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Ryan Tannehill: The interview

Former Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill is working at the IMG Madden Football Academy in Bradenton, Florida to get ready for the Combine next week and his Pro Day the final week of March.

He discussed his recovery from a foot injury that has limited him this offseason. He is finally jogging again and said he'd be 100 percent by the time the Pro Day comes.

He discussed Mike Sherman, the  former A&M head coach who is now the Dolphins offensive coordinator.

He also discussed what he'll tell teams who pass on him in the first round of the April draft. Tannehill, 6-4 and 225 pounds, will be a first-rounder. He'd probably be a reach at No. 8 or No. 9 when Miami picks. But if the Dolphins don't address QB in free agency and don't trade up, he would be the most likely trade down option.

Listen to the interview:


BLOG NOTE: The Dolphins are making their coaching staff available to the media today at noon. I will tweet updates in real time from that availability, so follow me on twitter for that. And I will update this blog upon the conclusion of the availability with all the latest ... so come back.


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He is a long term project at best. We are stuck looking for someone to back up Moore in 2012.

Henne > Tannehill < Flynn < Grandma < Peyton Mangled

Flynn will be the biggest waste of time and will doom Philbins stay here.

Aldon, Flynn will be the best choice of all the options we have. And really, no one knows just how good he'll be. You saying he'll be a waste of time is like me saying he'll be the next Dan Marino. You don't know...unless you have a crystal ball. I think, if you look at what he has done in his limited play against really good teams, he will be a very good option to compete with Moore.

Aldon, take your meds.

i work at texas a and m. tannehill collapsed in the second half of 6 games last year. part of the reason why sherman was fired. for example, against texas. tannehill threw a crucial pick six and an interception deep in his own territory in the second half. my point is, he may be physically gifted (like henne), but that simply is not good enough in the nfl. the dolphins may as well keep henne if they plan on drafting him. another bust.

I hope we go any route other than Manning. He is damaged goods. If thye decide against Flynn, then I hope they will put together a package of picks good enough to get RG3.

Craig M will find it extremely interesting that Mike Shanahan, who Coached in the Senior Bowl, found "nothing to see here" in Tannehill. Also, a Redskins reporter who was down covering the Senior Bowl, told the LeVar Arrington radio show that there's was one QB who blew all the rest away, and his name was Brandon Weeden. He didn't have good things to say about Tannehill.

ALONG with that, we know Sherman got fired from his college post, where Tannehill was QB.

So, not sure what people see in Tannehill. I don't have any first-hand experience as I have not seen this guy in action myself. But if these reports are accurate, then this guy is someone we should pass on.

This reminds me of greg z (very good poster here) whose first-hand accounts of Chad Henne in camp a couple of years ago turned out to be very prescient, as he highlighted what later became obvious to all about Henne's subsequent problems at the QB position.

IF it is decided to take Tannehill in the first round of the draft then just go ahead and take him at #8/9. So what is if it is a reach, lots of players can be considered reaches. if he is your decision in April, show him you have the confidence and oull the trigger early.

Again with the what the consensus is on a guy, DC.

(Shake of my head)

I guess it's a good thing we listened to the consensus when we missed out on guys like Brady, Arian Foster and Harrison in Pitt.

If we'd listened to the consensus, Cam Wake wouldn't be on this team right now. Oh yeah I forgot.....one of Ireland's 'gimmicks'.

This is where Ireland and company have to step up. A guy like Tannehill is sitting there and there's split opinion on what he might be as a pro. Good skillset but there are lots out there who aren't sold on him. This is when the GM and scouts EARN their money. You have to decide what to do with a guy like this. Is he worth a shot and maybe he becomes a Joe Flacco type (certainly acceptable) or do you pass and draft one of the kids like Cousins or Weeden. This is the stuff we'll be talking about in 5 years.

Ireland has no clue about QB's.

Couple of excerpts from Mike Mayock's comments from PFT. I like Mayock but make of it what you want:

Expect Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill to go solidly in the first round. Mayock says Tannehill lacks some anticipation and throws into coverage, but he was ver intrigued by his skill set.

3. Mayock is not a Quinton Coples guy. The UNC product made noise at the Senior Bowl. Mayock says Coples looks the part, but doesn’t play like it

I'm NOT interested in a guy who was a WR for two years then converted to QB.
I want a guy who was born to be a QB...born to be a leader of men.
That's what I want.

Here's a guy I'd be intrigued by as an option at WR next....Eddie Royal from Denver. His numbers have tailed off quite a bit the last couple of years but I blame a lot of that on QB play. He's only 25 and he has big play capability. To me he's an intriguing option who wouldn't break the bank. Not sure what his relationship was with Marshall but that could be a help too. When he had his one decent season in Denver he played opposite Marshall. I like this guy on the Dolphins next year, opposite Marshall.

DC Tannehill didn't make it to the SR bowl because of the foot injury. So I'm not sure where the Shanahan comment comes from.

Ignore DC. Mr. Diarrhea of the mouth.

A lot of people said matt ryan would be a reach, and very few people thought he should be the number one pick. All contributing to taking jake first. I'm not supporting tannehill, i'm just saying nobody knows. And if you want to talk about marino, look at how they talked about him before the draft. rumors of drug use work habits and locked on to one reciever, just to name a few.


I didn't say this was the consensus. I just said I heard Shanahan's opinion of the players he coached (and saw) in the Senior Bowl. Like you, I take his word with a HUGE grain of salt. That's why I added the second piece of info I heard, from an independent reporter this time, who has no reason to lie, who spoke to many members of his profession and other Coaches while down there, who was able to put EYEBALLS on this player, who also didn't find much there.

He said the overall CONSENSUS from those that were there was Weeden showed the most promise.

My question is, why WOULDN'T you want to take that into account. I mean, the CONSENSUS is Andrew Luck is the #1 player in this Draft. Why accept that? Why not the kid from Michigan St? Why wasn't Mallett the #1 pick last year (or whenever he came out)? I'm assuming you agree with both those consensus opinions (on Luck being the best this year, and Newton last).

Should you accept everything you hear as straight out of the mouth of God? No, I don't think anyone's saying that.

But if you hear reports, where multiple people who cover a sport, conclude one guy looks more promising than any other, why discount that out of hand?

Could that be what leads to mistakes made of drafting a player like Pat White? Or a Koa Misi? Or taking a Daunte Culpepper over a Drew Brees? Or passing over Dez Bryant?

Your long list of misses we made following consensus can be countered by an equally long list of misses we made NOT following consensus.

So if your position is we should NEVER follow consensus, I think that's a faulty position. If your position is we should verify all reports but not get into "groupthink" and form our own opinion in the end (using all suitable information to make that formulation) then I concur.

Tannehill? First round? Jeeze, if this doesn't show the drop off from Luck and RGlll, I don't know what does.

No matter how much we all want a franchise QB, this ain't the year. Hey, I hate it too but suck it up and go with Moore this year.

Texas, thanks for that. Then I was mistaken about Tannehill. Shanahan said he didn't see anyone worthy in the Senior Bowl. And the reporter said Weeden was by far the biggest standout. So I just assumed Tannehill was there (like I said, I personally didn't see the kid play at all, just passing along reports I've heard).

Craig M,

I feel like Mayock is probably the best talent evaluater on TV BUT he sure got it wrong when it comes to Newton. The good thing about Mayock tho is he'll admit it and has.

I am a little skeptical about Coples as well and Like Upshaw better.

With that said I feel the first priority in FA or the Draft is QB.

The QB's in the draft that interest me are:

And a little interested in:

B.J. Coleman -- Small college guy I want to see more of and see how he does in the combine.


I'm starting to feel the same way. Maybe we just stick with Moore on more year, and see where we land for next year. Settling on QB's is what got us here in the first place.

Luck and RGIII will be gone and Manning is BROKEN.

I'm fine with Flynn at the right price, but with the understanding he is in competition with Moore to start.

I don't know, I just think the year might not be a good one for a new QB for us. Not one of long lasting success anyway.

You can spray perfume on a pig, but it will still smell like a pig

Sorry DC,

We don't agree. The Dolphins scouts are the ones who need to come to consenus, not other teams people and personnel. Why even have a personnel staff if all you're going to do is listen to consensus? Do your own work, form your own opinions and have conviction. It's why these guys get paid.

Anyways, not looking to have this conversation today. Not understanding how Shanahan can have an opinion on a guy he suppposedly coached. I thought Tannehill missed the Senior Bowl with a foot injury.

See, that's the wonderful thing about this blog. People hear things, can come here and report them, and others can shed light on what was heard. Maybe someone was mistaken, maybe the report was wrong, maybe there's countering reports someone can offer to what was initially reported.

We all gather information from different sources. Any good reporter knows to confirm what they've heard.

To people like Craig, that's EXACTLY why I come here to offer things I've heard from various sources. So I can fact-check first and foremost, secondly to offer possibly a different opinion on a matter.

More information is better than less on most subjects. Helps round out your understanding of any topic.

Texas just did his job as a respectable poster, and I give him thanks and praise for it.


I like Mayock a lot too but I'm sure he's wrong as often as he's right. I just like the guy's conviction and he does his homework. a lot of people think he'd make a good GM....I don't know about that.

So, of the guys you listed, is that the order you like them? I know NOTHING of Osweiler but hear good things on Foles and Cousins. I notice you don't list Weeden. Don't like him? The nock I hear on him is he played in a spread offence and people think he might struggle under centre.

Yep Ohio, I hate it but it's not in the cards this year. Maybe if the Mono-Fecta had gotten the memo earlier.

"Tannehill may be a reach when the Dolphins pick @ 8 or 9"

by Armando


R U Phucken Kidding Me !

Ryan Tannehill SUCKS MORE than Ryan Leaf!

8 or 9
R U Phucking Kidding Me!

would not take Tannehill in the 8 th round, never mind 8th overall pick in 2012 draft

How did u get this job again !?!


Go Phins!

You could almost spell Henne with Tannehill.


Ohio/cocoa, then what do you do if you're a new HC, and your teams ends up in the 6-10, 8-8 range for ANOTHER year? And your Owner is still buying out seats in your empty stadium? And fans are letting it be known the team is irrelevant to them?

Doesn't there become a time you've passed on players and waited so long that now you've backed yourself into a corner?

You guys MIGHT be right in your analysis, but the Owner's wallet might supersede that concern right now. If Ross said we MUST improve the QB position, how accepting do you think he'll be to the status quo?

Aldon, why didn't you type FIRST. Because naming Henne as your number one wasted the opportunity. The only place he is number one is at his barber shop and that is because he gets a cut er all off.

I would put your statement as the same as giving the ball to Henne on the 40 yard line, down by one with a minute and half left on the clock. You ain't gonna score and if you do there will be a minute left for Brady to come back and beat you. Henne is not a number one qb and would be 3rd in the depth chart on any other team. Do you think Philbin is going to have Henne as a number 1?

Let's use Ireland's own words here to provide some clarity and stop the hype.

Ireland's first choice for QB upgrade is Peyton Manning.

Irelands second choice is to go after RG3.

Ireland's third choice and fallback position is to sign Flynn.

Problem with this timeline is the draft comes LAST.

So, if Manning cannot throw by March 16th, he's done.

FA starts on the 16th...and Ireland will have calculated his draft strategy to see his chances of actually moving up to get RG3.

...If those calculations show there is a high probablity of getting RG3, they pass on Flynn.

...so, we will know a lot by Monday, March 19th as to who our QB will be next year.

IMO it's going to be Flynn.


This definitely shows there is a significant drop off from Luck then to RG3 (where I see a drop off as well) to Tannehill.

I watched Tannehill several times this past season and although I see potential where he flashes a nice play or throw he might be exactly what I have seen and thats up and down and just flat out inconsistent. It's obviously going to come down to what Ross/Ireland/Philbin think is best direction. I don't know what percentage each will have in the say but all will have their say.

I'm on baord not matter what the Dolphins do because it is a damned if they do and damned if they dont scenario until there is long term success at the QB position.

If Miami signs Flynn and he doesn't live up to expectations it's I told you so. If Manning is signed and shows no velocity or strength it's I told you so. If Miami drafts a guy that fails it's again, you guessed it I told you so.


Point taken, and it hurt me to post what I posted, I don't know, I think I'm kind of in a gloomy attitude today in the first place, so that could be contributing to my defeating post.

If Ireland/Ross can figure out a way to throw enough $/picks to get an RGIII I'm all for it. The more I hear about Manning the more it scares me. That situation is WAY different than the Brees situation.

One thing is for sure DC, if we draft a QB in the first round, no matter who it is I will be backing him up 100% and hoping we finally took care of the position. Just in the back of my head I'd be wondering if I'll be back on this blog in 2 years hearing how horrible our FO was for taking the risk.

That's why they play the game though I guess. :)

Maybe by my second coffee my posts will become more optimistic again. Or maybe by the time I get home from work and have a drink, or 2, or 3.

You know me though, normally I'm all "We can do this, I'm excited for the off season, lets go to the playoffs next year!" lol

You guys are a bunch of monkey brains.

Explain this one, Gil Brandt ( one of the best talent evaluator's of all time ) has Tannehill
rated as the 8th best prospect for the entire draft.

Tannehill or Weeden in a trade down could be ideal

Andy...or Flynn can have a pro-bowl year and be the answer.

...life is full of tough choices!

After Andrew Luck , its a lean year for QB's.

Craig, No order yet.

Osweiler is on the list because he's 6'8" and very athletic with a strong arm. I have seen less of him than the other guys.

Cousins is there because right now I like his skill set and has very good leadership skills.

I don't think any of the ones I list are day 1 starters and I feel they need 1 to 2 years.

I only list them because to me they are more realistic a pic than RGIII or Luck.

DC -- I figured that. There were a lot of reports that say what you're saying about Weeden. I saw the practices and game and he did out do the others at the SR bowl. I like Weeden but I kind of discount him due to his age. He may not see his first QB action until he's thirty. I hate to say that because I am a pretty athletic old guy myself but that is my opinion.

Andy, isn't one of the main characteristics of a good West Coast offense QB accuracy? If you've seen Tannehill and say he's inconsistent, did you also see accuracy issues in his passing? And if you did, wouldn't that be a potential problem drafting this guy into that system?

Of course, like Flynn, since there's a Coach on the staff who has direct knowledge of the player, then they should know best whether he's capable of doing what they are going to want their QB to do.

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I'm also worried about Manning (from reports). Too much unknown there. I'm not a doctor, so all I can do is trust (or accept) the staff's decision, but yeah, it's no slam-dunk.

I, for one (hope I can keep my word on this) have said I will try not to second-guess a decision on QB (like you said, if the guy they end up taking fails). We all (or most of us) believe this position needs to be upgraded, and I applaud any efforts to make that happen. There's no assurances on any of these choices, so we should all keep that in mind (when we're criticizing personnel decisions).

Aldon is spot on and those who call him stupid are very very very very clueless.

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have a HAARPy day :(

IMO anticipation is a great attribute for a QB in the WC system along with accuracy. Being in texas I saw a lot of Tannehill during the season. I would say he has the tools but lacks experience and needs footwork work. I hate to use terms of the guru's but he "has all the tools" just needs work. IMO Tannehill needs 1 to 2 years and closer to 2 but with Miami's current situation it may be hard to wait 2 years.

Damn Home...I was just starting to have a nice day...now I feel depressed.


Yeah I see a lot of inconsistancy in Tannehill. Accuracy being one of the main issues. I have seen him miss wide open guys by throwing about 7 feet over their head, throwing behind guys and forcing throws into coverage as well. I'm not sure how good A&M's O-line was overall but he seemed to struggle the most when he was on the move and not set in the pocket. Was those reasons him having to move and extend plays to survive or was it him not having what it takes and sitting in the pocket? I don't know.

Can Tannehill's accuracy issues be fixed over time with better mechanics and all? I don't know that either considering that he was coached by Sherman already. Maybe Sherman knows why Tannehill was so inaccurate due to poor pass blocking but I am not certain.

I do believe in Tannehill has a 1st round grade from Miami whether that grade be he is the 32nd best overall player in the draft or 8th or 9th then you have to draft him if you don't address the QB position in FA.

They're Back, ...... Chemtrails y-day and today in south Florida

no report yet from Armando

he is still walking around clueless w his shoes untied and trying to out think the NFL MVP & Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning FA signing to Miami
cuz he has a lil crick in his neck

w phuckin tannehill. lol

Andy...Ireland was recently interviewed and asked what traits he wants in his QB.

ACCURACY was his first answer.
LEADERSHIP was his second

Scratch Tannenhill of your list.

The New World Order, ... Does Not Want You !

have a HAARPy day :(

I'm sure Ireland can find us another Pat White or Chad RoboHenne in the draft LOL


Yea, I've flip flopped on my feelings about Manning on a daily basis, mostly because of the crap the media is feeding us, it seems to change every day.

Anyway, I like your thought process on the QB situation. Maybe we land our QB this year, I guess trying couldn't hurt instead of sitting on our hands and waiting.

Wouldn't you agree that if what Ross cares about most is a "Big Splash" QB that would get a lot of media attention the following QB's would be the only one's to do that?



Just want to clafify something you said. You said the owner needs to fill seats and he needs to upgrade the QB position. Both of those are true but to me there are only three options that do that for him. Luck (which I think there is no chance), RGIII (which I think there is close to no chance) and a healthy Manning (which doesn't sound too likely). So where would you go from there? To me, NONE of the other QBs in the draft upgrade the QB position at this point. They definitely could down the road but from all I have heard none of them are ready right now. I don't see Flynn as a clear upgrade over Moore and I don't know what else is going to be available in FA.

So to me, we make do with Moore for now, get him some to push him (I'm suggesting a guy like Jason Campbell) and we draft a kid for 2-3 years down the road. To me that's it. Those are the options....

You're not going to upgrade the QB position AND fill the seats all in one full swoop....that's just how it is.

DC @ 11:00,

Yeah it's a definite concern that Tannehill has accuracy issues. I remember watching him throw balls several feet over wide open guys heads and then the next throw zip a beautiful 15 yard slant. He is very up and down with his accuracy and overall feel for the position. One minute he breaks a tackle, rolls left, stops and fires a rope 20 yards downfield for a big play and the next play he is flushed out and throws a pass 5 feet over an open receiver into a defenders hands.

I am not sure how good A&M's O-line is but I do know he either prefers to roll out or has to roll out but he does make more plays out of the pocket. I don't know if that is intentially his doing, design or because he has to.

Accuracy and timing is everything in a West Coast offense. Now maybe Tannehill had accuracy issues because he was under constant pressure because of lack of skilled players around him or lack of pass protection but he certainly looked under heavy pressure vs Arkansas and Texas just about every play. Then there are times when he has a clean pocket and is indecisive as well - inconsistancy!

However, my belief is if you need a QB which Miami does and you have a first round grade whether you have Tannehill rated 1st or the 32nd overall prospect then you draft him at 8 or 9 simply because the 1st round potential and grade is there.

Steve Ross, sell the team to someone with a clue! PLEASE!!


I posted twice because the first one was delayed going through. But the point is there in both post of what I think of Tannehill's accuracy issues and 1st round grade

I'm NOT interested in a guy who was a WR for two years then converted to QB.
I want a guy who was born to be a QB...born to be a leader of men.
That's what I want.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | February 16, 2012 at 09:57 AM


Tannehill was a QB in High School. Was recruited as a QB as well.

The problem turned out to be two "Kind of nobody" QB's in front of him on the Depth Chart. It took Tannehill until his Senior Season to "WIN(LOL)" the Clip Board Holders spot.

Being a huge, physically gifted Kid, Sherman was able to get him in the Game as a WR. When he finally did get to start(his Senior Season)it basically by DEFAULT.

Tannehill reminds me personally of a slower **THINKING** Chad Henne. On the surface, his skillset looks great. On film he tends to throw late and throws into coverage(a lot).

I'm not totally against of taking a chance on Tannehill, but people have to realize the guy is a MAJOR PROJECT. He has all of 7 starts at **QB**.

Using ANYTHING higher than our current 2nd rounder on him would be a BIG ENOUGH reach.


So the question seems to be, is this guy more or less likely to become a franchise QB for us? If the answer is yes, then Texas I think the wait would be worth it (like say, the Eli Manning situation). But if not (say, like Henne) then it will probably get Philbin fired.


I'm not going to scratch Tannehill off my list because he was never on it to be honest. I think he is more an athlete playing QB but just saying if he has a first round grade and the position is not addressed with Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn then if Miami decides to take Tannehill at 8 or 9 if he has a 1st round grade then I would be fine with it because this franchise needs a QB that bad.


Craig and others continue to say "Flynn is no upgrade over Moore, so let's just keep Moore".

Did not know you had such talent evaluation skills in your blood.

We've all only seen bits and pieces of Flynn under center in the NFL. Most of the tape of Flynn comes from his starts in the pre season, which I and others see a promising.

The one trait I see in Flynn that trumps Moore is his 'decision making'. Flynn is more at ease under center and 'sees' the field better than Moore.

....that's just my arm chair observations, but to continually blow the "he's no upgrade" horn without any basis or facts is shallow.

I say sign Flynn and let him duke it out with Moore in camp.


I don't know Tannehill well enough. If Texas tells me he has some shortcomings, I believe him. He's closer to the action and has watched him shortly.

However, some of the stuff I'm hearing is some of the stuff I heard about Brees coming out. He struggled in his first few years in the league. If the team passes on him, I have every belief that Seattle will snap him up (I think they are picking around 25). So ask yourself this, does what a QB does at age 22 define him for what he will be in the NFL or is it possible that he can develop into something in 2-3 years. I'm no QB coach or guru when it comes to this stuff but it seems to me that Brady had shortcomings when he came out, as did Brees and they are two of the best in the game today. I kept hearing how Philbin helped improve Favre and how he helped improve Rodgers. If the Dolphins see anything they like in Tannehill they snap him up before a team like Seattle gets him and stick him on the bench to develpo, as the Packers did with Rodgers.

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