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Super Bowl should convince Dolphins about pass rushers

Super Bowl Sunday!

Will we ever spend such a day with the Dolphins in the game?

(Alarm clock sounds, dream over.)

The easy thing to discuss in explaining the gap between the Dolphins and a Super Bowl team is by saying the quarterback play isn't good enough in Miami. Well, duh.

But my column in today's Miami Herald suggests the Dolphins would do well to follow the New York Giants lead and address their pass-rush in the coming draft. Yes, I believe the team will do what it must with the quarterback and right tackle spot this offseason. But I believe aquiring a pass-rusher is key to turning the Dolphins into a contender.

I also believe the draft -- particularly the early part -- will be dedicated to improving the pass rush. That's how you help Cameron Wake be more than a one-man rush. That's how you turn Tom Brady, who the Dolphins play twice a year, into a guy who seems at times intimidated. 

Let me make this more clear: I believe if the Dolphins stay at No. 8 or 9 in the first round, they will draft a pass-rusher. Simply, I don't think there will be a right tackle that will be a value at that high spot. I'm also thinking the Dolphins will address QB in free agency -- either through Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn.

At No. 8 or No. 9 the Dolphins might be looking at adding North Carolina's Quinton Coples, or South Carolina's Melvin Ingram, or Alabama's Courtney Upshaw.

So I see a pass-rusher in Miami's future. And I think that's sound strategy.

If you don't believe me, check out today's Super Bowl and watch the New York defense give Tom Brady a workout.

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Armando...listened to your show the other nite...it was hilarious...thsnks...

I agree pass rush is a priority...but what about a TE ?...
Agreed its unlikely RG3 is an option, so Flynn / Manning is the most likely...

Getting another pass rusher means MISI is not elite or even very good...is he a BUST yet ?
To me he is not what I call top tier...he is serviceable at most which then makes Irelands call to draft him a MISTAKE....another...anyway its done, so we move on...COPLES is the man to pick...

Then a TE...and then a Right tackle...

The major needs:

1 QB
2 Pass rusher DE
3 TE x 2
4 RT
5 Upgrades at CB and Safety
6 RB as a backup

Giants 4 today.....

Or Mando, Watch Brady give NYG Defense a work-out.......

I'm with the Menace on this one.

OK Guys, Iam Out, Enjoy the Super Bowl............

I agree that outside of the top 2 QB's in the coming draft we NEED to address a position of NEED with the highest rated player regardless of position and in this draft it looks like that will end up being in the pass rush with Coples or Ingram. It still gets me we traded out of the pick that would have put Pierre Paul in a Fins uniform or for that matter FS Earl Thomas for what ended up being Odrick and Misi.

I remember watching boat loads of film on Pierre Paul out of S. Fla and then that stunt he pulled at the combine were he back flipped all the way down the field, WOW!! I would however contemplate drafting J.Blackmon IF by some miracle he fell to 8 or 9. Some say that WR's don't make a big difference and compare the careers of former draft picks like Dez or Crabtree but forget what guys like Moss and A.Johnson did for their QB's when they came in and I believe Blackmon WILL be in that League of player.

It would also be nice to finally draft a T.E. had we addressed it in 2010 with Gronkowski in Rd.2 instead of Misi or Graham Rd.3 were we took J.Jerry or for that matter taking AJ Edds while ignoring Hernandez we wouldn't be in this predicament today with NO way of exploiting the deep seam with the Big, fast T.E. So lets hope Ireland looks at all of these needs and Philbin rides him a little about it. I like everybody else will look at the coming draft for insight into the direction of the team in the future more than I have in sometime given the supposed new look O we will sport in 2012.

At least the Patriots have a QB of Brady's caliber being chased. The Patriots and Giants wouldn't be in the Super Bowl if not for Brady and Eli Manning. The Phins need another pass rusher, but it doesn't compare to our need for a QB. Peyton Manning's not the answer, unless the question is "What once great NFL QB should retire rather than risk permanent paralysis?". It's either Flynn or RG3 for the Phins. Given Ireland's generally conservative nature (and the fact that our new coach is from Green Bay), it will probably be Flynn. Unfortunately, that will mean the Dolphins will be watching RG3 highlights on the NFL Network for years while continuing to ride the tail of the Patriots (and possibly even the Jets).

Cuban, I'll fly out for that fishing trip!

Fin4, good hearing from you, gotta get some rest

Fin4, rest re: lotta drinking and eating tomorrow!

FUC& Parcells.

I am completely content that that POS who is a quiter didn't get in the HOF.

Parcells Never and I say again... NEVER accomplished anything without Bill belichick. It was Belichick who MADE Parcels.

I'm NOT just ranting that because of his quiting on the Dolphins.. I Never wanted that quitter at all.

he quit on the Pats, Jets, Cowboys and Dolphins.

It is the media who puts that phat POS on the pedestal NOT the fans. The ONLY thing parcells did god was to QUIT teams when the going got tough or when it wasn't working and going the parcells way.

parcells is nothing and DOES NOT belong in the HOF. the HOF is for winners NOT quitters who are blowhards.

Hey Tuna... FU

Luke Kuechly

Parcells put together .500 yeams in the asge of parity.
In market after maket.

That's "....500 teams in the age of parity...".

Maybe being a west coast guy I am biased but I just have a feeling USC DE Nick Perry and his great closing speed will be of great interest to us. Yes, I agree we will draft a pass rusher No 1. Other things can be addressed in free agency. "IF" we land Peyton Manning both his receivers are FA's, Garcon and Wayne. Very interesting.

Just having a need and drafting a pass rusher will not mean the need gets filled. What I mean is, you can draft a body and put him in there but that won't ensure sacks...see Misi. It has to be the right one.

Coples seems like a fit at that spot. He has the size and the athletic ability to wreck havoc off the corner.

Ingram and Upshaw both disappointed at the Senior Bowl. They had decent weeks of practice but got handled and became mostly non factors in the game. Most of the time getting single blocked and stoned. I'm not saying that these two don't have pass rush ability but both are shorter and don't have crazy stats to push them to 8-9 to me. The more I watch Upshaw, the more I don't think he can play backwards and properly set the edge in the NFL. I am not convinced he has the agility and speed to do so. His best bet is to be constantly moving towards the QB type player with less flexibility to change up.

Coples is a bigger athlete and he has longer limbs to give him extra leverage in pass rush ala J.T. It also helps him bat passes down.

I am not of the belief that Misi will ever be an elite pass rush guy. He seems to labor to make the plays he does. The faster RBs can get the edge on Misi. With his lack of elite OLB speed he has to take perfect angles which doesn't always happen.

I know it may not be what some want to hear but, depending on how the draft falls, trading back from 8-9 may end up being the best option.


When we watch the Super Bowl we can all take a gander at the Pats OLB Rob Nincovich.

In the infinite wisdom of Sparano, Ireland and gang they did not think he could work on the Fins Def... even as a back-up OLB!! I can remember him making a number of plays in the preseason and saying "Hey, who is this guy?" He is and has been the Pats starting LB since they picked him up after the Fins decided he wasn't good enough to play for the Fins.

Nincovich is no world beater but I would take him over Misi all day. His bottom line stats are better and he is more versatile. He also seems a half step quicker or may just play faster.

Just another one of the many head scratchers that went on under the last regime.


Good comments here(finally). My specialty is strategy and not individual Players. Yes, we need, obviously, a QB first, then, a pass rusher, a couple of big, fast safeties, specially the SS(remember the NE TE's). On offense, the R side of the line needs a complete rebuild, so, RG, RT, also another good RB and maybe a fast slot man(don't know if Clay fits). Can they do all this? No. Can they do some? Yes. Are we going to be better next year? Yes.

You are all supporting the evil of censorship by coming to this blog. Is it really worth it? Really?

When they speak of how many soldiers died for our freedoms, just what freedoms do you think they are talking about?


i just read that we will be watching RG111 highlights if we don't draft him. we already drafted an RG111 in PAT WHITE and i don't see his highlight reels anywhere. lmfao. draft UPSHAW and get FLYNN or MANNING and go tight end or right tackle in second round. safety and or corner back compitition through free agency.our needs are clear, no pressure on opposing offenses lost us at least four games last year. we scored points but our defense couldn't stop the other teams, it's not the offenses job to come back in every game to have to win point blank.

fin our offense was horrible also last year. but rg3 shouldnt be part of this discussion anyways, he will be long gone before we pick

Armando, I could not agree more with this article. The only exception is Peyton Manning regarding his medical issues and the timing will not allow the Dolphins to take a risk on him. OT in the later rounds begin with a pass rusher. Well the Patriots do not have a pass rusher elite but they have Belichick to come up with the scheme they need. Armondo Belichick will protect Brady by rolling him out. The best coach ever will come up with something to reduce the pressure that Brady gets. I know Brady is a pocket passer but well timed movement by QB Brady can be a game changer. the Patriots will win the Super Bowl.

giants will hammer brady all day long, giants win 23-20

Freedom of speech does not include the vile crap that has been being posted on this blog. Only the sick posters posting that crap will be upset that it's getting censored. I'm sure our founding fathers didn't have that kind of stuff in mind when they spoke of freedom of speech. Fact is the term "freedom of speech" has been twisted to mean something totally different than what it was intended. I am a veteran of ODS and I'm not upset that the crap that has been getting on here is being deleted.

Rob in OC @ 4:40 AM

I've said for a while the biggest problem with this bunch is talent evaluation. They (Ireland, Sparano and Parcells) were and Ireland still is....inept, incompetent and just plain terrible.

They don't have the ability to evaluate the talent they have so they don't know who to pick. And when they pick it's at the wrong position or over rated or over paid. I just hope the new HC will have at least some stroke getting the players we need.

Oh and by the way, NY G is right, Parcells is and has been a quitter his whole career. What was worse, he never had his heart in the job in Miami. It was more of a hobby than a job to him. Good riddance is what I say.

Let me start of by saying my best friend is a pats fan. So that should tell you how my year has gone. I read the blog everyday and post from time to time. But I agree that there are to many stupid post that don't need to be here. I'm going for the G-Men. Will never go for Pats. if the score isnt 43-37 in overtime i'll have to hear another offseason of crap from my friend.

With ireland in charge I don't expect much. Also Miamis draft history the last ten years has been bad. So we shall see.

my only problem with last years draft is D.Thomas. We should have got the Gronk. I think we will go after Matt and then Peyton i we can. Don't think Matt would be mad waiting a year after learning from Peyton.

got gronk who instead of thomas?

zero chance at signing both matt and manning

i'm in favor of mando trying to clean this blog up even if it means censorship. its a football blog. no one cares who you went out with last nite or how drunk you are etc. check your ego before you come on.

I see the dolphins trading up with the rams, which they are willing to do, and drafting rg3, then they can get a pass rusher through fa. Bottom line!

if ireland is in charge of talent eval nothing will change. we had pressing needs the past 4 years that were not addressed.


You're preaching to the choir....this is music to my ears....

I don't know the kids well enough but I like what I've seen of Coples, Ingram and Upshaw. Who is BEST suited to help the Dolphins? Don't know yet....got to study it more.

Dolphins would do well to land one of these kids at 8 or 9. I agree that Misi, while a guy who can still be useful, will never be good enough when it comes to the pass rush.


Super Bowl should convince Dolphins that defense not really all that important.

Let's see what happens after Brady throws for 450yds and 4 TDs

1st pick in draft will address salary cap casualties Soali,Carey,Bell etc. An existing 12million now will need a boatload for Payaton Manning.

I read most dolphin blogs each each day but rarely post....Glad the vulgarity is being cleaned up.....just a sign of ignorance....rooting for the Giants today even though after the Giant win in 2008 I had a heart attack and required bypass surgery...hoping for a more enjoyable game tonight watching with my teenage son...God bless all and Go Dolphins in 2012

I agree mando, we'll draft a pass rusher with our first pick. I'll be watching the combine very closley.
We'll get our QB via FA and later rounds. We'll get the tackle via FA as well.
Ross is ready to spend money now that he has "his guy" as head coach. I hope the G-men win today!

If we get Manning (healthy or gonna be healthy by camp) or Flynn then trading down makes sense, pick up a second rounder and more, get the pass rusher BUT if we get Manning we have to draft a QB to develope like Tannehill or Foles


In answer to your 6:01AM question, ALoco. Move.

Mike Nolan was smart getting out of this circus...worst owner, GM, and coaches in the NFL. I wouldnt mind one bit if they moved to LA.

Let's boycott, boycott is on

Sure Belichick is going to roll out Brady, throw swing passes to the flat, etc, to get away from the rush up the middle. But the Giants are not going to sit still. Expect many blitzes by the Giants, edge rushers coming a bit wide to protect the outside, etc.

Stu, you're an idiot.

I had this very significant dream last night about these 2 underage chicks and i and wes welker was watching and....well, I'll respect the new Program and not tell about it.

Amen Armando,
People can yap all they want about it being a quarterback league, but you aren't going anywhere w/out outstanding offensive and defensive lines which both of these teams have, and have had for the last decade. Why mortgage.e the future for a qb upgrade when you have problems elsewhere? You are going to need a qb sooner or later but it doesn't matter if you don't have the personnel to control the front, so if it's later that's fine, just get better every year ithrough talent acquisition . I maintain that the Pats success owes more to the best, most stable oline the last decade hands down, than to number 12, who spends 5~10 seconds flat footed in the pocket routinely over the last decade. When he gets a rush in his face-not so much.

We'll see what Ireland's thinking next month. That's how long they have to decide if they will take Manning or Flynn. Getting either isn't guaranteed either (even if we want them). What if we lost a bidding war on Flynn with Paul Allen (he's a pretty rich guy)? Now you're forced to get your QB through the Draft.

Hopefully for us, it turns out as planned (and that the plan is sound).

But I like Coples, he's a definite upgrade over Misi, who to me signifies the Ireland/Parcells talent acquisition during their tenures here.

Btw Mando, getting better by best talent available, rather than forcing it by position, is something I understand, you understand, Ireland has demonstated and understanding of, but Ross has not necessarily understood based on the words coming out of his yap.

I conceive this new Program here as Armando siting in front of the screen with a fly-swatter in his hand and going, swat!, swat!, I got you!, swat!, ahhh...

Super Bowl Sunday....and I'll be having the Super Bowl Party....

but unlike Christmas....I plan on being as drunk as the the drunkest guest....will just have to deal with the wife and her stories on Monday.....

Lets GO PATS......

kris, that just doesn't sound right bro.

What can the Giants do on Offence to win? Throwing vertical would be ideal but NE is a very well coached Team and those safeties won't be fooled. Not sure NE has the tools to go man-man with the Giants receivers, but Eli can pick on that zone. Running the ball, hmm..

On the Bill Parcells HOF snub.

I believe the fact that he NEVER won a thing without Bill Belichik is actually more than anything what the HOF voters are holding against him. The facts speak for themselves.

1) As HC of the Giants in 85 he promotes LB Coach Belichik to DC and Belichik makes them the #1 unit in route to winning it all in 86. His 91 game plan in the S.B. Vs. Buffalo is not only recognized as a masterpiece but the game plan itself is in the HOF (look it up)

2) Parcells takes over as HC of the Pats and while having decent talent on that side of the ball they were always in the bottom half statistically. Parcells hires Belichik to oversee the D and makes him Assistant HC in 96. The Pats would have a top 10 D and play in the 97 S.B. Vs. G.B.

3) Paecells is hired as HC of the NY Jets and again his D's weren't the best statistically again he hires Belichik as Assistant HC overseeing the D. If everybody remembers the Jets were a couple of 1st half redzone turnovers (one by K.Byars and one by Testaverde) from jumping to a 17-0 lead on the defending Champ Broncos in mile high with their D pounding Elway before a bomb to McCaffrey turned that game before the half taking away the Jets 6-0 lead. They were close and if not for the Achilles injury to Testaverde week one in 99 they were considered serious contenders that year when even with Lucas at QB they went on a late season run.

4) Parcells takes Dallas HC job but Belichik now HC in N.E. when they go head to head Belichik spanks his former BOSS in big time fashion.

Facts: Parcells NEVER won without Belichik, he also NEVER stayed longer than 4 Seasons anywhere (in fairness he was fired in N.E. cause Bob Kraft couldn't stand him and the SHE comment about #1 pick T.Glenn was the final draw) his longest tenure was 8 Seasons in NY with the Giants. The media makes him out to be more than what he really is given he is the KING of the sound bite nothing more nothing less.

hes a fat arrogant man

These tough, close Games(at least on paper) are usually decided by who makes the better adjustments both in-game and at halftime. Of course I go with Belichick.

So sick of watching Belicheat and Brady in the Superbowl. This needs to be the last time we have to watch these egomaniacs play in the big game. I hope Lee Evans enjoys the game today. The Pats should give him a ring if they win. Anyway, the Fins need to come out of this offseason with two QB's not just one. If they take a chance on Manning, they will need to maneuver to get Tannehill, someone they can develop for the future. I personally like Flynn, but i know Ross wants to sell tickets. I implore Dolphins management, players, team employees, do whatever you can to beat the Patriots next year and bring this team a championship. It's been almost 30 years since we were in a Superbowl and almost 40 years since we won one!!!!!!

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