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Steep price of trading up can be worthwhile

Sometimes trading up is the right thing to do. Sometimes trading up is brilliant. Sometimes trading up helps win a Super Bowl.

Or two.

If the Dolphins were to have doubts they can fill their quarterback situation the hard way -- the right way, in my opinion -- by trading up to get Robert Griffin III for example, all they have to do for affirmation is look at what the New York Giants did in 2004 with Eli Manning.

Manning, you'll recall, was supposed to be the No. 1 overall selection of the 2004 draft. But the San Diego Chargers held that pick and the Manning clan made clear to the Chargers they didn't want to be in Southern Cal. (Who knows, maybe Eli didn't like Mexican food or something). Well, the Chargers picked Manning anyway, but only because they had a trade already executed with with the New York Giants, who had picked Phillip Rivers with the No. 4 overall pick.

Basically the Giants traded away their No. 1 pick in 2004 (Rivers), their No. 1 pick in 2005 (turned out to be Shawne Merriman), their third-round pick in 2004 (turned out to be K Nick Kaeding) and their fifth-round pick in 2005.

So two firsts, a third and a fifth for the top overall selection.

It was considered a treasure trove of picks then. Today, it is considered a wise investment for the Giants, who have won two Super Bowl titles the past four years with Manning as their quarterback.

So I turn your attention to the coming draft in April. Unless there is a major surprise, Andrew Luck will be selected with the first overall pick. The St. Louis Rams have the second pick and coach Jeff FIsher recently said his team is open to trading the pick to the highest bidder.

That pick can be used to select Griffin.

So what would it cost the Dolphins to rise from No. 8 or No. 9, depending on a coin toss, to No. 2?

A lot.

It will take at least two first round picks and probably closer to three first round picks. And it might actually take this years No. 1, next year's No. 1, the 2014 No. 1 and possibly something else like a third or fifth rounder thrown in there somewhere.

I wasn't kidding when I said a lot.

It sounds like an outrageous price to pay. It seems ludicrous that the Dolphins would pay it. But in weighing whether to pay it or not, one must balance that steep price with the idea that Griffin will likely play a decade and he may well become every bit the franchise quarterback that Eli Manning is today.

No, I'm not saying Griffin will win two Super Bowls someday. I am saying that to a club that has a conviction on Griffin, to a club that believes him to be a franchise talent, the price is worth it.

Yesterday, I told you why I don't believe Peyton Manning as a free agent is the answer in my opinion. Mostly it has a lot to do with the lack of certainty about this nerve issues but it also has a tremendous amount to do with the fact his window with his new team is two, maybe three years at best.

That is not a long-term solution to Miami's quarterback situation.

By the time Peyton is saying good-bye to the NFL, RG3 will be warming up for his primetime years. You must remember that Eli didn't win the starting job his first year in the NFL. And in his second year, he posted a 0.0 quarterback rating in a game against Baltimore. And yet, the Giants had the courage of their conviction on the kid. The stuck with him, grew with him, and now they're reaping the rewards of that long hike to the promised land.

That's how great organizations handle the quarterback issue. The Steelers, Patriots, Packers, Ravens, Falcons, Colts, Lions all trained their sites on draft picks they believed would become franchise QBs and went with their conviction on those players.

I understand Houston, Chicago and New Orleans acquired their franchise QBs differently -- through trade or free agency. But none of the players those teams acquired where over 30 much less 36. Peyton Manning will be 36 next month.

Griffin will be 22 years old next week. He can play a decade for Miami and still be many useable years younger than Peyton Manning is today.

And I get the idea that perhaps Griffin will be a bust. As Bill Parcells is fond of saying, they don't sell insurance for this stuff. But I just don't see how this kid doesn't succeed. He's got the arm. He's got the brains -- he graduated seventh in his high school class, was on the Baylor Dean's list multiple times, was on the Big 12 Commissioner's list in 2010, graduated Baylor in three years and was working on his Master's Degree this past season -- and he obviously has the athletic prowess.

It also must be said RG3 carries no personal baggage. Kid lives right, prays hard, works hard, comes from a military family and is getting married soon. He's the kind of kid you want as a son-in-law.

I do not see how RG3 misses the mark in the NFL. Does he throw off his back foot sometimes? Yes. But I hear that is what coaches are paid to correct.

RG3 will be an NFL franchise QB long after Peyton Manning is out of the league. That's only my opinion. The Dolphins have scouts. I suppose they have an opinion. General manager Jeff Ireland has Baylor connections as an alumnus of the school. I suppose he has an opinion. They should know things about the kid no one else does.

But if they don't know that sometimes you have to pay a price to buy a top prospect, all they have to do is look at the New York Giants and how they got their franchise quarterback. It was done with a draft-day trade-up that cost tons of treasure.

But that trade-up has returned tons of treasure as well in the form of Super Bowl rings.


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Keenum is judged to be a system QB, but his stats are amazing. Has to have SOME talent, right?

I like Weeden best of the second tier draftees.

Tannehill played QB all throughout HS then when he came in he sat behind Johnson but in order to get on the field he started at WR for the first time and really played great... He isn't as green as people make him out to be he just wasn't given the opportunity outright and instead of complaining worked at another way he could help his team. He is not all arm... He maybe very close as to running ability and speed comparing to RGIII. Definitely would like to know how much this came into the decision to hire Sherman as well.

trade up for luck not griffen

..beerphin..IMO Kendall Wright is a guy we should be looking at. More then Blackmon. I think Blackmon is great..I do not think he is worthy of trading up to aquire him...Not when we need a quarterback..It makes no sense. I'm also not 100 percent sold that Blackmon makes this team better. He doesn't stretch the field. He is a big possesion reciever..we have one of the best in the league already. Sure if somehow he was to fall to 9..By all means do it.

Wright is a guy that could be had in round 2, and adresses a need for this team. I think this is the guy we should be looking at..not Blackmon.

Funny...I have no problems giving up 3 first round picks for Luck, but no way I'd give up 3 for RG3...They have completely different styles of play and I prefer Lucks pocket presence to RG3's "Runnin' Rabbit" style any day!

No way you take Tannehill. Long term QB won't get answered this year unless Flynn works out. take care of your other needs and position yourself to move up for Barkely next year.

It's funny....seems like guys are all over the map as far as QBs go for this team. So many possible solutions, so very few that will ACTUALLY be the right choice. A tough one for Mr. Ireland and company to get right.....

And just think, the roulette wheel will be spinning in about a month's time.....WOW!

It also must be said RG3 carries no personal baggage. Kid lives right, prays hard, works hard, comes from a military family and is getting married soon. He's the kind of kid you want as a son-in-law.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/02/sometimes-the-steep-price-of-trading-up-is-worthwhile.html#storylink=cpy

Yeah! but get that Jamaican hippie a hair cut! LOL. All kidding aside I saw him play quite a few times this last season and was impressed with the poise he displays in the pocket. He is also deceptively strong as he showed in his Bowl game were he ran for a score and was leveled to the point I thought he was hurt and alot of QB's would have been. He also broke out of some sure sacks were the DL had him dead to rights or in the grasp. He has a cannon for an arm but can throw with some touch as well like in the game Vs. Okla. were he dropped a pass into his WR right in the bread basket about 40 Yds. downfield, making the proper throw instead of riffling the ball.

His Heisman acceptance speech is were he sold me hook line and sinker. He was articulate and like Mando pointed out carried himself with a sense of humility that really was endearing while never displaying any doubts as to his confidence, handling questions with the kind of intelligence and maturity you look for in a kid your getting ready to invest your teams immediate future on. The only kicker is that three #1's is alot to pay for a player regardless and can't remember were a trade involving that many picks allowed any team to get over any hump given your selling your future ability through the draft to replenish NEEDS across the board.

Mando points out the Eli trade as an example but in actuality all the Giants truly traded away was their 2005 1 & 3 Round picks with a middle rounder tossed in for good measure. The Chargers and Giants really swapped picks in 2004 nothing more nothing less, so to say that N.Y. traded multiple 1st rounders is incorrect, they traded players in the draft (Rivers for Eli) with the real compensation for S.D. coming in the 2005 draft that's one #1 pick traded NOT 2 or much less 3!

The Dolphins in 1985 feeling they were maybe one good pass rusher away from giving Marino a semblance of a D traded away there 1 & 2 round picks in 86 and 2 rd. pick in 87 for Hugh Green and it took a few years to really get over it given we were saddled in at round 3 for 2 years really given Shula drafted J.Bosa in 87.

The 89 Minnesota Vikings who really were a player or two away were destroyed by the Herschel Walker trade and not just by the picks but by sending there starting MLB (Jesse Solomon) LCB (Ike Taylor) and a slue of others to Dallas in that trade as well. They of course with no picks in rds. 1-2 in 90/91 were unable to replace them and there was no FA in that ERA. They then had to sit and watch Dallas win their S.B.'s with Taylor a pivotal starter on D and they're pick 17 which Dallas turned ironically into the RB that Minn. was searching for with Emmitt and the other 1st rounder Dallas used on RCB who eventually moved to LCB Kevin Smith, oh and by the way they used Minnesota's #2 pick in a trade with S.F. to land Haley.

All of these players were HUGE pieces of the Cowboy dynasty and were aquired from a team willing to sell their draft future, so while I'm a BIG fan of Robert Griffin 111 I personally still have great pause when trade talks go beyond 2012. I would rather pull a Ditka and give St Louis every single 2012 pick if necessary before I gamble away 1st round pick till 2015.

Thanks JS/DD. Good insight. I don't know enough about Keenum (but did hear he was a "system" guy).

He is a big possesion reciever..we have one of the best in the league already.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | February 07, 2012 at 04:07 PM

No we do not. Marshall has terrible hands. I don't want to hear he will work on that, you have great hands or you don't.

I don't want to wait another 3 years to get a QB rating above 0.0

Certainly some men smarter than me think Tannehill has promise, so who am I to tell you that he's not our guy. But he isn't my guy.
Lost at A&M with some pretty good talent. RAW, to say the least. Doesn't know how to win, not even in college. No.. I've seen these guys before, and they rarely do well in the NFL. IMO, obviously.
*Foles lead Arizona to one of it's worst seasons ever. Not in my book either.
*Lindley is an unknown against real talent.
*I really like Cousins. Good touch, smart, winner, tough competitor, and has a quick release and fast velocity when forcing a tough pass. Has a little Favre in him. I like it. He's my tops of the remaining litter. Weeden close 2nd (age the only reason he's lower).


three number ones Armando thats crazy , I wouldn't do it and besides who knows if this guy will ever be good college is way different , maybe three ones for luck but not rg3, and even luck would be crazy.

JS in LA, I respect your opinion. The nice part is with Sherman as OC now, he's very familiar with Tannehill. If he doesn't feel he can get it done, hopefully they pass on him.

NHFINSFAN at 4:07pm. That's how I'm looking at things to. I'm just not convinced RGIII is the guy to give up three picks for. My opinion might change in the next two months but that's where I'm at right now. If three picks, then why not four....where does the madness end?

Luck for three ones I would do in a heartbeat....don't care. RGIII?....I'm not here yet....just MO.

OK...who needs a QB as badly as the Fins?

Cleveland, Washington & Seattle (JAX is possible)

Who is ahead of us in the draft?

Cleveland # 4
Washington # 6
JAX # 7
Miami # 8
Seattle # 11

If I'm Jeff Fisher sitting in my new office in St, Louis, I look at # 4,6 & 7 before Miami @ #8.

They have so much more leverage than we do sitting at 8 and the probability of Ireland pulling off a magical trade for RG3 is non-existent sitting at #8.

Every QB to come out of Houston has been marked a "system guy". For the most part, they've been correct.
So Keenum is the latest questionmark. Like I said, i'm on the fence, but I like his intangibles more than his arm so far. if his arm proves NFL quality then I'm probably sliding over the fence.

Some say Matthew Stafford was a loser at Georgia too.

If you're gonna trade up why wouldn't you go for Luck? Had a scrambling QB ever done anything? Your man crush on RG3 is silly

Marc...Colts Owner Jim Irsey is NOT interested in trading away his #1 pick.
Luck is his guy and no amount of picks is going to change his mind.

Have a good night all.

Matt Flynn will be a Miami Dolphin.We named his former OC Our head coach.The writing is on the wall.It is the right move.Please no more post about chad " ineffectual" henne being more than a hard working decent back up qb that will shine elsewhere.It's upsetting my stomach.Let Moore&Flynn fight it out in training camp.With a draftee qb like Tannehill on the roster.Let's fill defecient roster spots through FA and the draft.Keep Long!

Mark, good point. But Stafford was always the Alpha dog on the field, and assumed his passes were right everytime he threw them. Tannehill I think is a little more unsure of himself. His world is about to get a whole lot scarier.

Craig, giving up our future draft scares the crap out of me. But playing it Ireland-safe is even scarier. I'd rather go down in flames trying, than play tiddlywinks because it's safe. Tough call, though, I admit. Again, I'll support Ireland's choice to draft a QB 2nd round, hence my talk of Cousins, etc.

It also must be said RG3 carries no personal baggage. Kid lives right, prays hard, works hard, comes from a military family and is getting married soon. He's the kind of kid you want as a son-in-law.

Don't push YOUR values on us Armando......could be the most insulting thing you have ever written.....

I am sure you have no REAL idea how he lives....you only can report what you are told....

What is your definition of praying hard......pray tell.....so that i might correctly measure my efforts...

I didn't know being raised in a military family was an advantage....maybe somebody should tell ALL THE SCOUTS that get paid to do their job.....Then maybe we will see an INFLUX of West Pointer's...and Naval Academy Cadets in the NFL.....

and of course....

Marriage is an attribute by witch to judge ALL NFL draft picks.....

Thanks for opening my eyes on how to spot talent Armando.....now I have a scientific checklist to go off of....

JS in LA,

You're right....I'm scared too. I just don't think throwing a bunch of draft picks in a 'maybe' is the answer. Luck seems more the real deal to me....only way we have a chance with him is if he REFUSES to go to Indy.

I'd be down for 3 first and a fifth for RGIII.

I figured it would cost more because of the other potential bidders. What will the redskins pay or Browns for that matter. The Brownies pick 4th and have to 1sts. that could be hard to out do!

mando, how do you know the giants wouldn't have won 2 super bowls with phillip rivers? He's just as good as manning if not better.

I doubt san diego would have traded the pick if the manning's hadn't forced the trade.

why do we need to give all those piks for a player thats not a proven player giving up all that draft pick could put us back and that don"t make no sense

I have a 6th sense about things and my spidy senses tell me Luck is going to the Colts and RG3 is either a Redskin or Brown in 2012.

We make a huge effort to get Peyton, but in the end he fails to make the throws necessary, so we defer to Flynn.

Oh yea, we draft Riley Reiff, OT from Iowa with our #8/9 pick.

If we sign Flynn there sure as hell will be no QB competition in camp. He's the franchise QB period or you don't sign him. Moore will just be an insurance policy. Let's see Henne sucks so quit mentioning him the couple of you who actually like him. 3 firsts for Luck is a no-brainer. I don't think Irsay is giving up that pick unless we were to throw 3 firsts and Jake Long at him. I say gamble on RGIII. Barkley will be the first pick next year so we're not getting him. This team is incapable of tanking a season completely when a franchise QB is available and wanted. Peyton is only going to play for a couple of seasons if any, and I doubt we'd win a superbowl with him, but he does give us the best chance next season. I'm not sold on Flynn. I think that decision is already made though one way or the other. Ireland needs to make a splash and trading up would be the best way to accomplish that and set us up for a long run of QB competency.

Craig M....

This is one of those RARE occurrences when we AGREE......

I am not down with trading away our future for this QB...or any other....

Maybe two 1st RD picks....but that is my limit....

if your giving away your entire draft for the next 3 years...then whats the point.....

Your QB will fail....and have to be replaced......and you gave away all those picks.....

No thank you.....

Where is the article about the Dolphins hiring a new Wide Receivers Coach? And here is a multiple choice about who the new WR coach is:

A. A well-respected former receiver who is young and hungry and ready to make a difference for the Dolphins? And a man who went through vigorous interview process?
B. Yet another elderly, long-time friend of Joe Philbin?

It is truly disgusting that Stephen Ross is doing this to us AGAIN. He is letting one man hire whoever he wants, and Philbin is simply hiring his cronies. At least when Bill Parclels hired whoever he wanted, Bill was an accomplished coach and GM. Philbin is a nobody and should NOT NOT NOT be allowed to hire is pals.

Hearing ya. If a gun is put to my head (and basically they are to ireland) I'd do BPA in the first, Cousins in the 2nd. -NO O-Lineman in the first !!!!!!!
OR, trade down, get 2 seconds, take BPA in the first, and Cousins and an O-lineman in the second.

RG3 is probably a fantasy anyway. Price is VERY steep, and virtually no-one will be willing to pay it.

Kris & Craig...I agree 100%

Ireland did learn something from Parcels, and that's to use your draft picks wisely.

It's not in Ireland's DNA to give up that many picks for one player...ain't gonna happen.

Jebediah....are you a Dave Attell fan?

If Henne, didnt get hurt we wouldnt be in this predictiment. We would of won 4 games and be in line to draft RG3

Yeah, how stupid will Ross and Ireland look when they give up three first founders for a bust at quarterback.

This trade is not worth the risk. He may turn out to be a great pick, but it will take 5 years to develop him.

Can the dolphins afford to lose many more fans over the next 5 years?

Kris @4:41,

If you read the last 3 paragraphs of that long post I put up @4:11 you'll see what my misgivings are regarding giving up #1 picks till 2015 for anyone given historically it's NEVER proven the answer for anyone and can in actuality be the life line that puts your trade partner over the top with you left watching from home with only yourself to kick.

If Griffin has one bad year the dolphins will cut him, fire Philbin, and trade away all our pro-bowlers.

They can't seem to settle on any one plan, they just keep recycling coaches and players.

RGIII is another Michael Vick without the dogs.

And we all know Vick will never win a Superbowl.

Guys...If Peyton Manning makes all the required throws that enable him to pass his physical...he will be our starter come Sept.

I've been keeping my eyes on RG3 since September and this kid has the rare 'IT' factor. Luck is awesome, but he has the family pedigree, a great coach/mentor in Harbaugh, and a talented team to work with. My question with Luck is: how much more can he improve upon? Or are we seeing the best he can do? At worst, he could have peaked and become the next Sanchez or Leinart.

RG3 didn't have the football family, a great coach or a talented team to work with. Watching a few Baylor games, I'm convince that team won purely because of him. He carried a less-than-talented team in the same way Manning and Brady do. And yet his TD:INT ratio is better than that of Luck. If this season is an indication of what RG3 can do, then imagine his FULL potential with better coaching and team. In other words, his upside could be a lot higher than Luck.

The 'IT' factor is what's worth the 3 first round picks. They don't come often and not always so obvious. But when it's as clear as RG3, you have to take it or spend another 10 years complaining.

Armando... and any one else who needs a laugh....

Here is my "Joke" of the day....

....."You must remember that Eli didn't win the starting job his first year in the NFL. And in his second year, he posted a 0.0 quarterback rating in a game against Baltimore. And yet, the Giants had the courage of their conviction on the kid. The stuck with him, grew with him, and now they're reaping the rewards of that long hike to the promised land"......

.... What... Now you want a "Punch Line?"

Here's a punch line for ya.... "If you believe for even 1/4 of a second that Most (not all) fans in Miami are capable of such patients you are out of your Gringo mind"....

If Miami gives up 3 1st round picks and a 3rd round pick later on. And the guy they draft does not come out and win 14 games in his first season,Marry Beyonce AND Win 8 Superbowl's in his first 5 years..... He will be labeled a "BUST!!!" and every idiot fan in Miami will want him traded and the entire coaching staff FIRED.... AGAIN.... For drafting him.....

Armando..... Do you hear it ?.... Brrrrraaaaang.... Brrrrraaaaaanggg.... Do ya hear that NOW, Armando ??... Brrrrrrraaaaang....BBBBBrrraaaaaannnnnngggg !!


That is the Alarm clock going off... WAKE UP !.... WAKE UP !!!.... your still in Miami and NO ONE here has the patients to microwave a hotdog... much less stick behind a QB who cost the team 3 #1 pick's.... BRRRRRRRAAAAAANNNGGG... WAKE UP !, It's reality on the phone.....

.."Miami don't do Patient"....

I just read Armando's article about steep price of trading up can be worthwhile. Eli Manning comes from a football family. RG3 comes from a military family.Both families are as wholesome as it gets.
Armando's comparing apples to oranges but mortgaging Our draft to acquire him is the equivalent of buying rims for a hooptie.The qb position is the most glaring deficiency but by no means the ONLY one lacking.

The giants still have their Parcells guy in Tom Coughlan.

We fired ours, now we are starting over, and are already ten years in the hole.

You've been living in a dream world, Neo! | February 07, 2012 at 04:54 PM


Well, that's what a six win season gets you. Spending three 1st round picks on a possible franchise qb instead of (maybe) just one.

Jebediah....are you a Dave Attell fan?
Posted by: NHFINSFAN | February 07, 2012 at 04:46 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/02/sometimes-the-steep-price-of-trading-up-is-worthwhile/comments/page/3/#comments#storylink=cpy

I actually did like that show where Dave Attell would go around different cities and get wasted. I always considered that a dream job. I've never heard his standup though. I don't see why any fans in Miami have a right to not be patient. This team hasn't done anything for the last 15 years. I can deal with letting RGIII find his groove for a couple of years.


I'm going to write todays date down as one where we ACTUALLY agreed on something....LOL.


Tannehill never won a QB competition while in college.

He's only started 7 games.

The thought of reaching for Tannehill scares me.

Weeden and Cousins will both probably be ranked lower, but I'd take either over Tanne.

WHAT A Moment...

IF you are going to give up 3 first round picks and trade up for RGIII...

WHY NOT give up 4 first round picks for Andrew Luck???

If we are going to give up that much go for Luck.

I been saying all along to trade the farm, horses and cows and even the farmers daughter for Luck.

And just to reiterate folks... I DO NOT think the Colt - Luck is a lock. Andrew Luck for those that may not pay attention to those tiny little details when asked about the Eli trade and refusing to go to San Diego and said he wanted to be traded... Andrew Luck when asked if he would consider something like that... he said "never say never".

With all the Drunken irsay is tweeting and writing on napkins and leaving in the bar about the Manning issue and his treatment of manning... One will wounder if THAT will affect Andrew Lucks decision on being a Colt. Patten IS Mr. COLT and is being treated like crap. Luck has a ton of leverage folks..

Again... Luck in a Colt uniform is not a lock.

Tell me Mando, in what way does Runt Manning differ from Chad Henne? There are 2 ways: (1) Henne has prototype NFL size while Manning is smallish; (2) Henne has been far more successful in his first 2 (and only 2) full years starting. Why should we give up on our two 26 year old QBs who have shown great promise?

Poizen is correct on Henne. I'm heartened to know that I'm not the only person who is 100% clueless about football.

Mando, be a pro. It's your job. Why this rush for an unknown rookie? Henne *is* our Manning. He was off to a good start this year, leading the team. He got knocked out, literally, because we had absolutely zero O line the first 4 games this year. He was held back by the wildcat, Sparano, and the fact he had no receivers and our entire organization sucks.

Chad Henne is a good NFL starting QB who can win a super bowl

You've been living in a dream world, Neo!

ROFLMAO.. Good post and so true. The lack of patience on behalf of the fans is due for many reasons.

1) No Superbowl appearances since Marino Vs Montana.

2) Still searching for Marinos replacement.

3) Still searching for Shula's replacement.

4) Still searching for the next hive of Killer B - ees.

NY'G", a scenario where Luck refuses to play for the Cols is highly unlikely. Besides Manning what other QB or number 1 pick has done that? Luck will be a Colt, Manning will be a Dolphin if healthy.

Bob is correct about Henne too. The kid is 26 and this was going to be only his 3rd full year starting. THe O line got him killed. He's 26.

Mando be a pro. Why the rush to boot him out. Eli was given 6 or 7 years.

For that matter, Moore is good too. The QB was not the problem.

Actually, we had no problem. The Fins finished the year 7-3, one of the league's hottest teams, outscored their opponents overall even with the first 7 games counted, and in fact should have been 9-7 if not 11-5.


We shall see Spider... The shopping season will be arriving soon and the shopping cart's need to be filled with the right stuff.

I like to joke a little, but it is definitely true that Henne is a good QB and absolutely undeniable that anyone who says he'll be lucky to be a *backup* next year really, truly does not know anything, at all, about football. Henne has about ten 350 yard games (in Sparano's offense) in his career and one 420 yard game. He was a leader in the lockerroom this year and was voted by his teammates as captain. The dude is a starting NFL QB and might be a great one. He might be Steve Young. He should get another year.

The problem on this team this year, most of the time, was the O line and the defense. No pressure, no pass coverage. Henne had no O line protection *at all* the first 4 games and still he was a gamer.

chad henne is ineffectual.Three yrs as a Dolphins starter only led to more loses than wins.More ints. than tds.Fool's gold henne has been given ample time to grow as legitimate qb.Chump chad's one year on the bench was actually indicative of where he belongs, as benchwarmer.

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