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Ricky Williams retires and we think his value was ....

Going to keep it simple this morning ...

Ricky Williams retired Tuesday. He played seven seasons with the Dolphins and gained 6,426 yards in that time. He sat out 2004 in semi-retirement, sat out 2006 while suspended, and played only a couple of snaps in 2007 because of injury.

In those years, the Dolphins went to the playoffs once -- in 2008 when Williams was a reserve.

The Dolphins paid a steep price for that body of work. They gave up a first-round pick in 2002, a first-round pick in 2003, a fourth-rounder in 2002 and a fourth-rounder in 2003. They got a 2003 fourth-rounder back along with Williams.

Simple questions:

Did the Dolphins get value for their draft picks?

If you had to do the trade again, would you make it?


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"what about all the money we paid Ricky then he no-showed, he was supposed to pay it back, I' m sure he never did SS"

Actually Skip, he payed back every dime, so your opinion is worth a pack of used condoms.

I love Ricky, and I understand Ricky. He was a great dolphin. Run Ricky run!!!

To Wolfman13...The Dolphins have never recovered from that end of the season 2002 loss to the Patriots. JT & Zach & Ogunleye, Surtain & Madison--all in their prime--and Ricky on offense. That team deserved better. Thanks Dave Wannstedt and Ray Lucas. Brutal.

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