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Ryan Tannehill: The interview

Former Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill is working at the IMG Madden Football Academy in Bradenton, Florida to get ready for the Combine next week and his Pro Day the final week of March.

He discussed his recovery from a foot injury that has limited him this offseason. He is finally jogging again and said he'd be 100 percent by the time the Pro Day comes.

He discussed Mike Sherman, the  former A&M head coach who is now the Dolphins offensive coordinator.

He also discussed what he'll tell teams who pass on him in the first round of the April draft. Tannehill, 6-4 and 225 pounds, will be a first-rounder. He'd probably be a reach at No. 8 or No. 9 when Miami picks. But if the Dolphins don't address QB in free agency and don't trade up, he would be the most likely trade down option.

Listen to the interview:


BLOG NOTE: The Dolphins are making their coaching staff available to the media today at noon. I will tweet updates in real time from that availability, so follow me on twitter for that. And I will update this blog upon the conclusion of the availability with all the latest ... so come back.


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Yeah it's too tough to predict whether or not Tannehill is a long term answer or not. 1st round QBs are always a crap shoot. If Miami did go Tannehill then I would extend Matt Moore for another season beyond 2012 at the very least because Tannehill is raw and needs time to get comfortable. He looked uncomfortable in college let alone how I assume he would feel in the NFL in his 1st season or 2.

I feel Luck is the real deal and is going to be a very good QB. His sky is the limit but at the very least I see a Matt Ryan type.

RG3 on the other hand is the ultimate boom or bust pick. He is not guarantee IMO. He reminds me so much of Andre Ware it's scary. Now RG3 has a much stronger arm but similar style and release.

In the end it won't surprise me at all if say Tannehill, Foles or Weeden have the better career.


I don't like Foles or Weeden from my 11:31 post but just saying I wouldn't be surprised because afer Luck I see such a drop off and that includes RG3.

Would I take RG3 absolutely! Would I trade 2 1st rounders and Long as some suggested or 3 1st rounders to move up to #2? HELLLLL NO!

I don't know, I just think the year might not be a good one for a new QB for us. Not one of long lasting success anyway.

You can spray perfume on a pig, but it will still smell like a pig

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | February 16, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Ohio, I hate this fact as much as the next guy, but I couldn't agree with you more.

If Manning is toast, Flynn might be the best option available(cost issues aside).

It would be a tough sell for Ireland and Philbin to spend 30 to 40 million on Flynn and not him ANNOINTED as the day 1 starter.

Personally, **AT THIS POINT** I have more conviction with Matt Moore. That's not to say I wouldn't want Flynn. I'd just like to see a fair honset competition at QB here for the first time in YEARS!

In recent history, we've let draft position(Ireland and Parcells egos)and size of contracts dictate the levels of competition.

If we bring in Flynn, we should forget about the contract size and let him fairly beat out Matt Moore.........IF he can.

No one knows for sure but I agree that Moore is better then Flynn. The problem is that if they sign Flynn, he's starting no matter what because of his salary. So the likely result of signing Flynn is we'll have a WORSE QB starting.



I'm just expressing an opinion, as you did above. I'm saying I don't see him as being an upgrade and to say he clearly is, is comparing his situation in GB to Moore's situation, which is apples to oranges.

People want to point to the game against Detroit and I say what did Flynn have at stake? If GB lost, they still have home field adavantage throughout the playoffs. So the answer would be NOTHING. It's a lot easier to play like that. On top of that he went up against a Detroit defence that had been carved up by everyone in the second half of the season, including the Raiders.

So I'm saying I'm not impressed. To me he's shown nothing so far. Now if guys want to go through all kinds of money at him, I think that would be the worst thing they could do. If he signs a fair deal and comes to camp to battle it out with Moore, I wouldn't be opposed to that.

I'll stick with my premise.....to date he hasn't shown he's a clear upgrade over Moore. If he's is, then let's see him prove it.

Craig M,

Seattle picks #12 and I agree he could be gone at #11 (KC) or #12 (Seattle).

Christian Ponder went #11 last year so that tells me a precedent has been set in reaching for QBs.

Again, if Miami doesn't get Manning or Flynn and they have a first round grade on Tannehill then I would take him right there at 8 or 9.

Good Point Odin,

If they get caught up in spending too much on Flynn they'll feel obligated to make him the starter no matter what, probably even if the new HC feels differently.

If they spend 30-40 Million on Flynn and he doesn't start they would look dumb.

Maybe Flynn wouldn't "demand" so much if he gets to play under his old coach?

wishful thinking on my part probably.

DC -- That is a good question. IMO he will become a Franchise QB down the road. He is the most raw but of the tier 3 QB's in this draft I feel he has the most upside because of the athletic ability.

BUT and this is a huge BUT - Do you use a 8th pick in the draft on a QB that you may not see the "franchise" ability (the payoff) until his 4th year in the league???

Without any doubt Miami's biggest need to me is QB. This draft scares me because we're either going to have to reach and wait or take a chance on a 2nd round or third round QB yet again and wait. Or trade the farm to move up.


I didn't realize Seattle picks at 12. Thanks for the clarification. Then it becomes very important that they do there homework on this kid. I could even see the Redskins taking Tannehill at 6. Your comparison with Ponder is a good one. So we overdraft the kid....who cares. Can he be any good in the future? That's what we want to know. In the future, I mean 2-3 years down the road. When Mayock, who I respect, says he's intrigued by the skillset, that gets my attention.

Gold opportunity to pick a QB at 9.....first time in 30 years. Do you do it or pass yet again?.....that's why they pay them the big bucks.


Never thought of KC at 11 either. Good point. Cassell is passable right now but if they have conviction on this kid he'll be gone at 11.

We potentially hold the cards on this one. What are they going to do?


The kids you talked about earlier who was 6 foot 8. I'm not a fan of QBs that big. I know that's a stereotype and I shouldn't feel that way but I can't help it. I like my quarterback to be able around a bit and most of them that big can't. It's part of why I didn't like Mallett. Again, just my preference.


Yes, I agree that the splash moves are what you said (Ohio).

To Craig's point, I'm not saying there's a solution here. I'm just stating the problem. We've waited SO long (as a franchise) to settle this issue, and now it's hurting the bottom line (fans aren't coming to games). Winning fixes that, but how do you win (quickly)?

There may be no good answer (for QB). Maybe the best answer (to win quick) is stick with Moore and fill other holes. I dunno. I'm just putting it out there, from things the Owner said, things the fanbase has said (here and in media reports and elsewhere), things analysts have said. It'll be hard (with all this talk about QB) not to address that issue this year, that's all I'm saying (may wind up being what exactly happens, then it becomes a PR game trying to get the fans to accept that).


I understand and we had a guy in Miami very tall (his name I can't remember right now) that was just awful so it does add a sour taste. But this kid is athletic and you'll see that at the combine.

I will be watching these kids closely and then watching games I have recorded of guys leading up to the draft. It is my once a year hobby my wife allows me to have. haha But up next is the combine and I am looking forward to seeing these guys there.


Thanks for the updates. I'll keep an eye on him. Make sure you report back your thoughts.

I think the guy you were thinking of was Dan McGwire, brother of Mark McGwire. I think he was 6' 10". First round QB of the Seahawks I believe. A complete statue out there and out of the league in like 3 years or so.


Do you think Flynn could turn out to be Brady for us? Where nobody thought he'd become elite but he does?

Maybe that is the risk we should decide to take? younger, not hurt, played behind Rodgers.

Just a thought.


When the Pack drafted Rodgers to ride and learn, they had Farve. They could AFFORD to be patient. Also, Rodgers appeared to be a much more promising prospect the Tannehill and his 7 starts.

Forgive me, but I think that's one of the comparisons I've seen you make.

Since Marino, the best we've had is Henne and Moore(I know, I know, Pennington. But I'm talking long term/solutions).

We've just had another complete turnover with the Coaching staff. Also, we're really, basically in re-build mode coming off of 7-9, 7-9, 6-10.

Now, having said all that, do you really believe were in a good position to use our first round pick on a Project that we all know will have to sit 2 to 3 years at least?

Before you answer, remember Rodgers was picked to sit behind Farve and a very stable system and situation. Oh yeah, don't forget, he had more than 7 collegiate starts as well.

Texas, if you believe that, then maybe the move is to trade back a few spots (maybe picking up a later-round pick), and (hopefully) grab Tannehill in the 15-25 spot. There's risk in that strategy (as he might not be there when you pick), but you then would have an extra pick (that you just got) that you could possibly use to move back up (to get Tannehill).

Risky, but if Ireland has the same assessment as you, could be tried. Or, just swallow it and take him where we're at. Yeah, it's reaching, but if he does become a franchise QB, then it'd be worth it.

Tannehill who ?
Come on, be serious this guy is a 2nd rounder at best. It's amazing how reporters can be so manipulating and introduce rumors and noise.
Moore has proved much more than this unknown guy. Be fair with Moore, if he's going to be replaced by someone at least pick up a serious prospect.

Ohio, (this might surprise Craig), I think ANYTHING is possible. I even think Henne COULD work (in the right situation). I'm just a fan, I don't know anything for sure.

Flynn could be Brady (though I saw both in college, and they didn't look to me to have similar attributes). Moore could be our franchise QB all along. We could get better by improving our defense and adjusting our offensive strategy.

I'm just offering my opinion to what I think would MOST LIKELY work (what's worked before or for other teams). That's why I harp on drafting a 1st-round QB. But it's not a 100% guarantee.

Like I said, I'm happy with anything done to address the QB position. If it doesn't work, then it's back to the drawing board.

I don't care how it's done, I just care that we become a relevant team again (that's my ultimate goal).

Craig M,

I have no clue what Miami will do but I think it will be clear by this time next month what direction they will go with the QB position whether draft or FA.

I still see it being Flynn. It just seems like such a natuaral fit. He knows the WC offense. He has a minimal amount of experience but Philbin knows better then any coach in the league his strengths and weaknesses. I also have a feeling Flynn won't generate some $50-60 Kolb like deal. If anything the Kolb deal will have the opposite effect on Flynn and hurt his value some. I think a fair deal for all parties involved is something like 4 year $25 million deal. Around $6-7 a year with about half guaranteed. Flynn has to understand his value as much as Miami has to understand the competition for him which is probably something like Seattle, Cleveland and Washington (Even though DC says Shanahan doesn't like him could be true or could be smoke)


I know you don't like Tannehill and you may well be right. But this team has passed on Rodgers, Brees, Ryan and MANY others over the years. Teams like GB have shown us how to do things and we STILL screw it up. What I'm saying is I think between Moore, Flynn or whoever else, I think this team can be fairly competitve, while a kid develops behind him. We've never actually taken this approach and STUCK too it. We've tried all the second and third round QBs and failed. What I'm saying is if this team sees things in Tannehill let's take a chance.

Most of these guys had question marks coming out. Rodgers fell to 24 for a reason. Same with Brady Quinn. Same with Brees. I'm just saying, to NEVER take a chance on any of these guys guarantees one thing....you'll NEVER be right on any of them.

yea it's all speculation right now......and I hate the Brady comparison normally, but I was thinking more of the attitude of "wow" that wasn't expected rather than specific QB attributes.

Brees wasn't necessarily a for sure success in New Orleans either. It'd be great if Moore, or Flynn, or SOMEONE rose to the occasion and turned into our Brees, or a version of it.

DC @ 12:13,

I agree 100%! I will have to just sit back and put my faith in whatever decision is made at QB. I'm just hoping that all this talk stands true this time because the Moore/Henne combo to me had it's writing on the wall from day 1. I said 6-10 and sure enough they went 6-10.

I couldn't predict which way it happened but I knew Sparano was done and with that combo at QB it wasn't going to be an easy ride.

To the guys that KEEP riding Tannehill and say he's not a first round pick.....HOW DO YOU KNOW?.....because the EXPERTS tell you? The same guys that said Leaf and Russell would be stars? The guys that wrote off Brees? The guys that got excited about Smith and Sanchez?

Nobody knows....but as I said above, if you NEVER take a chance you're guaranteed to NEVER be right. Wayne Gretzky said 'You'll never score if you never take the shot' (or words to that affect). That's where we're at right now...

I'm just gonna throw this out there...

I could be wrong....






did you bump the caps button or are you yelling again?? :)

I coudn't resist....

Craig M....

I like what your posting today....as far apart as we have been (thinking wise) in the past....it seems weird that agree with you so much lately...

"did we just become best friends?!



One of us probably needs to pop in and see our shrink and gets things on the right track again...LOL.

Just wait until more "official" stuff starts happening as we get closer to the new season.

You guys will be back to your old ways :)

Easy to be friends when there's nothing to talk about

:) :) :)

I'm just saying, to NEVER take a chance on any of these guys guarantees one thing....you'll NEVER be right on any of them.

Posted by: Craig M | February 16, 2012 at 12:14 PM

I can respect that Craig and I agree.

It's just the thought of reaching for Tannehill SPECIFICALLY that scares the Be-Jesus out of me.

I just can't fathom ANYONE using a First Round pick on a guy with only 7 collegiate starts at QB.

Either way, I don't envy Ireland much at the moment. I wouldn't mind making the call, I just don't want to take the fall.


Don't be stirring things up again....LOL.

The world's a BETTER place when Kris and I are getting along...

Flynn knows the offense obviously because Philbin coached him in GB. Manning looks to be damaged goods who knows when he can get healthy. Right now Flynn is the most viable option but I wouldn't break the bank to get him.

DC -- That is what I am hoping for -- "Trade Back" to get another 2nd and wait and see which QB's are there in the late first.

My favorite trade partner would be the Bengals. We'd get their first 1st round pick at 17 and their 2nd rounder. They have 2 firsts. They need RB pretty bad right now and Trent Richardson would fit them quite well. I think they'd want to jump up and snag him at some point.

The starting QB of the 2012 Miami Dolphins is Matt Moore.

K Craig........ I'm usually keeping the peace anyway :)


As I said, you may well be right. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but how many starts did Brady have in College? Wasn't that part of the reason he slipped to the 6th round? I know Henson was there at that time but there were others too.

I'm not saying Tannehill is Brady and I don't know the kid well enough but if he projects out to being a good pro, then why not. Isn't it about time this franchise got a steal?

Just read that Brady started 25 games in his College career. Obviously a lot more than 7. Also, read that the team won 20 of those games. Truly amazing that he slipped to the 6th round.

OHIO @ 12:31....

Thats funny....and probably true...

Back to my meeting....just had to pop in for a few min....

Kris, it's better this way. With you out of the picture, I get Craig all to myself to do battle with.

Well, me vs. Craig and his boyfriend Ireland.

(had to throw a zinger in there Craig, forgive me, you're still my Valentine).


Alright.....guess the cat's out of the bag about Ireland and me. It was inevitable.

I have to run too.....funny talking this morning, guys.



This the part where I insert my "know it all" knowledge and tell you EXACTLY what we should do-LOL.

The problem is, I haven't a clue. Who knows? You could be just as right or wrong as me. We're in a very unenviable position.

All I know for sure is that Tannehill scares me.

Of course I thought Cam Newton was ALL hype at this time last year ;)

"I have no clue what Miami will do but I think it will be clear by this time next month what direction they will go with the QB position whether draft or FA."

Andy -- I agree - I have never been more anxious for Free Agency than this year.

I want to see what Miami will do if anything once it starts and I want to see them shore up the oline via FA.

Odin -- Where are you getting the 7 starts for Tannehill?

I have 20 starts, 7 in 2010 and 13 in 2011.

Still inexperienced but more experienced than 7 starts.

Craig, I'm so proud of you!!!

And I agree, if they think Tannehill is the guy, then draft him at 8 or 9. I don't care if it's a reach. This is the one position that breaks all the rules. DO what you need to do to get your qb.


Odin, has had his share of "time and mind altering" experiences. Sometimes he forgets what year it is, Odin, flip the calendar, it's 2012....

So here's a question I have for you guys.

If we draft Tannehill at 8 or 9 do we start him asap or sit till they think he's ready?

Tannihill is smart enough to run the west coast offense right out of the gate. He also has pro skills.

Trading down and getting him and a pass rusher, or offensive lineman would be ideal for the first two rounds.

LOL Mark

Dear Fellow Dolphin fans

(Imperonating Casey Kasem)...This dedication goes out to all the Dolphin fans out there.

Take a chance on Casey Keenum...By SoiledBottom and the take your meds band.

4 out of 5 Phyciatrists aprove of this message.

Soiled :)

Hawk -- If we were to grab Tannehill and we're looking at Pass rush a guy I really like is Andre Branch. he has an all day motor and early 2nd right now is a good spot for him. My question to you is this.

If Coby Fleener is available and we have a huge need at TE do we take him instead of a pass rusher?

I think Tannehill can start right away. Tanne is the proto-type NFl passer who can spin it, with some foot spd and most important hes smart. IF the Dolphins need a franchise QB and Tannes there then why not pick him with their #1. Franchise QB, think about that. Why not?

So...Sherman has the inside intel on Tannenhill.

...and Philbin has the inside intel on Flynn

...and Ireland has some type of inside intel on RG3 from his Baylor alumni.

...I ask you....who will win this battle?

One of those three QB's will be on our roster come Sept, which one is what will consume us for the next month or so.

I say we sign Flynn, pay attention to the other teams that tried to sign Flynn, attempt to move up and draft RG3. If we get RG3 then we trade Flynn to one of the teams that tried to sign him in an attempt to recover some of what we traded to move up for RG3.

Sorry guys, just popped back in again for a couple....

Mark, thanks for the comments. I knew you could bring me around...

One thing I'm NOT in favour of is this idea of trading down to get Tannehill. In my opinion, as Andy stated this morning, he'll be snapped up by KC or Seattle at 11 and 12. If this team has any conviction that Tannehill could be something down the road then you take him at 9. No messing around. As Mark has said, this is the one position you through the rules out on.

The blueprint of how to do this has been shown to us by teams like GB. The question is, do you want to follow it or keep doing things your own way. I know which way I'd be choosing.

NH - We will have an idea on Flynn in a month. I doubt RGIII because Ireland doesn't have any control over what ST. Louis or the Vikings do in a trade.

IMO - If the Browns don't get RGIII then the redskins will and lets not forget Seattle. They are picking 12th and could move in front of us to grab even Tannehill if he's their guy.

Got to take off again but I'm looking forward to discussing more in the next two months.

Incidentally, Walter football has us taking a DL in the second. Don't know him. Can anybody shine some light on if he's any good. I'd be fine with Tannehill at 9 and pass rush in the second, if these guys consider Tannehill worthy.

Incidentally, I'd sit him for a couple of years, as the Pats have done with Mallett. Get Moore another vet to play beside and let's go...

where are u guys getting this "only started 7 games" nonsense from??

He started 7 games as a JUNIOR (after playing two seasons at WR) throwing for over 1600 yards 13TDs

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