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Super Bowl Sunday: Live blog right here

INDIANAPOLIS -- The game is here. The time to talk has passed.

Well, our time to talk is actually here still. We will be blogging live in the comments section.

Lots of story lines to discuss.

Do the Giants have Tom Brady's number?

Does former Dolphins Wes Welker win his first Super Bowl ring?

Are University of Miami alums Kenny Phillips and Anrel Rolle going to get it done? Or is University of Miami alum Vince Wilfork going to get it done?

Join me in the comments section.


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Celiberty Apprentice, looks like after you watch it you might want to take a shower after....Just Saying..

Very BIG possession for N.E. because if they go 3 and out their D will wear early.


You said blow out and maybe right just had the wrong team.

Barry Manilo song in a chevy world holocaust commercial....looks like we made it...whats not to like about Barry

Belichick on the phone - don't think I've ever seen that before.
That's right Belicheat - beat down's a comin'.

Giants up 9-0, not to worry, because some here say Eli isnt elite. Sorry, but it's practically written into his name:

ELI-TE, Eli the Elite! LOL

Madonna. What a joke.

Mando, Your hating again........

Armando Kevin Faulk is inactive today. You know why?

Madonna has mega-money, she could care less what poorer malcontempts think of her! LOL

i got giants str8 up and the over. Go ELi. Actually im a much bigger fan of their dline.. BEASTS!!!

Stuck on a deserted island who do you keep Madonna or Sarah Jessica parker ?

Aaron Ross celebrating like he made a great play. He tackled Welker 12 yards downfield.

Faith Hill.

Stupid GO Daddy commercial

Barry Manilo song in a chevy world holocaust commercial....looks like we made it...whats not to like about Barry
Posted by: SoiledBottom | February 05, 2012 at 06:57 PM

Uncle Soiled, Every time I hear Mr. Manilo I wish for the Holocaust..., Just saying..

Great stuff!

Soiled: Cheetah.


When stuck on a deserted island long enough, even the fat lady no longer sings. But boy will she hum!

Yes armando, but i dont think that was his play to make from the beginning. And he did get off a block and put welker on his back..


Why all the hate today? Seems you have a negative comment about everything. You and the wife fighting son?

I'll be honest: I thought JPP was a flash in the pan with only one good college season.

I was sooo wrong.

Today, the NYG-Men are Dolphins in Giants uniform, as far as I'm concerned! LOL

Stuck on a deserted island who do you keep Madonna or Sarah Jessica parker ?
Posted by: SoiledBottom | February 05, 2012 at 06:59 PM

Soiled, Are we talking about now are when they were in there prime???(Madona circa 1985)(Jessica Circa1997)????, Come on man, be more detailed.....

Yesterday, you got anything to say about the game?


You were also wrong about Graham, the tightend right in your own backyard. You claim you dont remember, butn you told me he wasnt 3rd rd worthy. Im not lying, you just dont remember.

But I do... LOL!

I never see in the Bud. commercial the Kennedys.
They were too young?

Let's trade touchdowns for field goals!!
Fist pump!!

Dear Mr. Menace

Barry Manilo is an American treasure....how dare you sir

He wrote the songs that made whole sing and the young girls cry

whole world sing

Yesterday, I'm glad you spewed that flagarant lie.

The fact of the matter is I was among the first saying Graham would be awesome and the reason I knew is because Bernie Kosar worked with him and helped him make the transition from BB to FB and told me and my radio audience about it almost every week.

So get your facts right.

I never see in the Bud. commercial the Kennedys.
They were too young?

Posted by: tony in miami | February 05, 2012 at 07:08 PM

Tony, What?????


Read my posts baby! Just said, "as far as I'm concerned the G-men are Dolphins in Giant uniforms".

As long as the Pats lose, I love it like they were being handed thier poop pots by the Dolphins themselves.

Anyway, enough of taking your temperature, lets enjoy the Pats getting beat down! LOL

I'm all for the pats getting a beatdown. Cheers!

Gotta let my dogs outside for a few mins....let me know if the Pats start cheating yet

B.Jacobs showed up today and if they begin to run the ball this game will be short and the Giants will win it easily.


All it is, is that you dont remember saying that to me about Graham. I have no idea why you gotta get so childish and call me a liar about something you yourself just dont remember.

I promise you Armando, you absolutely did say Graham was to mush of a project to be drafted so high(3rd rd). Those were your exact words to me. I promise Im not lying.

ELI-ite! LOL

Whatever yesterday. I just know what I said on the radio. I don't remember telling you he'd suck or anything similar because I never thought that.

But I don't want to argue anymore.

Mando, You forgot to tell us Steven Tyler is at the game.., What are you doing overthere??,Come on Man, We need to know who might be a new Minority owner of the dolphins

Pass interference?

Looks like tyler is working on becoming a Pats minority owner.

Dying Breed claiming someone Flip-Flops is funny... IMHO.


You never said Graham suck. Just that you thought he was too much of a project to draft as early as the 3rd rd. My question to you at the timne was specifically about taking Graham 3rd. That's why I so plainly remember.

It not that big a deal for me. It doesnt even bother me you dont remember. My point is we're all wrong sometimes. Nothing more, nothing less. Lets enjoy the game brother. Cheers to a Pat beatdown! LOL

I think Jimmy Graham will be amazing but only after one year of seasoning.

Cuban Bread,

Que' pasa mi amigo. Donde esta?

ALoco misses you very much. He tells everyone you're living with me in my $33 a month studio apartment. LOL


What you or I thought about Jimmy Graham really doesnt matter anyway. The greatest crime was Ireland and his acorn scouts cant spot talent right in thier own backyard.

This still troubles me about Ireland to this day! LOL

I just hope Ireland doesnt trade up to the 2nd spot in the draft and takes Jacory Harris! LOL

Ground and pound the Patsies.

Is it my imagination or is Eli playing this first half like an Eli-te QB?

Who's headlining the Super Bowl halftime show?


ELI "the ELI-te"! LOL

ALoco misses you very much. He tells everyone you're living with me in my $33 a month studio apartment. LOL
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | February 05, 2012 at 07:22 PM

LOL I love Lil Aloco...


My gosh, this walk that Soiled took his dog on has turned into a fullblown cross-country trip.

Nice kick!

The Giants dominating but troubling how their own mistakes are permitting the Pats to hang around!

Madonna may not be for all tastes, but I think she's what americanism's all about. America wouldnt be what it is today without a bunch of misfits and malcontents traveling across the "big pond". LOL

Back...I miss much ?

Brady finds Gronk. That's bad news for the G-men. If those two heat up ...

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