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Super Bowl Sunday: Live blog right here

INDIANAPOLIS -- The game is here. The time to talk has passed.

Well, our time to talk is actually here still. We will be blogging live in the comments section.

Lots of story lines to discuss.

Do the Giants have Tom Brady's number?

Does former Dolphins Wes Welker win his first Super Bowl ring?

Are University of Miami alums Kenny Phillips and Anrel Rolle going to get it done? Or is University of Miami alum Vince Wilfork going to get it done?

Join me in the comments section.


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Lou Polite on the Pats Kick team.

Cant believe Clint Eastwood doing a Dodge commercial...what happened to Sam Elliott...1 to many sasperillas ?....Big Labowski reference

Pats score a td here and its not a good omen.

Giants arent getting to Brady. May as well give the Pats the Lombardi trophy right now!

Pats coming out play action here and uptempo

Lou Polite not good enoughfor the Dolphins but doing work for New England in the Super Bowl.

If the Pats can run to the edge on this D the Giants are in trouble!

Armando, I don't see the pass rush, they went after Madonna?

Half Time adjustments, We Fin fans forget about those..

double dang it

Giants/no Brady pressure = Pats 31 Giants 9

This game has turned, if NY is going to allow Brady to set the tempo there in trouble. Lets see how Eli responds.

Lou Polite not good enoughfor the Dolphins but doing work for New England in the Super Bowl

Thanks to Sparano and Sons.

Commercial for new TV show Smash = Glee for older demographic

You have to hand it to this Pats team, one of the very best offenses in history and with two generic running backs.

Watching this makes Sparano look dumber every second. What a flipping idiot that dufus is.

I didn't think the halftime show was that bad, somewhat enjoyable. I know most here don't like it and want music from back in the stone age, but being 23, I enjoy music from closer to my time period

Seen this before.
Score and stop Patsies or it will be a long night.

Giants need to score this drive

Halftime adjustment?

The only adjustment was continuing what they did in the 1st half. Keeping Brady's jersey clean.

You only adjust when something's not working. Brady's jersey was clean the 1st half. This keeps up and he'll have a dry cleaningn label hanging from it by game's end.

Joey.... Ohhhh, Never mind..

but being 23, I enjoy music from closer to my time period

Posted by: Joey | February 05, 2012 at 08:30 PM

The thing is Joey, that isn't music. Its 128 track overdub every musician in another city playing all formula stuff that has been done a million times. It may sound new to a 23 yo, but its retread unimaginitive crapola to those of us who have been around,.

Gameover if the Giants dont put points on the board here.

Madonna is closer to your parents than you.

If wil Wilfork kissed me I would demand a tetanus shot

Eli calm and responding nicely.

Fester, You arnt a "Norse Warrior" Are you???

Wilfork is a beeeeast.

If Giants cant get to Brady, Eli has to turn it into a shootout. If not it'll turn into a blowout!

All of a sudden the Patriots are laying the wood in the secondary. Who are these guys?

That hit by Chung could turn out to be huge.

Very good hit by the Def. this time...

Just warmin up the fist pump booyah!!!

Armando, did you see the movie 4 years ago? because I saw it..The G-men are in the game

Fiat commercial featuring an exremely hot woman speaking a language Im not familier with

Fist pumps will not get it done against Patsies.

Wasn't it Craig M endlessly saying the Pats did nothing to improve this season?

The Giant D needs to step it up in this series!

Giants pass pressure doesnt improve, I can see Brady putting another 7pts on the board this drive.

The coke commercials are idiots

I guess advertising exec's have bad years also...these commercials remind me of this years Dolphins...little to cheer about

Brady, the BEST ever.


If JPP's out, then they should hand Brady the Lombardi right now.

Seinfeld and soup Nazi and Jay leno in a nexus commercial

Uncle Soiled RE: The Hot chick, It's Chenchen, From the old Soviet Union, Those people are Vicious.

lexus commercial

JPP? Heck, they werent getting to Brady with him in the game. LOL

No pressure on Brady. Very disappointing.

Giants good coverage. Brady had all day.


It's only a 5 pt game folks.

about time ..a sack

Funny, they finally get to Brady with only 3 rushers getting after the passer.

Just what NY needed and great field position to boot!

I think the Fins are gonna have to wait till Brady and Bellichick retire to have any chance at all....YIKES!

Elway, Montana, Marino, others.
Brady maybe top 10.

Funny, they finally get to Brady with only 3 rushers getting after the passer.

Yesterday's Gone | February 05, 2012 at 08:48 PM

They flooded the formation and maybe found a little something.

It's only a 5 pt game folks.
Posted by: Fester | February 05, 2012 at 08:47 PM

We're aware of this. Just didnt wanna see it go back to 12pts without getting pressure on Brady. I like Brady better in a shootout game vs Manning.

missed a bullit there

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