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Source: Dolphins chances with Manning would be good

INDIANAPOLIS -- So far the story of Peyton Manning has been one of whether he'll be healthy, whether he'll be cut by the Indianapolis Colts, and when all this will happen.

But amid the saga of stories and statements and interviews with counter-interviews, I must tell you this:

The Dolphins surely do have a confidence about their ability to land Manning if and when he's available. Why?

Well, here at the Super Site, I got the chance to talk to several NFL and Dolphins sources Thursday evening and everyone tells me the Dolphins definitely will be making the play for Manning. Secondly, I come to find out Manning is something of a South Florida fan.

A club source told me Thursday evening that Manning has indicated several times during his career an affinity for the region and has put his money where his mouth his in that he and his wife bought a condo on South Beach. The name of the condo is Continuum.

"His wife is also a big fan of the area," the source told me. "He likes the area. He likes the vibe of the area more than you might think. They own a condo down here. And no other team that could be trying to sign him will be able to say that."



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JS in LA - we may not be a QB away from the Superbowl, but we are a Manning away, most teams are. Look what happened to Indy without Manning and you can see the difference a fit Manning would make to any team.

I'm with you though that, even if we got Manning and he was fit to play, we still need to draft a QB this year, and indeed every year, until we have a long term QB replacement in place.

Craig M -

Living in NM, we get a lot of AZ Cardinal news. Everything coming out says they definitely want to be in the mix.

In RE to Kolb...yeah, they did shell out some picks, but the guaranteed $$$ owed Kolb has already been paid. If they cut him lose before March 17 they owe him nothing more. Believe me, all the news out here is swirling Manning and Fitzgerald has publicly endorsed such a move.

Conversely, many if not most folks out here in the WC are pretty much nixxing the idea of SF...it would be an ideal fit from the standpoint of that one piece...but many have doubts as to whether Harbaugh and Manning can actually get along. Manning has never had a my way or the highway coach like Harbaugh.....and that's simply in Harbaugh's DNA, that's not going to change.

The Jet's are a definite possibility.

Hope you guys dont think Im a troll :)


Guys guys how hard is it to remember to change yopur sign in names?

We've been over this.


way to save your best work for the end of the week...."

I swear people just have this on their clipboard to paste onto any armando blog comment


I've heard the Arizona talk...I'm just not buying it. Regardless of the money that's been paid to Kolb, they gave up a good player and a second round pick for him and to admit it was a mistake after one year could cost a job or two. To give that up and make a risky signing doesn't make sense to me. I actually still think Kolb could work out and I'm not all that high on him.

I'll stick to my belief that SF will be players for him. it would get any play right now but it might if he comes available. I think at some point Harbaugh will have to realize it's very unlikely that he will win a Super Bowl with Smith as his QB. A healthy Manning changes all that.


If Manning went to SF, would Smith hand around or go to another team?

"Having to see Brady twice a year probably isn't Manning's idea of a good thing.


I dont buy this. Hes not going to pick a division just because its easier.

He also pretty much ends up meeting him every year in the playoffs, so not sure what you mean

Salary Cap,

Currently Miami is only $6 M under the cap. The Redskins for a change are about $30 M under the cap.

So signing Manning and Wayne would be impossible unless they let guys under contract go. So who do they cut currently under contract?

Who makes significant money that Miami could cut to make room? Who has a contract so large it can be restructured?

Posted by: AndyNJ | February 03, 2012 at 12:08 PM

Andy, the Dolphins are about 15 million under the cap...


I don't see Smith being a fit in SF. He's Trent Dilfer Part Deux. Could they win a Super Bowl, as the Ravens did in 2000 with Dilfer? Yeah I guess they could but the defence would have to be realy good and everything would have to fall into place perfectly. To win, they are going to have to beat the likes of the Packers, Falcons, Saints, Giants and Eagles....all teams with good offences. I think at some point they are going to have to get someone who can light it up. Could that be Kaepernick? Maybe....but he's probably still a couple of years away. I fear if Smith is back playing QB again next year we'll be having this same conversation.

CraigM - In RE to AZ....Yeah...but this is also the owner of the Cardinals talking....I don't think he's going to fire anyone if he just really, really wants Manning. I don't think he's going to put that on the GM or coach or anyone else in RE to Kolb...that was the right move for them at the right time. The equation has now changed considerably.

Having a guy like Manning out there in FA hasn't ever really happend before. We're going to see all kinds of craziness ensue.

If Manning went to SF, would Smith hand around or go to another team?
Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | February 03, 2012 at 01:40 PM


In that scenario, they would not re-sign A Smith. If they were to land Manning, Smith would be gone.

Oscar must have passed out drolling in his Mad Dog 20/20.

Hope he has some fresh depends

"to sign this guy over Flynn would be Culpepper vs. Brees all over again


Whooa,slow down a little. No way you can compare a HOF qb and a qb with only 2 games, 2 2 other bluechip qb's before signing with their new teams.

In fact, if anything Manning is our drew brees and you want us to repeat the mistake


Sorry to call you bluff on this one, but I don't actually believe the owner of the Cardinals is saying any of this stuff. Manning is still property of the Colts and to be talking about him publicly at this point would be considered tampering. I don't doubt that were Manning a FA that the Cards would have interest but at this point I just think it's stuff the media is making up to sell newspapers.....sorry that's the skeptical side of me coming out.

Sorry to call you bluff on this one, but I don't actually believe the owner of the Cardinals is saying any of this stuff. Manning is still property of the Colts and to be talking about him publicly at this point would be considered tampering. I don't doubt that were Manning a FA that the Cards would have interest but at this point I just think it's stuff the media is making up to sell newspapers.....sorry that's the skeptical side of me coming out.
Posted by: Craig M | February 03, 2012 at 01:54 PM


Ross said he was publicly interested in P Manning hasn't he? I mean it was here just last week I believe...something to the effect of "Manning would be our priority".....

You really think the GM is just going off on his own and saying they'd be interested in Manning in AZ?

Sadam, arent your burning in hell?

Craig M - I haven't seen Ross or Ireland coming up on any "tampering" charges from the league.

They just can't go out and talk to Manning specifically yet (or anyone else)....they can tell the media anything they want to in RE to interest in the possibility.

An aging Brett Favre (40 yrs old)took the Vikings to the brink of the Superbowl in 2010.

If Manning is able to make all the required throws that a starting caliber QB needs to make...then SIGN HIM!

If there is significant loss of velocity and accuracy...then then whole world will know and his career is over.

A healthy Manning in a Dolphins uniform would be AWESOME!


The owner may/or may not be saying it behind closed doors. None of these guys are saying it publicly. I suppose any idiot could put one and one together and come up with two, but these 'so-called' comments are happening behind closed doors, not publicly. The league has rules against that stuff.

By the way, I wasn't referring to you as an 'idiot'......more so just people in general. None of these teams are allowed to talk publicly about another teams players at this point in time.


If SF does end up wanting to part ways with Smith, it could work out really good for him that he had a good year.......could get him a job somewhere


Yeah I suppose there are teams that could use Smith. I would put him in the same category as Henne, in that he might have to go somewhere as a backup and wait until a starting job opens up. Teams like Seattle, Jacksonville and Cleveland will try and fill in the draft or through FA, but there's probably room on someone's roster for Smith. KC, said they want competition for Cassel. He might be a candidate there.

Manning, Marshall and Bush together...Wow...That would be awesome...Finally the Miami fan base would have something to be excited about...


We've yet to see any direct quotes from Ireland and Ross that they will go after Manning. It's all backroom stuff. There's speculation in there too from 'sources'. At this point you're not going to see direct quotes from anybody. That's why I'm skeptical that the Arizona owner is evern saying any of this stuff.

Assuming we'd sign Manning, we would have to draft that Reiff kid to play RT and hopefully we could sign Carl Nicks to play RG. We need to fix that right side of our o-line or else Peyton will be heading right back to his spinal surgeon...

ross is a businessman first;he wants to sell tix and fill the stadium. peyton would do that. my feeling is that the team isnt ready for a super bowl run,even with manning.

#1, I agree, Whats the over/under Manning gets carted off the field in Game 3 if Colomblow is still the RT?

Hey Spiderman, what's up? Colombo is history. I believe he's a free agent. Maybe Sparano can bring him in NY...After all, he did watch tape didn't he??


I think I heard Nicks wants to stay put in New Orleans....of course money can change people's minds pretty quick though

Hi Ohio...Yeah, I heard some rumors about that as well...Only problem is the Saints have a lot of guys to re-sign...One of them is Drew Brees...And that's going to be expen$ive...If Nicks is willing to stay at a bargain price, that's another story...

#1, Enjoying this warm weather, this time last year it was snowing. Maybe global warming is for real

Before anyone goes there, no, we don't want Smith from SF (that means you Ohio). Sure, he showed he can play up for a Season, but he needs the stars to be aligned (and the best defense in football) in order to succeed.


DC Dolfan, are you a baseball fan? The Nationals are going to have a heck of a team this year...

Alex Smith stinks plain and simple, I think last year was his best and that was playing as a caretaker. Give me Manning(Healthy), Flynn, Rg3

Haha DC!!!

I do not want Smith! But that made me laugh out loud at my desk literally, lol. Reading my posts I could see how you would think that is where I was headed.

Smith did good because of the system he was in, not the other way around, I understand that.

I don't know who I would want.......so I guess I will have to support the decision they end up making

Do people keep suggesting that signing Peyton Manning would be a good thing????
He's old, he's damaged and he is a huge distraction from building a team!
1. If we sign Manning, we do not sigh Flynn. Who would we rather have on the team 2 years from now?
2. If we sign Manning we may not draft a QB in the top two rounds. Is Matt Moore our QB of the future?
3. If we sign Manning any development of any future Fin QB is delayed by 2 years.
4. If we sign Manning we take a big cap space chunk and possibly.... 'Probably', lose out on signing FA's, ours or others, for positions of need.
On the one and only positive side - If we sign Manning, Ross sells 10,000 more season tickets.

"Does Peyton have any hotties in South Florida?

Hes Dan Marionos golf partner

By the way if we ever win a superbowl, guys Im flying all of you to vegas where we will have strippers, bottles, cocaine and eveything we want.

Craig M @1:19,

Regarding your observations on were the money would come from your right about starting with Solia and the 12.5 Mil he got last year. At the end of the day ALL Ireland's fault considering he could have signed him to a base salary of 5 Mil. which is what his agent was looking for but the Fins balked. Some will argue he isn't worth it but I disagree and believe he could also be effective as a 5 technique DT in the 4/3 but that ship has sailed, so we got 12.5 there alone.

I have also often wondered about letting Andre Goodman walk for a 5 year 20 Mil deal to Denver. I thought he was a very solid player when pressed into our LCB spot in 08 and has been more than steady for the Broncos as a RCB but again another head scratcher as we gave Will Allen whom I felt overrated a deal worth 60 Mil while extending Y.Bell at 6 Yrs. for 36 Mil., again agree on Bell and that's another 6 Mil bringing the total on those 2 to 18.5 Million in CAP space alone.

Carey had his CAP # reduced to 2.5 Mil and if in shape would keep him while seeing if J.Jerry finally gets that the NFL isn't College and begins to tap his potential at RT (position he played in the SEC) which would be nice, so lets see if Philbin and Comp. can coax it out of him saving anywhere around 5 Mil. to sign an adequate player (we gave Columbo 4 Mil. last year) These moves would free up needed money for FA with next years CAP set at 120 Million and with last years payroll were already I believe 12 Mil. under.

The money question is how FAR Ross will allow the FO to max the CAP!

#1, not really. But I go to a few games a year. I'm the same with the Nationals (just not as much as a fanatic) as our Dolphins....WAIT AND SEE APPROACH. They were supposed to be good last year too. That didn't go so well. So if they start winning some and stay healthy, I'll be excited.

Dolfanbg, very simple. Manning =proven player. Flynn= unproven, looked good in 2 games. If Manning can play another 2-3 years, what's stopping the Dolphins from drafting a QB and slowly grooming him behind Peyton for the future??

I had faith in you Ohio, I know you're MUCH smarter than that!

DC, they just signed E.Jackson. The starting rotation will be Strasburg, Zimmermann, Gonzalez, Jackson and either Lannan, Wang, or Detwiler. That is some rotation. Pitching is the name of the game...

Said another way Montreal, Flynn looks damned good behind the best offense in the NFL, or behind a BCS Championship team. But how will he look behind the Miami "Bad News Bears" Dolphins?


Number 18 is not coming to Miami, jeff and Ross gonna scare him off. Dolphins suck man, every off season is the same crap. No excitement just disappointment.....I'm not renewing my season tickets. I just watch at home...

Anyway DC, I don't want to talk too much baseball...Someone will be bashing me any minute now...LOL!!

montreal...hit the nail on the head.
bring in peyton, win now, playoffs for the next three years and groom the #2 QB to take over in 2015.

Dolfanbg, very simple. Manning =proven player. Flynn= unproven, looked good in 2 games. If Manning can play another 2-3 years, what's stopping the Dolphins from drafting a QB and slowly grooming him behind Peyton for the future??

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | February 03, 2012 at 02:53 PM

Been wondering the same thing myself to me it really is as simple as 2+2=4 or does it?? In any event #1 I thought maybe I was CRAZY and everybody else was right regarding taking a chance on somebody who is superior to Favre in terms of smarts and rivals Marino in gamesmanship being worth a 12 Million risk regarding his ability to play at even 75% of his old self, hey Marino went from 97 to 99 playing at about half of what he once was and call me CRAZY but I thought he was still better than the cast of NFL QB's who followed him in Miami.

Montreal, hope Strasburg doesn't get hurt again though. But yeah, nice pitching rotation. The catcher is a great kid too (just gotta get his attitude corrected).

Love these genius's that act like they know the relationship between Peyton and Eli. Must have learned it on this blog. Once again Mando the tabloid reporter trying to stir something. HIs sources have been soooo good!

signing manning would be too much money so we could not go get a qb of the future. LOOK we are not the jets we do not want win now attitude,we want the NE style DYNASTY!!!!


TRICKY - I actually doubt Manning will cost a truck load of (guaranteed) money. I don't think any franchise is going to want to do that. I have no idea what it will ultimately be, but everything I've heard and read in the sports world pretty much indicates that it will most likely be a "get paid to play" type of contract.

I have to think that regardless of where he ends up, it's going to be a very incentive based deal....that may total up to a lot of $$$ if those incentive milestones are met. But if those milestones are met.....that team is probably contending as well, so it would be all worth it.

This is crap!!!
Flynn had one good game two years ago an one great game when it didn't matter this year!
Unproven!! Show me a QB that came from greenbays bull pen and went somewhere else and did good?? This kid looks better then Feeley but a lot like Kolb!!
Manning is the best option!! If he's 80% he is better then anything else.
We draft a project he has 2-4 years under the best QB most organized!!
What the crap else do you want.
Manning will make every player on our team better!!
Will Flynn do that??
And Manning makes us instant contenders!!


Lets alll stalk Manning at his hotel in Miami since Armando wants to disclose where he lives

Craig, sorry for the long break, but I don't applaud the culpepper signing because he wasn't the first choice. He was thought of as the safe choice by Dr. Nick Riviera that we had on staff back then. We need to go balls out. Go for the best for once.

Like you said, what's the worst than can happen? He doesn't have it, we stink it up and we are front and centre for one of the top flight guys next year. The way the system is set up is that fate favours the brave. You get rewarded for taking high upside moves with significant risks because the next draft is never too far away and most likely you get rewarded with a top pick. Playing it safe gets you what we've been for ten years. Average or below average.

Meanwhile we've been passed by the lions and recently considered a less favourable option than the rams. Its time to wear the big boy pants as our benevolent dictator used to say.

bringing Peyton would be a HUGE mistake.

he was an outstanding QB, he WAS.

Peyton Manning last season played he threw for 4,700 yards 33 TD 17 Int, he's still when healthy a top 5 qb RIGHT NOW.

Mark, I remember that and I couldn't believe a sports doctor would endorse Culpepper over Brees. I'm no doc but even I know you don't have but 4 ligaments in each knee and Culpepper had 2 torn in the same knee.

What if he renegotiates his contract and choose not to take the bonus. Then ends up staying in Indianapolis

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