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RG3, Luck go on the offensive for No. 1 pick

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are conducting a bit of a battle for the first overall selection in the NFL draft. And both are using the charm offensive.

Both have already begun interview sessions with teams. Luck has already spoken with the Colts at the Combine. RG3 spoke with Philadelphia Thursday evening and said he's scheduled to talk to Kansas City, Washington, and Indianapolis.

Luck shaved his mountain man beard for the event. RG3 today was rocking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle socks. Neither will throw at the Combine -- confirmed by both.

Luck is obviously prepared. He knows he is the presumptive first pick. But he cannot blow it by being something of a jerk during the Combine. He can leave no doubt that he'd be a bad teammate in Indy if he's selected and the Colts try to keep Peyton Manning.

So he's not.

"Peyton was my football hero. That's who I modeled myself after. You never truly replace a guy like that ... Who knows what happens."

Luck went on to say that, "If I have the opportunity to learn from a guy like that, of course, you're going to take advantage of it."

Yes, he was coached well. Luck measured an even 6-4 today.

RG3 was equally effective during his media session. The guy was masterful. Obviously, he wants to go No. 1 and cleared the way by saying he wouldn't be a problematic backup behind Peyton Manning.

"It would be an honor to sit back and learn," he said. "I'd hold the clipboard with pride."

Asked to name players he patterns himself after, RG3 mentioned Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, John Elway and Ken Stabler.

Ken Stabler!

One knock against RG2 was erased earlier today when he measured in at 6-2 3/8ths and 223 pounds. Another knock is he played his entire career at Baylor in the shotgun.

"So did Eli Manning and Tom Brady in the Super Bowl," Griffin said.

Griffin also said he's eager to get on the grease board with teams and show him he knows schemes. There is a perception the Baylor offense is simplistic and RG3 might have trouble picking up NFL concepts.

Not true, he said.

"I can't wait to show teams what I know," he said.

Griffin is from a military family. Both parents were sergeants in the service. "It helped me to be the disciplined person I am," he said.

Love this kid!


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So, what are we Americans to do, selo. Not vote?


Lets get Moss, Peyton, Driver. Sure...good call. In two years they will be collecting social security and we will have to do a full rebuild. Sure, lets make the team as old as possible.

Let's sign TO while we are at it.

Lot's of dreamers here. These guys are too far past their prime.

If they are so good, they wouldn't be available. Moss will be lucky to find a team that wants him.

The trick is to build a team for the future, not a team for the past.

Let me tell you right now. The only way Humanity can advance is getting away from Fear.

Good post Tiger

U r stupid: I believe he ment hartline along with some premium picks to trade up.

I would not trade Long, the guy is a beast when healthy and thank goodness the prior pizza boy retarded regime is gone, Long should have sat an extra game or two to get fully healed especially in a meaningless year where all we did was hurt our draft stock.
Having said that as you mentioned the Rams are thin (actually beyond thin) at WR and CB. I would offer Hartline and Sean Smith but if the Rams demand more then I'd offer Hartline and V. Davis. That is a doable trade, as good as Davis is this is still a QB driven league and it is much harder to find your QB.

Let's trade away our very best players for an unproven draft pick. Either way we lose. Good plan.

Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!!

Long hasnt helped us into the playoffs or even a winning record. Trade him for a WR if he can pass a physical. Hartline is terrible.

Hartline will be great once we get a QB. No receiver could have looked good on this pos offense the last few years.

Tiger, I agree Long would be a huge loss but might make the deal more tempting for the Rams since they already have someone to protect.

So did anyone watch the combine today? Were there any surprise players at OL or TE that you saw work out?

it is not early, it is late. i have watched this blog from afar.

and with this 'contribution' i prove i have no life either.

we are doomed with ross and ireland. any success will come in spite of them and perpetuate our misery with false hope.

sparano, though obviously not the sharpest crayon in the box, was the only decent man of the bunch. that's why he is gone, didn't fit in. we are left with sharks. dumb ones.

In analyzing the comment made by someone (read in a report, can't remember if it was Philbin or Ireland) that TE is more of a "want" then a "need", it sounds like they think Charles Clay is smart enough to understand his role and will be developed to fit in it this year. He was brought around slowly last year, and who knows if it was because of his inexperience, lack of intelligence, or if it was on the Coaches who couldn't teach him or didn't trust him.

These questions will persist this year as we see if Ireland's draft picks from past years (or whomever you believe drafted players in recent past) were underdeveloped by the previous Coaching staff.

TE (in my opinion) would be a definite need (the league is passing us by in the use of this position) UNLESS this Coaching staff uses it's TE's to create mismatches (which is what they're saying). That's something to watch in the upcoming year (how well they accomplish that goal).

You can bet they are going to either Draft or sign a FA TE, DC. Philbin likes to have as many of those as possible.


fasano is like taking your sister's friend to the prom. fills a space but not much else. unless you have some maddog 2020. then, like fasano, all bets are off.

BTW, have you seen the contingent of Florida(The U, FS, UofF). players represented in the Draft? There must be several very good skill players to come out from there. I hope we break tradition and draft at least one of them.(except Jacory Harris).

how typical is this for us, 2 stud qbs coming out and since we won some stupid meaningless games late in the year we are now gonna suffer with some garbage like tannehill

I agree on the quality of the 2nd tier QB's, dusty. I don't see any sure fire NFL starter brand in any of them.

yeah oscar and it just kills me to know those stupid garbage wins set us back even further. would love to trade up but we both know ireland cant get that done so instead hes gonna chase a broken down career over qb and wast a number 8 pick on tannehill. unreal

Imposter at 8:46.
It's that j ew h omo kris I'm sure.

Posted by: PhucYu | February 25, 2012 at 08:47 PM

NEW PROGRAM......right Armando......suppose to SNIFF OUT....this stuff......RIGGGGHHHHTTTTT......

I want to respect you and your blog Armando....I really do....

but Poster's such as Oscar and ALL of his many sign-in names really refelect badly on YOU ARMANDO....you put your bame...and your FACE to this sight....now how about taking some OWWNERSHIP and RESPONSIBILTY as well.....

For al I know Armando (or care for that matter).....it is YOU who writes all this crap....

and just so YOU know....you haven't gotten a rise out of me....i just want to repost the garbabe that passes on this blog....

Maybe Ross should have fired Sparano sooner than he did as TS was dead man walking. It just so happened that the Team was winning at that moment and you had to see the potential of the Team when playing well. We saw enough. Then Ross fired Tony.

finfaNL, problem with Fasano (to me), while slow, is he's proven he can be helpful in the pass game. He just wasn't allowed to do it much. I don't blame him for that (I blame the HC and OC). He's such a good blocker (and our right-side of the line has been so horrible) they used him there, but that's not how you win in today's NFL. You win by creating mismatches with your TE, and being more aggressive then we've been.

I'm not giving up on Fasano, he's a good #2 to me.

fasano sucks, new age te's are fast,athletic, run routes like a wr

RG3 ran the 40 in 4.38. Geez. He is going to ignite the team he is on in every single game.

u mean like vick does clyde? vick ran a 4.25


gotta go with Dusty on this one.....Fasano stnks....If you want the Mark Bavaro clone on your teamthats fine...but I got news for you.....IT AINT 1986....AND TE'S LIKE HIM ARE QUICKLY BECOMMING EXTINCT.....

believe what your eyes tell you.....

and besides DC.....if you FIX the right side of the line....then you don't need to waste a roster spot on a hybrid lineman.....

and then...where playing 2012 football...not 1990 style...



RG3 is a far better passer than Vick and he will only get better.

No comparison.

Stop with the Vick comparisons.

The feeble minds of some think so simple.

Vick rns.
RG3 runs.

They are both black.

Therefore they must be the same player.


RG3 doesn't even have a concentration camp for dogs.

RG3 high class and intelligent.
Vick low class and ghetto stupid.

Jeff George, tall, white, strong arm
Marino, tall, white, strong arm

Same player?

Dusty, if you can't open your mind by reading and thinking, try a can opener.

RG3 = Pat White

wake up clyde, griffin has a longggggggggggggggg way to go to come close to what vick has done

clde nobody compared the 2, u got excited cause griffin ran a 4.36. so i said vick ran a 4.25, does this mean hes great,uh no

dusty and did you say the same thing about Cam Newton?

i like griffin, just dont care about his speed. real qbs drop back and scan the entire field. mobile is good yes, dont have to be screaming fast to do that

Clyde, don't mind dusty. He just posts to be negative about stuff. He is wrong all the time. Last year he said there would be no season, said Sparano wouldn't coach the fins in 2011, said Henne wouldn't be on the fins in 2011, and much more.

He's one of those wrong all the time people that live to be downers.

no i wasnt high on newton cause he seemed so stupid. i was wrong, guy looks to have huge potential. like i said i like griffin, just dont care about combine numbers

so theres my honest opinion clyde, sorry man just dont have him in the hof yet

RG3 would be a 3rd rd pick in any other year. It is a bad QB class this year, and with Barlkey and Landry not coming out, someone may reach for him, but he has a high chance of being a bust IMO.

tgh come on man come real. no chance in any year griffin is a 3rd rd pick

dusty, after Luck its a bad QB class. I think RG3 struggles in the pro's. In his bowl game he wasnt even the best QB on the field. His stock has skyrocketed because Barkley and Landry arent coming out and because of Cam Newton's great season. I dont think he'll ever be an average pro QB.

Luck will be average, he is overhyped. He isn't going to put up big points. RG3 and Newton will be the new model of QB's for the next two decades.

A few interesting facts to ponder:
In 2008 Chad Henne was the 3rd best QB prospect via NFL.com.
2008, Matt Flynn was considered no better than 13th best QB, and projected to be 7th round, or FA.

Here's NFL.com's list of top ten QBs for 2008:
Matt Ryan
Brian Brohm
Chad Henne
Joe Flacco
John David Booty
Andre Woodson
Erik Ainge
Dennis Dixon
Colt Brennan
Josh Johnson

Still feel the NFL.com Gods are undisputable? Feel confident in their analysis of Tannehill?

OK, so I'm sold on RGIII. Has NOTHING to do with his 40 time. I've watched more than enough tape on this guy and listened to him enough to be completely sold on him....no question. This guy isn't Russell or Young on the field or Vick off the field. Yes it's going to take a TON to get him but this is the guy you want. Luck's not part of the equation, so this is the next best option. Very impressed with this kid...get involved in the talks. Fisher OWES us after screwing the Dolphins around...LOL.

our pick will be reilly rieff (sp). manning would be a mistake. flynn will now be too expensive. the packers are gonna franchise him so we would have to give up picks and a huge contract to get him. moving from 8th to 2nd can't be done. not with teams picking ahead of us also wanting to move up. the browns will make the move. it makes the most sense. the rams will get extra picks and still at 4 they can draft whoever they wanted at 2 with the 4th pick. if you have even the tinniest amount of common sense you'll know this is the reality of the situation. the browns had the worst offense and need to excite their fan base.

rieff looked tremendous at the combine and was amazing during his college career. add him and our oline immediately becomes one of the best in the nfl. hopefully we can draft a QB later to compete with moore and possibly another QB gotten in FA. get guard help to compete in FA. if we can get the top TE charles in the second. if we have to trade up a bit to get him. with him, fasano and clay that should greatly enhance our offense.

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