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Finley contract in Green Bay may ripple in Miami

The Green Bay Packers didn't become one of the best organizations in the NFL by luck. These guys work at their craft and do what is necessary to maximize every ounce of the draft, the salary cap and free agency -- well, maybe not free agency but that's by design.

The point is anyone that saw Green Bay simply standing idle while a valuable chip found its way to the center of the table without a chance to bring a return was simply dreaming. Think of quarterback Matt Flynn as that chip. And my guess is the Packers want a return for him when free agency poker begins.

Flynn is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent starting on March 13. With his success in his two starts the past two seasons, Flynn has basically earned himself a chance to start full-time somewhere. So he'll go looking for a starting job this offseason.

But are the Packers simply going to watch him walk and get nothing in return for him? Maybe they have no choice. But on Wednesday, they took the first step toward trying to get something in return for Flynn.

The Packers signed tight end Jermichael Finley to a two-year contract. The deal is worth approximately $15 million and will pay Finley over $10 million by next March. The deal also ensures Green Bay doesn't have to use its franchise tag on Finley.

And now, if they wish, the Packers can tag Flynn.

Understand the idea of tagging Flynn isn't meant to ultimately keep Flynn. The Packers are prepared to let the quarterback walk. But the tagging of Flynn would open the door for them trading rather than simply losing Flynn without compensation.

The Packers would love a second or third-round pick for Flynn. And they may very well gamble using the tag that would be worth around $14.4 million on the player to get that accomplished.

The Pack would thus turn Flynn's free agency period into a trade period. They would shop Flynn to teams interested and take the best offer. Flynn would have to agree to renegotiate the one-year franchise tender into a long-term contract before any team would be willing to make a trade.

Then, once he was dealt, he would sign that long-term contract.

New England did this in 2009 with backup quarterback Matt Cassell, whom they sent to Kansas City for a second-round pick. In 2008, the Packers franchised defensive tackle Corey Williams and traded him to Cleveland for a second-round pick.

I believe Green Bay intends to do just that. First, of course, the team must clear some cap room by making other moves. And the success of those moves will indeed factor into whether the tagging of Flynn will be possible. But, again, I think that is what Green Bay intends to do.

So why does this matter?

Well, Flynn is on Miami's radar. Former Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin is now in Miami. It makes perfect sense that if Peyton Manning -- Miami's priority in free agency -- somehow falls through, be it because of health or other reasons, then Flynn would be the next candidate to fill the starting quarterback need. As I wrote weeks ago, the Seattle Seahawks also might factor in the Flynn chase because their general manager was in Green Bay when Flynn was drafted and had a prominent role in the choice.

So, for Miami or anyone else potentially interested in Flynn, the idea of adding him might easily go from simply signing a free agent without thought of draft-pick compensation to the idea of having to trade for Flynn and possibly giving up a good draft pick in the exchange.

It makes sense for the Packers if they can work out their cap issues. It potentially hinders Miami because general manager Jeff Ireland obviously wants to keep as many of his draft picks as he can.

Life in the NFL.


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I agree on Dansby 100 percent! He is not anywhere near worth that asinine contract he is getting. He is going to make over $11 million this season. Are you freaking kidding me? Dansby is a good player and nothing more. When do good players make $11 million a year? Dansby needs to restructure that or like you said CUT HIM!

Burnett who I was very hard on because I though he stunk played much better football the final 8 games and was the better of the 2 over the final 8. Dansby was overall more consistent, but again when does a consistent, good player warrant a $11 million contract!

Wouldn't you rather pay Vincent Jackson $9 Million a year or Mario Williams $10 Million a year or Carl Nicks, Steve Hutchinson type of deal then watch Dansby make 100 tackles, 1 int, 2 sacks and have no real impact on a game to game basis.

Lou, I agree, this could backfire on GB. People can just call their bluff. They obviously won't pay the guy, so wait until no one bites, then they cut him, THEN pounce. That's what I'd do.
Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 23, 2012 at 09:27 AM

I believe Green Bay is still on the hook for the money so I doubt they would cut him.


How does the Packers signing Finley to a two year deal turn into 'let's see Ireland get out of this mess'. Are you serious? Is there ANYTHING this guy can do that will cause you to cut him some slack. He signs a guy from the CFL and you call it a 'gimmick'. GB does the prudent thing with Finley and you make it about Ireland. You continue to harp on about Ireland and to be honest bud, you're losing any credibility you ever had.

YOu then say the FO is known for not 'being the sharpest crayon'. Let me guess, this was something you heard on Wshington radio. When the team is down and the Dolphins haven't won a championship in 40 years, the easiest thing to do is blame Jeff Ireland. The reality is he's only been running the show for a year or two. Try and remember that next time the Washington radio stations tell you differently.

The Packers signed a new backup quarterback because they realize they will be losing Flynn in free agency.
The guy they signed played in the Arena Football League.


Dansby's not going anywhere. He's the general out there on defence, he's the guy calling the plays. Is he worth $11 million, probably not. But if you're cutting ties to Soliai and probably losing Langford, it would hurt this team greatly to lose Dansby. Doesn't sound like you like him but he's one of our best players on defence. With a new DC in there too, if they cut Dansby you can forget about this season. That would be ludicrous! I like Burnett but he's not Dansby and he's not ready to take over the playcalling. Crazy move in my mind. If you want to cut contract look at Soliai, Bell and Carey.

For the record, the Dolphins are NUTS if they offer a draft pick for Flynn and give him big money. This stinks of A J Feeley or Rob Johnson to me. I remember it will how excited the Bills fans were to get Johnson and 'how he was going to led them for the next ten years'. Turns out he didn't have it.

If this is the scenario presented, I'll pass. Jason Campbell or Kyle Orton will be able to do what Flynn cn do and they won't cost draft picks or a big contract. Let somebody else make a mistake on Flynn.

I'm gonna call BS on this. According to Clayton and Shefter he was on the block last season and would have been moved for a 3rd rounder. Who's gonna bite now when you have to give him a big contract also, ala Kolb? Plus, it sounds like only Miami and Seattle are interested in him with Washington trying for Manning and Cleveland and Washington both trying to tree up for RGIII. Seems like an unwise and unnecessary gamble for Green bay.

Mandi, you may be out in left field on this one. I'm hearing that the Packers may use the franchise tag on an O-lineman, probably their center. Of course, that may be just speculation too, but it makes more sense than using it on a back-up QB!

This is a new regime even with Ireland as a hold-over. Our GM will have to address the needs of the team, but also the wants of the new coaching staff. So, Ireland may have to shift gears and get away from the "Parcell's Prototype" player and address the WCO and 4-3/3-4 hybrid D that the new coaches favor.

Tanny sucks sucks sucks. What does anyone see in him???

It is not who is brought in as QB but the system implemented. Last season Brady (6th round pick) had over 2700 yards after the catch. Team and system will determine where we end up in the W/L column

If you want to cut contract look at Soliai, Bell and Carey.
Posted by: Craig M | February 23, 2012 at 09:39 AM

You can't cut contracts that aren't even on your books. Carey & Soliai are UFA's. Miami is only $13 million under the cap without those guys.

Dansby is not worth his contract. Period. That's what this boils down to. Make him restructure or see ya later. Since when do average 31 year old LB'ers make 11 million per season? They don't.

Wake is gonna be 32 with an expiring contract. What are we gonna do about him? How about Long? Marshall needs to rework his insane contract too.

When other GM's are reworking contracts to free up space, our Ball Boy excuse for a GM is scouting acorns.


Tannehill has made 17 career starts not 7. Not 7. I am not a professional scout and none of us are in a position to break a college QB down. I for one have gone on record and said in the games I have seen Tannehill I see more then a raw prospect! He is a year or more away from starting. He is all over the place. Super athletic and Elway-esque for a quarter and then David Carr for the next 2 quarters! In the end he wins some games by himself and threw his team out of games like the Arkansas (which could of been different if Jeff Fuller didn't drop a TD before the half with no one near him because of a broken coverage) but nonetheless some scouts love his abilities. I am not saying I do love him. I am simply saying for a QB starved team to have a QB rated as a 1st rounder to pull another O-linemen or any position for that matter is not going to get you more wins. QB is the position that gets you more wins.

If a QB is a 1st round prospect and you need one you pull the trigger if you envision him and skill set as being a potential franchise QB. We are all getting side tracked with these so called sure things in Andrew Luck and RG3. My guess is they both are successful but I wouldnt be surprised for a second if one or both didn't live up to expectations or RG3 flopped. Same was last year more people then not were saying Cam Newton stinks, spread offense and he looks like a QB the NFL has never seen before! I remember some idiots on here said they wouldn't take Cam Newton at #15 last year.

Im right outside Philly, grew up in South Philly so I remember all to well the Eagles REACHING and I mean reaching fpr McNabb at #2 not #8 or #9. McNabb was projected to be a reach and go to the Bears at #12 and some had him as Elways successor and the last pick of round 1. Not saying McNabb was the best ever but he is IMO a Hall of Famer. He went to a Super Bowl and 5 NFC Championships, multiple division titles and was a winner even though Philly forgets that he was the best QB they ever had. My point being Tannehill picked at #8 or #9 isn't out of the question by any means.

Also just because Cam Newton and some QBs have had success does not mean they WON games and/or shouldn't have sat for a year or 2. More QBs then not have sat their 1st couple seasons and went on to become stars, Brady, Rodgers come to mind quickly.


Good to see you're doing your name proud....

Cam Wake is 32? When did that happen? He just turned 30. But don't let facts get in the way of your argument...

Secondly, just because you say 'period' at the end of a sentence doesn't make it so. We have a disagreement on opinion.....nothing more than that. I'm saying I don't think he's worth $11 million either but he' hardly an average player. If the Dolphins chopped him he'd be snapped up by someone tomorrow.

And you have no CLUE what Ireland's doing in terms of contracts....but keep it up.....you're 0 for your thoughts this morning....good job!

I'm gonna call BS on this. According to Clayton and Shefter he was on the block last season and would have been moved for a 3rd rounder. Who's gonna bite now when you have to give him a big contract also, ala Kolb? Plus, it sounds like only Miami and Seattle are interested in him with Washington trying for Manning and Cleveland and Washington both trying to tree up for RGIII. Seems like an unwise and unnecessary gamble for Green bay.

Posted by: Jon | February 23, 2012 at 09:44 AM

True. I don't even think their freeing up the tag for Flynn. What isn't being talked about & is probably more likely is that GB is probably saving the tag for Jordy Nelson.

Driver is on the outs, Jennings is in his early 30's. My bet is that GB is looking to secure their young WR long term that Rodgers is comfortable with.

Certainly more realistic than it going to a back up QB. Factor in that Gb will still likely receive a draft pick as compensation for losing Flynn from the NFL next year.


Where are you getting your info on what Miami's salary cap situation is? I'd like to take a look at it. I'm not sure how Soliai's contract coming off the books only leaves us $13 million under the cap. Thanks.

Craig M @ 9:39,

No your wrong I do like Dansby but not at $11 million. I am the first to say it's not my money so I don't care what guys get paid, but $11 M for a good not great player or difference maker is absurd! The best player on a defense that is good not great says nothing to me. Also for a team with consecutive losing records since he has been on the team is another reason he isn't worth $11 M. Not saying those losses were his fault at all because they weren't but he is a piece to the puzzle another guy, solid-good player. He won't make the difference in the win-loss column. He isn't that caliber of player. I remember being embarassed for him when he claimed he was the best LB in the game this past season. He wasn't even the best on the team!

Paying a guy $11 M just because he is stupid to me. I agree he probably won't go anywhere but I hope they free up some space and restructure it by giving him some bonus of some sort

Jordy Nelson signed a contract extension. Tag not needed for him.

Flynn is so great that GB will let him walk. Or is it teams don't need a good back up QB?

I say we all get together at the local pub, grab a few drinks. We can hash out the who should be the QB over some beer or whatever it is you drink and solve this QB issue tonight.

We then send our no fail method to get a QB to Ross and there you go. We're all set.

I say we trade this years whole draft and next years 1st and the year after that 1st to Indy for Luck.

I need another drink. :)

Why are people still thinking we can "trade" Henne? LOL.

Look it is simple, if GB tags Flynn then just move on, have some pride Ireland, at some point your position involves developing your own team, not one made from other teams scraps and whatnot, please stop pretending you are Brad Pitt in Moneyball.

We need to draft our talent and for the most part you have done a decent but not great job while at it, especially after the Tuna left. You know it is time for YOU to draft your own QB and outmaneuver both Washington and Cleveland to land your guy: RG3. I think Tuna taught you to look for the bigger, meaner guys and it worked to some extent, we indeed have a big and mean team that can push others around but just as you suggested at the beginning of last year we were a team desperately in need of speed thus you went and grabbed Bush and it paid off nicely.

Just think what you can do if you get Bush and RG3 playing together, I mean that would be some dynamic duo, a total nightmare to any defense, throw in there Marshall, Bess and Clay and bring DeSean Jackson (with all the $$$ you will save for NOT signing noodle-arm Flynn) and that is one potent offense no team would like to face.


I don't believe he's worth $11 million either. But he is a good player, as you've pointed out. Dansby is not the reason our defence was only GOOD last year. He was hurt for part of the year too, so don't forget that. I'm fine with the idea of restructuring his contract and extending him a couple of years. He's only 31, not old by any means. In a year when we're saying goodbye to Soliai and Langford and we don't know what's going to happen with Wake, getting rid of Dansby makes NO sense. Sorry, I'm not going to buy into that one.

CraigM, WOW, I messed up his age. Father, forgive me for I know not what I say. What are you the fact police? After all, it was you who said:

If you want to cut contract look at Soliai, Bell and Carey.
Posted by: Craig M | February 23, 2012 at 09:39 AM

How do you cut contracts of players not even on the books? Stop preaching to me about being wrong on someones age & apply that lesson to yourself. You're not as smart as you think you are :)

BTW, do you think I give a rats as* if Dansby gets scooped up by another team? He gets paid to be elite, not slightly above average. Highest paid LB in the NFL? What happens when you don't play up to your contract? You get cut.

There are a dozen LB'ers who had equal or better stats to him last year & guess what? They all made less money. But, yea, lets let keep overpaying him instead of getting better value. All cause someone else will sign him. LOL



You mention guys like Vincent Jackson etc.....and who would you rather have? You make a BIG assumption that Vincent Jackson or any of these other guys even want to come to Miami. Dansby made that choice and he's been a good soldier now for a couple of years now. And I think you're wrong....I think if he was gone from this team you would see confusion and missed assignments much more than we are seeing right now. You said yourself Burnett stunk in the first half of the year. Are you really confident turning things over to him to take charge out there? I'm not. I'm also thinking Bell's done and he's a guy who's done a good job helping guy's play their position. Too much turnover to get rid of Dansby on top of everybody else this year.

One thing we know. We can count on Ireland to make the wrong moves.

NO, NO, NO, to Manning!!!!!!!! These BANDAID fixes DONOT work. It just sets us back more years. Do your homework and get the BEST QB in the draft. Even if we have to trade Brandon Marshall. I am starting to see him as a problem to this team. Does anybody know where Jake Long's brother stands in the draft. He is a trackle also. Could he be answer to our right side. I think it would make him and Jake push themselves more. Nothing like a little brotherly rively.


Clueless in M,
You bring a good point, Dansby is 31 and I think past his prime to be honest and since next season will probably be still somewhat of a rebuilding effort why not move away from Dansby and use that cash to sign someone like Mario Williams, who is younger and simply the better player of the two.

I'd say if we pick RG3, Moore starts the season and RG3 at some point takes over and by 2013 we would be serious contenders. We would be a much better team with either Williams or Carl Nicks in the team than with Dansby. We could find a gem in the draft at LB, a lot harder to find a DE, pass rusher with the size and ability of Williams.

With RG3 and Williams we would get so much money from TV deals, just imagine the buzz RG3 generates plus the Bush and Williams playing in the same team story. Maybe that's what we need a happy owner raking in a ton of cash and then in return we could finally have him make sound decisions and really splurge on the team's roster for years to come.

If TB tags Flynn, they can have him. I think that would be most other teams opinions too. If there isn't a clear upgrade in free agency (manning) or the draft (first grade qb), then they would assuredly be a better team next year going with Moore over Flynn.

On second thought, I would not pursue Carl Nicks, there are too many OL in this draft from top to bottom and we could find a gem.

Still dumping Dansby to go after Williams is very enticing.


Last post to you this morning and then I'm done talking to you. I'm agreeing with you that Dansby isn't worth $11 million a year. Where we disagree is that I feel he's one of our best players on defence. I'm not sure what players you're bringing up that had better stats but I don't really care. This was the contract the team signed him too based on past performance. It's how the league works. If we can restructure...great. If not it makes no sense to job. The Pats would be happy to welcome him aboard in heartbeat and for that you SHOULD care.

As I've said (and try to read carefully)......if the team is looking to save money don't resign Carey or Soliai and chop Bell. Is that clear enough for you? If you don't spend money that you spent last year, isn't that the same thing as having that money available to spend this year? I'm not sure where we're having a disconnect.


I don't agree. First of all they play different positions. Second of all Williams is primarily a pass rusher. I recognize that we have a need to improve that area but at what price? $15-18 milion a year? Williams at 27 is going to be one of the most sought after FA's out there this year and the competition will drive up his price. That's where you want this team to allocate their dollars?

I don't get where you get this idea that Dansby at 31 is over the hill. Based on what? He's still one of the better linebackers in the league. And just so I'm clear, you're dumping him and replacing him with who? Epps? Who are looking to call the plays for the defence this year then? Williams? I highly doubt it.

Does anyone know if Ireland is a hermaphrodite? That might explain Ross's attraction to it.


We should call "heads" in the coin toss tomorrow! :-)

I think the only way to go, ESPECIALLY if Green Bay tags Flynn, is signing Manning to an incentive laden contract which pays him a decent QB Coach Salary if he doesn't play, offers us a good mentor for Moore and a rookie QB, and gives us a potential ace in the hole if he gets healthy enough to play. We would be grooming our eventual Offensive Coordinator, because Mike Sherman is a tad bit old, and might like to accept a head coaching job elsewhere if and when it becomes available. Also I think we need to make sure we get Tannehill. I have a real good feeling about him, and he already knows the offense. Maybe we trade out of the 8/9 pick and get a first round pick that would make drafting Tannehill with it a good value. Then we have extra picks in the 2nd or 3rd and find value at OT and DE. I wish we could draft Tannehill in the 2nd round, but I don't think he'll get past Seattle.

Keep Moore, sign Manning if available, and draft a QB in top two rounds. Let all three battle it out in training camp. This is the ideal for me. Flynn seems like another AJ Feely or Kolb.

Reaching on Tannehill seems like a bad decision considering his limited starts, and how his last season panned out. I think Weeden could be drafted later(3-4) because of his age.

To bad there's no way we could pry Brees out of NO.

Just in case anyone wants to know.

11 a.m.: Dolphins coach Joe Philbin and then Ireland at 11:15 est. news conference in Indy -- He is said to be mumbling gotta find a QB over and over.

It could also backfire on the Packers. If no team is willing to give up the high draft pick Green Bay seeks, then they are stuck with a backup QB making more money than Aaron Rodgers.

For those of you addicted to the draft/combine NFL.com is doing something pretty cool. And this is how I think the direction of sporting events will go in the future. Online you will be able to select your camera view. Only 2 to choose from but pretty cool.


MAndo proves once again that he's an i diot. What if no one trades for flynn? They have 14 million sitting on the bench.
Cassel situation was different. He played a whole season and won 11 games. You put Flynn now in where cassel was? Also belicheat knew scott pioli was gonna trade for cassel.
If they tag flyn and ask for 3rd or a 2nd then I think we should pass on flynn and draft a QB and go with moore. We can use the second to draft a tackle and go after mario williams.

Expect the Miami Heat to run the Knicks out of the gym tonight.

The only quarterback worth giving up draft picks for would be moving up in the draft to nab RG3. Flynn isn't as good as his two starts made him look, and once teams get tape on him, they'll know how to defend him better. Please Jeff Ireland, don't pull a Rick Spielman and give up draft picks for A.J. Feeley 2.0

RG3 = Pat White

Here is what Jeff Ireland should do NOW.

The price to move up to #2 (Rams) right now is ASTRONOMICAL.
The price to move up to #3 (Vikings) is not (considering #2 has all of the power).

If I was Jeff Ireland, I would offer my 2012 #1 pick and 2013 #1 pick to the Vikings for the 3rd overall pick in the 2012 draft. The Vikings should be willing to make a move now as if someone trades up for the #2 pick, there leverage to trade down with RGIII off the board isn't nearly as good.

For the Dolphins, it gives them the ability to get either RGIII or Blackmon with the #3 pick. We know the Rams aren't going to take RGIII with the 2nd pick. Could they trade down with the Browns? Sure. But they also maybe willing to trade down 1 spot with Miami (and it would cost a lot less then trading up from #8 or #9).

Could Miami be stuck with Blackmon at the #3 slot? Sure! But I would happily give up two #1s to acquire Blackmon. The guy is going to be a STUD!!

This is something I think Miami should look at. The time to make a deal for the #3 pick is NOW.

All the more reason to draft rg3. Screw your fu#kin draft picks. Get your franchise qb assho#e! Ireland is still a idiot!


I know you're a numbers guy, so let me give you some advice...LEARN HOW TO READ!

I guess you need it spelled out for you (I actually thought you were smarter). Armando's post is about Finley given a deal. That means they can still put a franchise tag on another player. Armando is speculating that they could put it on Flynn, which would make things trickier for any team who wishes to get Flynn.

I mentioned that would make things MORE DIFFICULT for Ireland, which is true. He's trying to get a QB, and now this makes it that much harder if this is the one he wants. I made no inference that Ireland would or wouldn't be able to do that (I simply said he's got to figure out a way to make it happen).

The problem here is, you're too damned quick to defend your boyfriend (or anyone else in the FO) instead of understanding what people are saying.

Secondly, believe me when I tell you if I'm LOSING my credibility, the guy who defended Henne to the very end, defended Sparano to the very end, defends losing as much as you do, HAS NO CREDIBILITY! So, you saying I'm losing mine is really no skin off my back (don't think so much of yourself, believe me when I say no one else does).

And, just like clockwork, here's the cheerleader Craig defending the FO NOT being the sharpest crayon in the box. Let's see, Ireland's been here 4 years, right. Year One, pretty good, great turnaround from 1-15 to 11-5. Year 2, not so good 7-9. Year 3, same mediocrity. Year 4, setback, 6-10. The guy BARELY kept his job. If that's your idea of a brain trust, then you're even dumber than your recent posts are proving.

Just telling you, you're picking the wrong fight with the wrong person. I was the one who told YOU 2 years ago Henne wasn't going to work out. I'm the one who told YOU last year Sparano wasn't the guy. I'm the one who told YOU that this league has changed, and without an effective QB we aren't doing anything. So, when you get as much right as I have the last few years, instead of waiting for it to happen before you make the connection, then let's talk about football credibility.

Until then, just keep punching those fake numbers on your calculator and shut the EFFE up!

I've been harping all off=season that Matt Flynn is the best option for Our current roster,NOT if We have to compensate the Packers.No way.NO HOW.Let's move onto Kyle Orton to vie with Moore.Keep Our draft picks and build a solid foundation on both sides of the ball.

read them all... my take owner gm as long as those 2 douches are runnin things in miami....we will be what we have been for years. a joke

Dolphin fans worrying about the Packers screwing up?? TOO FUNNY!!

The starting QB for your 2012 Miami Football Dolphins should be Matt Moore. I'm beginning to have doubts, however. After all of this is said and done, I think they'll bring Flynn in and hand him the job. Then get ready for 16 fumbles and 22 interceptions.

Here is what Jeff Ireland should do NOW.


I've posted in here over and over agaion that the reason we have such horrible talent is that 2nd & 3rd round picks walk and we get nothing in return:
Patrick Turner, Pat White, Matt Roth, Merling, Solai and now Henne.
That is why we started 6 acorns last season.
The Pack and other winning teams don't let anyone walk for free, unless they washed up, and thus don't start any acorns.

In all seriousness, the Fins should hire me and this dude Aldon as GM and Head Ball Coach, and we'd go 13-3.

Jason Cole once told me that I was correct--when discussing Wanny--that football coaches are not rocket scientists. They really are not. My IQ is about 40 points higher than Wanny or Fisher or Sparano. It really is true, seriously, that I might make better play calls.

For one thing, we should have kept Henne. They got that one wrong.

DC you are such a tool.

Tim Couch YOU were a 1st rd. pick! The number ONE pick.You're the loser and those are your stats! L O S E R.

Regardless of the QB Miami goes after, if he is indeed a starting caliber player... Miami is going to have to part with picks...

If Miami chooses to pursue RG3, it currently is set up like this...

Miami has 1 first round player at either pick #8 or pick #9. Pick 8 is valued at 1,400 Value Table points, Pick 9 is valued at 1,350.

BTW... all this info is available here...


RG3 will very likely go at Pick number 2. Pick #2 is valued at 2,600 (see chart on link provided)... The owner of that pick is not forced to only get the value table amount either. The owner of the #2 overall pick will likely be looking to increase that value by as much as 300%... I doubt they will shoot that high, But I can see them look to get from 3,600 to 4,350 and not bat an eye.

(Miami will likely do much better in 2012. Just for sake of average, lets say they pick at #15 in 2013's 1st round)

So... Miami would likely have to give up this for RG3 in April of 2012 and 2013 based on St Lousy asking for an average (again average) of 4,000 total points for the #2 overall pick in 2012...

** 2012 round 1 pick 1,400 (if its #8, 1,350 at #9)
** 2013 round 1 pick 1,050 (If picking #15 overall)
** 2012 round 2 pick 500 (If picking at #40 OA)
** 2013 round 2 pick 430 (If picking at #47 OA)
Total..... 3,430 Points... still nearly 500 short

So, after giving up 2 First rounders, 1 in the top 10 and 1 in the top 20... 2 2nd rounders taken at the same times next years draft... Miami is still short of what St. Lousy "COULD" ask for RG3...

Luck ain't going to happen, Flynn MAY cost a 2nd, more likely a 3rd. Manning is still the wildcard... But Washington, Seattle, Arizona and a couple others will be pressing just as hard as us....

Fact is.... Flynn may STILL be the cheapest draft pick wise... and best fit with his knowledge of Philbin's system....

AND...... there are NO guarantees or insurance that ANY will work out....

I still say Flynn is our best bet... unless Manning can show something DRAMATIC in the next two weeks when FA starts....???


Can we please remove the posts that are not football related? They're offensive.

Thanks. Nice article by the way.

Craig is right. DC is wrong.


Whatever man.....and you can keep telling us that nothing will go right until we get a QB and keep us posted on what the CONSENSUS is.

Not sure what crawled up your a** today but it can stay there.

Enjoy your day...if you don't, you can always blame Ireland like everything else.

What is the opinion around here on RG3 not throwing at The Combine? Good? Bad? Is he hiding something? Why not throw? Who does RG3 thinks he is?

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