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Finley contract in Green Bay may ripple in Miami

The Green Bay Packers didn't become one of the best organizations in the NFL by luck. These guys work at their craft and do what is necessary to maximize every ounce of the draft, the salary cap and free agency -- well, maybe not free agency but that's by design.

The point is anyone that saw Green Bay simply standing idle while a valuable chip found its way to the center of the table without a chance to bring a return was simply dreaming. Think of quarterback Matt Flynn as that chip. And my guess is the Packers want a return for him when free agency poker begins.

Flynn is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent starting on March 13. With his success in his two starts the past two seasons, Flynn has basically earned himself a chance to start full-time somewhere. So he'll go looking for a starting job this offseason.

But are the Packers simply going to watch him walk and get nothing in return for him? Maybe they have no choice. But on Wednesday, they took the first step toward trying to get something in return for Flynn.

The Packers signed tight end Jermichael Finley to a two-year contract. The deal is worth approximately $15 million and will pay Finley over $10 million by next March. The deal also ensures Green Bay doesn't have to use its franchise tag on Finley.

And now, if they wish, the Packers can tag Flynn.

Understand the idea of tagging Flynn isn't meant to ultimately keep Flynn. The Packers are prepared to let the quarterback walk. But the tagging of Flynn would open the door for them trading rather than simply losing Flynn without compensation.

The Packers would love a second or third-round pick for Flynn. And they may very well gamble using the tag that would be worth around $14.4 million on the player to get that accomplished.

The Pack would thus turn Flynn's free agency period into a trade period. They would shop Flynn to teams interested and take the best offer. Flynn would have to agree to renegotiate the one-year franchise tender into a long-term contract before any team would be willing to make a trade.

Then, once he was dealt, he would sign that long-term contract.

New England did this in 2009 with backup quarterback Matt Cassell, whom they sent to Kansas City for a second-round pick. In 2008, the Packers franchised defensive tackle Corey Williams and traded him to Cleveland for a second-round pick.

I believe Green Bay intends to do just that. First, of course, the team must clear some cap room by making other moves. And the success of those moves will indeed factor into whether the tagging of Flynn will be possible. But, again, I think that is what Green Bay intends to do.

So why does this matter?

Well, Flynn is on Miami's radar. Former Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin is now in Miami. It makes perfect sense that if Peyton Manning -- Miami's priority in free agency -- somehow falls through, be it because of health or other reasons, then Flynn would be the next candidate to fill the starting quarterback need. As I wrote weeks ago, the Seattle Seahawks also might factor in the Flynn chase because their general manager was in Green Bay when Flynn was drafted and had a prominent role in the choice.

So, for Miami or anyone else potentially interested in Flynn, the idea of adding him might easily go from simply signing a free agent without thought of draft-pick compensation to the idea of having to trade for Flynn and possibly giving up a good draft pick in the exchange.

It makes sense for the Packers if they can work out their cap issues. It potentially hinders Miami because general manager Jeff Ireland obviously wants to keep as many of his draft picks as he can.

Life in the NFL.


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Actually if they do that can't everyone just wait until they eventually release him anyway? Are they really going to pay him 14 million to back up Rodgers? What a joke. They're now going to dictate to him where he goes if they do this. He wont be able to pick his own team after riding the bench for four years, what a douche move that would be. And Armando thinks they will ask for a second or third for a 7th round pick whos never played more than one game in a season? The Cassell comparison doesnt jive because Cassell started 15 games for the Pats, teams had plenty of tape on him.


The reason so many of our draft picks leave and we get nothing in return is because they stink. Ireland's drafts are pathetic. Chad Henne, Pat White, Merling, 3 picks for D Thomas, Pat Turner. Misi,Jerry . They all stink.

Craig M,

you got knocked the F##K Out! (DC LANDED A STREET FIGHTER UPPER CUT SON)

DC, totally agree with you regarding Ireland, or any other GM who may have been looking at getting Flynn. IF the Pack put the tag on Flynn, it changes the complexity of the situation. Now you would be looking at a guy who has a HUGE one year deal(brings $$$ even more into it), and a draft pick into the deal.

Craig M,

DC monkey dunked your ass on the asphalt in a pile of sharp glass!

RG3 = Pat White

Tannehill has made 17 career starts not 7. Not 7. I am not a professional scout and none of us are in a position to break a college QB down.

Posted by: AndyNJ | February 23, 2012 at 09:56 AM


Nice rebuttal. I was one of the idiots proclaiming Cam Newton as the next big bust-LOL.

That being said though, I believe Tannehill has had only 7 starts at QB. The other 10 were at receiver.

Not positive, so I'll double check.


Luck will never win a SB. He will be average in the NFL. Wait and see.

0. That is the number of posts that said anything new in weeks.

Ty Detmer is that what you hope for? For Luck to fail.Your a pathetic finfan.And horrible human. YOUR A LOSER!

I agree with Ty Detmer.

Ozkar, you uneducated bafoon. It's "you're." It's a contraction for "you are." Basic 2nd grade stuff here.

You're a moron.

First of all, I say the Phins take the gamble on Peyton. If Peyton falls through, don't waste a pick trading for the unproven Flynn (Think A.J. Feeley, Matt Cassell, Kevin Kolb). Package the pick you would trade for Flynn with some other picks to get the #2 spot from the Rams.

Option 1: Manning
Option 2: Flynn (Free Agency ONLY)
Option 3: RG3 at the #2 slot

And I'd be just as happy to see the Flynn option drop to #3. There's just not enough there to give me confidence in him.

It's buffoon Loser!

kindry 120 percent on point... win win but read the post rite below yours...... that makesway way to much cents.. those douches we have in power not that smart..

You've got to hand it to G.B. I actually valued J.Finley more than I did Flynn. I didn't anticipate this move not so much because the Pack wouldn't consider it but because it's basically a Franchise tender when you look at the 10 Mil it guarantees in 2012. Finley basically did the Pack a HUGE favor given he's a viable commodity who could have fetched a long term deal instead of what is basically a front loaded offer with no guarantee against injury (FRANCHISE TAG).

I had him rated in the top 5 at the TE position. Some complained about his drops last Yr. but I believed it rust from a player out a large portion of 2010 who didn't have the benefit of camp or reps last Yr. This move makes Matt Flynn this Yrs. FOOLS GOLD IMO (i.e. AJ Feeley, Kolb ect..) I wouldn't and I REPEAT wouldn't trade picks for Flynn. I would much rather bring in a player like a Osweiler or Weeden to develope before giving up big money for a QB everybody forgets was on a Natl. Champ. team at LSU with the likes of Dwayne Bowe and Early Doucet. This isn't Kurt Warner out of left field out of Northern Iowa.

I hope the Pack do Franchise him because these system QB's are no longer going to be biting teams around the NFL and they EAT 14 Mil. in CAP space outsmarting themselves(wishful thinking there is always some sucker who takes the bait). I believe however that everybody remembers all to well what the Kolb deal did to Arz. just last Yr. with L.Fitzgerald basically saying he wanted the team to get someone else.

I'm just gonna say what we're all thinking.
Screw Greenbay! Make em pay him 14.4 million to back up Rodgers.
If we have to trade a draft pick, it mine as well be a lot an get RG3!!!

I agree. Why give up a 2 for Flynn when you can just add a 1st and maybe a third to get RGIII. If GB does pull this I hope it really backfires, or at least that we don't get screwed on the deal.

Philbin has seen Flynn every day in practice for the last couple of years and knows what he can do. Paying a high draft pick for Flynn is not risky. Giving up your #1 and #2 for RG3 who may be the second coming of Vince Young or Jamarcus Russel, or Akili Smith.

If I were a Dolphin fan I would get out of the business of trying to tell my team what to do and leave it up to my new coach who ought to know if taking Flynn is risky or not. Green Bay probably already knows the answer to that and that is why they will probably be tagging Flynn.

I disagree with you. If the team lands RG3, as I hope they do, 2012 will be considered somewhat of a rebuilding year. I much rather pay Williams 15 million a year at age 27 than pay 11 million to Dansby who by 2013 when we hope to be competitive will be a 32 year old LB who has already shown signs of decline.

If we go with a mix of young, big and athletic players we will be tough to beat. Drafting RG3 and paying him way less than the 14 million that Flynn's contract will command and dumping blood sucking leaches like Solai, Dansby and Bell in exchange of Mario Williams, DeSean Jackson and Michael Griffin will result in a much better team.

Please think big and imagine this team:
Offense: RG3, Bush, Marshall, Jackson, Clay, Long, Pouncey
Defense: Williams, Odrick, Burnett, Griffin, Davis, Smith

That team will make the playoffs for the next 10 years, it is almost the perfect storm that we would give up many picks for RG3 because this FA class besides of being talented is very young above all: Williams (27), Jackson (25), Griffin (26), Greg Olsen (26), Cortland Finnegan (28).

We are just amazed at your problem solving formula LOL. Dude I'll make it easy on you, that 500 pts you are short have a name: Brian Hartline. You just can't go strictly by numbers here, you need to be smart about placing your bets and your bluffs.

The Rams are desperate for WRs, neither Cleveland or Washington have a WR like Hartline to give up, advantage us. I trust Ireland to come up with a huge bluff so Miami can pull another one on Cleveland (LeBron has approved this) and we let them take Flynn. Cleveland (WCO, Holmgren) will wait for us to see if we show serious interest on Flynn b/c Philbin knows him well, once we get Cleveland in the mix we pulled out and let them sign him. My concern now is that franchise tag they are going to tag him with will make him less desirable and rightly so.

But above all I just do not see the value he could bring, he is NOT that much of an upgrade over Moore.


GB franchise Flynn for $14 million so they can trade him for a 2nd or 3rd rd pick?

Doesnt make since. Especially when considering if Flynn does play at premium level. If they let him walk and he does this, They could easily be looking at a 2nd to 3rd rd compensatory pick and still save themselves $14.4 million dollars.

So because of the compensatory rules, seems to me the Packers stand far more to gain byu letting Flynn walk than franchising him. Especially if he falls on his face as a starter when they let him walk.

$14.4 million dollars is a whole lot of money to pay for a qb that was going to leave the roost and fall flat on his face. Even if he doesnt they still could get up to a 2nd-3rd rd pick in compensatory.

Why are we using the term, "Unrestricted Free Agent"???

I think the people here are forgetting about our ace in the hole.We can still draft Ryan Tannehill with the 9th pick because he was regauarded as a top ten pick before he broke his ankle.He is also the cheapest & maybe the best option for us because he has been Sherman's QB for the last 2 years & scouts say he has all the tools to be a franchise QB + Sherman recently compaired him with Brett Farve & Aaaron Rodgers.

Tannehill sucks. He has no future in the NFL. Watch his youtube highlights. He is a practice squad QB. He is no ace in any hole. More like something else in a hole.

I have watched you tube video of his play and interviews & I am impressed by him.Obviously you don't know how to break down film Because not only does Mike Sherman disagree with you but so do I.

Talking about videos look at this one on Ryan Tannehill

Rick you have no idea what Sherman thinks. You will find out when they don't draft him.

Peyton and RG3 or tannenhill is the only way for Ireland to save his job for the next few years...expect the dolphins to trade down and take tannenhill if they can sign manning, expect them to go for broke with RG3 if Peyton is a no go...it's what I would do, it's what any smart guy would do...it's the only way to put fans back in the stands...the dolphins have to go big this year...

The Packers are not going to use a franchise tag on a backup quarterback. If they do, then watch Flynns stock decline to the point that no team will pay a 2nd or 3rd and then the Pack will have to take a $14.4 million dollar hit on their salary cap where they will be unable to get any significant free agents after the March deadline. With the information we have now, I would say the Dolphins should go after Peyton Manning and draft a young quarterback. I would not give up a draft pick for Flynn.

we should go after mario williams and then draft a linebacker first round and a right tackle second round. then we should sign randy moss before new england does and we have to defend him again. brandon marshall on one side with moss ,hartline, and bess in a four reciever set would be hard to defend for anybody.

List of Packers QBs who were considered starting material after development by the Packers: Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbeck, Aaron Brooks

4 MVPs
19 Pro Bowls
4 Super Bowl Appearances and 2 wins
Held all-time franchise passing records for Packers, Jaguars, Saints and Seahawks (though Brees broke Aaron Brooks's records)

That doesn't even count Kurt Warner, who the Packers signed out of college.

Brunell, Hasselbeck, Rodgers and Brooks never had a start prior to being given the keys to the franchise. None of these guys were busts. The Packers are batting 4 for 4 on guys who came out of Green Bay's system being considered possible starters.

Aaron Brooks was the worst of them, by a lot, and he still led the NFC in TDs one year out of the 4 he started.

Like Flynn, none of these 4 guys had any real regular season experience before getting the keys to the franchise.

Also like Flynn, most were not especially well regarded coming out of college. Rodgers is really the exception, being drafted at the end of the first round. As for the rest: Brunell - 5th round; Hasselbeck - 6th round; Aaron Brooks - 4th round. Being drafted low is meaningless. The Packers are good at finding Qbs in low rounds (again, even signing Kurt Warner off the street) and are even better at developing them.

With this track record, Flynn is a lot less risky than RG3. This is especially true because he can probably be acquired for less than RG3 too, even if the Packers franchise him.

Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

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