delusional. If u think Hartline has any trade value at all u have no credibility here. U r the same type of people who will blame Ireland when ur fantasy scenarios dont happen. As I already told u the other teams want to win too. It is not their goal on life to help us unload hartline. Yeah let's trade hartline for rg3 god u guys are stupid. Call me I'llgladly trade you my dime for your 100 dollar bill



Source: Unretired Randy Moss willing to return to league with no guaranteed money

INDIANAPOLIS – Randy Moss is willing to take a deal that doesn’t guarantee money, a source close to the wide receiver said.

“This is not about money for him, he wants to play,” the source said. “He’ll want to be paid if he makes the team, but nothing up front. He’s not trying to grab a check.”

Moss, who announced his plans earlier this month to return after retiring from football last August, has received interest from two teams, although neither is the New England Patriots, the team Moss has repeatedly expressed undying respect for since it traded him in 2010.

If Moss follows through on his desire to pass up guaranteed cash, he is more likely to get interest from NFL teams.

“The question with him is all about motivation,” one NFC team executive said. “I’m not all that interested because I like our wide receivers. But if the guy is willing to come in with no guarantees, just a make-good contract, I think that would make some teams more comfortable, no question.”

Moss could, for instance, agree to a contract that is not guaranteed but features a base salary of $5 million if he makes a team and another $4 million or $5 million tied to playing time, production and team performance.

Moss would be willing to show up for the entire offseason program (all teams are set to start in April). If he doesn’t make a team, he would not get paid.

“I think Randy would definitely go for that. He might not admit it publicly, but that’s how much he wants to play,” the source said.


Ayan Rand is author of Atlas Shrugged.
Dolphins fans so stupid.
Know nothing.
Some very long posts here.
Usually long posts from Odin.
New poster sign as 9/11.
Now oscar show up.


you are right. I gave up trying to convince people with my words. am leading by action now. honestly, I get caught up when someone else chimes in ignorantly, like 'leave the country'...

left wing, right wing, dems / repubs all part of the same team...

it is the people vs our corporate hijacked govt. so wakeup.

Hey, Fukyou, you know Ann Ryand? She very nice lady.

What's up?

The government is like a bird with TWO wings(right and left) and speaks with forked tongue. Just like the Indians said.

There are smart people here...

I think Philbin could be a good coach, I am most concerned with our foundation, our owner, Ross. if we win soon, its seems it would more come from being lucky...

Anyone speaking politics whether right or left wing are just dumb sheep being led to slaughter.


Let me get this straight.

Flynn is so good, the Packers are going to let him walk. Does that not say they believe their 3rd stringer or some other FA QB will be better than Flynn? I believe it does. Why in the world would they let him walk? Doesn't every team need a competent back up QB? I guess they don't see him as competent.

Randy can't run. He is spent.

3 teams on one season dumped him. 3.

For free he is still a waste of time.

PY, thanks for the invite, sounds fun.

sober after many years of distracted, suffering. only way to bring my strength to the fight is with a clear, peaceful, sober mind


Yesterday's Gone, read it. Still say no.

I guess she(Rand) was pursuing the Truth. Hard to do in the actual World.


Yg I broke this news 16 hours ago

In our Virtual World, the Truth expands.


Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | February 25, 2012 at 09:04 PM

It was also reported there was green cheese on the moon.

It wasn't reported. I saw that. It was hearsay, not an actual timed run. He can't get open, he is done.

So many foolish fans want yesterdays heroes that are nothing more than todays mold.

Hartline > Moss right now.

No receiver would have looked good on our team over the last few years. No line, no coaching, no QB, no chance.

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