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Finley contract in Green Bay may ripple in Miami

The Green Bay Packers didn't become one of the best organizations in the NFL by luck. These guys work at their craft and do what is necessary to maximize every ounce of the draft, the salary cap and free agency -- well, maybe not free agency but that's by design.

The point is anyone that saw Green Bay simply standing idle while a valuable chip found its way to the center of the table without a chance to bring a return was simply dreaming. Think of quarterback Matt Flynn as that chip. And my guess is the Packers want a return for him when free agency poker begins.

Flynn is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent starting on March 13. With his success in his two starts the past two seasons, Flynn has basically earned himself a chance to start full-time somewhere. So he'll go looking for a starting job this offseason.

But are the Packers simply going to watch him walk and get nothing in return for him? Maybe they have no choice. But on Wednesday, they took the first step toward trying to get something in return for Flynn.

The Packers signed tight end Jermichael Finley to a two-year contract. The deal is worth approximately $15 million and will pay Finley over $10 million by next March. The deal also ensures Green Bay doesn't have to use its franchise tag on Finley.

And now, if they wish, the Packers can tag Flynn.

Understand the idea of tagging Flynn isn't meant to ultimately keep Flynn. The Packers are prepared to let the quarterback walk. But the tagging of Flynn would open the door for them trading rather than simply losing Flynn without compensation.

The Packers would love a second or third-round pick for Flynn. And they may very well gamble using the tag that would be worth around $14.4 million on the player to get that accomplished.

The Pack would thus turn Flynn's free agency period into a trade period. They would shop Flynn to teams interested and take the best offer. Flynn would have to agree to renegotiate the one-year franchise tender into a long-term contract before any team would be willing to make a trade.

Then, once he was dealt, he would sign that long-term contract.

New England did this in 2009 with backup quarterback Matt Cassell, whom they sent to Kansas City for a second-round pick. In 2008, the Packers franchised defensive tackle Corey Williams and traded him to Cleveland for a second-round pick.

I believe Green Bay intends to do just that. First, of course, the team must clear some cap room by making other moves. And the success of those moves will indeed factor into whether the tagging of Flynn will be possible. But, again, I think that is what Green Bay intends to do.

So why does this matter?

Well, Flynn is on Miami's radar. Former Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin is now in Miami. It makes perfect sense that if Peyton Manning -- Miami's priority in free agency -- somehow falls through, be it because of health or other reasons, then Flynn would be the next candidate to fill the starting quarterback need. As I wrote weeks ago, the Seattle Seahawks also might factor in the Flynn chase because their general manager was in Green Bay when Flynn was drafted and had a prominent role in the choice.

So, for Miami or anyone else potentially interested in Flynn, the idea of adding him might easily go from simply signing a free agent without thought of draft-pick compensation to the idea of having to trade for Flynn and possibly giving up a good draft pick in the exchange.

It makes sense for the Packers if they can work out their cap issues. It potentially hinders Miami because general manager Jeff Ireland obviously wants to keep as many of his draft picks as he can.

Life in the NFL.


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The FO is going to have to gamble on this whole QB issue, no matter which direction we go. Whether it's Peyton, Flynn, trading for RG3, some other QB in this yrs draft, or Moore. I don't envy Ireland on this one, this decision could make us or break us for quite awhile. Peyton may never recover totally and cost us valuable cap space, Flynn could cost us picks and a hefty salary, RG3 will cost us picks for the next few yrs and without those picks we could be missing out on some valuable pieces for the future, another QB may not ever pan out, Moore could revert to his second yr woes like he had in Carolina. Point is I'm glad I don't have to make this decision. Imo I feel we should keep Moore and do the work to pick the best QB after Luck and RG3, that way we don't have to give up any picks and maybe even be able to trade back and pick up more picks. Who knows maybe we will get lucky, I mean even a blind squirrel finds an nut once in awhile. We are way over due for some good luck.

Real easy. If they tag him, move on. NO MORE COMPENSATION for QB's

I'm just gonna say what we're all thinking.
Screw Greenbay! Make em pay him 14.4 million to back up Rodgers.
If we have to trade a draft pick, it mine as well be a lot an get RG3!!!

This makes a lot of sense for the Packers although not very good news for our Dolphins Armando.

DC, care to chime in on this topic? Have you had any thoughts about upgrading the QB position?

would dolphins consider?. Matt More had a good season finishing in top ten in QB's and if they could possible put him out there for a trade what could they get. Dolphins are sold on bringing in a franchise QB so they might be able to profit from this opportunity, a team such as redskins,browns, Seattle or even such as a backup plan for someone else. He is signed for one more year, why not get something for him?

And Ireland will let Soleil walk away and get nothing in return, other than a gaping hole in the run-D. That's why the Packers win and the Dolphins lose.....

Very smart move by the Pack. They aren't going to pay the 14.4 mill, but they may force compensation for Flynn.

Guys, I have a feeling that Manning will be coming down here and bringing Reggie Wayne with him. Where Peyton goes, Reggie follows. Get ready!

This team doesn't have good luck. If we look to pick up Flynn and it is going to cost a pick, save it and add it to a deal for RG3. Fill as many other needs as best we can this year, starting with the O line. Work on filling whatever needs are left next year. We're going to suffer again this year anyway. I'd rather do it with a stud at QB, rather than another cast off. QB is THE most important position on the team. It's time to acknowledge it and get serious.

Fins4ever - good point. If Ireland was such a great GM, instead of a glorified fantasy football guy, he'd be making these types of moves. The only tough part might be cap space, but still a good point.

As long as we have the ROSS/IRELAND combination running this team we will never amount to anything.

The main factor here is no one should should give Matt Flynn a multi year contract. He should be brought into compete for the job. No one in their right mind can sold on this guy.

GB can keep a 14 miilion backup.

Yeah, the whole scenario makes sense until you realize it violates the new rules. Further, it leaves Green Bay in a bad position with respect to Aaron Rodgers. Lastly, once offered (and immediately signed), it leaves Green Bay on the hook to pay Flynn and he doesn't need to agree to anything else.

Its an all-around stupid move. For a second or third round draft pick.... really? That is why the Packers are the Packers and the Dolphins get advice from Armando and are the Dolphins.

I think the Pack might regret dumping all that money in Finley's lap. His production dropped last year. He had more drops & they actually won the super bowlthe prior year when he was injured. Yes he can be a beast, but there are half dozen TE's I'd take ahead of him.

"Flynn is on Miami's radar"

According to whom? Plenty of people have speculated that Matt Flynn could end up in Miami because of his connection to Joe Philbin but nobody knows for sure that this team is even the least bit interested in him.
The Dolphins didn't go after Kolb last year (thankfully) and I doubt they go after Flynn this year. If they were going to go after a quarterback in free agency it would be a guy who was a starter for his team that had some type of track record, not some unproven quarterback that has 2 starts in the league.
There are reasons why players are drafted in the 7th round. It's because they have questionable talent.

We will see if GB has the balls to tag him. Only 2-3 teams would consider him. Miami, Seattle and Washington. My guess in the end, Miami will bid against themselves.

I moved to Florida from the northeast when I was in 11th grade. 11th grade in South Florida is like 7th grade in the northeast, that is how far behind the schools were, total joke. That is why Floridians are so dumb, that and most of the population is from dumb, impoverished nations where getting a bowl of rice has priority over education.

Is it true that tagging Flynn could be construed as a violation of the new rules? I have seen that a couple of times in blogs now and it has not been addressed in the main stream media.

You again miss the point, Armando. Look, what matters now is that there are teams with higher 2nd round picks than Miami that want Flynn. So now, it's not just about who offers him the most money. Flynn could throw a monkey wrench in the whole thing by not agreeing to restructure into a long-term deal if the team doesn't suit him. Anyway, the whole thing changes the bidding for him. Maybe it gives the Fins a better chance of landing him, due to others balking at the trade price. Maybe it hurts. The issue is the market price now.

Hey Roswell, it's the hoards of northerners who move here MUCH LIKE YOU who dumb down the schools.

Get a clue dummy!

I wouldn't give up a draft pick and a big contract to Flynn, who is a question mark. I wouldn't go Peyton Manning either. The Dolphins have two choices...forget QB this offseason and ride out Moore next year...or go all in for RG3. IF they pass on QB this offseason they should go get Mario Williams as the big FA and then shore up the secondary with other FA's/draft picks. They should also try to fix the right side of the OL in FA as well. Then that leaves the #8/9 pick for the best available player regardless of position! Last I check there really isn't a position on the Dolphins that is STACKED. If GB franchises Flynn then the only option left is to go all in for St. Louis pick. If they have to give up picks and money then they might as well swing for the fences with RG3. Then next year you fix the other problems on the team. Either way they can't fix it all in one off season.

Jack in the Box, I'm reticent to throw in my 2 cents because this isn't purely a QB topic. There's franchise tag issues, TE issues (now that Finley is off the radar). I'm more of a traditionalist, I prefer to talk about QB straight up without any tangential considerations.

But, if you're holding my feet to the fire, I'd say this just makes our options that much trickier. This was already going to be a sticky situation for Ireland, this just makes it stickier.

But some here apparently feel Ireland is up to the task. We'll see. We KNOW Green Bay has a great FO. As do others like the Ravens and Steelers. But Miami, well, not really known for being the sharpest crayon in the box. Let's sit back and see how Ireland gets us out of this mess.

Has anyone considered the possibility that Ireland would go after a pass rusher in free agency, whether it be Williams or Avril, and double down by also drafting one in the first round?
If Miami goes after Matt Flynn in free agency there is not guarantee he turns out to be an upgrade from Matt Moore. However, if they go after one of the pass rushers available in free agency and then get another in the first round they have significantly improved their defensive line and will be able to put a lot more pressure on their #1 nemesis in New England.
I like the 2nd scenario much better.

Enough of Flynn talk, this guy is garbage, watch his throws, are horrible, all bihind the WR on teams with CRAP DBs!! Moore is far better, and Philbin will ignore him, sit down, get your popcorn and watch flyyn rot somewhere else.

The Packers don't know what they will get for Flynn, if anything. If they franchise him and nobody bites they are stuck paying the guy $14 million or they may end up trading him to someone for a much later round pick than they thought just because they don't want to get stuck with him.
If they put the tag on him I can see the teams that are interested in him playing possum rather than showing major interest in him. In the end, the tag would probably end up backfiring on him.
The interesting thing Armando said in his piece is that the Packers would love to get a 2nd or 3rd round pick for him. If they only get a 3rd round pick for him it means he's looking at a much smaller pay day and he's not being looked at as an immediate starter but someone who would possibly compete for the starting position.
It's a sticky situation, at best, for the Packers. Their fans are worried about the franchise tag.

Ireland likes to go it on the cheap! So, let them go ahead and franchise whomever they want. It'll only come back to bite them. Jeffy won't bite on this one. Remember the whole Orton thing? This just means that Manning's stock has risen (as well as Matt Moore's). And, makes it more likely that he uses one of the picks on a quarterback. The probability that Moore is our starter has just gone up!

Lou, I don't think that would be a wise move. Last time the team doubled-down (2009) it was an unmitigated failure (2 CBs - Davis and Smith). The Season started, and the team, lo and behold, realized it had HUGE holes all over the team.

While a pass rusher would hide some other areas (namely the secondary), that scenario would mean Miami probably goes after a development project QB in the 2nd - later rounds. James Walker on espn.com had a great article yesterday saying getting ANOTHER 2nd-rd QB is the worst of all decisions Miami can make, since they have a horrible recent history in that regard.

I actually believe the words coming out of the mouths of the FO. And they've not wavered. QB is the most important position to fill this year (they say). These other scenarios can be entertained here, but when it comes down to brass tax, Ireland's going to make a move for a QB, plain and simple.

Aldon - I'm with you. Spot on...on all fronts. Just say no to acorns and cast offs.

1st amendment is dead here. To many foreigners come here and accept anything, they don't fight back. Freedom of speech means nothing to them. You can all have it, I'll go elsewhere.

I like Moore over all the other choices right now. He knows the system, the players, and he is better than a broken Manning and an unproven Flynn... both are unknown risks.

Sign Williams, draft a kid (DE), upgrade the OL... we can wait for the next batch of QBs... like the two that opted to stay in school...

Buh-bye, don't the door hit you where the Sun don't shine!

It's not the fact that Miami has taken quarterbacks in the 2nd round that caused the failure at the quarterback position as much as it was who the quarterbacks were that Miami drafted in the 2nd round.
Unless they trade up to get RGIII there are no remaining quarterbacks with first round grades and most of them will be available come the 2nd round.
So, why would a team want to use a valuable 1st round pick on a quarterback that can be had in the 2nd round?
It doesn't make any sense.
In addition, there are no quarterbacks available in free agency this year that would be worth going after. Therefore, if Ireland does make a move for a quarterback it will probably be in the draft and that means Moore will likely be the starter and the quarterback he drafted will be developed into the starter. That's the only whay I see it.

hande, interesting how you say Moore knows the system, when the HC is new and HE doesn't even know the system. Actually, if they use a similar system to Green Bay, then Flynn would have the most knowledge of it. You're right Moore knows the players, so he does have an up there.

You're also wrong about us being able to wait (on multiple fronts). Main one being you need 2 QBs (at least) on your team, and do you really think the joke of last year (Henne and Moore) will be replaced by an even bigger joke (Moore and Devlin)? Think dude, think.

To Roswell and Florida Native: This is a Phins site so why are we even discussing this? I am from the North too and lived in FL for 8 years and there'e dumb ass people everywhere assuming you're talking education-wise. Let's talk football, ok?

Buh-bye, don't the door hit you where the Sun don't shine!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 23, 2012 at 08:40 AM

Another obvious minority here who values a silly game over the constitution. Sad sad. Feeble minds.

2013 quarterback class will include Barkley, Jones, Wilson and Florence. Four guys who could all go in the first round.

IMO that would be a very stupid move by the Packers for 2 reasons.

1. Every team knows that they will not pay 14 mill. to a backup QB. So they will eventually release him.

2. That is totally screws Flynn in that he has no control as to what team he goes to.

Good morning guys,

While I said I was in on Flynn if Philbin endorsed him, at the same time trading away a draft pick and limiting the cap space for Flynn is way too much for even me. I like Flynn and think he has a chance to be a good starting caliber QB but not at the price of a long term deal which price has gone WAY up now. Do you think Flynn and his agent are going to agree on a peanuts deal when he can just say I refuse to restructure and get $14.4. Flynn's agent will be looking for a deal around $50 million with half guaranteed. That's too rich for my blood for him.

So maybe in the end I wasn't as sold on Flynn as I originally thought! If I were so sold on Flynn I would never back pedal like I am now. Just the idea of trading away a draft pick 2nd or 3rd as mentioned is too rich for me and this is considering Ireland sucks in those rounds anyway!

I have a new direction I want to take and that is to bring in Peyton Manning and sit tight in round 2, no trading up and risking more picks (eventually Ireland has to hit on one out of sheer luck) and take the best QB prospect there like Tannehill (doubt he's there in round 2), Foles or even Cousins if he proves to be 2nd round worthy. No to Weeden, simply because if he sits for 2-3 seasons he will be 31-32.

Plan B if Manning doesn't happen for health or another team gets him is to sit at 9 and if you consider Tannehill a top 32 prospect then draft him at #8 or #9. If a QB has 1st round talent in the teams opinion then by all means there is no such thing as a reach. Any positional player picked in the 1st round is supposed to be a starter for years to come and that goes up 10 fold for a QB. So if Tannehill is your 32 prospect or better on Miami's big board then take him in the top 10!





So IF Miami picks a QB in the draft. Do you start Moore or the Rookie. The deciding question as to who would start at QB next year would depend on how they felt about these questions.

How much chance do we have of making a run for anything playoffs if Moore is the starter?

AND How much experience can be gained by starting a rookie right out of the box or sitting and learning behind Moore? Is he really going to learn anything?

Miami better not take a chance on manning. He is a huge risk with limited years remaining at best. Rather risk it with tannehill or Flynn.






Lou, agreed, the right 2nd round QB CAN make a difference (see Cincinnati). But my whole problem with your thinking is it doesn't take into account the extreme pressure Ireland is in, THIS YEAR, to at least ATTEMPT to fix the QB position. By fans, by the NFL "experts" and analysts, and most importantly by the Owner. And I don't see him (Ross), after 4 years of a downward spiral, saying, "Ok, doesn't work this year, let's wait ANOTHER year." Waiting another year means a drop in ticket sales (again), less fanfare (again), greater likelihood of not making the Playoffs (again). Philbin being on the hot seat a year after being hired, with questions of "is he the right one" (again).

I know you've seen this movie the last decade plus. You can't really believe they'll just let this continue AGAIN?

That's what you (and others) are missing. This isn't the year to say, "there needs to be a perfect fit." This year, the message is, "I don't care who, but MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN at QB." That's what the Owner wants, that's what the GM says, I'm giving a 99% probability that that's exactly what will occur.

If Manning can't go and Miami opts not to go after him, Plan B will probably be to draft a quarterback.

I've been watching game tape on several of our potential QB choices here. With Flynn, his accuracy seems ok, but he doesn't really seem to have that real zip on the ball.





I believe they are trying to go after a quarterback and the quarterback is Manning. However, in the event it doesn't work out and Manning is not a viable option I see them going after one in the draft rather than go with Flynn who wouldn't solve the problem you're addressing.

Texas, that would be determined through competition. I know that's a dirty word in Miami, but that's how it works. The winner of the competition starts. If it's Moore, people are comfortable he's good enough to win a competition for the job, but also there's someone developing behind him. If it's the rookie, then we know we have a solid backup, and the kid did enough to beat out a guy who played well for us last year.

Thanks Justin. I think you're a bit early for Spring Break, but enjoy the strippers (if you're in to that sort of thing).

This kind of changes everything.

Flynn was trying to bleed his two starts in the NFL. Now the Packs FO is trying to bleed other teams desperation.

Pretty shrewed and business like move if they do it. I guess Brakley, Landry and the others not coming out this year was good news to the Pack. They're taking advantage of the week QB class.

Jeffy, TAKE NOTES YOU BALL BOY WANNA BE. Eat your heart out!

You watch, The Pack wont get a deal like the Eagles or Pats got for Kolb and Cassel. But there's enough QB hungry teams out there. It will be close.

Luck and RGIII most likely out of reach. Tannehill with his 7 starts is alledgedly the next best in the draft.

Manning is nothing if not a gigantic question mark.

That leaves a Franchised Matt Flynn?

Matt "The Worst Case Scenario" Moore is looking better and better.

Suddenly, for the first time since Henne was injured, I see Ireland contemplating bringing him back...............to compete...........ROTFLMAO!

Oh Gawd! I just love this time of year!

Furthermore, Philbin said it is going to be a developmental team and, with that statement, I believe they are going to try and improve in areas where they have a bonafide opportunity to do so.
They can easily upgrade the offensive line with what is available in free agency. They can also upgrade the pass rush in free agency. There is little opportunity to upgrade the quarterback position thru free agency.
With the #8/9 pick this year they can upgrade pass rush, offensive line, running back, tight end and wide receiver. Doubtful they would use that pick for the latter positions but pass rusher and offensive line are positions they need to make and impact and can address with that pick.
If they draft a quarterback at that position it is a huge reach unless, by some miracle, RGIII were to drop into their laps. So, the only way they take a quarterback in the first is if they trade down, which would be ridiculous, or trade back into the end of the first round.

The Bills restructured Mcgee's contract. The Jets freed up $8 million by restructuring Ferguson's contract. The pats are about 30 million under the cap already.

What is Miami doing about Long's contract? Or Cameron Wake? Or Dansby? Dansby, at 31 needs to take a pay cut or hit the road. Marshall could use restructuring too. If he's so desperate to get his elite QB, help the cause.

Clear examples again of Ireland being a scout & not a competent NFL GM. As the rest of the division thinks ahead freeing up valuable space Jeff Ireland is doing what? Scouting 5th-7th round acorns at the combine.

Miami would have a better chance of tagging Solai and getting something in a trade for him than Green Bay is going to have of getting something of value for Flynn.
When you look at the teams that are, supossedly, "quarterback hungry" ask yourself if Flynn would be considered an upgrade to what they have. Do you think Shanahan looks at Flynn and thinks he can do a better job than Grossman? I doubt it. Shanahan is going after his quarterback in the draft.

So if Tannehill is your 32 prospect or better on Miami's big board then take him in the top 10!

Posted by: AndyNJ | February 23, 2012 at 08:50 AM

Andy, think about this though. If draft a QB in the top 10, like you said he should be your starter for years. BUT! A top 10 guy should also be an immediate starter as well. If not, pretty close to it.

Tannehill wasn't even "THE" starter in his Senior season. He lost out the competition and was handed the job by default. What's more, since High School, Tannehill has just 7 starts at QB TOTAL!

Were definitely desperate, but are we that desperate. Don't lose focus admist all the tribulations. How can you draft a guy that raw, how can you use a top ten pick on a guy that hasn't won a collegiate QB competition in 4 years.

Texas A&M Fired Sherman and a big part of the reason was Tannehill's play. So now you guys are proposing we bring in A&M's Coach and Default starting QB. In so doing we use the 8th or 9th overall pick in the draft?

I don't mean to be rude, but C'mon MAN! If you think Ireland is a laughing stock already among NFL personal types, just wait till he pulls off this move!

Hey Roswell,stfu and go to CNN's forums,you should be the poster child for the reason cousins shouldn't F#$K !!

Lou, I agree, this could backfire on GB. People can just call their bluff. They obviously won't pay the guy, so wait until no one bites, then they cut him, THEN pounce. That's what I'd do.

The new rumour is Miami is interested in getting Ricky Stanzi from Kansas City since they now have a coach on the staff that is from Iowa.

That would be very risky for the Pack. Stuck with a 14 million dollar contract.

What we should do is sign Henne and offer him to the Pack straight up for Flynn. Win win for both teams. Rodgers won't be upset and he has a backup that will never be a danger to him and the Pack have a backup that is capable of carrying them for a few games if Rodgers gets hurt.

We get Flynn and sign him. Moore and him can compete for the starters job. Of course that makes too much sense in the all or nothing world of business today.

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