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Source: Dolphins chances with Manning would be good

INDIANAPOLIS -- So far the story of Peyton Manning has been one of whether he'll be healthy, whether he'll be cut by the Indianapolis Colts, and when all this will happen.

But amid the saga of stories and statements and interviews with counter-interviews, I must tell you this:

The Dolphins surely do have a confidence about their ability to land Manning if and when he's available. Why?

Well, here at the Super Site, I got the chance to talk to several NFL and Dolphins sources Thursday evening and everyone tells me the Dolphins definitely will be making the play for Manning. Secondly, I come to find out Manning is something of a South Florida fan.

A club source told me Thursday evening that Manning has indicated several times during his career an affinity for the region and has put his money where his mouth his in that he and his wife bought a condo on South Beach. The name of the condo is Continuum.

"His wife is also a big fan of the area," the source told me. "He likes the area. He likes the vibe of the area more than you might think. They own a condo down here. And no other team that could be trying to sign him will be able to say that."



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Aloco u remind me of an owl.

Would you buy a used car from Irsay?

JS in LA,

A couple of things:

You don't think with a healthy Manning this is a 10 win team next year? I do. There's actually a pretty good nucleus of talent on this team and consistent QB play is one of the things that's been letting the team down.

Secondly, who said anything about $28 million? That's what the Colts owe Manning in the form of a bonus. If they don't pay him, then he's a FA, as in, he doesn't have a contract. No way he makes that kind of money on the open market, coming of the injury he's had....that's just my opinion.

I like the Tanehill idea but I fear they have to add to the pass rush somehow. Don't know the guys well enough in the draft to figure out how they are going to do that.

Chances of Manning coming here I would say is 50/50. Yes, that high. Ross wants to make a big splash, no one better to do it then Manning. Miami will of course sign Manning to some ridiculous contract. If he isn't ready to play to start the season, Matt Moore will start. Miami will draft a RT in the first round to protect Manning or Coples, and draft a stud TE with their second round pick. Look for Miami also to sign a big name free agent WR. Our DT Paul Soliai will have to be let go as we won't have cap room to resign him.

Good idea? Bad idea? Doesn't really matter what we think. This scenario has a 50/50 shot of happening whether you like the idea of signing Manning or not. The 2012 Miami Dolphins will be a story just cause of the Manning signing and season ticket sales will go way up and we will get some (undeserved) Nationally Televised Games.

Jump aboard now if you want to.


The Madden thing was a joke Jasper.........relax

Just what we need, another Culpepper. DRAFT a QB! When is this team ever going to learn from past mistakes?

to sign this guy over Flynn would be Culpepper vs. Brees all over again

Craig your overating the talent pool here first.

Second Manning will command top dollar. He wont risk it to take cheap money now. If Ross won't pay up Snyder will. You should now this.

Third Tannehill started 7 games over career. He couldn't even beat out other collegiate nobodies until midway senior year. Really now?


A good part of my Manning skepticism comes from the growing signs that Peyton will never get the arm strength back that he once had. Ask Marino and other HOF QBs if you can lose an improtant aspect of your game and still be as good as you once were. Of course not. Anyway, I've had enough of stop-gap seasons. Peyton as good as he is, is still a rental, and we may make the playoffs with his brain alone, but not the superbowl with his busted arm .. and then we're looking for another QB in a couple of years.
If we really don't have any confidence in any of the rookies, or deals out there for a future fanchise QB, then fine, get Peyton and put off the inevitable for a year or two. But that's what we'd be doing yet again is delaying the currently 11 year running issue.
I'm not opposed to Manning coming, just not excited. It solves nothing for our future. Just a really fancy and spiffy band-aid.
Again, not opposed, but it's not my first priority for a QB.

I think there has been some misunderstanding here.Peyton Manning is indeed looking at the Miami area for later this year but it is for a retirement home at the beach so he can excercise his neck by checking out the topless babes on the sand!

Nah, we are not waiting for Fidel to die, just trying hard that it happens, sooner.(Las Armas Secretas).

If you get Manning, draft a QB and keep moore as backup, carry 3qb's this year and next.

Who ever thought the Heat had any chance in Hell of landing Lebron, the best NBA free-agent of all time??

It's happening all over again with an old, injured Payton Manning, who may be one of the best NFL free-agents of all time...

Don't underestimate also Manning's relationship with Dan Marino. I believe they are very good friends, and I am sure Manning would love to play in a Dolphins uniform.

Nah, we are not waiting for Fidel to die, just trying hard that it happens, sooner.(Las Armas Secretas).
Posted by: oscar canosa | February 03, 2012 at 12:04 PM

Trying hard? He's the longest sitting ruler of all time. He in power for 50 years. Maybe you try sober up and get your fat arse out of chair, no?

Salary Cap,

Currently Miami is only $6 M under the cap. The Redskins for a change are about $30 M under the cap.

So signing Manning and Wayne would be impossible unless they let guys under contract go. So who do they cut currently under contract?

Who makes significant money that Miami could cut to make room? Who has a contract so large it can be restructured?

Looks like you've got an impersonator....

Posted by: Craig M | February 03, 2012 at 11:58 AM

I'm not sure it counts as he/she changed the name, but whatever.

LA in JS ...
If you have a clue about my posts you know I have been adamantly opposed to Tannehill as a draft pick anywhere in the top 3-4 rounds. He's a project's project. BUT... his only value is coming behind a HOF veteran to learn. Hence the combo. Assuming we can't get RG3, Cousins or Weeden are my faves. Weeden still botheres me for future longevity though .. not as bad as Peyton, but close.

Philbin = Cameron

Ireland cant draft

Still no elite QB

Mike Nolan is gone

Another 6-10 season

Very interesting how to neutralize this attack.

When I can see Peyton consistently throw an 18yd out route with zip & accuracy...then I'll get excited.
Until that point...this is all show and no go.

Thanks Mando! Got rid of a few of those dumb posts by the troll

I said this before, manning audibles way too much and cant seem to go with the play thats called in to him. the question is does our offense have the smarts to understand what hes audibleing to. i think we do not. plus hes 30 something with a nagging neck injury and will require way too much money to get him for 3 -5 years. this is accually a real un ique situation because come on man HES FREAKIN PAYTON MANNING. but at the end of the day i would not jump on this guy at this stage of his career. RG3 would be a nice fit and would only cost draft picks not the bank.

Well, Fidelista, this attack on Fidel comes from the Whole, you know, I do my thing, she does her thing, they do their thing, and so on,,

Now this I can dig. I'm a big believer that if you are going qb, go big or go home. Going safe is for losers. We've gone safe too often. If this team signs manning and it turns out he can't play, I will still applaud the move. Try to get the best guy you can. And the best guys are manning and rg3. Any other option is choosing the girl with the nice personality.

Now let the graduates of the Guadalajara Medical Centre chime in with the reasons they believe peyton cant play even though they've never been in the same area code as the guy let alone close enough to inspect him or watch him throw a ball.

Manning is going to watch tape of Marc Columblow and say No Thanks Mr Ross

Philbin = Cameron

Ireland cant draft

Still no elite QB

Mike Nolan is gone

Another 6-10 season

Posted by: Fed Up Fin | February 03, 2012 at 12:13 PM



You dont think trading 3 picks for a backup RB was a great move? LOL

Peyton at 80 % is much better than anything we have had since Marino. Man i hope it happens.

I was never concerned about whether or not Manning would be cleared to play....and personally, I don't really think yesterday's news was really news at all, and doesn't really change anything in RE to what teams are worried about and certainly not what I'm worried about.

I have been far more concerned with the nerve damage and the fact that there's absolutely no timeline nor is there any guarantee that nerve will regenerate. My primary concern has been that, yes, he can be cleared to play....but nobody knows how well he'll be able to play.

Will he be able to put the same zip on the ball (so far, that is not the case and there has been no improvement from December)?

Are his eyes, and is his brain going to process things on the field that his arm can no longer deliver?

I also have one other concern, which I don't think I've ever heard mentioned....the Phins have a rookie HC....what are the odds that someone with the stature of P Manning...who is already considered a legend, could undermind a rookie HC and create possible locker room issues.

I mean let's face it; when Dungy left, the Colts didn't become Caldwell's team...they became Manning's team.

why was my post dropped?

I have a feeling AZ will be a major player in all of this as well....and Manning would be very interested.

They were just in the SB a couple of years ago, and are truly just a QB away. Not to mention, the road to the playoffs is much easier in that division.

On top of that, he would have the benefit of playing home games in a dome as he is accustomed. Divisional travel is not too shabby either....another dome in St. Louis, San Fran, and then Seattle (which can be a bit wet, but not usually that cold).

Peyton will not play next year. Nerve damage takes time to regenerate, and I believe he is saying he is healthy so he gets the 28 million from the colts, and then retire! He is done folks

On the Peyton Manning front I would just like to drop my two cents if you will.

1)Manning should recover and even at 80% still has alot more velocity on the Football than Pennington ever had even before his 1st shoulder surgery anybody who makes the comparison between what Manning would be at even 75% compared to Pennington on his best day to me is just plain crazy or never saw Pennington throw before the injury.

2)Manning has earned in the neighborhood of 150 Mil in his career. After his innital rookie deal he got a comparative contract to Favre which paid him 10 Mil per over 10 Seasons, had it renegotiated towards it's end and eventually earned well over 20 Million in the last 3 seasons.

My point is I believe he can be had at around 12 to 15 Million with little in the form of guaranteed money given he is now considered an injury risk and I highly doubt anybody would guarantee anything outside of the 1st year of the deal. An interesting tidbit is the fact R.Wayne is also hitting the open market after completing a 6 year 45 Million deal of his own and when adding his earnings over his 3 NFL deals netted around 75 to 80 Million which after taxes and the 5% his agent gets probably grossed well over 40 Million depending on how good his accountant is.

He will be 34 next season and is considered in decline so I doubt he sees a penny over 4.5 Million from any team. You then analyze the fact we gave Dansby 22 Million guaranteed and he will have a base and cap # of 12.8 Million next season (look it up) and add the 9.5 Marshall has guaranteed in base pay to go with the 28 Million guaranteed on his deal and it leaves me wondering how some can believe it a risk to sign Manning and his WR without any form of guarantee at around 16.5 to 18.5 between the two given their respective positions.

All the while not questioning to much the fact we have 23.5 tide up in a MLB and WR who while very good aren't really worth the money but get it guaranteed non the less. Yet argue the risk in a deal involving two prolific players who while bringing question marks are unquestioned as two of the best at their respective positions in League history and both at even 75% really are better than anything we've seen since before Marino retired in all honesty.

Would you buy a used car from Jeff Ireland?

I come here to talk some Dolphins football looking for some good conversations with Kris, DC, Craig, and the other regulars..........but this place is a mess today. Troll City

You get Peyton, you let him do his thing, call plays, cancel plays from the bench, whatever. Caldwell rode his coattail for several years.

We domt need Peyton Manning. Ireland can find us another RoboHenne or Pat White! LMAO!!

Very interesting how to neutralize this attack.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 03, 2012 at 12:18 PM

Thanks Mando! Got rid of a few of those dumb posts by the troll

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | February 03, 2012 at




Posted by: Aloco | February 03, 2012 at 12:28 PM

How about Pennington? How is his recovery coming along? Any news?

I still cant believe idiot Ross chose Jeff Irescum over Jeff Fisher. YIKES!!!!!!!

Giving Irescum power over Fisher?? MORONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armando is sensoring the blog now.

Or is it only when trolls attack his aliases?

How DID Osacar now ahead of time that Armando wouls start sensoring the hits?

I thought only Fidel guilty of sensorship?


We usually see eye to eye on things but maybe not so much on the Manning situation.

If Manning doesn't have it any more or look like he has it, then fair enough....move on. Go see Flynn or draft someone (maybe we should draft someone anyways). However, if he's regained the velocity in his throws and all checks out, then sign him. I'm not worried about his brain or his eyes or anything else. He's a smart guy and a hard worker. If the neck has a chance then you sign him. Moore has shown he's a capable fill in. Worst case scenario is everyone stinks the place up, we finish 4-12 and we get one of the first round QBs next year.

So while I'm not saying sign Manning at all costs, I do think the team needs to look at him closely and as Mark said, perhaps take a chance on him. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.....within reason of course.

fin4life - Manning will be 36 on March 24.


I'm with you on Manning to a point....

The team DID take a gamble on Culpepper.....it didn't pan out. I've never, ever seen you applaud them for taking that chance.

Of course, the move they should have made was signing Brees but still Culpepper was a gamble....and they got burned. Of course shoulder injuries are different than neck injuries but the situation was bleak on Brees too....guys forget that. Don't make the same mistake again...if there's a chance that Manning can play, then sign him....take the risk. I happen to believe if he's healthy and wants to play, someone can get another 5 years out of him. He was still a top QB before the injury.

fin4life, quite agree. But I just question Manning and his wife's liking Miami being enough reason to play for the Dolphins.

Ohio, you sound like a whiney beeeeaaattch jjk

Happy Friday Mike

Craig M,

My sentiments exactly if you read my post at 12:39 you'll see how I feel about it given some of the money we've given out to positions of lesser significance with players that don't have the same upside in the risk vs. reward scenario of signing a P.Manning.

If Manning can stay on the field, he'd also be good for demanding the rest of the players play at a certain level.


Even at 36 if you can land Manning at around 12 to 15 without a guarantee then why not risk it when compared to some of the cash thrown away on lesser players even with the ???

Ohio, your the nicest guy no matter what anyone says to you, it just doesnt upset you. You must have thick skin

Fed Up Fin - Get over it and move on already. You're crying over "milk" that was spilled weeks ago. And who knows, maybe Ross was the idiot afterall.

I was completely on-board with Fisher and now it would appear the the Phins may have dodged a bullett. Have you been reading what is coming out of St. Louis the last few weeks? "Going to a much more conservative offensive approach"...."will be much more emphasis on the run"....."looking to bolster our O-line"...."looking to run a power I set"...etc, etc, etc. Look it up!

Pretty much sound like the same wall the Phins have been beating their heads against since JJ. Time for a new approach.

Why the heck would you post where the guy owns a condo? That's kind of a jerk move.


That's where I have him money-wise too. There's ways out of a contract like that if he can't stay healthy, as you've mentioned.

Couple of things.....someone asked where the money is coming from. I don't think Soliai will be back, and they paid him what last year $12mil....$14mil. That's the first place I would chop. I would chop Bell....that's another $5-6 mil. I'd look at chopping Carey but maybe they can bring him back on a lesser contract and I'd chop Merling....that's for starters. Should free up some money to do a few things....

Secondly, somebody mentioned Arizona. I don't see it happening. They traded a pick and a player last year for Kolb and they shelled out a bunch of money for Kolb. I don't think they are going to fold up on that one after one year and waste money. I think they will have interest but I don't see them as being the favourites. Myself, I'm more worried about Washington, SF and the Jets. I could see all of those teams being interested and I said it before, I could TOTALLY see the Niners go hard after him because of the relationship with Harbaugh, the defence and the division they play in. For my money, that would be our main competition.

Pete and Repeat??

Even at 36 if you can land Manning at around 12 to 15 without a guarantee then why not risk it when compared to some of the cash thrown away on lesser players even with the ???
Posted by: fin4life | February 03, 2012 at 01:11 PM


I wouldn't necessarily be against that at all. I was just correcting the age thing. I've seen a lot of posts in general saying he's 34 and could play another 6-8 years. Reality is that he realistically has roughly a 3 year window.

I have to say that my primary concern is the possiblity of actually setting the team back in the long term for a POTENTIAL short range move. At the end of the day (or 3 year window), the Phins will still be looking for their "next Marino" unless they draft someone like Tannehill and he happens to work out with sitting the next few years (which would honestly be a pretty smart way to go about this).

I also worry that someone with Manning's stature could simply undermind the HC...especially that coach being a rookie HC.




I have heard some of the stuff coming out of St. Louis and it's kind of shocking. You might be right....we might have dodged a bullet. I was in the Fisher camp too but sometimes things happen for a reason. If he flops in St. Louis, which he may very well, I will tip my hat to guys like kris who were dead set against this guy from the beginning. I happen to think Fisher made a mistake going there and believe Miami would have been a better option for him but time will tell. I wasn't sold on Philbin coming here but I like what I've seen and heard so far. At this point, the guy has my complete confidence.

I also wouldn't worry too much about Manning undermining the HC. Philbin seems like an intelligent and strong individual. He was well liked in GB because of how he interacted with his players. I'm sure he will work out whatever problems exist with Manning and the team, if need be.

clue, i didnt say anything offensive to anyone

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