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Super Bowl Sunday: Live blog right here

INDIANAPOLIS -- The game is here. The time to talk has passed.

Well, our time to talk is actually here still. We will be blogging live in the comments section.

Lots of story lines to discuss.

Do the Giants have Tom Brady's number?

Does former Dolphins Wes Welker win his first Super Bowl ring?

Are University of Miami alums Kenny Phillips and Anrel Rolle going to get it done? Or is University of Miami alum Vince Wilfork going to get it done?

Join me in the comments section.


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so should be some either one of these guys*


what is funny is at the beginning of season a reporter ask Eli if he thought he was in the same class as Brady and of course he said yes like all great QB say but i know alot of people laugh at his comment, now at the end of season you can put him up there and maybe even say he is at this time playing better that Brady. I do blame welker for the non catch but blame brady too made a tought caught for a player that is wide open Brady should of put that ball perfect. Eli did what Brady could not throw a perfect pass in the clutch

Spiderman, I have the feeling Miami will spend a lot of money resigning Soliai. With word that Miami will play both a 3-4 and a 4-3, he's staying if he's willing to play for 6-7 million a year.

After that, add a qb and that's all your free agent money.

The rest this year will be augmented by players already on the roster taking on bigger roles and the draft.

I hope Jerry gets a shot to play right tackle, I think he can be respectable there. Pass rusher in round one.

I think that's the way the Dolphin offseason is shaping up ...

Where's Aloco, Gotta get his take on his team getting beat.. AGAIN.

Its laughable that Fin fans who havent won a SB in 40 years and counting, are criticizing Tom Brady.

Read You guys "How To Beat Brady" comments. I agree with both sides:

The Giants and ELi have given the blueprint. Yes it takes pressure and hits. But you also need an "assassin" calibre qb to turn the feat too.

In the Giants 1st sb victory over the Pats, they had far more pressure on Brady than in yesterday's sb. Yet it still took an "assassin calibre, end of game drive by Eli-te to excorcise Brady and the Pats.

SB win #2, not as much pressure on Brady throughout the game as in the first. However the pressure did come at key moments. Still just like in the first sb win over the Pats, Eli-te shows "the assassin quality" once again by engineering yet another late game winning sb drive.

Yes it takes great pressure, at least timely in spots, on Brady. But it also takes having a qb(Eli-te) with the coldness of an "assassins bullet" to take over inthe game's most critical moment.

This is why the Giants and Eli-te "assassin seem to have Brady and the Pats sb number.

Jets dont have an elite qb(Sanchez) this is why they'll never consistently beat Brady. Sure Brady is human and can be beat. But you're not going to "CONSISTENTLY" beat him without both a high pressure passsh and an Assassin's quality "Eli-te" qb.

Ok Guy's lets see where we're at as a team, New coach, Check,looking for a QB, Check, 3 losing seasons in a row, Check,Jeff Ireland still GM,Check,Owner is still Steve Ross, Check, Still in the same Divison as the Pats, Check, O-Line stll has Colombo the human turnstile on it, Check, Guy's what do you see for the future of the fins that can give us hope?, Anthing., Please.

Rewinding the game in my mind and can only remember the Pats going No-Huddle only once,Is that true or was I Drunk?


One reason for optimism is our schedule next year. Have you seen it?

Usual divisional games - should have a winning record there as the Jets continue to implode.

Home games - jax, Tenn, StL, Sea, Oak

Away - Hou (how do we play this team every year???), Indy, sf, Zona, Cincy.

Even if we carry the same roster without improvement to next year and assuming none of our opponents drastically improve, we should win 10 games easily.

FP4, the answer could be both???


To your 11:49 AM post I say:

As a loyal dolphan, I never thought I would ever see the day when I would covet a non-dolphin player(Eli-te Manning) as much as I would covet my own.

I now find myself living my "dolphin fan" life living vicariously thru him to enjoy a major win over the Pats. As long as Eli-te Manning and the Giants are in the sb against the hated Pats. As a dolfan, I'll always have hope the Brady nightmare that has haunted us, continues to haunt him.

Because Gradoski was hurt Brady was seriously limited in there offense. They def need a upgrade at the WR spot. (WTH happened to Ocho Cinco. Running game was non existence between both teams. If Welker makes that 3rd down catch Brady would have had his 4th ring.

Eli-te has become such a clutch big game Brady slayer. Mike Dee should consider adding him to the Dolphins Ring Of Honor. That would go over with dolfans a whole lot better than "Gator Day" celebration.

Eli-te to our Ring Of Honor"! LOL

And Welker never drops ... crazy stuff

True Mark, The Good is Bush lasted the whole year and had quite a few 100 yd games, and even a 200 yd game,the defense finaly showed up after week 7, and the Rookie Thomas looked good when not injured,I guess Ross retained Ireland cause he thinks there 1 or 2 players away from being Play-Off ready, I Dont But what do I know? Thoughts?


I knew sooner or later someone would blame not having Gronk full speed for the Pats loss. Even the press, which I expected to be the chief culprit, didnt stoop so low. Now you?

Dude, the Giants would have game planned to take Gronk away anyhow. They would have forced Brady to beat them with the other cast of characters.

You here it all the time. In the nfl, injury to a player is no longer an excuse, especially when you still have arguably one of the greatest qb's of all time. He has to find a way to "win the game". That's why he's(Brady) considered one of the greatest qb's of all time.

We're not talking Matt Moore here. They still had arguably one of the greatest qb's of all time. But so is Eli-te now. Let's give Eli-te some credit here. He did a fine job!

Whether they make the playoffs or not doesn't matter to me. I want them to be a threat when they get there. Are they built the right way or will they be like last years benglas team? A nice story but smacked like a toothless crack wh0re once they get there?

I'd rather them not make the playoffs at all instead of a fraud.

I want this team to be a threat to anyone they play, just not the teams on their creampuff schedule.

To me it all comes down to their qb. If it's Manning then it's on. If it's Flynn, then start loking at 2013 already. Even the biggest successes of backups turn starter need a year or so to be able to handle the load. See, Hasselbeck, Schaub, Rodgers, etc....

"The Throw"

Thats what it'll now be referred to. It may have been arguably the greatest "throw in sb history". Eli-te at his own 12yd line and that throw to Manningham was "Absolute Perfection".

That's why the Pats lost yesterday. It was "THE THROW" and all the proof we'll ever need as to why Eli is Eli-te and a first ballot hof'er!

Mark, I think San Fran too was 6 and 10 last year with the same starting line-up they had this year More or less, Goes to show what a good coach can do for a team, I guess Ross was right going after him, Probably would hae gotton him if would have fired Sporono at the end of last year like we all said he should have. Oh Well, Lets hope Philben can coach.

San Fran had far more real talent to work with on both sides of the ball than Miami. Thier problem wasnt lack of talent. It was deficiency in coaching.

In Miami it's been both. Short of getting a 100% healthy Peyton Manning(which he wont be) you wont be seeing a 13-3 turnaround in Miami next year.

Miami has far too many holes that need to be filled to become a serious playoff contender in a very small 1yr window. If everything goes "perfectly" for us this coming season. I expect no more than a 10-4 record max,b and a 1st rd playoff departure.

Mark "Crack Wh0re", are you hanging with Jeff Ireland by any chance?

I expect Philbin will find himself in way over his head. When he sees the players Jeff Ireland selects for him on draft day.

Philbin on draft day: "WTF!"

Yesterday, I hate to qoute Aloco but are you petioning to be leader of the gang of defeat?LOL

From Peter Kings column

The other day, Tom Coughlin said to me, "Don Shula's amazing. Amazing! Look at how many games he's won!'' Shula's won 347. Coughlin won his 154th last night and would be lucky, obviously, to get to 200 one day. But I do think Coughlin's amazing himself, to have withstood the stress of this job with an expansion team for half his career and one of the modern powerhouses for the other half ... and to have won an average of 9.6 games a year

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/peter_king/02/06/superbowl46/index.html#ixzz1lclcxFVL

Wonder how the folks in Jacksonville feel today?, Probably like the folks in Cleveland and Baltimore.

Here's what I Mean, Baltimore Fired Shula and he went on to winn a couple Super Bowls, Same with Cleveland, They Fired Belichet and he went on to win a few SBs, Same thing with Coughlin, Gotta wonder what kind of Fire burns in Jeff Fishers Stomach.


Didnt you know, ALoco nominated me leader of "gang of defeat" long ago. For some reasom I've still yet to make Aloco's "donkey brigade" squad! LOL

..Good game last night. I took one on the chin for sure. I thought I had a chance to cover when the Giants missed the 2 point conversion..Oh well, just money.

Watching the game last night, one thing that stood out to me. Look at the size, and athletisism of the Giants recievers compared to the Pats..It is no contest. Brady throws tho 6 foot possession recievers. Also, the Pats have absolutley no outside pass rush. Brady was under diress all night. Eli...not so much.

This leads me to think that the Pats may go outside of their comfort zone this draft. They have the ammo to move up anywhere they choose. Now I understand that this goes against everything Bellichek has ever done. And if you say no way in the world will they do this I get it.. But imagine the Pats with a Justin Blackmon? With the way they use those tight ends, and a guy like JB...It could be a blood bath offensivley..I know we would have no answer for that personel.

I wonder how many guys were nervously laughing or loudly protesting "what is THIS?" during that David Beckham commercial even though in truth they were totally checking him out.

Football has got to be the most homoerotic thing on the planet. You may be fooling some of the people, but not me.

YG, Isnt the "Donkey Brigade" the Indoor football league in Aloco's mind?, The G.O.D being the NFL of gangs and let's not forget the "Marinated Acorn Group" while we're talking "Gangs Of Aloco". LMAO

In Miami (via DC), the feeling is of frustration and downright disgust. Sick of watching all these teams year after year get the job done, and we can't.

Sick of being embarrassed by Bellichick/Brady year after year, while other teams show them to be pretty pedestrian.

Sick of people asking for more defense, more linemen, when the SB teams this year both had worse defenses than ours (statistically), and the MVP of the SB is NEVER the left tackle, almost ALWAYS the QB.

Sick of this team thinking this is NOT the year to upgrade the QB position (or who's idea of a "fix" is an undrafted backup for some other team).

Pretty much, just sick.


You know, I can't even remember that game. Seems SO long ago....how sad that I can't even remember our last playoff win....pathetic really!

Craig M | February 06, 2012 at 10:00 AM

That game was thr reason Wannstedt was so dead set on trading for Ricky. In that game an older Lamar Smith went for over 200 Yds. rushing but would be totally gassed the following week in Oak. in the Div. Round. So Wannstedt figuring he could get to the S.B. with a young Work Horse RB pulled the trigger and ironically we NEVER would see post Season play with Ricky although he was FUN for the 2 Seasons he played before his 1st Hippie commune.


Don Shula was never fired in Baltimore. The Dolphins, in fact, were penalized their first-round pick in the 1971 draft for having 'tampered' with him while he was still under contract with the Colts.

Dan, I did'nt Know that, Thanks.I Stand Corrected.

New Blog up.


On "the throw" Giants and Eli-te were in max protect. But on many throws the Pats pressure was there Eli-te just got the ball out of his hand on time. This is what I saw.

I also dont pity the Pats for the size of thier wr corps. Bellichik built them this way. He built them to revolve around a Te passing attack. Heck, those guys are like 6'6 each.

"The Throw" by Eli-te beat the Pats. Nothing more nothing less. Disect what you will. But it all comes back to "The Throw". Giants were on thier own 12yd line to complete a game winning 88yd "clutch game winning drive".

All the proof you need that Eli is Eli-te.


The Pats wereb 14-2 regular season and made it all the way to the sb. I would say "extremely few" teams found them "pedistrian" to beat.

Our "inadequacies" as a team has nothing to do with the Pats and everything to do with our own crumbling infrastructure as a franchise/ team management.

We suffer from piss poor franchise decision makers. Which reveals itself through the players we have on the field.

If we're ever to be among the "elites again upper level decision making will have to greatly improve. That's the true gap between us and the other elite teams.

Sign Deshawn Jackson, Vincent Jackson, Jermichael Finley so WR or TE playmaker

FA should be used on G, CB, S.

just my opinion...

Spiderman | February 06, 2012 at 11:14 AM

I would sign Jermicheal Finley in a heart beat and he would be the player I target 1st when FA opens for business. He plays in an O with a ton of talent so he maybe doesn't get the recognition of some of the others and was hurt in G.B.'s 2010 Title run but make no mistake this guy is as ELITE as any of the T.E.'s playing today.

Vincent Jackson (drunk/legal issues) and Deshawn Jackson (immature cry baby) are CANCERS and the last thing you want is to add one of these to the WR corp. when you already have B.Marsh. on that unit. Then target OL in FA these players are always the best fits through FA for my money and conventional wisdom says start with Bills OT Demetrius Bell, he's flying high under the radar and the notoriously cheap Ralph Wilson owned Bills won't break the bank.

Some will argue OG Carl Nicks from N.O. but his teamate Jahri Evans got a 7 Yr. 58 Mil. extension last year and it's believed Nicks who is every bit his equal believes he deserves the same and I for one won't commit over 9 Mil a Yr. on an OG. I will although give everybody some out of the box thinking here, why not Texans Center Chris Myers?? Everybody forget that Mike Pouncey was considered an ELITE LG at the Univ. of Fla. and only played Center after his twin Marquis skipped his Sr. year??

In this scenario you kick Pouncey out to the LG spot next to J.Long with Myers who is a great zone blocker in the run game at Center with Incognito, Carey and Jerry fighting it out along the Right side for the Guard spot and further on going battles with Carey, Jerry and even Murtha at RT, with hopefully the more fleet footed of the trio J.Jerry winning out.

In my book we then play wait and see with the QB position NO Wannstedt like knee jerk reactions please, weigh the DAMN options and yes Manning is one of them while drafting a young QB, just a thought also don't loose sight of Micheal Bush as a workhorse RB who is an UFA this year. You can then take your Pass rusher in the draft or best available in our positions of NEED and for GOD sakes if a talent like Blackmon falls there by some chance don't hesitate.

news flash people. we were 12-4 this year.

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