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Ryan Tannehill: The interview

Former Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill is working at the IMG Madden Football Academy in Bradenton, Florida to get ready for the Combine next week and his Pro Day the final week of March.

He discussed his recovery from a foot injury that has limited him this offseason. He is finally jogging again and said he'd be 100 percent by the time the Pro Day comes.

He discussed Mike Sherman, the  former A&M head coach who is now the Dolphins offensive coordinator.

He also discussed what he'll tell teams who pass on him in the first round of the April draft. Tannehill, 6-4 and 225 pounds, will be a first-rounder. He'd probably be a reach at No. 8 or No. 9 when Miami picks. But if the Dolphins don't address QB in free agency and don't trade up, he would be the most likely trade down option.

Listen to the interview:


BLOG NOTE: The Dolphins are making their coaching staff available to the media today at noon. I will tweet updates in real time from that availability, so follow me on twitter for that. And I will update this blog upon the conclusion of the availability with all the latest ... so come back.


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senior year
13 games started throwing for over 3700 yards 29 TDs

never thought I'd say this but...
I am squarely in your corner on the Tannehill thing. Have any of these hypers actually WATCHED this guy play? Have they watched anyone else? If you gave me the top 10 listed QBs in the draft, and gave me no info about who the media thought was good or not, I wouldn't put Tannehill in my top 5. Maybe not top 10.
Questionable decision making; late decisions; inexperienced at reading D; unable to lead teams late in games; inconsistent and at times just plain inaccurate. I don't get it. I really don't.
I know 6 guys off the top of my head I place over Tannehill.
Honestly, Tannehill seems like a clone of John Brantley, who is listed waaaaay down int he order. I really don't get why Armando is high on this guy ... or anyone else. He's a prject at best, and will not be able to step in a take the reins successfully.

What about taking Weeden in 2nd or Russell Wilson in 3rd..? Both played excellent for some major schools and have all the tools but are being completely overlooked because of age (Weeden is 28) or height (Wilson is 5'11")

ok...just watched 10 mins of Tannehill highlights and observed the following:

1. He made a lot of check-down throws
2. He has average scrambling abilities
3. He made some nice throws in the mid-range.
4. His longer throws of 30+ were underthrown
5. He had a lot of dropped balls

Summary: What you cannot get from video are the intangibles. Is he a leader in both the huddle and the locker room?
By eyesight only, he reminds me a lot of Henne! Yes, Henne.
He lacks excitement and I don't see Ross signing off on this kid as the savior of the franchise...just don't see it.

Craig -- I don't know too much of Worthy.

Check this site out. It will list all the Guru's sites and who the fins are taking at 9. It is pretty interesting.


Manning as player/coach (like Strock), or ace in the hole (like Griese), under an incentive laden contract.
Tannehill as a late first or early second round pick, after trading down from the 8/9 pick.
Check out this write up on Tannehill:
...and this one too:
Anybody care to comment?

We need to trade up get RG3 keep Moore.

Henne isn't a bad comparison at all. Agree.
I agree with your analysis too, except I saw several poorly thrown quick outs as well. Those get picked for 6 in the NFL. Simply not impressed with Tannehill.

I'm a Weeden liker, age or not, so agree there.
I see Wilson as college-trying-to-adapt-to-NFL guy, and I'm be dubious.
Weeden and Cousins I think will be successful immediately in the NFL of the also-rans.
Tannehill needs a HOF mentor for several years to have a real chance. We don't have the dude or the patience for that.

Disagree with writer. Saw the film of that game, and don't see what he saw. Who am I? No one. Who is the writer? Who knows, but he's speculating, not bringing serious facts. Sorry. Don't buy it.
When Tannehill got hurried, he threw irradic. Every NFL rookie gets hurried every throw.

TANNEHILL will NOT be around in the 2nd round, or even the bottom of the first.

If we want him, we'll have to take him at 8/9. He may even be gone then. I saw a mock draft yesterday that had him gone at #6 to the Redskins.

It's not that farfetched. If the Redskins can't trade up for RG3 at #2, they might just take Tannehill at #6. He is the CONSENSUS #3 QB and the NFL has become a QB crazy league.

Drafting QBs is a gamble, but it's a gamble you have to take. Tannehill and Weeden are both worth considering. To compete- we MUST have a QB (not Matt Moore).

Actually, finsfan72, TANNEHILL is not the consensus #3. Different sites have him anywhere from 3 to 5 ish.
Hope he does go in the first round, and takes away that option for us after we pick BPA in 1st. Fingers crossed.
Then we can look for Cosuins Weeden or bachelor #3 in the 2nd round.

The best move for the Dolphins long term would be to trade down, try to collect another first round pick for next year and live with Moore. Next year go all out and trade up for Barkley.

Yes and Tannehill won 6 straight games to close out his junior season before starting his whole senior season.

Didnt Tannehill only start about 9 games in college? Why is he even on the radar?

Every MAJOR mock draft I've seen has Tannehill as the 3rd best QB.

And why would anyone think he needs SEVERAL years to sit and learn? That's ridiculous. He played in college for Mike Sherman. He knows the system.

One year (or less) sitting behind Matt Moore and then let him loose.

I say draft Tannehill REGARDLESS of what happens in FA.

Sign Manning or Flynn? Fine. Draft and groom Tannehill anyway.

You can NEVER have too many GOOD QBs! If he blossoms into a stud, play him or trade him. WIN WIN.

Ok, finsfan72.
But I'd be interested to see the comments in this forum when Tannehill pulls his best Henne impression, and y'all are ripping him for not living up to our expectations.
Not looking forward to that.

Actually NOT looking forward to that. Hence why I'm wasting my time on this forum in attempts to sway opinion.
Ah well.

Not saying Tannehill's a sure thing.

I would puke if he turns out to be Henne. But I'd slit my wrists if we pass on him and he turns out to be Brady.

Like Craig said- we've got to roll the dice.

You like Weeden any better?

If Weeden wasn't 28 he'd be taken in the top 10, maybe top 6.
His age is the only real knock on him. And he's NFL ready, right system, tremendous passer, smart decisions, proven winner, tall enough, good enough arm, accurate under pressure. etc. etc.
Tannehill couldn't win enough games as a senior to keep his coach's job. Has a familiar bad ring to me.
Like him if you want.. you have company. So picking Tannehill isn't crazy according to many scouts. But count me in opposition.

Playing it safe, 2nd round Qb's lead to 7-9, 6-10.


By the way, finsfan72,
Weeden is my choice #2. Cousins is currently my fave pick for our second rounder.
Has a sort of Favre feel to him. Quick release under pressure, and guns it when needed. Plays the system nicely until things break down, and then he gets gun-slinger-ish. But wasn' relied on to be the passing giant on a fairly conservative offense. Interested to see how he fairs against others a the combine. Impressed people at the senior bowl.
weeden too.

Playing it safe, 2nd round Qb's lead to 7-9, 6-10.
Posted by: finsfan72 | February 16, 2012 at 02:37 PM

Agreed with you here. Much better odds with luck or Griffin. I'm worried though that it may cost more than we can part with. We'll see if there's a way.

JS in LA - What are Tannehill's measurables? Yards, TD's, & Interceptions all speak well for him. He had a 62.53% completion percentage throughout his college career, pretty good if you ask me, especially when he started his college career at WR. Arm strength, athletic ability, and speed are not lacking according to everything that I've read, that could be considered serious reporting. He played in a pro-style offense, in fact Mike Sherman's offense. He only started at QB in college for a year and a half.

Analysis of these facts: He's young and will continue to develop and improve as he gains experience at the pro level. He's only a year and a half into his development as a starting QB at the College Level. When this guy starts to make strides, under the SAME COACH (Mike Sherman no less), his ceiling may be higher than we can possibly know. He is likely further ahead than other rookie prospects in a pro-style offense and DEFINITELY in this offense. (Sherman's/Philbin's)

Everything he may be lacking is all stuff that a QB should develop with coaching and experience at the pro level. What better tutor than the coaching staff we have, plus Peyton Manning as a potential player/coach?

Just to throw my .02 into this. Since the Dolphins signed the RB from the CFL today (as reported by ESPN), they won't be drafting Trent Richardson. So, I say the first 3 or 4 picks build up the OL (draft 2), then DT or one of these new prototype TE's if they exist in this draft. 4 or 5th pick, Kellen Moore QB from Boise State (This is my opinion). Sign Flynn & let him battle with Matt Moore for the starting job. Now as far as free agents. If affordable Reggie Wayne (he's not washed up) &/or Osi Umenyiora. Also Pierre Garcon. Look, I would love to have RG3, but not if we have to gut the team to get him (including draft picks). Now, if they can build up the O-Line through free agency without breaking the bank, that would free up draft picks for DT's & TE's. Again this is just my opinion, far from a football expert. Just watching what's going on in the league. We need a GOOD QB, OL, TE's, & some DL help.

Yes I know we have Brandon Marshall, but if you have a WR corps that can't be double teamed, someone theoretically should always be open...

If you read Salguero's bio, he began covering the Dolphins in 1990. Do a nexis search for Cole and you'll see he didn't start writing about the Dolphins until 1992 when he did it for Orlando and his first year in South Florida was 1993.


God, I love facts. They're so liberating.

@Chris, kindly try to unbunch your panties. You are quick to criticize but seem quite uncomfortable when someone puts you under the spotlight of scrutiny.

What's the matter? Daddy didn't prepare you for manhood?

If instead of complaining like a school girl about Mando this or Mando that you would actually contribute to the blog, it would improve the conversation. But all you do is wheeze and moan like a loser.

Get over yourself because your act is played. And by the way, so you comprehend ... THESE ARE CAPS. these are not.

Learn the difference schoolgirl.

You guys need to start thinking these things threw a bit. You get Flynn and he flops and Philbin is toast very early on. You get Tennehill and he flops and Sherman get thrown under the bus.

You stick with Moore and maybe bring in a Linhert or another capable insurance/competion for camp type QB, this gives you one year to install new O and D, lets new coach feel out the team and if it flops, which I think Moore is capable(not Dan Marino)so I think he wont, but if he does then next year after fixing the line and tweaking the D you then go after your QB in the draft.

I think Moore is a winner so I am all in, but jumping on Flynn and Tanhill could destroy this coaching staff before it gets started, granted if Flynn/Tan comes in and wins the reverse happens, but why you would put Philbin in the same situation as Cameron is beyond reason. And I think that is why they are pushing for Manning, Philbin needs time and Miami fans dont like to give to much of that.

Go Dolphins! Have a good feeling about next year, sort of been on a roll Van Halen came through with the best album since the last time Miami was in the Super Bowl so maybe the gods are going to give me/us a break.

Leinart?! Leinart?! (Jim Mora voice) Don't talk to me about USC QB's. Leinart?! Name the last good QB from USC? Palmer? *buzz* Leinart? *BUZZ* Sanchez? LOL, he doesn't deserve the buzz. Please no USC QB's, Please!

All jokes aside. shula71 I was in agreement with everything you were saying until you said Leinart. And us signing that RB from the CFL today has me in limbo as how next season will fold out. Maybe we need Marino to bless the next QB. I still say Kellen Moore from Boise St. is going to be a sleeper. Yes he went to Boise St, but every time they played a ranked team, he still did his thing. Pocket presence & he's cerebral...

Miami has got to stay away from this kid out of Texas A&M. He to much project and "maybe". Wrong direction for Miami. We aren't getting RG3 or Luck and trading up the farm to get RG3 would be a poor decision. Flynn is there with a power arm, showed he's at ease under center and can make precision throws as well as the right decisions. He's a stronger candidate to become an Elite QB than even RG3, whose yet to take a snap. We pass on Flyn for Manning and draft a kid like Tannehill we lose out on both options. Once is too old and the other will be untested and a monster question mark to start over with.

you people on this blog talk like Owner Steven Ross is going to have a say in which Q/B we get in F/A or take in the draft. LOL... Well guess what He isn't going to have a say! he isnt running the football side of the dolphins .. It's will be Jeff Irelands say with coach Philbin being able to throw a wrench in there if he wants to.. If you ask me Jeff is gathering info on players for Philbin to decide On which way he wants to go ...Steve Ross is going to keep out of it. he doesn't know football .. he only knows how to run a business and hire the right guys to make the choices, while he stays out of the way.

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