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Super Bowl Sunday: Live blog right here

INDIANAPOLIS -- The game is here. The time to talk has passed.

Well, our time to talk is actually here still. We will be blogging live in the comments section.

Lots of story lines to discuss.

Do the Giants have Tom Brady's number?

Does former Dolphins Wes Welker win his first Super Bowl ring?

Are University of Miami alums Kenny Phillips and Anrel Rolle going to get it done? Or is University of Miami alum Vince Wilfork going to get it done?

Join me in the comments section.


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Of all the SB's not involving the fins, seeing these Giants conquer the 18-0 Pats and then giving them a double dose today is TOPS!

Beli is no genius. He has been exposed.

Awesome. I am stoked.

Old conversation.
QBs throw footballs, receivers have to catch the throws.

Been fun.


News Flash:

No qb is elite without wr's that cant catch. What truly makes a qb elite is he is very difficult to defend against. He's money in money games.

Eli qualifies as elite. Matt Moore behind center tonight would not have won this game.

Steve Young on ESPN giving all the kudos to Eli, confirming he is ELITE...HOF'er, but...some still won't accept it.

My opinion is dust, but Steve Young now echo's my sentiments...and...I think he knows best.

Armando is mad because he lost. You are showing your colors, man. Bueno....


They dont have to accept. Eli just earned 1st ballot hof'er tonight! LOL

you can't spell elite without ELI!

Dolphins coulda had Manningham - passed on him for Kendall Langford... Moves such as this is why you watch instead of compete in Super Bowls!!

Eli could retire tomorrow and be legend. He slayed the evil force twice now in the SB! What more can you say?


We didnt need Manninham. A year before we had just spent our #9 overall pick on a kick returner(Ginn). LOL

If I were Bellichick, I would trade Tom Brady and Ryan Mallet for Andrew Luck straight up.

After 5 sb appearances I believe Brady's ship has sailed. Plus I believ Luck will be a far better pro than Mallet.

Lets see if Belichick pulls the trigger. LOL

The Beli/Brady era is done. That is clear now. They had their day in the sun. They won't recover from this loss.

Nobody will be calling Belichek genius anymore.

Nobody fears the Pats except the Miami Dolphins, thier fans and Mando.
And for the record there was one Dolphin that never feared them and that is the one that put 450 yards on them in the season opener on MNF.

The outcome would have been much different if the NYG defensive backs rolled around on the ground with menstral cramps while the plays were going on.
But we all know that there is only one place where that happens.

Thank goodness we brought in a defensive backs coach from DivII that never coached in Div I or the NFL before.
And thank goodness we brought in a WR coach and an Asst WR coach neither of whom have NFL experience. I know already there will no loafing it around those WR practices. Especially with Brandon marshall hard at work talking about how he did it in the all-star game.

With this coaching staff all we need is Matt Flynn to tie it all together.

everyone seen what an elite defensive line and an elite QB can bring success in the NFL. Hoping the fins can start to take a page from the giants blueprint and put a team on the field that can conquer the evil empire that is brady and bellichick.

I sure Hope they had the game at the Betty Ford clinic., F4L, What say you?

With this coaching staff all we need is Matt Flynn to tie it all together.
Posted by: TheSMF | February 05, 2012 at 11:35 PM

Almost laughable.

odinseye i guess you can spell eli as elite now. beat baby face brady twice, has more SB than his brother and as many SB as any other QB playing right now except Brady so you can spell Eli with the te.

I sure Hope they had the game at the Betty Ford clinic., F4L, What say you?

Guess who? | February 05, 2012 at 11:45 PM

I'd imagine a score there is when the Meds are handed out, what say you?? What makes you think I know or care IF they saw the game at a Rehab in all honesty??

With this coaching staff all we need is Matt Flynn to tie it all together.
Posted by: TheSMF | February 05, 2012 at 11:35 PM

Almost laughable.

Guess who? | February 05, 2012 at 11:47 PM

Well I guess if you live long enough wonders never cease to exist!! I actually agree here whole heartily that is laughable!

I sure Hope they had the game at the Betty Ford clinic., F4L, What say you?
Posted by: Guess who? | February 05, 2012 at 11:45 PM

Well, it would explain Odin "Eli isnt Elite" disappearance today. He's sobering up and realizing the errors in his ways.

My Dolphins were out of it, again, but my NYGs won, I'm glad they beat the Pats! I'm glad Bellicheat was too mad to give an interview, EFF THEM NE Patsies!

The Pats receivers dropped way too many balls or the Pats win.

Bill, NY Giants beat the Pats and Bellicheat fair and square. The Pats offense lost to a superior NYG defense. We all knew this coming in! Glad the Patsies lost and the jets didn't make it, go Fins!

I drink gorilla milk.

The Pats receivers dropped way too many balls or the Pats win.

Posted by: Bill | February 06, 2012 at 01:29 AM

Not even a blockhead would make that statement. If you don't make the plays you don't win. NY made the plays, NE didn't, that is why they play the game. No if this or that. If the refs call pass interference, NY drive keeps going. If.

Eli on the final drive throws a perfectly ELI-TE deep pass near the sideline and his receiver makes the catch in traffic. Thats what separates losers and ELI-TE winners.

Eli makes his case for Canton

Posted by Mike Florio on February 6, 2012, 12:12 AM EST

A day after six men received their invitations to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Eli Manning has laid the foundation to eventually join them.

With two Super Bowl wins, two Super Bowl MVP trophies, and a career still in the front end of his prime, Eli won’t simply be elite — he’ll be immortal.

He has 27,579 passing yards in eight seasons, putting him 51st on the all-time list. Within two years, he likely will be in the top 20.

As to touchdown passes, Eli ranks 42nd with 185. If he averages only 20 a year over the next five years, he’ll have more than Joe Montana, Dan Fouts, and Jim Kelly.








INDIANAPOLIS -- It's a pretty select club Eli Manning joined here Sunday night. You could almost call it an "elite'' membership to belong to.

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/don_banks/02/06/super.bowl.xlvi.eli.manning/index.html#ixzz1lbqyoe00

All the national writers are now stealing my claim of Eliteness. Just remember who saw it first!

But you have to admit, two-time Super Bowl MVP has a ring to it. A couple of them to be precise. Manning has proved his greatness this season all year long, and Sunday night was just the culmination of his best work yet.
Let's be honest, when Manning during the last offseason had the gall to include himself in the discussion of the game's "elite'' quarterbacks, proverbially putting himself in the same league as Brady, he was basically mocked for it. But it's not so ripe for lampooning today, eh? With New York's 21-17 conquest of New England in Super Bowl XLVI, Manning has now beaten Brady three consecutive times in the past five seasons, leading extremely late fourth-quarter game-winning touchdown drives on each occasion. Twice those victories made Manning's Giants the kings of the football world.

If nothing else, Manning's superb 30-of-40, 296-yard, one-touchdown passing game ends the "elite'' debate once and for all.

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/don_banks/02/06/super.bowl.xlvi.eli.manning/index.html#ixzz1lbrtOo7D

I know that this blog will soon turn into a Belicheat Bashing.....Eli Manning loving place....and thats OK...the G-MEN deserve EVERY BIT of praise that will be heaped on them over the coming weeks and months....

But as a FIN FAN....I urge you to use caution with your judgement of the Pats....and put they Belicheat era in perspective.....

Who among us would trade OUR past 11 years (in terms of football success)....for that of the Pats......not me.....

Pats last 11 years....5 SB appearances....3 SB Victory's...2 SB losses....and more AFC EAST Crowns and playoff wins than I care to count.....

FINS past 11 years.....2 play off appearances....1 AFC EAST crown....ZERO playoff wins.....

Which team would you rather we had......

and before we start the talk of Belicheat is no genius....lets consider this.....

Don Shula (the one many on here mistake for god) lost MORE SBs...than he won....and according to many on here...that doesn't tarnish his legacy ONE BIT....so surely you have to consider that when making stamen's about Bill Belicheat being washed up....or underserving of the accolades that have been bestowed on him.....

I'm not here to defend the Pats....I'm just saying that a victory for the GIANTS...does not equal a VICTORY FOR US....

we should not take pleasure in our big brother beating up OUR BULLY....

Our delight in this LOSS doesn't make them a less dominate team than they have been for the past 11 years.....

THE FINS will have to fight their OWN battles....and exercise their OWN demons to be able to compete with the Pats....next year...and in the foreseeable future.....

That first blow has already been struck....with the firing of Sporano...and the hiring of Philbin...and it continues in the off season......

Agreed, I always like Eli but this year he erased any debate. He's up there with anyone. You can't make a definitive case that any single Qb is better than him in th league. he's elite, a champion, an MVP, and a sure fire hall of famer. He's a made man.

I wanted to thank the Giants D for getting the safety on the first play of scrimmage for the Pats.
Those 2 points allowed me to win 3 of 4 quarters in the point squares last night at the party!

Oh yea, can't wait to see Peyton in Aqua & Orange!

Kris, I thought Belicheck was masterful yesterday. That game unfolded exactly the way he wanted it too. He got the giants to put the ball on the ground three times and the pats got none of them. Also, Welker makes that catch, might be game over. He took away Cruz, got his oline to play as well as they could too. Took away the giants weapons on both sides of the ball. Just too much Eli, not being opportunistic enough.

Ironic that Welker, their most trusted & clutch receiver, drops the 3rd down catch that in all likelihood would have set up the game winning TD or FG, as Brady would have been sure to kill the clock with that first down.

nyg and pats regimes are class at the top with the owners/families/front office etc. can we expect the same from ross/ireland?? it doesnt seem so. with all the changes,everything stays the same.

NH, thought the lack of a gamebreaker WR really showed itself yesterday. They looked really limited on offense without their dual TE threat. I bet the pats do everything possible to get that shored up. Also look for them to be aggressive in getting an edge rusher. I thought Ninkovich and Anderson played well this year but neither is a long term solution.

December 30, 2000:
Miami Dolphins 23, Indianapolis Colts 17 (OT)

This my friends was the last time the Dolphins tasted victory in a playoff game.

Jay Fiedler beat Peyton Manning in an overtime thriller!

It would be poetic justice to have the Dolphins acquire Peyton Manning, then have Manning beat the Colts vs. Andrew Luck next season.

Some things were just meant to be....


I was the beneficiary of the Giants safety also. It won me the first two quarters in our pool. I was fearing for my life if I'd won any more quarters....LOL.

I read of a guy this morning who won $51K as a result of the safety.....nice!


You know, I can't even remember that game. Seems SO long ago....how sad that I can't even remember our last playoff win....pathetic really!

The Pats running game was non-existent last night and the Giants were not far behind.

...guess you can win it all with a mediocre running game so long as your QB is ELI...te.

NH, nice. I remember jumping around in excitement during that playoff game. But I don't remember Jay doing anything. That game was all about defense, Lamar Smith having a career day and Vanderjagt being drunk and missing a big kick.

2000 - man I was still in my early to mid 20s and about to go to Cancun the following week .... ahh memories ....

I'll get blasted for saying this, but the Pats team doesn't scare me. They have Brady (probably a top 5 Qb of all time), BB, a good offensive line and a couple of good targets in their TE's. And then WHAT?.....

No running game, a porous defence and no WR's that scare me. With all that being said, they are still the top team in the division and until someone knocks them off, they are still the team to beat. But I think they have a lot of work to do to shore up their roster. Welker is a FA, Jarvis-Green is a FA and so is Carter and another one of their linemen. To me they need to improve the pass rush, the running game and find a WR or two.

I respect them for still being the best team in the division but they don't scare me at all...

Craig, I agree. We did the same thing to Brady end of the Season, lost by 1 point. Difference is, Giants have an elite QB, and we do not.

Don't think just this past Season, think back a decade. How many close games have we lost? Plenty. Because, when it counts, elite QBs like Eli get it done (yes, with help from the rest of the offense), and mediocre QBs come up short (Henne, Moore, etc.). I think back to the Dallas game, or the Steelers a couple of years ago. The QB played respectable most of the game, but couldn't make that final play to seal the deal. Which is why I keep harping on QB.

Yes, I agree, we could use a better defense (though, we had the 15th ranked defense in 2011, Giants were 27, Pats 31). We need better receivers. We need better linemen. We need more pass rush. I agree with all of that.

However, do ALL that, and you STILL have the problem, of a QB being asked to lead a game-winning drive. That happens all too often in today's NFL, and not any QB can make that happen (consistently). The best we had here in the recent past was Chad Pennington. Coincidentally, that's the last time we got to the Playoffs.

So when everyone talks about improving all aspects of the team, EXCEPT QB, then yeah, I get kind of frustrated.

We need to add other pieces, however, the MOST important piece, the one that will do the MOST to help us get where we want to be, is to get a consistent, franchise QB. Until then, we'll never really be a contender for anything.

Craig...Agreed 100%

This Superbowl was Brady & Belichick's Swan Song!

They are fading and past their prime...heck they are luck to be in the Supebowl to begin with.

Broncos game was a farce...shoulda been the Steeler's.

We all know the Raven's had them beat except for one dropped TD with 38 seconds left.

Point being is this...Pats are old and losing their MoJo.
Jets are a team in flux and now have Fist-pumping Pizza Man calling their plays.
Bills are...we'll the Bills.

We are the team that everyone should be scared of moving forward...especially if we land Peyton!

My wife has 2 SB wins in the time we've been together. I haven't even lived long enough to see my team win a SB.

Think I'm not supporting my team when I criticize them? Or do I have a REASON to criticize? In the amount of time my wife's team has won the SB 2 times, my team got the first level of the Playoffs exactly ONCE.

Is that a team deserving of every ounce of faith and support to you?


I might not take it to the level you're talking. The have holes but they also have two first round picks and they will add in FA. they're not done yet and until us or someone else knock them off they are still the team to beat.

We can't even make the playoffs and they are making Super Bowls. I'm just saying.....they DON'T scare me. Some better QB play (as DC has alluded to) and some more holes filled and we're on our way.

Anybody know much about their guard Connolly? He's a FA also and it would be nice to steal him away from the Pats and add to our OL. I've heard some good things about him.

Interesting view Craig, but my concern is that we are not built to beat them. In fact, we are built the exact opposite way to play them. You've got to have a passing game that can compete on a similar level to theirs. We have a horrid pass game. You've got to be able to get pressure and especially pressure up the middle. Wake is a very good pass rusher ... but then ... who?

Dansby can be effective blitzing up the middle but then who covers Hernandez and Gronkowski? We don't have a Justin Tuck on our team or a Ndakumong Suh. Odrick may evolve into that. In fact, he better. And we still need another edge rusher. You need to be able to bring it from both ends and up the middle on these guys. The patriot offensive line did a good job but the giant pass rush is just so relentless that sooner or later, they were going to have their say.

We are built to run and stop the run. great for 1994. Not so relevant agains the pats of today.

DC, an offseason with Peyton and a Quentin Coples, and we may bridge the gap considerably on the Pats.

I agree with Mark...IF we land Peyton we will be a force to be reckoned with.
Just look at how Brett Favre turned it around for the Vikings in one year...and if I recall the Vikes had a pretty good defense when he arrived. Very similar to our current situation.


I don't necessarily agree. The Jets beat the Pats last year by confusing Brady. The Giants beat the Pats in the '07 Super Bowl by getting in his face. It can be done.

You don't need to go toe to toe with Brady in the passing game to beat him. Manning had a nice night but he wasn't the sole reason they beat him.

I'll agree we need to get better QB play from what we saw from Henne but I think the same thing can be accomplished by beefing up the pass rush. That's why I'm banging the drum loudly for one of those three guys at 9.

The Pats will be back....and upgraded. I have no doubt. But it'll be interesting to see what they do. A guy like Vincent Jackson could make all the difference in the world to their offence. Outside of their two TEs the WR's just don't scare anybody. It'll be an interesting offseason for them and I expect them to be aggressive.

Hope so Mark. We need something. This idea people have that an organization that has been SO horrible in talent acquisition is going to all of a sudden draft impeccably, so much that they'll fill a bunch of holes all over the team that have been there through multiple FO's, to the extent where they'll be so good elsewhere that they could win games even with a mediocre QB, is kinda nuts.

I don't EVER see that happening. That's why, to me, the ONLY solution is to get a Peyton-like QB (I'd rather do it through the Draft, but wouldn't mind Peyton as a temporary fix). That's the quickest way to become relevant (see Chad Pennington).

Craig, I vehemently disagree. To beat the pats you need someone who can keep up with their offense. You can't do it with defense alone - no way, no how.

Our defense is nowhere near elite, despite what a lot of people think. We have some nice pieces and do wsome thigns well, but we aren't the ravens, and we aren't the jets of two years ago. Not even close.

This whole opinion that we have a great defense is baffling to me. We are middle of the road.

We need top 10 qb play - no doubt about it.

DC, agree 100%. I'd rather do it through the draft too but 2 years of peyton sounds like a dynasty in the making compared to what we've had.

This is the ideal scenario guys.

1. Get Peyton Manning (Only if he's healthy of course)

2. Draft Quentin Couples with the first pick

3. Draft a second rounfd project Taneehill, Foles, whoeever

Sign Deshawn Jackson, Vincent Jackson, Jermichael Finley so WR or TE playmaker

FA should be used on G, CB, S.

just my opinion...

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