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Super Bowl should convince Dolphins about pass rushers

Super Bowl Sunday!

Will we ever spend such a day with the Dolphins in the game?

(Alarm clock sounds, dream over.)

The easy thing to discuss in explaining the gap between the Dolphins and a Super Bowl team is by saying the quarterback play isn't good enough in Miami. Well, duh.

But my column in today's Miami Herald suggests the Dolphins would do well to follow the New York Giants lead and address their pass-rush in the coming draft. Yes, I believe the team will do what it must with the quarterback and right tackle spot this offseason. But I believe aquiring a pass-rusher is key to turning the Dolphins into a contender.

I also believe the draft -- particularly the early part -- will be dedicated to improving the pass rush. That's how you help Cameron Wake be more than a one-man rush. That's how you turn Tom Brady, who the Dolphins play twice a year, into a guy who seems at times intimidated. 

Let me make this more clear: I believe if the Dolphins stay at No. 8 or 9 in the first round, they will draft a pass-rusher. Simply, I don't think there will be a right tackle that will be a value at that high spot. I'm also thinking the Dolphins will address QB in free agency -- either through Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn.

At No. 8 or No. 9 the Dolphins might be looking at adding North Carolina's Quinton Coples, or South Carolina's Melvin Ingram, or Alabama's Courtney Upshaw.

So I see a pass-rusher in Miami's future. And I think that's sound strategy.

If you don't believe me, check out today's Super Bowl and watch the New York defense give Tom Brady a workout.

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If he split early, hey...it was within his rights in the contract. Can't knock someone smart enough to negotiate a contract in their favor.

Chimes | February 05, 2012 at 03:34 PM

My point is he had financial trouble, it was NO secret, it's why after he had said he really was done after the stop in Dallas that we were one of several teams courting him in 08 (Atlanta and K.C. were the other 2 notables)

He was a personal friend of Huzienga so he must have known that Wayne was looking to sell. His contract was specific, "IF" and only "IF" the team was sold could he opt out of the contract while collecting the full amount. Hey! What a coincidence Huzienga put the team up for sale the following year!

These are facts, I don't dispute what Buster posted @3:42 as a fan of the game you knew these things he alludes to in his post and yes the idea was to give Miami a blueprint to follow but when it went South he jumped ship and took the money. Were is the commitment in that??

If he felt so strongly about needing another QB then WHY didn't the Football czar who only follows his gut instinct find one?? He hired a couple of people to form his TRIFECTA that would not have gone against his line of thinking nor were strong enough to do so!!

Pecells IS one of the greater personalities in NFL History and was a leader of men. In N.Y. he had to be dealing with the likes of LT, Carl Banks ect... I didn't see that WILL in Miami, my opinion is he gave it what he had to give and bailed, he claims he saw the chinks in the armor and wanted out, IF so why didn't the man with full control do something about it. Don't misunderstand and come at me with the merits of his historic place in the games history but on the merits and actions of his time in Miami, nothing more nothing less!!

Oscar ...I believe your murder suspect is Kelley Clarkson....

..so let's hold off on any indictments....:-)

You forget one BIG thing though. Parcells was NEVER the coach of the Miami Dolphins. You can not compare his coaching days to his VP of ops position, totally different role.

I see it as he brought in who he thought would be a young GM of the future and gave him a couple years with training wheels first.

If I was a betting man, I'd take the points.

...drafted Chris Canty, Demarcus Ware, Julius Jones, Jason Witten, and the list goes on..

.....wouldn't you say that was relevant beyond the 80's?....

...just sayin '

Buster | February 05, 2012 at 04:09 PM

I'll bet if he had to do over he would have never traded back into Rd.2 passing on Stephen Jackson and you forgot IMO his great find in Jay Ratliff.

fin4life...That is exactly the question..and the point of contention...

..he had the power to dictate personnel moves written in the contract or he could walked...

...but he couldn't force the owner to comply..

...Ross refused to comply..would not allow the signing of a veteran QB...

...Tony S liked Henne...Parcells and Tony had frost on the porch, if not ice...

...they were comunicating THROUGH Jeff Ireland, only seeing each other briefly each day...

....as opposed to their constant communictaion one on one before the chill...

...it never came out exactly why...but had something to do with Tony dissing Parcells after a game in the tunnel to the locker room...

....the exact chain of events we'll never know...doesn't matter..

...but Ross did not relent...no FA QB to challenge Henne..

...Parcells walked the week of game one in 2010..

...the rest is history

Parcells stayed completely out of Sparano's way, just as he didn't want anyone in his way as a coach. It was sink or swim for Sparano and he sank fast.

Good man, Chimes.

Chimes ...I agree completely..

fin4life... agreed on S Jackson..Parcells would be the first to say you can't be right 100%

..and thanks, I forgot Ratliff...I did say the list went on :-)..

....but, anyone saying he was never relevant since the 80's is a revisionist at best...

and btw this is a better blog now that the unnecessary swearing and personal attacks are absent...

touche Herald staff

Kelley Clarkson? wth are you talking about?

I read somewhere that Kelley Clarkson was singing the Anthem before the game...

and a duet is doing God Bless AMerica

...and Madonna is the halftime show....

...I'm pretty positive i've got it right

.I believe your murder suspect is Kelley Clarkson....

..so let's hold off on any indictments....:-)

Buster | February 05, 2012 at 04:15 PM

Man, they couldn't do any better for the Natl. Anthem than some American Idol cast off who already blew up her 15 minutes??

You got it...

Oh, I hope she does, better.

Kelley Clarkson sounds like a white girl to me. Hmm..

fin4life..she has a fantastic voice...and the album sales prove it...

...I take it you are not a fan...:-)

Madonna is a more ample bet. I know this guy Leo'n, that.... well...


and btw this is a better blog now that the unnecessary swearing and personal attacks are absent...

touche Herald staff

Buster | February 05, 2012 at 04:30 PM

Agreed, I for one thought about bailing but like Darryl said it's tough when your use to being at a particular blog for a while, it's like quitting on your fav. team or something. I don't think any new spy software was put in or anything given the Herald is broke and doubt Mando went out of pocket, lets just hope it ain't his kid or something monitoring the blog for a klondike bar or something, LOL!

go fins!!!!

My friend, Julio(Julito), he of the many adventures, is coming over to watch SB. I do have to start preparing the Roasted Chicken for both our sensitive stomachs. Later.


Not a BIG Fan exactly but hope she nails it best S.B. rendition IMHO was Whitney Houston in 91. Remember it was the 1st Gulf War and the Red. White and Blue was out in force (not difficult when the Bills and Giants use the colors) but alot of Flags were flying and she nailed it!

fin4life...without question on Whitney..

and LOL on the Mando's kid- klondike bar comment

Best Halftime show was U2 after 2001 Season with the names of all the victims of 9-11 being passed on a screen behind the stage and the band opening with the song, PRIDE. It gave me chills and I have to admit given the circumstances I was going for the Patriots who fittingly were in it, you got the feeling we were all Pats that day, even if the Refs got them there with the Tuck call.

U-2 always a good show...saw them this summer at the Stadium...they were awesome

The Giants are GOING DOWN!

This is going to be a LAUGHER!

Odin...you anticipate a blow-out then?.....

So I shouldn't waste my time....and watch Robin Hood on HBO for like the 20th time...???


I'll bet you a klondike bar there will be no blow out tonight!


Robin Hood had the most original plot to a Robin of Loxley movie to date but it was put together a bit foolishly, to bad!

guys try as hard as you can to understand...who is in charge...ross ireland please same movie we been watchin for years... with those dumb azzzzes....do you really think 2012 will be better.... i dont dolfan 40 plus years.....that is all....

What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable familiarity concerning unexpected emotions.

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