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Ricky Williams retires and we think his value was ....

Going to keep it simple this morning ...

Ricky Williams retired Tuesday. He played seven seasons with the Dolphins and gained 6,426 yards in that time. He sat out 2004 in semi-retirement, sat out 2006 while suspended, and played only a couple of snaps in 2007 because of injury.

In those years, the Dolphins went to the playoffs once -- in 2008 when Williams was a reserve.

The Dolphins paid a steep price for that body of work. They gave up a first-round pick in 2002, a first-round pick in 2003, a fourth-rounder in 2002 and a fourth-rounder in 2003. They got a 2003 fourth-rounder back along with Williams.

Simple questions:

Did the Dolphins get value for their draft picks?

If you had to do the trade again, would you make it?


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Simple questions:
Did the Dolphins get value for their draft picks?
If you had to do the trade again, would you make it?

-Armando Salguero-

This coming one day after proposing 3-1st rounders, a 3rd and a 5th for RGIII.


I think not.

Your first sentence should have been 'I hate Ricky Williams' because all your posts about him have an underlying tone of distaste. Could it be because he is not from a military family or he doesn't pray hard enough? Or could it be anyone who has made mistakes or smoked weed merits no respect from you forever?

Did we get a similar article telling us how many playoff games JT won for us? Was he worth it?

Just to put a bow on my post, with all due respect to Shanahan, the person who BEST knows what Matt Flynn has to offer is Philbin.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 08, 2012 at 08:25 AM

Ricky was fun to watch a few of those years. Even though he was the total offense in Wandstatt's day, watching him didn't feel the same as when you watch someone like Ray Rice. Now that all is said and done, I don't really think we got the value. Those retirement years were some BS

Knowing what I know now, obviously not.

I thought it a little steep then and I still do.

Interesting question though Armando. Why don't you ask Ditka and Wannstandt how they feel?


Excellent observation.

JT retires and Mando does 15 writes up in two weeks time. Then organizes a tearful sing along to Kum-bya out in front of the Davie Headquarters.

Ricky Williams retires and Mando says: I'll keep it simple. Was he worth it? Look at ALL WE GAVE UP! Was he worth it?

I think it's safe to assume Ricky never invited Armando out to dinner.

Ricky doesn't fit Armandos profile of what constitutes a quality person. See below his comments on RG3:

Kid lives right, prays hard, works hard, comes from a military family and is getting married soon. He's the kind of kid you want as a son-in-law.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/02/sometimes-the-steep-price-of-trading-up-is-worthwhile.html#storylink=cpy

Ricky was by far the best player on the team every year he was on it (up to '08 I'd say). Was his pick worth it? If you look at the body of work of the past GM's, I'd say yes, we wouldn't have gotten any better playmaker with those draft picks than Williams (probably some extra linemen).

I'd say Miami did a horrible job surrounding Williams with a team that was as special as he was. No QB to speak of. No other playmaking weapons. Take Williams off those Dolphins teams, and you have probably one of the most pathetic, weak, ineffective offensive units in the history of the game.

NO NO NO NO! One great season in 2002 and no playoffs!

I think the feature Running Back in the NFL is a dead horse.

ricky was the man, wasnt his fault we failed to get a qb. 1800 plus yards was pure domination

Ditka looked retarded wearing those "Ricky Dreads".

dusty, all people need to do is look at the years Ricky wasn't on the team. Were they better (as a team) or worse? Tells you all you need to know. The guy was a beast. Norv ran him into the ground, remember those days. Like 30-40 touches. Unheard of. But he kept coming. Got better as the game went on. Even had a 1,000 yd Season near the end of his career. I've got nothing but love for Ricky.

Ricky won the hearts of both the players & fans with his on field efforts and off field "hey let me live my life the way I want to" attitude.

Love ya Ricky....you can now safely go back to Cali, roll up a fatty and enjoy life!

I guess Mando wouldn't want Larry Csonka as a son in law.

How about Merc Mando? Was Mercury Morris the kind of guy you'd like as a son in law?

Yes, I would make that trade again.Ricky had the greatest season of any Dolphins' RB IMO.

Dave Wannstedt and Jay Fiedler wasted Ricky Williams' talent as well as the defenses.The Dolphins were poised for a Championship; unfortunately Wannstedt and Fiedler were not good enough to deliver.

yeah i agree ricky was a stud on a team full of garbage

I remember a presser where Sparano said Ricky was the smartest football player on his team. The guy KNEW how to play the game. Running, blocking, catching out of the backfield, all around great player. Reggie Bush could learn a lot from Ricky.

Oh yea, here's my morning Fins predictions:

If Peyton is healthy & makes all the required throws to pass a physical, he is the Fins starting QB this season.

We pass on Flynn & draft a QB in round 2 so we can start grooming Manning's replacement.

Finally, we draft yet another OL in the first round and select Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa.

well lcukyily bush will be gone after next year

ireland gave up alot for daniel thomas this past draft even though the nfl guru's warned of future injuries because of his upright running style. in todays nfl you might not need a feature back. QB is a must have and after 4 years ireland might begin to agree.

I love Ricky Williams as much as anyone.

PURE BEAST! A freaking Throwback. An Old school Man among Boys in his prime.

The question Mando asked though, was he worth the two firsts and a 4th.

I still have to say, a little steep for a Running Back.

why waste a pick in rd 2 on a garbage qb.

I have to say I like Ricky Williams, and he will definitely go down as one of my favorite Dolphin players of all time. I think the price WAS too high, but we definitely got the value with the player we had. We always had free agency available to us to improve the team and management failed to do that.

In general, I don't think trading that many draft picks is worth it because there's a longer history of those trades not working out than of ones that do. Which is why I think trading up for RGIII is not worth it if we have to pay the price you proposed in your blog yesterday.

That's why I think the most prudent course of action is to go for Peyton or Flynn, keep Matt Moore as insurance, and draft Tannehill. He has a history in Sherman's offense and that is one of the reasons he is ranked as he is. It would also be great to pair him with a mentor like Peyton Manning.

greg z....I agree, we gave up too much to move up and draft Thomas. I hope he proves me wrong next year and has great success in the west coast offense.

Given the gaps in Ricky's playing career you'd have to say we didn't get full value but who can say we would have made better use of the picks in Ricky's absence?

sherman and tannehill suck . peyton wants no part of mentoring anyone

Ricky in his prime could absolutely close out a game. Fourth quarter. Six minutes on the clock. Give Ricky 15 carries, and the other team never gets the ball back. I haven't seen that kind of football lately.

That said, there's probably a half dozen quarterbacks Ricky's age I would have rather traded two first round picks for.

15 carries with 6 mins left,lol wow

Per NFL Channel:

The NFL Scouting Combine 16 days away.

Free Agency 35 days away.

The Draft 79 days away.

1st training camps 165 days away.

baseball almost here!

Too much for Ricky. If we had gotten those 2 lost years out of them then possibly worth it.

Guys its simple, Armando has a crush on jt.

Ricky should be respected for a lot of things. How he was simply electric that first year in Miami, and how he managed to put his financial life together after almost losing everything. He's man a man his whole life, and faced up to his responsibilities even though he always seemed afraid to do so.

On the other hand, those indiscretions he had cost him dearly and will probably keep him off the ring of honour.

All said and done though, Ricky is one of my all time favourites and the second most electric dolphin I've seen on offense behind Marino. Too bad Danny never had Ricky .... things might have turned out different for both of them and all of us.

It was worth it. Ricky was a beast. You can't place not making the playoffs on one player.

thanks for the offense Ricky...

DC @ 9:31....do you trust ANYTHING Sporanus had to say....I mean really...DO you...

and if by chance you do believe him...what are Sporano's words worth?

odin, today, I'd say yes. But remember, Norv was the OC back then. He's a run first guy. Back then, it was a run first league. Miami wasn't on the forefront of anything (but mediocrity). They would NEVER have made a trade like that for a QB, so I don't think the choice you're suggesting would ever have existed. Also, look at our (garbage) top draft picks from that era (notable nobodys): Seth McKinney, Randy McMichael, Eddie Moore, Vernon Carey, Ronnie Brown, Matt Roth.

Do you really think we would have gotten anyone remotely memorable with those picks? Think about it.

Anyone ever look up who the saints got in return for Ricky? They elected the de grant with one of the picks, forget the other. Grant was a good player but certainly not in Ricky's class. The trade was well worth it. The team didn't succeed because wannstedt and spielman were two of the worst personnel men in the history of the NFL and never drafted anything else worth a dam.

You're way off on this one Armando. Ricky Williams was well worth it. He has been one of the best players Miami has ever had. When he was focused on football he was one the hardest workers on the team. Not to mention racking up massive yardage and always played hard.

And as far as him taking us to the playoffs only once. One player does not make a team. You should know this.

Kris, yes, I do trust (with a grain of salt) some of what Sparano says. He's still a Coach, still saw these guys everyday. Had no reason to say that (unless he meant it). If he was saying Ricky was a smart ballplayer, I trust that.

What are his words' worth? I guess a HC who saw what a legendary HC (Dikta) saw, what Parcells must have seen (to invite Ricky back), what almost every teammate Ricky played with saw (elite talent).

I don't have a scorched Earth view of everyone who failed here in Miami Kris. I see some good in Saban, even Henne. I don't hate the air these people breathe. I might dislike what they did during their time here. I might disagree with their philosophies. But I think I have a healthy respect for all NFL employees (as I am not one, and someone thought they were good enough in some area to be hired by some team).

Ricky sent the franchise back years with his ”retirenent”! We would not if had the need to draft Ronnie Brown the following draft and coulda grabbed Rodgers instead!

Do you really think we would have gotten anyone remotely memorable with those picks?

Think about it.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 08, 2012 at 09:45 AM

At the time I was "All In" on the trade for Ricky. I won't second guess that now. I certainly won't try to throw out any scenarios that would supposedly have been been better.

I pretty much agree with EVERYTHING you've posted about Ricky today.

All I'm saying, even though I was on board with the Ricky trade, I thought it a little steep then and I still do. A **LITTLE** Steep.

chris, do you REALLY think we would have drafted Rodgers? This is what I'm telling you guys, our draft philosophy last decade has been DISASTROUS! It was an abomination. Every time we had the chance to make the right decision, we did not.

That's the reason we're in the shape we're in today. That's the reason I don't want to keep making the same mistake again. That's the reason I say mortgage the future and move up to get one of the 2 top QBs in this year's draft (and finally stop the bleeding).

Odin, I can accept that. Now that you know all that history though, what do we do now? Like then, we need a QB. Like then, in order to get one that comes highly touted, we'll have to give something up. Is it worth it now? Not for a RB, not for a WR, but for a QB?

Mando, Ricky for the most part was loved by the fans, his teamates and coaches. He is retiring and his years in Miami are behind. So what is the purpose of this write up! You clearly think no! So that doesn't really bode well for your arguement to do that for RG3. Don't forget the trade was for a proven player, not a prospect! Big Big difference! The gamble is not as great.

Ronnie Brown was going to be our pick that year no matter what. Saban only knew SEC guys. Who was our number one the only other year Saban was here? Jason Allen. School? TENNESSEE. Conference? SEC.

that was his comfort zone. I've heard crazy things here but blaming Ricky for not having Aaron Rodgers is one of the craziest.

I do not think we got what we paid for with Ricky.

Don't get me wrong, I really liked the guy every year in a dolphin uniform, but we did pay a steep price to get him

I guess more like this. for the years he was on the team he was a very valuable asset and worth it, minus the fumble issues. But I can not ignore him quitting on us and going to India, considering those years should have been with us. Him bailing on us brings the overall value below what we paid IMO.

The men in charge would have picked bust for those picks they gave for Ricky.
So I say we did good!!!

Always too many draft picks have been given up for Ricky Williams

No matter

How many draft picks are given up, ...

The NWO will still resume the Chemtrail Aerosol Spray Program

Control the weather when it wishes and, ...

have a HAARPy day :(

So long Ricky Williams.I'll miss your bruising running style.Please forgive Our franchise for wasting your talents.You were worth it.Ricky.RICKY!

Good Morning Slaves and Dolfans!

I do find it weird Ricky retired... oh wait... it's ricky... everything is weird.

But he looked like the better running nback in that PATS playoff game. Ricky looked damn good.

I was hoping he would play another year.

Armando is a huge nerd. you can tell by his distaste for anything that doesnt have to do with waving the flag or being patriotic. huge nerd.

It would have been nice.....and worth it if Wanny would have put together an offensive game plan that actually included some passing. The guy ran Ricky straight into the ground within two seasons. I believe Ricky still has the record for most carries in a season.

I forget what season it was, it was either 2002 or 2003....but the Phins had the number one rusher (Ricky) and #1 rushing offense in the league and I believe the #3 defense. They lost the last game of the season to the Pats when they blew a nice half time lead and went all "Ricky up the middle" about 100 times......that loss caused the Phins to miss the playoffs. You have the #1 rusher and rushing attack in the NFL and a top 5 defense, you should be, most definitely, in the playoffs and seriously contending for the SB.....the Phins weren't because Wanny was an idiot and never realized he also needed at least a minimal passing game to put the team over the top. That's when I pretty much knew Wanny was done.

Ricky was the only player on offense worth cheering for.

Miami loves you Ricky. Good Luck on next step.

WR Brandon & RB Reggie will be even better out of the back field w QB Peyton Manning

These three Miami Dolphins will look good (faces of the franchise) on a few billboards near the airport and stadium in South Florida

Much better than the dark faces of the New World Order black ops

have a HAARPy day :(

I do not think we got what we paid for with Ricky.

Don't get me wrong, I really liked the guy every year in a dolphin uniform, but we did pay a steep price to get him

I guess more like this. for the years he was on the team he was a very valuable asset and worth it, minus the fumble issues. But I can not ignore him quitting on us and going to India, considering those years should have been with us. Him bailing on us brings the overall value below what we paid IMO.

Posted by: Poizen | February 08, 2012 at 10:14 AM


He quit on Wanny, not us. I can't blame him either....Wanny was an idiot and once Ricky got to camp that year, he realized it was just going to be more of the same "Run Ricky up the middle 50 times a game" and throw a handful of passes and punt. He was beaten up, and I think he knew his body could not handle another season like that.

I think that's pretty much what it took for Wayne and management to realize that Wanny wasn't going to work out in Miami much longer.

Ricky was the most talented player to ever wear a Dolphin uniform. He holds almost all the Dolphin rushing records. Good luck Ricky and we're sorry we couldnt provide you with a decent coach.

No Peyton Manning.No Peyton MANNING.NO PEYTON MANNING!

I'm glad we got ricky. He'll be a phin forever. Good Luck Ricky and go smoke a fatty.

Reggie, Peyton, Brandon

oh yeah!

looks like an NFL ticket finally worth purchasing in Miami

Unless the New World Order
creates, intensifies and steers Massive cat 5 Hurricanes directly thru South Florida in 2012

have a HAARPy day :(

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