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Ricky Williams retires and we think his value was ....

Going to keep it simple this morning ...

Ricky Williams retired Tuesday. He played seven seasons with the Dolphins and gained 6,426 yards in that time. He sat out 2004 in semi-retirement, sat out 2006 while suspended, and played only a couple of snaps in 2007 because of injury.

In those years, the Dolphins went to the playoffs once -- in 2008 when Williams was a reserve.

The Dolphins paid a steep price for that body of work. They gave up a first-round pick in 2002, a first-round pick in 2003, a fourth-rounder in 2002 and a fourth-rounder in 2003. They got a 2003 fourth-rounder back along with Williams.

Simple questions:

Did the Dolphins get value for their draft picks?

If you had to do the trade again, would you make it?


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Fair wolfman... But it was still quitting on a lockerroom and a fan base.

Picking Brown with the #2 pick in the 2005 draft set us back more than the trade for Ricky. Sure the QB class that year was very light...the only pro bowl QB from that class was Rodgers.
I recall the front office really liked Alex Smith, but now way SF was passing on him and Rodgers was not highly touted by the draft 'experts'.
Brown had some good moments, but his injuries kept him from being great, as we all witnessed with his inability to 'hit the hole' post-injury.

Ricky was GREAT...Brown was GOOD and that's how most Fins fans will remember the two.

yeah wolfman13! You know.

Reggie, Peyton, Brandon

that's an NFL ticket worth purchasing

after all u will never be able to purchase a ticket to the, ...

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Reggie, Peyton, Brandon

oh yeah!

looks like an NFL ticket finally worth purchasing in Miami

Unless the New World Order
creates, intensifies and steers Massive cat 5 Hurricanes directly thru South Florida in 2012

have a HAARPy day :(

WR Brandon & RB Reggie will be even better out of the back field w QB Peyton Manning

These three Miami Dolphins will look good (faces of the franchise) on a few billboards near the airport and stadium in South Florida

Much better than the dark faces of the New World Order black ops

have a HAARPy day :(

Always too many draft picks have been given up for Ricky Williams

No matter

How many draft picks are given up, ...

The NWO will still resume the Chemtrail Aerosol Spray Program

Control the weather when it wishes and, ...

have a HAARPy day :(

Home for Christ's Sake;) what are you preaching about? I already know that there is this conspiracy theory about world population and elitist.I can't do anything about it anyways.I just hope Our beloved Miami Dolphins win a SB before it happens.

Hind sight is always 20/20. Whether Ricky was worth it or not can certainly be argued from either camp, but at the time Ricky was a proven value, unlike a draft pick out of college that has not played a down in the NFL. When Ricky was playing he was good, but the year he quit just before the beginning of the season was devastating to the team. I believe Armando you advocate we give whatever is necessary to get RG3, but question what we gave for Ricky. Exactly what side of the fence are you on? Personally, I would rather see the Fish do just about anything other than go for Manning. That would be paying too much for what they will get. FA and the draft can't get here fast enough.

Ricky Williams is a unique person and talent but I would not have given up my whole draft for him nor the trade the Dolphins did. Hes an amazing football player but the Dolphins should have seen something coming fromhis confused, shy personality from the Saints. Its easy to say this today but I still think we shouldve done our homework and extra credit before giving that much up for him. I love Ricky and what made me realize that was how much I felt betrayed and how much I disliked him for his semiretirement. After all that said, I think he deserves to be in our RoH. He was the face of the franchise almost all of last decade, even when he fidnt play, and he produced when put on the field as an elite RB. Wish he retired here instead of Baltimore. Good luck Ricky!!

If you laid that trade out to me and said, Here, take Ricky, you will make the playoffs exactly one time until he retires and he will bail on you for a full season after two years, I'd have told you to keep him and I'd take my chances with the draft picks.

DC Dolfan....

SPorano said he KNEW Columbo could PLAY...cause "he watched the tape".....


Sporano's words are worthless....they are about as useful as his 0-7 start....

You learn from SPorano and Saban if you want....I am a bit more choosy in whom I seek counsel with....

At the time I thought it was too much. But looking back, who else gave us any hope on offense during that time?

only players who were drafted and retired by the phins only... roh

The answer to Mando's question is "no, but it's not Ricky's fault." See if you are smart enough to wrap your mind around that one. The Fins' pathetic organization failed to learn from the Vikings/Cowboys Herschel Walker thing, obviously. By the way, Ricky was 50% of the reason (the other 50% was Pennington) that we won the division. He was, by far and quite obviously, the team's best RB that year despite playing as a "backup." Come on, man.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"If you had to do the trade again, would you make it?"

How many times did we all as Dolphin fans stand up and scream RUN RICKY RUN...to many times to count.

We gave up 2 1st round picks and 2 4th round picks.

Maybe to steep of a price, but my memories of Ricky Williams are priceless.

His skills were wasted on coaching and Front office incompetence.

I'd would have thrown in an LB of Chronic to sweeten the deal just for the memories alone.

But I'm sure Ricky would told me to hang on to the LB and to meet him in the parking lot after the game.


Soiled :)

Also, Ricky, like many stars,suffered from the patheticness of the coaching (Wannstedt) and we should have made the playoffs in each of his first 4 years. Well, one year poor Wannstedt was a victime of 2 missed 20 yard FGs back to back as we lost to the Pats in overtime, 03 I think . We should have been 11-5 that year and in the playoffs.

ricky was the man, just no supporting cast. sadly

Whoa 2 watt,that's a helluva a proposition? Tough. I love your passion for Our Dolphins.

Not that Miami would have taken them, but those first rounders became Charles Grant and Calvin Pace. The trade did save them from the temptation of Pat Ramsey and Rex Grossman, but Nmadi, Larry Johnson, Nick Barnett were still there in 03 and Clinton Portis went in the second in 02. That's two RBs that could've duplicated Ricky's accomplishments, I'd say, and a couple of solid defenders too.

Stop the RGIII thing. What's Vick one? Stick with Moore. Get a better O line and defense.

Oh, as I stated all year, lookey lookey who won the SB? The team with the best DEFENSE. Defense still wins championships and all this talk about this is passing league is stated only by uneducated and brainwashed sheep.

Check the stats. 90% of all NFL games the winning team is the team with the most rushing yards and fewest turnovers.

i mean won. what's vick won?

The conspiracy theory that the the slaves have been programmed to believe thru their privately owned, government controlled media is the brainwashing of the fact there are no Chemtrails, HAARP is only a, ... LOL "research facility" (right and Newt is a $25,000.00 a month, lol "historian" for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)
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Nothing too see hear!

have a HAARPy day :(

best defense, giants werent the best defense. they won mainly because an elite qb brought them back in 8 games in the 4th quarter and again in the sb

ozkar. i only watch the phins. and heat. and soon the marlins.lol

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marlins finally spending some money, fins falling behind the heat and now marlins with ozzie in town

Home is absolutely correct on everything.

Dear Mr. Home

True story

I live in NC and yesturday over my area chemical trails as far as my eyes could see.

Con trails disepate quickly, these Chem trails lingered across my skyline.

As the day when bye you could see the chemical spread out over a wide portion of the sky.


P.S. Started watching Doomsday preppers last night

Yes Home for Christ's Sake;) I am aware that all that evil stuff is happening NOW.But I cannot do anything about it.I would just be cannon fodder.It's inevitable.

I have to agree with dusty...it wasn't all giants D that won games..it for sure was stellar QB play when they turned it on. A lot of come from behinds, and lot of great catches... Their D didn't score al of the points in their season did they?
Yes D is a big part of having a playoff/SB type contender but without Eli...the Gmen woulda went home when we did..after the last reg season game....

A news station reported the results of tests on what they called chemtrails. "It seemed like some mornings it was just criss-crossing the whole sky. It was just like a giant checkerboard," said Bill Nichols, who reportedly noticed the "unusual clouds" begin as normal contrails from a jet engine, but unlike normal contrails, he claims, do not fade away. He then noticed "it would drop to the ground in a haze", the material collecting on the ground and in water he had sitting in bowls. KSLA News 12 sampled the water at a lab and initially reported a high level of barium, 6.8 parts per million, more than three times the toxic level set by the EPA. After contacting the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, the news station was told that these levels are very unusual, but proving the source "is a whole 'nother matter". KSLA discovered during their investigation that barium is a hallmark of other chemtrail testing.[21] However the KSLA reporter had misread the reading, which was actually 68 parts per billion, well within expected ranges, and the station retracted the story.[22] The phenomenon attracted the attention of a Los Angeles network affiliate, which aired a similar investigation called "Toxic Sky?"[23] Following suit, Phoenix News Reporter Pat McReynolds at CBS KPHO interviewed Geoengineering Template:Cite news / publication-date=February 23, 2011/ url= http://www.kpho.com/story/14816315/do-toxic-chemtrails-really-exist... investigators and concluded that chemtrails do not exist.

This link to the Phoenix story has been removed, locally and on Wikipedia?????
Wow, they will go to all extremes to make chemtrails look like a conspiracy theory.
Disinformation to COVER UP the TRUTH!

Right there with you 2 watt! I only root for Miami sports.And I've never been there.But I live and die south Florida sports.Yeah!

The D is the reason Brady didn't do even better than Manning. The were all up in Brady's face every day. The super bowl was won by the Giants' defensive line and stud middle linebacker. Runt Manning has now twice been the beneficiary of the greatest SB catch of all time. Last time it was Plaxico. yeah you need a QB too, but caretaker QBs can do it. What you need is a pass rush, and we have not had much of one lately.

Home... Stop living in fear and enjoy the short time you have on this earth buddy.

plaxico,lol no it wasnt. tyree made the 2008 catch. and the throw to manningham was perfect. wake up man, the vikings had a great pass rush

In RE to whether it was worth it or not, I think there's a couple ways of looking at this. We can look in hindsight....talk about Ricky retiring, then un-retiring....then getting suspended, etc. and say that it was clearly not worth it.

Or, we can look at this and say that it was just about the only high stakes, high risk move this organization has made in the last 15-20 years...maybe it didn't work out for this reason or that, but at least they made that move. Personally I wish they would make more of those moves.

I was just reading an interesting article about Robert Kraft. (not direct quotes)...in it, he basically says you can play it safe....make the "safe" choices....often these are the "common sense" choices, but ultimately what you'll get is a team that is decent to mediocre with the occasional great season. "That's not what I wanted for the Patriots".......It's the high risk decisions that ultimately lead to greatness and dynasty. You may have setbacks here and there as a result, but rather that than simply being mired in mediocrity due to a fear of swinging for the fences.

bout time

All of the garbage conspiracy theory stuff and whatever those websites say is whatever garbage the site owners and contributors feel like spreading out to you cows who follow the heard and belive.. Stop living in fear and spreading your garbage on this football blog you douche...there are plenty of sites you can go post with the other 11 people that believe your garbage post.

Home for Christ's Sake - there are other blogs out there where your posting would be more appropriate. You should go find one of them.

Hey Home, talk football here, or go eat your chemtrail sandwich on some kooky conspiracy site

Chris, what if you laid out Long's career (so far), and were told Miami made the Playoffs exactly once during his tenure. Would that #1 pick have been a waste (or the wrong move)? Just asking.

is home mentally challenged? being serious, never seen him in here

The question shouldn't be, was it worth it?

The question should be, if they were once willing to give up that much for a RB why would they be reluctant to do it again for a QB in a QB driven league?

Dear Mr. C63-AMG

I respect your opinions and right to speak your piece.

My last post was true and maybe Mr. Home goes overboard at times, but what if what he is saying is true.

I agree moore football talk is needed...Luv my Phins.

You may not see whats happening in your skys but I've seen whats happening in my skys


Soiled :)

Hey Mando, please get rid of Home and his garbage...we actually "pay" for this blog/app and now have to be sitting here reading his dumb posts...either he goes or I want my money back please

Kris, 3 words from Ronald Reagan: Trust but Verify!

Like I said, I took what Sparano said, added it to what Parcells and Dikta did, along with what many players said, and evaluated all that to accept Sparano's statement. Not sure what's wrong with that.

If you're so anti-Sparano, that you can't believe or accept or even verify anything he says, then I think you're letting your passion get in the way of your thinking.

I prefer to think clearly, and not let my emotions get the best of me. That's what women do (not saying you're acting like a woman, just saying).

This year at Christmas I sat my young son down and we brought up the NORAD Santa Tracker and tracked Santa's movements throughout Christmas Eve evening. We also watched YouTube clips of Santa taking off and landing in various cities and countries around the globe and even watched one of Santa taking off from the North Pole. I am now more convinced than ever that Santa is indeed real and can't believe I ever doubted it.

Just google Santa Tracker NORAD and you will be convinced!


What does SPorano know about smart football players....

I would think Pennington would HAVE BEEN the smartest football player he had been around....

but the FACT that he thinks it was Ricky Willimans...well that tells me all I need to know about this losing coaches Philospohy....

Ricky Williams may well have been the MOST INTERESTING football player SPorano has ever been around....

but confusing INTERESTING for SMART...is just DUMB.....

My sky's are fine man, I had very high security clearance years ago...while there are plenty of things that would blow you away "NONE" of that info was ever or would ever be spraying our people with the garbage your cult of people believes in...you actually know only what you read on those kooky sites..which explains your fears..you are the kook my friend, keep believing those dumb sites and wasting your life away...maybe one day you will wake up

I loved Ricky. He ran and he ran hard. You wanna talk a combat disorder? He had it. Immense pressure as he was the only real player of value on that offense. He led the league in rushing and did not quit. He was hit 40 or 50 times a game. Always in contact. He was worth every pick and more

You are on the guy because he smoked some pot. Big deal.

My most recent favourite Dolphin. Thanks for the years Ricky

Wolfman..exactly man, good stuff


I'm Anti-losing...and anti-losers....

By definition...it means I am anti-Sporano....

Yeah Ricky was all good in my book... He had some rough spots but who doesn't right

My buddy Mike has been educating us for the last few years about chemtrails and has really awakened our community.
Keep up the good work!
Mike, a former private pilot living in Arizona, asserted that three commercial airline pilots have confirmed to him the reality of chemtrails. According to Mike, the chemtrails he has witnessed spread from horizon to horizon, filling the sky in a dense crisscross pattern that eventual ushers in cirrus clouds. Mike said he has conducted his own air sample tests and detected barium as well as very fine aluminum powder.
This is the biggest unreported crime of the century.

remember all the sparano lovers in here in august, hilarious

C63-AMG works for the government.Do not believe anything he says.
Chemtrails are being sprayed almost daily and soon we are all going to be doomed!

Ricky was well worth it -- he was a great running back and what you neglect to say was how the Dolphins plummeted when he left on his sabbatical..then he came back to teams that were either poorly coached (Cam Cameron, in particular), or poorly managed (the pisspoor tactics of Parcells/Ireland and the Daunte fumbles), or just plain underachieving. He was not utilized to his full capabilities, which are ample. Again, Ricky was undoubtedly worth it -- just lacked a team/organization worthy of him.

Dusty....it seems we still got a few....No names....but initials are D.C.....

Yes DC, in fact the pick of Long was among the all time worst picks in NFL history. O linemen are interchangeable despite the trendy wannabees saying otherwise. You always draft the best QB available, every time. you never know. Brady was drafted in the 372nd round. When was Rodgers drafted? you draft QBs. picking long no. 1 is one of THE main reasons we have made the playoffs. It's incontrovertible--quite obviously, he cannot be enough of a difference maker to get us in the playoffs.

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