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Super Bowl Sunday: Live blog right here

INDIANAPOLIS -- The game is here. The time to talk has passed.

Well, our time to talk is actually here still. We will be blogging live in the comments section.

Lots of story lines to discuss.

Do the Giants have Tom Brady's number?

Does former Dolphins Wes Welker win his first Super Bowl ring?

Are University of Miami alums Kenny Phillips and Anrel Rolle going to get it done? Or is University of Miami alum Vince Wilfork going to get it done?

Join me in the comments section.


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I have 2 dogs and have wait till they do #1 and # 2 or as I like to say a Brady and a Belicheat

Mando, Soiled gets distracted rather quickly.

It's really the self-righteous holi rollers who are really distroying this country. LOL

Armando wonder where you you went on your cross country trip.

The Movie Avengers commercial....I can't wait...thats the little kid inside me

Ron Perlman is here and so is Danny Devito. Wow, what an event! haha.

That is the maddening thing so far, the G-Men really dominating time of possession ridiculously slanted yet if Brady can pull out a score before the half it's either a 3 point game or one point Pats lead.

Will remember that in the future, I like.

If eli was elite, they would be up 23-3 especially the way the pats defense is playing. The giants defense and special teams are showing more eliteness in this game.

Armando, lets see after the half time , how the ankle respond for Gronk. I don't care about him now, let's see in the second half, after the shot he will receive.


If you want to see stars go to a Laker game1

The Giants dominating but troubling how their own mistakes are permitting the Pats to hang around!
Posted by: fin4life | February 05, 2012 at 07:32 PM

Fin, It's almost like watching a Phin game.

Dorrito's commercial...lame

E-Trade commercial...also lame

G-men hold the Pats to 3pts here and it's still a 1st half victory of sorts. Always a heluva job to hold a Brady-led offense td-less in any half.

The Giants have had the ball for nearly 20:00 minutes in time of possession but may go into the half behind by a point!

Bruce Willis and The Rock commercial for the new J.I. Joe movie

I would watch a bruce Willis movie about pruning tree's


What a tackle by Pierre!

JPP is a beast.

Not good.

Every time you remember how we traded out of the JPP pick you feel like puking! Odrick will have to be a World beater and isn't while the extra #2 Misi is looking like a bust!

Too much time for Brady. G-men need a Giant kickoff return now! LOL

unbelievable!! When analyzing time of possession in this contest!!

What a drive by the New england, almost 100 yds. hope they don't do it again.

95yd 14 play drive. But we already knew Brady was elite. Yawnn............

98 Yard drive......., 10 to 9.... And there haveing a bad game(Pats), Iam Sure Belecheat will have half time adjustments... I still take The Pats..

Bilicheat looks like a guy who should be driving around in a van with Jerry Sandusky

It would be cool if Dan marino could tell us all at halftime what a QB needs to do to win the SB.

The Giants D was preserving their energy in the first half. 2nd have they are going to bring the heat on Brady.

TOP: 19:45 NY
10:15 NE

Almost 2-1.

Too much time for Brady. G-men need a Giant kickoff return now! LOL
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | February 05, 2012 at 07:48 PM

YG, The pats get the KO...

Honda commercial featuring a bunch of young girls driving around the country focusing on there face and tee shirts....I studied there Tee shirts but cant remember a thing

Giants need to tighten up on d.

Pats lead at 7-3 halftime during SB 42. Didnt hold up though. The fat lady's doing a very light hum right now.

Bilicheat looks like a guy who should be driving around in a van with Jerry Sandusky
Posted by: SoiledBottom | February 05, 2012 at 07:50 PM

Uncle Soiled, Throw in Tony Dungee and that would be a creepy van.. Just Saying..

So far very bland commercials

The Giants can run against NE. Let them eat the clock and wear down NE. Then crank up the passing game again.



I get taking a RG/RT in Rd.3 in 2010 over a T.E. but find it inexcusable taking a situational LB like AJ Edds in Rd.4 over A.Hernandez, your thoughts??

We is gonna see Madonna but not her pendeje--.

Madonna keeps spreading her legs....God please no wardrobe malfunction

Madonna is lip syncing and almost slipped to boot during her performance of the music song. I don't remember the last act to lip sync a S.B. Halftime show.

This is all crap. Where are the real bands these days? 1964-1974 is the golden decade. Been very little originality since.

Milli Vanillli aprove of the Lip syncing part of the show....was some of it her singing live ?

Not really a fan of Madonna but I don't dislike all her music...there were a few songs of her's I've enjoyed in the ast


That entire performance was lip synced, Ashley Simpson also approves! Madonna's next performance, drum roll!!! SNL!

A Couple Years ago we had Tom Petty, Then Aerosmith, Then The Rolling Stones, Now we're down to a Joke that was a joke in the 80s MADONNA., Come on man, Bring Pink Floyd next year.....

I'd do Morticia Addams before I touch Rodman infested Madonna.

Madonna's Madonna take it or live it, Great Show !!!

Tom Petty on the 1st meeting between these two was GREAT!! Especially when he went into Free Falling.

Agreed Mr. Menace

Neil Young wouldn't hurt either

Even if she is my sister.

Tony...... Ahhhh never mind.


Clint Eastwood doing a Dodge commercial

She looks great for a Woman in her mid 50's that aside you can rent her 80's documentary Truth or Dare and see that same lame show.

She looks great for a Woman in her mid 50's

Posted by: fin4life | February 05, 2012 at 08:20 PM

Don't be fooled by all the makeup. Naked she looks like a white raisin.

Not a big fan of that halftime show. Pure lip synch.

Fin, Uncle Soiled, I think Jeff Ireland was put in charge of the half time entertainment..., Well be the closest he comes to a Super Bowl IMHO..

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