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Source: Dolphins chances with Manning would be good

INDIANAPOLIS -- So far the story of Peyton Manning has been one of whether he'll be healthy, whether he'll be cut by the Indianapolis Colts, and when all this will happen.

But amid the saga of stories and statements and interviews with counter-interviews, I must tell you this:

The Dolphins surely do have a confidence about their ability to land Manning if and when he's available. Why?

Well, here at the Super Site, I got the chance to talk to several NFL and Dolphins sources Thursday evening and everyone tells me the Dolphins definitely will be making the play for Manning. Secondly, I come to find out Manning is something of a South Florida fan.

A club source told me Thursday evening that Manning has indicated several times during his career an affinity for the region and has put his money where his mouth his in that he and his wife bought a condo on South Beach. The name of the condo is Continuum.

"His wife is also a big fan of the area," the source told me. "He likes the area. He likes the vibe of the area more than you might think. They own a condo down here. And no other team that could be trying to sign him will be able to say that."



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Not sure if it was a typo or not but Will Allen, 6 years and $60 million? More like 4 years and $12 million back in 2006. He was extended back in 2009 to the tune of $16 million but I believe he had that number chopped in 2011 before being chopped himself. In hindsight, he's an OK player and the contract back in 2006 was about right.

I also think Bell signed a 4 year/$20 million deal but we might want to double-check that one.


totaly agreee with your post at 3:44pm.

Everything I'm reading suggests that Bell will be chopped this offseason. I don't even see a point in trying to re-negotiate. Still a good tackler but should we expect more out of our secondary? I'd like someone younger and more athletic. I've heard Reggie Nelson from Cinci's name mentioned and one of the guys I like is Gholsdon from SF.


Sign Peyton
Then Wayne or another WR
Then RT from Buffalo
Sign Bengals Safety


Cut Bell
Cut Soali (don't like it, but $12.5M)
Keep Langford
bye Vernon


Best Pass Rusher
TE in rd 2
WR's and LB's rest of way

Mutha to RG, or Jerry

Do we have enough $$ for that


The Fish go 4-12 next year unless they get Manning.

nice job armando, way to fill the blog again,gotta hand it to ya


Did you mean Murtha to RT? Guy played well in the preseason last year filling in for Long before breaking his foot. Might be a good solution.

Agreed Craig.

This is crap!!!
Flynn had one good game two years ago an one great game when it didn't matter this year!
Unproven!! Show me a QB that came from greenbays bull pen and went somewhere else and did good?? This kid looks better then Feeley but a lot like Kolb!!
Manning is the best option!! If he's 80% he is better then anything else.
We draft a project he has 2-4 years under the best QB most organized!!
What the crap else do you want.
Manning will make every player on our team better!!
Will Flynn do that??
And Manning makes us instant contenders!!
Posted by: phinsman | February 03, 2012 at 03:25 PM


In RE to GB's bullpen....Matt Hasselbeck was a 6th round pick of the Packers and spent a season on the practice squad and then backup to Favre. Holmgren left GB and went to Seattle and took Hasselbeck with him (trade w/GB). Hasselbeck has had a pretty darn good career....in my estimation somewhat similar to a Flacco type. Not really elite, but a guy that can do it for you (just not all by himself).

Yes, if Manning can actually play like Manning, he would probably make us immediate contenders.....for 2-3 years, and then we're back where we started 15 years ago. It just depends on whether you take the short or long term approach.

Actually, they could potentially do both if they were able to land Manning...groom someone like Tannehill for the next few years. Of course, no guarantee that whomever we are grooming is going to work out either.

Yes Murtha, was wondering if he could slide inside...he seemed big enough, but only if we sign a RT in FA.

Bros, you crazy, I don't look at all like Armando. I just don't look good in Blue. And yes, I have some Gifts...my profession, you know.

craig they are drafting a rt


Don't know. He played RT in College. I think I'd prefer to him tried there than RG. But then again, Jerry hasn't shown us much at RG.

I hate to admit it, Craig, but yes we need a new bigger, very fast SS.


I knew you'd see the light.....LOL.

Good man!

oscar, Bell is big enought o play SS just not fast or a ball hawk

I'd rather sign a FA RT if we cam, the guy from Buffalo is supposed to be good. We need a Pass Rusher to go with Wake...the kid from UNC would look great in aqua and orange

craig its pretty easy to know we are taking the guy from iowa or stanford with our first rd pick

Joe, maybe it was an astute medical decision to think the knee could heal better than the shoulder, I can't say. I'm not a doctor.

However, saban should've used some smarts. He should've been able to figure out that culpepper relied on two things - throwing the ball as far as he could and have randy moss to get it and when that was taken away, use his legs. Before he got hurt culpepper looked awful and confused without moss. That should've been a huge red light.

Saban doesn't look so smart when he can't recruit 50 of the best players in the nation every year.

So how sweet would it be in we happen to land a "HEALTHY" Manning, then Blackmon slides to our 1st pick AND we get Coby Fleener in the 2nd round.

All this and upgrade Oline via FA.

I'd rather sign a FA RT if we cam, the guy from Buffalo is supposed to be good. We need a Pass Rusher to go with Wake...the kid from UNC would look great in aqua and orange
Posted by: Craig | February 03, 2012 at 04:21 PM

You want to sign a FART? LOL!

keep dreaming dolfan

nobody on the bills oline is even close to being good

Wake is done. Over 30 now and figured out. Trade Wake while he has some value.

wake still solid

Texas....I wish we could land Manning & Blackmon but there is no way Blackmon lands in our lap with the 8/9 pick, he will be long gone.
I like your thinking though.

Peyton will probably sign with Miami for about 11 million dollars and a two year contract. Then he will play one down, get hit, go on injured reserve, collect his 11 million and retire.

lol rick

One good blitz hit and my man manning will be fitted with a brand new electric wheel chair.

Pez is right, he peaked already, trade Wake for a 2nd round pick

Rick @ 4:43 - There is definitely a more than remote possibility of exactly that happening. In fact, I find that to be a more probably scenario than Manning to Miami = immediate SB contender.

Actually, I worry more that he will lack the arm strength he's used to and his eyes and brain will see a play that was no biggie in his prime....but his arm just isn't up to it.

Basically, I'm worried he'll turn into an interception machine because his brain and his arm won't be on the same page, more than I'm worried about re-injury.

yes logan then we can have zero pass rush. he only graded out last season as the best at his pos


I want to see pass rush too, likely in the first. Most of you know I defend Ireland on here pretty much as much as anyone. I'm saying if he ignores pass rush this offseason, either in the draft or FA, it should be grounds for dismissal. All the signs are there that this could become a gaping hole and if he miscalculates we've got no chance next, a healthy Manning or not. A healthy Manning doesn't by itself beat Brady next year. At some point we've got to address pass rush and my fear is that Wake will choose to hold out. I hope to God I'm wrong....

Haha, Lou, funny stuff.

Remember, we let another rehabbed quarterback slip through our fingers. Miami considered him too big a risk and a career washed up. His name....Drew Brees!

lancer u loved jay fiedler


Should make every Sports Channel in the next few minutes as well as online sights!!

Peyton Manning's agent Tom Condon says Peyton WILL play again while not setting a timetable for his return. On the Colts, Peyton is still under contract to that organization and it's unclear what will happen on the March deadline but Peyton WILL play Football again!! Let the sweepstakes known as the Peyton derby begin!

Craig M,

Thanks I meant to say 6 Million per on W.Allen which I believe was his CAP # when Parcells extended him. I however do believe that Bell did get a very lofty extension and will look it up.



I had read 4 yer $20 mil but your 6 year/ $36 mil. rings a bell too.

Craig M,

Your right my apologies don't know why I was so sure it was either 5 or 6 yrs. at 6 Mil per.

2009 2,550,000 1,500,000 - 4,050,000
2010 1,850,000 1,500,000 - 3,350,000
2011 3,700,000 1,500,000 - 5,200,000
2012 4,300,000 1,500,000 - 5,800,000


Need a right tackle and right guard to protect him and we need to draft one of those second round QB's.

If we address those positions, plus the safety, we'll have a shot at the Wild Card.

Remember the coach of the saints called Drew Brees when his was still in the hospital telling him he wants him as his quarterback. We should do the same with Manning. I just dont think Ross and Ireland would do that, they are too slow and stiff.

just cut him, hes old and done. our safeties are horrible

Hey, it seems like Armando controlled the Blog. He probably talked to Fidel....

Trade up for rg3 and sign manning and they are all set at qb for years to come. And thats the bottom line!

protect who tommy?

Of course he'd be interested. Compare Miami's roster to Arizona, Washington, Seattle, and the Jets. None of those teams roster talent dwarfs Miami's. Plus, after 3 neck surgeries I doubt playing in freezing weather for 'home games' from November thru January is all that appealing.

well justin they cant do that right now. im sure the second hes released they will

why would manning come here. we arent a good team. san fran would love him


Peyton Manning's agent, Tom Condon, said Friday on NFL Network that it wouldn't be foolish or unsafe for the Indianapolis Colts quarterback to play football next season as he continues to recover from his third neck surgery.

"(Manning's doctor) has said that he's structurally sound and that the fusion has taken place and that that's healed," Condon said on NFL Network's "Super Bowl Live," adding Dr. Robert Watkins said the quarterback "can take a hit and play in a football game."

Watkins issued a statement Thursday night, saying Manning had been "medically cleared to play."

"Peyton certainly expects to return to play, and he wants to play; he's enthusiastic about it," Condon said. "I think that the rehabilitation is going very well, and I think he believes that also. He's made a substantial amount of progress, and so we anticipate him playing football next year."

Condon said he was responding to what he called "some substantial discussion" that Manning "wasn't going to be able to play and it was too dangerous and he was foolish to even think about it, and that's not accurate."

Manning doesnt want to play for a rookie HC on a dysfunctional team. Given a choice he goes elsewhere.

Manning would not go to s.f.. He and harbaugh would clash with their personalities. Not a good fit.

they would not, they would probaly win a sb year one

I'm no orthopedic surgeon, but what guarantee is there that Peyton doesn't reinjure his neck if he plays again? I mean, they're not going to hit him with rose petals.

lol oscar, manning is fun to talk about, but lets be real. whoever signs him will most likely be making a huge mistake

Well, dusty, if it's Ross's pleasure, it will happen.

it will? everything that ross has wanted to happen hasnt.

Yeah, like Chad Pennington was medically cleared, didn't last 2 plays...

I think everybody thinking P.Manning wouldn't come here and play for a Rookie H.C. are missing ONE BIG variable in that equation. The FACT that OC M.Sherman Coached with Favre late in his career when there was talk back in 02 that Favre could be done and turned him around leading the NFL in many statistical categories.

The Offense we will run especially with Manning will allow him to do alot of shifting at the line and would be vertical. The BIG IF someone mentioned would be a repeat of 99 Marino were the mind sees what the body can no longer do but for me the risk would be worth it.

Good, dusty, then let him want it a lot.

RG3!! RG3!! RG3!!! Payton is old and injury prone now.

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