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Ricky Williams retires and we think his value was ....

Going to keep it simple this morning ...

Ricky Williams retired Tuesday. He played seven seasons with the Dolphins and gained 6,426 yards in that time. He sat out 2004 in semi-retirement, sat out 2006 while suspended, and played only a couple of snaps in 2007 because of injury.

In those years, the Dolphins went to the playoffs once -- in 2008 when Williams was a reserve.

The Dolphins paid a steep price for that body of work. They gave up a first-round pick in 2002, a first-round pick in 2003, a fourth-rounder in 2002 and a fourth-rounder in 2003. They got a 2003 fourth-rounder back along with Williams.

Simple questions:

Did the Dolphins get value for their draft picks?

If you had to do the trade again, would you make it?


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i mean not made the playoffs

Ricky is a very wise man and knows the chemtrails are going to do us in. God Bless Ricky and his knowledge of Chemtrails and HAARP severe weather weapon of mass destruction.

I'm looking at the sky right now and do see a number of contrails....errrrrr chemtrails. And what do you know.....there's a layer of brownish fog building over the city and settling into the valley. It must be those blasted chemicals Southwest airlines is dropping over Albuquerque.

Oh wait a minute........I live in the city and rush hour has just ended.....that brown cloud is just the smog leftover from the morning commute on an unusually calm day. No wind to blow it out.

Oh well, that's probably doing more damage to me and the fine folks in ABQ than the contrails.

dusty, plaxico took Runt's underthrown ball off the defender's helmet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..Bong Pipe was definitley my second favorite Phin player(Lex Hilliard)..I had a chance to meet him one time at the Grass Valley Co-oop. I actually just ran into him, said hello. Didn't make a big deal, or even talk about football..Nice dude.

No way that trade was worth what we paid. If Bong Pipe was a quarterback..Very understandable. But for a running back..I'm interested to take a look back at the quarterbacks available with the number one picks we traded away..Were there any that could have changed our fate? Were there any that were busts that may have had success?? I guess we will never know.

Philbin is WORSE then Sparano. But no coach can survive with Irescum pickin the players.


Dear Mr. C63-AMG

"I had very high security clearance (YEARS AGO)"

"..you are the kook my friend"....I probly am a kook as you may have seen in most of my posts, but thanks for calling me friend :)

I don't go searching for conspiracies, but I do find looking up at my sky and see plane after plane leaving long white clouds lingering for hours then spread across my skys

I am home bound alot and am outside with my dogs alot just wondering what those planes are leaving across our skys.

High secrurity clearence there are lots of lvls of those...maybe your wasn't high enough.

As always Respectfully

Soiled :)


LOL Kris, I get you. I'm not happy with Sparano's tenure here, but I respect the Wildcat and beating the Pats that one time (of course no Brady).

I think Parcells did next to nothing for us (well, a tiny bit). Yet I think he deserves to go to the Hall of Fame.

I'm turning the corner on my absolutism.

The D is the reason Brady didn't do even better than Manning. The were all up in Brady's face every day. The super bowl was won by the Giants' defensive line and stud middle linebacker. Runt Manning has now twice been the beneficiary of the greatest SB catch of all time. Last time it was Plaxico. yeah you need a QB too, but caretaker QBs can do it. What you need is a pass rush, and we have not had much of one lately.
Posted by: Your Lord and Savior

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/02/ricky-williams-retires-and-we-think-his-value-was-/comments/page/2/#comment-form#storylink=cpy




I get it Armando you want to go out shooting, I understand the guy is someone you dislike, but let it go, we can´t do jack for what is in the past, and yes the price was too steep and we did not get enough of him, but in certain sense we did, after all we got the better years, and certainly I would have not done it noing but you must always take a chance and try to succeed..



C63-AMG works for the government.Do not believe anything he says.
Chemtrails are being sprayed almost daily and soon we are all going to be doomed!

Posted by: Steve Wilkinson | February 08, 2012 at 11:38 AM


No worries here, I live every day to it's fullest and like it's my last.

Never know when you're going to be hit by a bus, be in an auto accident, get hit crossing the street, drop dead from a heart attack due to an unrelenting smoking habit, get slammed by a drunk driver, have a stroke, get shot by a drive by gang banger, get hit by lightening, get mauled by a bear, etc, etc, etc.

Why don't you people try just living life and enjoying whatever you have. Like my dad always told me......"we're all terminally ill, it's just that most of us haven't been diagnosed yet". If you want to change the world, then go for it, but you're really not going to get too far in your quest posting here on a football blog.

Jake Long career over?

I don't have any concerns over the ALLEDGED chemtrails one way or the other.

Preppers on the other hand rock!

I've been doing it(somewhat)for the past 4/5 years. Generators weapons, munitions, canned goods, water and just recently small amounts of gas and oil.

If there ever is an economic collapse or attack on the power grid, I'm somewhat prepared.

If all goes well, I'll be expanding into some solar power units. And ultimately a nice hydroponic set up in my basement for some good old fashioned Home Grown "Parishables".

Run Ricky Run!

(Football Talk)


I'm looking at some contrails now and what do you know.....it would appear that they're causing some sort of brownish cloud to form over the city......Oh wait, I live in the city, that's just the smog left over from the morning commute.

Actually, I'm far more concerned with that and pollution in general than I am about any kind of chemtrail conspiracy that has been debunked over and over and over again by gov't scientists, independent researchers, private universities, other countries, etc.

Really, when you think about it, such a conspiracy would be impossible to pull off given that our gov't and really, the whole world, is pretty much inept.

What me worry about geo engineering using daily toxic chemtrails?

why? I'm a complete idiot.

How bout those Dolphins? 7-9, 7-9, 6-10?
Let's fix that.
Now that's important.

When I analyze Ricky Williams I always go back to his specific draft. In 99 after Peyton's inaugural 3-13 98 Season his G.M. Polian sighted the need to get him help in the Run Game. Sitting at pick #4 passed he on Ricky for Edgerrin James, he said it was the ability of James to be a factor in the pass game (something the older Ricky worked on and got good at) which tilted his opinion. We all know what happened next with Ditka pulling one of the biggest Draft day shockers in History trading his entire allotment of picks for Williams who's aloofness and overall strange behavior doing interviews with his helmet on with a visor shielding his face ect.. Made him a bit of an enigma and his lackluster play got Ditka canned, so to say trade #1 regading Ricky wasn't worth it to the N.O. Org. is a HUGE understatement

In trade #2 he came with a conviction and purpose to Miami running for 1,853 Yds in leading the NFL. I remember the exact # because I NEVER thought I'd see a Dolphin take an NFL Rushing title. He followed with over 1,300 but didn't run the same way and the year after retired saying that HC Wannstedt (who in fairness staked his future on Ricky with that trade) was a clown who was going to get him killed or put him in a walker by the time he was 40 (true with the well over 300 touches he saw per season)

His quitting on us in the fashion he did on the onset of Training Camp with no fair warning alone made the trade a disastrous failure for Miami and I liked Ricky but facts are facts and the bottom line is post Season appearances. We had been to the Div. Rd. of the playoffs the year before the trade and NEVER after it because in 08 the twice (BONG PIPE) suspended and older Ricky was NOT the player we had traded for in 02.

Truth be told although it could have been worse because we could have been at the top of the 99 draft with the players who went ahead of the two RB's. In 99 the 1st overall pick was Tim Couch to Clevland, pick #2 was Donovan McNabb with a room full of Philly fans in Radio City music hall at the draft screaming RICKY!! RICKY!! and then came the whopper of the day. At pick #3 of the NFL Draft the Cincinnati Bengals select QB Akili Smith from Oregon!! WEEEEW!!

Government could never kill a president or start a war or global economic collapse either!

Okay, back to watching FOX news, my bible of the truth


It's great to go through life as a dummy with no independent thoughts.


LOVE Ricky Williams, but you look at the hall they gave up to get him and how the team performed when he was at his peak and it's clear you don't win with running backs. Minni doesn't win with AP, Tennessee doesn't win with CJ. I'm sure there are LOTS of other examples.

You win with good QB play....I'm getting it guys....took me a while to get there but I'm getting it!!

Dear Mr. Odinseye

"And ultimately a nice hydroponic set up in my basement for some good old fashioned Home Grown "Parishables"

Looking into buying a Ham radio setup in the near future...would luv to join your compound for Parishables and guitar lessons.

Soiled :)

If you want to change the world, then go for it, but you're really not going to get too far in your quest posting here on a football blog.

Posted by: wolfman13 | February 08, 2012 at 11:49 AM

I've tried this tact with him many times. With this guy, you're fighting a losing battle.

You have every right to do what ever you want Wolfie. I'm just trying to save you some time and effort.

He's been doing this here for at least two years. Mostly in the off-season(thank God)for some reason.

should have said 'haul'.....

My bad....

Cheapo Ross has the cheapest GM, HC, and QB's anyone can find. So how does he expect to win? The day he sells the team we can rejoice.

Armando lacks respect for Ricky Williams. It's always been that way. He posted an article a few years back bashing him left and right. The reason Ricky retired back then was because he has Social Anxiety. He couldnt deal with the constant attention you get as an nfl star. So if you cant understand that disorder, you wont understand Ricky. The espn 30 for 30 documentary was great and shows Ricky in real life. As a football player he worked his ass off for this organization. I'd say he's been one of the best players to ever play for miami. He's a top 30 Running Back of all time. Thats pretty good in my book. Ricky is also a very good person, who actually wanted to pursue other things rather than playing a meaningless game and getting used like a dog by dave wannstedt. Armando is a goofball. I just had to log on and see what he had to write this time. Ricky is a stand up guy and one of my fav players and people of all time. I'd take him in his prime over every running back ive watched with the exception of barry sanders. Armando fails to realize that he had a problem that effected his every day life, which caused him to walk away from the game for a while. Ignorant articles about guys that sacrificed for this team. I love it.....go write some more poitnless cocky. Typical.

ESPN 30 for 30 " RUN RICKY RUN" watch it!!!

You're worried about what a plane leaves behind? OK? What are you gonna do about it? What can you do about it? What's your plan? What does spamming a blog about football accomplish for you?

Why don't you ask people to stop flying? To stop sending goods around the world. What a putz!

Go to a conspiracy blog with the 9/11 was an inside job idiot. Bunch of dopes!

If Wanny would have given him the ball 260 times instead of 305 Ricky wouldn't have been worn out & bolted. The Phins wouldn't have bottomed out as drastically as they did & Ricky would have made it to the HOF.

Dear Mr The Government

Luv your posts...LOL

Gotta let my dogs out...now where did I put my gas mask and aluminum foil hat

Be back soon

Soiled :)

Shula was a great man....drugs aint bad for me, there bad for you

It's "they're" you momo, not "there". There should be a literacy compentency test to post here. If there was, you sure wouldn't be here!

Go crawl back under your rock, you sure act as dumb as one!

It's about time this organization made a "bold" move.....a "risky" move. The last such move was Ricky and since then, it's been nothing but the "safe" move all the way.

Trade up for RGIII! Take a risk....make a bold move for once. High risk = High reward. Yeah, there can also be setbacks, but I'd rather a setback and complete implosion than the mediocrity that these "safe" moves continue to bring.

Loved that Robert Kraft article.....basically he says if you're always playing it safe, you will be doomed to mediocrity. You want to make it big, you have to go big and take some risks.

Go for it Dolphins, take the plunge for once. Bet the house and the farm. Lay all the chips out there......go all in! All you have to lose is continued mediocrity. If your efforts fall flat, well....at least you made the effort to get this franchise out of the stink hole it's been in the last decade plus.

Dear Mr Drugs are bad for you

Sorry about my spelling...I was always getting D- for grades with math.....wait thats not right either.

Anywhoo..thank for correcting me

You would have been a fine tutor

Soiled :)

Kris, funny you say that. I've NEVER been a Sparano lover. I was against almost everything he did here. Against the draft picks (a lot of them, though that's on Parcells/Ireland). Against his philosophy (run first, prototypical player). Against his oline evaluations/tinkering. Against not playing young receivers (because they couldn't play on special teams). Against his usage of timeouts. Against the way he spoke in pressers.

But, yes, there were a few things he did I like (or respected). I liked how he protected his players. I liked that they respected him enough to play for him. I liked the Pats Wildcat victory (like I said). And just overall his story, of a blue-collar-type guy, oline Coach who got his chance, I can respect that.

If that's love in your view, then I guess we have differing definitions.

Drugs are bad....

None of those planes leaving stuff behind are marked...ie...NO COLORS....

Just plain white...or grey...depending on how your eyes view them at that distance....

You should really pay attention to your surroundings and environment....that way when something out of the ordinary enters it...you will be more aware....

See if any of those colored planes leave a trail a MILE long.....

When you are ready to acknowledge that...then you will be more receptive to a chat....

You win with good QB play....I'm getting it guys....took me a while to get there but I'm getting it!!

Hey LOSER, stop stealing Craig M's name and posting under it.

Craig, someone's using your name, just wanted you to know. I know because there's NO WAY you would say something like that. NO. WAY. I'll monitor and make sure no one steals your name going forward.

Rocko, we're just biding our time until this summer and synchronized swimming at the Olympics.


LOL....no it's really me....

Took me a while but with you and Mark beating me over the head enough time I got it. Too many good backs in the league that aren't first round picks.

I've changed my tune.....and I know.....thank God!

The wife keeps harping on me to quit smoking. I've really given it some thought and think I may be ready to take the plung...I've even contacted a "group" for moral support.

That said, I may need to rethink my position. With all of these chemtrails everywhere, what would be the point. Perhaps I should google chemtrails for my wife and see if she'll by the argument that quitting smoking now is pointless. I bet she'll go for it too.....I mean, it is on the internets and all. LOL!

Actually, this conspiracy theory stuff I'm reading here really explains a lot of the other things I read on this blog and why so much of it is fanciful to the extreme and outside of anything that could be considered rational thought.

Wolfman13, why do you smoke? Does your mouth crave it, or are you angry without smoke. Do you feel more relax when smoking? I always pondered why smoke?

Aerosol Chemtrail Assault on all the ignorant slaves!

Ok...gotta run. It would appear that there will be little to no football talk actually taking place today.

Beside, I have the day off....think I'm going to go chemtrail hunting. I had an uncle that was a storm chaser and that always seemed like fun.....perhaps this will become a new hobby of mine. LOL!

Actually, nix that.....think I'll take the kiddo to the zoo and maybe the aquarium and just enjoy the day....never know, it may be our last!

No and No


The players LOVING him...and playing hard for him are two seperate things....

You don't get to 0-7 because you played hard for your coach....

As a matter of fact...instead of listing off ALL the things tha DON'T HAPPEN when players play HARD for their coach....I will say this....

How many times did you hear in the SB that the G-men or the PATS "played hard" for their coach....

Cause in the media world....that is filler talk for LOSING TEAMS....

Teams that WIN don't play hard for their coach...THEY JUST WIN....


Yeah the players liked him...they start off 0-5...and he gives them MORE days off...never calls ANY ONE out in the press....covers up their mistakes...and pisses on you and me...and tells us its raining....ONLY YOU belive him....I go to take a shower and wash myself of the stench....you open your mouth and drink in the golden goodness.....

Sporano isn't blue collar....he was rich before he joined the FINS...and his fortune has grown exponentially since....Blue Collar....lol...

Thats what the media tells you...and you buy in....blue collar is a thing of the past...there hasn't been a blue collar coach since 1995....

If you like the fact that an O-line coach got his shot...then I guess you'll LOVE it when a QUALITY CONTROL coach gets promoted to HC...it will be just like watching the movie ROCKY....maybe STALLONE should get to writing....

You wanna see the average Joe get his shot...spend your 12 buck...and get all teary-eyed in the theatre...

For those that are spending hindreds and thousands a year to see a competitive product....I am sure they expect more....

Where is the article about the Dolphins hiring a new Wide Receivers Coach? And here is a multiple choice about who the new WR coach is:
A. A well-respected former receiver who is young and hungry and ready to make a difference for the Dolphins? And a man who went through vigorous interview process?
B. Yet another elderly, long-time friend of Joe Philbin?
It is truly disgusting that Stephen Ross is doing this to us AGAIN. He is letting one man hire whoever he wants, and Philbin is simply hiring his cronies. At least when Bill Parclels hired whoever he wanted, Bill was an accomplished coach and GM. Philbin is a nobody and should NOT NOT NOT be allowed to hire is pals.


You're on a roll today....some good stuff...LOL.

I'm sensing a little bit of the Bill Maher influence in there....LOL.

Wolfman13, why do you smoke? Does your mouth crave it, or are you angry without smoke. Do you feel more relax when smoking? I always pondered why smoke?

Posted by: Clue | February 08, 2012 at 12:29 PM


I crave it in general both from an addiction standpoint and a habit. I've been smoking for so long, I can't remember what I used to do before I smoked. I can't remember what I used to do when I was just hanging out at a party....or sitting around on the back porch....driving in the car.....talking on the phone.....etc, etc, etc.

It's completely 1st nature to me at this point to pick up a smoke anytime I do any of those things. I don't even think about it, I just do it. When I try to stop myself (tried to quit on a couple different occasions) I get extremely anxious, almost to the point of anxiety attack.

If I go several hours without nicotine, I get headaches and become extremely light headed.....I don't really get angry, but I fidget a lot. It ultimately gets to the point where all I can think about is having a smoke. Nothing else matters and I can't focus on anything other than getting my fix.

I wish I would have never started in the first place, it's the worst thing I've ever done. I used to be quite the athlete in highschool and I often think back to how I used to be able to run like the wind.....now the only wind is the wind I'm trying to suck in.

Ricky Williams is was a dope running back

Dear Mr. Kris

"None of those planes leaving stuff behind are marked...ie...NO COLORS....

Just plain white...or grey...depending on how your eyes view them at that distance....

You should really pay attention to your surroundings and environment....that way when something out of the ordinary enters it...you will be more aware....

See if any of those colored planes leave a trail a MILE long.....

When you are ready to acknowledge that...then you will be more receptive to a chat...."

Well said

Soiled :)

I was a season ticket holder back when we traded for Ricky. Although it didn't turn out as well as expected, he sure was fun to watch.

DC, nice post at 11:30ish and can relate. However, one man I have no time for is Dave Wannstedt. That man has brought down not one but two of the flagship franchises in the NFL and sent them into perennial medicority - the Dolphins and Bears.

I absolutely detest all things football when it pertains to that man.

I wish Ricky the best. He was a Dolphin great. I dont know about others here, but when Ricky arrived adn plowed through the line busting out yards and TD's, it helped me move on from Marino. He gave me someone to cheer for. He played behind poor OL, no QB, a screwed up ORG, and still put up some of the best numbers in Dolphins history. He will never see Canton, but maybe he will see the Dolphins hall..

Cars & trucks leave smoke too. So does construction machinery. Hell, my lawnmover leaves a trail of smoke on occasion.

They're in my surroundings, not miles up in the air. Maybe I should ask everyone around me to stop driving or mowing their lawns or paving driveways.

What a bunch of turd brained idiots.

Everyone who has failed to record their agreement with my 100% accurate observation that the Ricky deal = Vikings/Herschel Walker deal is clueless. I guess that means all of you.

Mark, the Bears made it back to the super bowl just a few years ago, where they lost to the Colts. Don't put them in such terrible company as us.

Mark in Toronto,

I was a fan of Wannstedt before he came to Miami and even when he was coaching the team. In hindsight, you are right on with your comments. Totally agree with what you have said about him. He started the spiral downwards from when JJ was here.

Wolfman, 11:49, very true. All we have is today and no guarantees for anything else. All of our clocks are ticking, enjoy what you can when you can. Squeeze the most out of this biatch as you can.

By the way I love Ricky and he was the best, but no RB is worth that many picks. See, again, Vikings/Herschel Walker. Then the cowboys get Emmit as the 39353rd pick in the draft. Beast RBs are nearly interchangeable. What's not interchangeable are good defensive backs and D linemen. The winnings teams are beasts in those areas.


Not sure if you're still around but one of the things my girlfriend does is help people quit smoking through hypno-therapy. I've never been a smoker myself but but people swear by it.

From my understanding the key thing is you have to 'want' to quit and be completely open to the concept. I've used it for other things and it's a pretty cool experience. Look into it if you're serious.

Craig M....lol...thanks...

I'm just having some fun with my man DC....

I know he isn't a Sporano lover....but his post still needed to be met with some resistance....

I am sorry...but I gave Sporano every chance to win my allegiance....but they more questionable T.O he used....the more predictable the game plan became...the refusal to change/overide Henning on some of those play calls (when it appeared he was upset with what he was hearing in his headset...body language)....his home losing record....his teams not ready to start the seasn 3-4 years...and the ONE season we start 2-0...we immedeatly fall to 2-2...and play 500 ball the rest of the way....UNTIL it counted...then we ended the season WITH 3 STAIGHT LOSSES...to the Bills...the Browns...and the Lions....

Sporano regressed every year....and he doesn't get my respect for that....

I would respect him more if he had QUIT on Ross after the Harbaugh incident....that would have been a man with integrity.....

I love how all the no nothing sheep just keep on bashing Ireland haha get a life already this organization hasn't won anything for forty years and you people act like Ireland single handedly ruined this franchise every team has hits and misses in the draft and free agency, Jeff Ireland was probably 5 years old the last time the fins won a super bowl give the guy a chance

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