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Source: Dolphins chances with Manning would be good

INDIANAPOLIS -- So far the story of Peyton Manning has been one of whether he'll be healthy, whether he'll be cut by the Indianapolis Colts, and when all this will happen.

But amid the saga of stories and statements and interviews with counter-interviews, I must tell you this:

The Dolphins surely do have a confidence about their ability to land Manning if and when he's available. Why?

Well, here at the Super Site, I' got the chance to talk to several NFL and Dolphins sources Thursday evening and everyone tells me the Dolphins definitely will be making the play for Manning. Secondly, I come to find out Manning is something of a South Florida fan.

A club source told me Thursday evening that Manning has indicated several times during his career an affinity for the region and most recently put his money where his mouth his in that he and his wife bought a condo on South Beach. The name of the condo is Continuum.

"His wife is also a big fan of the area," the source told me. "He likes the area. He likes the vibe of the area more than you might think. They own a condo down here. And no other team that could be trying to sign him will be able to say that."



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BRING IN MANNING!!!!!!! I dont care if its a stop gap, bring him in ASAP!

Finally, a blog to myself!!!

Clue, you messed up my intro. DAMN YOU!!!!

A healthy Manning will make us an instance superbowl contender.

You've got 2 blogs for the same article. Can you merge them?

On the Peyton Manning front I would just like to drop my two cents if you will.

1)Manning should recover and even at 80% still has alot more velocity on the Football than Pennington ever had even before his 1st shoulder surgery anybody who makes the comparison between what Manning would be at even 75% compared to Pennington on his best day to me is just plain crazy or never saw Pennington throw before the injury.

2)Manning has earned in the neighborhood of 150 Mil in his career. After his innital rookie deal he got a comparative contract to Favre which paid him 10 Mil per over 10 Seasons, had it renegotiated towards it's end and eventually earned well over 20 Million in the last 3 seasons.

My point is I believe he can be had at around 12 to 15 Million with little in the form of guaranteed money given he is now considered an injury risk and I highly doubt anybody would guarantee anything outside of the 1st year of the deal. An interesting tidbit is the fact R.Wayne is also hitting the open market after completing a 6 year 45 Million deal of his own and when adding his earnings over his 3 NFL deals netted around 75 to 80 Million which after taxes and the 5% his agent gets probably grossed well over 40 Million depending on how good his accountant is.

He will be 34 next season and is considered in decline so I doubt he sees a penny over 4.5 Million from any team. You then analyze the fact we gave Dansby 22 Million guaranteed and he will have a base and cap # of 12.8 Million next season (look it up) and add the 9.5 Marshall has guaranteed in base pay to go with the 28 Million guaranteed on his deal and it leaves me wondering how some can believe it a risk to sign Manning and his WR without any form of guarantee at around 16.5 to 18.5 between the two given their respective positions.

All the while not questioning to much the fact we have 23.5 tide up in a MLB and WR who while very good aren't really worth the money but get it guaranteed non the less. Yet argue the risk in a deal involving two prolific players who while bringing question marks are unquestioned as two of the best at their respective positions in League history and both at even 75% really are better than anything we've seen since before Marino retired in all honesty.

Now this I can dig. I'm a big believer that if you are going qb, go big or go home. Going safe is for losers. We've gone safe too often. If this team signs manning and it turns out he can't play, I will still applaud the move. Try to get the best guy you can. And the best guys are manning and rg3. Any other option is choosing the girl with the nice personality.

Now let the graduates of the Guadalajara Medical Centre chime in with the reasons they believe peyton cant play even though they've never been in the same area code as the guy let alone close enough to inspect him or watch him throw a ball.


My sentiments exactly if you check out my post at 11:47 you'll see my reasons as well given some of the money this team has shelled out for players at positions that don't come close to impacting the game in the same fashion.

Does anyone on this blog know how to spell?

If we pass on Flynn, and he is for real for three years of manning in decline, I will be pissed.

If we pass on Flynn, and he is for real for three years of manning in decline, I will be pissed.

If you had to bet you career, who would you bet on? That's what our coach and GM is doing now!
I would pick manning, I am pretty sure most people would do the same.

Manning is at 80% so he is already throwing with more velocity then Matt Moore.

trade up for rg3 and sign manning and they are set at qb for years to come! And thats the bottom line!

there is NO trading up for RGIII (thank God)...Miami does NOT have enough to trade up. (period) Sorry to burst any bubbles of those that are dreaming, but those be the facts. #9 (8) up to 2 us un-do able.(period)

If you have a chance to bring in a health Payton Manning then by all means get him and continue to build this team into a contender.

I'm not totally sold on Jeff Ireland as a good talent evaluator and this year more than ever he will have free reign on all picks, of course he will consult with the new coaching staff. However, this will be a 100% stamp and mark his abilities as GM and talent evaluator. Last season was a minor diappointment but his last with Sparano and 1st free of Parcells this year I will keep a keen eye on what he does.

My question to him is: If Parcells was not there and he was in total control would he have drafted:
1. Hakim Nicks in round one?
2. Jason Pierre Paul round one?
3. Aldon Smith ( post parcells pre sparano)?
I can tell you now if we had those edge rushers and Nicks coupled with Marshall and we signed Manning in the near future its a whole lot easier to think not only contener but maybe championship.

So my point being let see who and what we(Ireland) do in this years draft. Because we have passed up on some very good players last three years. Yet, I will never regret Jake Long over Matt Ryan never.

Jake Long is one of the best since he came into the NFL and Ryan I beleive is good but to me does not have the intangibles of the Manning brothers or even a top 8 qb.

Two players i would love to have either this year or next are: Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley.

You would have to give up at least two first rounders and two second to even have a chance at Luck and maybe more, but IMO he is totally worth this! Iv'e seen RGIII play and to me is based on his play is an injury waiting to happen.
Matt Barley is very comprable to Luck in that they have great arm strength and can throw on the run.
Bradon Marshall's stock has never been higher based on his pro bowl performance and very good years with average qb play. I would try to trade him for a first to a team that thinks he would take them to the next level. Ya know a team that has all the tools but just needs that one wide out. Like say the Bengals or hey even Denver...I just dont care for him(not my type of player)attitude wise and calling out his qb's last two years there has never been a time when his stock has been so high right now.
So if you get a first for him lets say in the mid twenties. Trade that and the Dolphins first and second rounders this year and second and fith rounders next...any takers. Or if no takers, trade him for a first rounder next year and hopefully Marshall brings his baggage and the team implodes into a top five pick or ten. Trade next years first two rounders to get Matt Barkley.

O course I thought this through during my 3 mile run at the gym. But wait there is more....lets save that for another day.

For now enjoy the Super Bowl my fellow Phin fans! My prediction Giants will smash the Patsies and Brady!


Oh Snap Odin having a Melt down on the next blog.LOL

We have to get Peyton. I can't stand anymore disappointments at QB. How many 2nd round draft picks have we spent od QB's. 3! Yes three years in a row we drafted John Beck (2nd rd) Pat White (2nd rd) and then Henne (2nd rd) and now some guys want to go after a 7th round back up cause he had two good games. No more taking chances.

I would rather we take Manning and he fail and watch Flynn go to another team and have a great career more than I would like to get Flynn to come to Miami and he fail and be added to the long list of replacement QB's we've had since Marino.

I'll take Peyton at 25% over any other Qb, just look at how horrifying the Colts are with out as compared to how awesome the Clots are with him. That's all I needed to say and it felt really good.

Whats the matter Armando nobody to bash?, you posted the same article twice.

IF I were Manning, id have to think real hard abour signing with the Dolphins based on last yrs performance. The OL led the league in sacks allowed. Manning, nursing a bad neck with damaged nerves, doesnt need to be sacked 30 times, or knocked down 50 times, or hurried 100 times. The opposing defense would come after Manning like he owed them money. No, id sign elswere.

Come to think of it, its actually funny to think Manning would sign with the Mullets after giving up a league high in sacks allowed.

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