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Grassroots movement encourages Manning signing

There's a grassroots movement in town to bring Peyton Manning to Miami. No, I'm not talking about Dolphins owner Stephen Ross's intentions of having his team chase Manning.

I'm talking about the folks that put up a billboard close to the intersection of Interstate 95 and Interstate 595 near the team's Davie, Florida practice facility.


The movement's website is manningtomiami.com and in trying to explain its mission statement it asks rhetorically, "How many wins is Manning worth? When's the last time we the fans have had an "impact" quarterback? What about the most cerebral quarterback of all time?

"Get behind this movement and let your vote be your voice and make a difference!"

The site also has sponsors so I suppose the mission statement is also to make money. And I applaud the entrepenurial spirit of the work. I also respect that folks with an opinion and a passion get off their duff and turn an idea into a tangible work.

But ...

It doesn't change my mind about the wisdom of Manning. (I'm not for it).I doubt it moves the Dolphins one way or another because they are not sending out ballots to fans to listen to their voice. I also doubt it will move Manning one way or another if he eventually reaches a moment where he has to decide where to play other than Indianapolis.

Still, good job by the website and billboard folks. I wonder if they'll debate the issue as we do here -- because it is not a slam dunk. I wonder if they will answer the serious questions about signing a 35-year-old (36 in March) quarterback with a great career to his credit, but also with a serious nerve damage history.

By the way, this is your chance to show your creativity. If you wanted to put up a billboard near the Dolphins facility, what would it read?

Go ...


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The most competitive QB's=the most comeback victories.

New billboard - "Trade Ross - Kraft to Miami" - make it so...

All I want for my birthday is for the Dolphins to trade 3 1st rounds picks for RG3!!!

My billboard:


If Miami is able to get Manning (he has to pass a physical), then with the 8th (9th) pick, the Dolphins take an O-lineman as insurance. If they pass and decide to go with Flynn, they take a pass-rusher (probably Ingram). Then, they take whomever is available somewhere around Rounds 3 thru 7. They pass on another QB in the second. They either take the most solid player they can find with their 2nd Round pick or trade it back for another pick in later rounds. That's what I predict.

For sale : NFL franchise...inquiries welcome.

I'm a dumb, way to loyal, Miami fan and proud of it!!

If Manning is available then go get him. The worse thing that could happen is Moore gets the shot he deserves.

The coaching staff can implement their changes and none would really be tied to Manning. If this does not work then Ross probably would take all the heat.

You take Flynn or Tenhill and throw him to the wolves because if you bring them in, especially Flynn, you are saying they are going to be the new starter. So if they fail then the coaching staff will be thrown under the bus so fast that we could spend the next five years wandering in the dark.

Flynn is this years Kolb.
Tennhill would be all right to draft if he is their in the 3rd, but if you make him a number one pick then you are saying he starts and he isn't our man. And not as good as Moore at this point in time.

Manning at 70% is better than most. Plus you get the ultimate side line coach. We listened to all these people once before when we said Brees just didn't have the arm left after surgery.

It is time for the Miami Dolphins to take a big risk, one that might not work out, but this risk must be taken if presented to us.

Go Miami, and He!! Yes I'M a Proud, Stupid, Idiotic, Loyal DolFan, just like my daddy raised me!!!!!And if you are typing here you should be as well.

Got cut off, Flynn vs. Manning, it's 70 % Flynn over Manning! Manning should retire, one bad hit could put him in a wheelchair.
Posted by: redsky | February 22, 2012 at 06:18 PM

really, not true...and any hit could put anyone in a wheelchair

Remember they said Pennington was washed up but he led us to 11 wins and playoffs after 1-15 season. no problem to sign manning and draft Tennehill to learn....

Easy breezy... The only billboard that matters...FIRE Ireland and destroy Ross

Wrong wallyfin! Manning more vulnerable than healthy QB.

You think I am going to invest in an aging QB waiting on nerve regeneration to happen? Are you high? I'm not signing any QB that can't throw the football.

Ross probably is behind the billboard thing. If a healthy Manning is a FA; Manning is a Dolphin.

That's the problem, Manning not heathy.com

How do you know that? Alot of mixed reports on his health.


Manning+Miami=Paradise restored

Peyton-Restoring a tradition Rich History is the stuff of NFL Folklore!!

The Aqua and Orange await!

This message was approved by Dan Marino.

fin4life, I copied and sent your posts out on e-mail. When I came back to the blog, your posts are gone. Imagine that.

too easy: "Take our owner, please"

You think I am going to invest in an aging QB waiting on nerve regeneration to happen? Are you high? I'm not signing any QB that can't throw the football.

Jeff I. | February 22, 2012 at 09:32 PM

Here in lies the problem, he put together workouts at Duke University and couldn't throw an out or a pass across his body. The footage was all over youtube after a Duke OL let the cat out of the bag. The players who caught for him said he had nothing on the ball, NFL Network was all over this with a report from Micheal Lombardi. In exactly 24 Hrs. the footage disappeared of the web and the NFL Net. stopped the reports, I believe out of respect and the footage was probably something his agent and handlers had pulled real quick.

It's troubling info. for anybody thinking about committing money. I only see this if Peyton were to accept an incentive laden deal but you'll always have the Dan Snyder's of the world looking to give up ridiculous sums of money making this a dicey proposition to say the very least.

Manning is too smart to join this pathetic circus.....

fin4life, I copied and sent your posts out on e-mail. When I came back to the blog, your posts are gone. Imagine that.

let the Badger out | February 22, 2012 at 10:21 PM


Imagine that? I thought NO subject was TABOO?? That was neither offensive nor insulting but fact! A fact I for one would love to hear a credible response to, oh well!

Fin4, right on bro!

Get rid of the Parcells stench. FIRE IRELAND

Liberal media protects its boys.


After Yrs. of serving the public I figured you for one would find those posts interesting reading. My Bro in Law is a Fireman and he and his Company are worried given their 40% reduction and pensions tied up in the Marlins new Ballpark which they refer to as PENSION STADIUM.

The Dolphins should move into the Marlins new stadium. Domed, air-conditioned and beautiful.

Liberal media protects its boys.

let the Badger out | February 22, 2012 at 10:48 PM


That's just it, the report is neither Liberal, Conservative or Centrist. It's FACT of BAD Gov. policy run out of control!

Incredible shots being made on match-play golf tournament on golf channel.

The Dolphins should move into the Marlins new stadium. Domed, air-conditioned and beautiful.

MJ | February 22, 2012 at 10:51 PM

You might be on to something here! Then maybe Ross will bring back the 1:00 P.M. Kick off for his fanbase that wilts in the heat. (Dripping Sarcasm!)

Incredible shots being made on match-play golf tournament on golf channel.

let the Badger out | February 22, 2012 at 10:53 PM


I'm busy watching paint dry, LOL! You watch that pseudo "Sport"

It's not for everybody. I understand the difficulty, therefore I have an appreciation for it.

Fin4, got your back! Pension Stadium is right!

Can people at least do some research? His neck is 100% healed. He is not one hit away from being a paraplegic like most on here think. This has been reported for the past 2 weeks by multiple outlets. It's all about his nerves regenerating and how many good years he has left if healthy. Yeah, I'd probably rather have Flynn too but acting like Peyton Manning would be the worst thing Miami could do this off-season is dumb. At 80% he's better then Matt Moore, Kyle Orton, Jason Campbell, and any other rookie not named Luck or RGIII

If they don't address the QB position, the billboard should read: "Lets kick Ireland's ASS!"

All the dueschebags that wanted orton, vince young, Kolb and McNabb are the ones that don't want Manning.

They still haven't gotten over missing out on Brady Quinn. Bunch of pathetic parroting losers lol.

Fin4! Great stuff!



I've been reading some posts on Packers blogs by Packers fans and they are (1) afraid the Packers will franchise Flynn and nobody will try and trade for him and (2) talking about who would be stupid enough to give him a huge contract as a free agent.
Even Packers fans don't think he's worth it.

Ireland blew it by not drafting ANY QB last year. It was widely considered the best QB draft in 20 years with 14 QB’s drafted. Instead he wasted 3 picks on a soon to be 3rd string RB. How long do we have to put up with his stupidity?

By the way while I agree with some aspects of what the College Law student has to say I have serious misgivings about a large portion of his line of thinking as well. I think that's why we will never agree and must just agree to be disagreeable and at the end of the day I guess that's what makes us who we are as Americans.


Lou, the Fins FO is as stupid as it gets.



I wonder why John J Wall wanna blame everyone but self?

He sure try to deflect all blame.

Oh well, go ahead tap my phones and read my mail. after all you never could find the weapons. But it OK, get 500, 000 American boys killed, you'll find those weapons some day.

The biggest pot ever calling the kettle black.






Let me know when someone starts a petition for ANY of the following:

Fire Ireland.com
Ross Sell The Team.com
Manning to ANYWHERE BUT Miami.com
Give Me A Super Bowl Before I Die.com

I will be glad to sign any of these but I don't want to part with the money that Manning is going to want and I DON'T think he will fully recover nerve function in his tricep. (Although, I DO hope he does since I am not a jerk!)

Dopey reporter say, "We need elite QB" and "We no have franchise QB that why we suck".
Phuc say every team with franchise QB win Super Bowl every year.
Look at proof, all teams here win SB every year with franchise QB:
Romo- Win SB every year
Rivers- Win SB every year
Marino- win SB every year
Ryan- Win playoff game every year
Stafford - Win SB every year
Cutler- Win SB every year
McNabb- Won SB every year
Hasselback- Win SB every year
Not to mention these QB's that also win the SB every year: Manning, Rogers, Brees, Manning, Manning & Brady
Dopey reporter correct.
Dopey reporter not stupid.
Dopey reporter know 1 thing guarantee win SB every year: Franchise QB
Only thing better than franchise QB? That easy: franchise QB that come in at age 21 and stay for 18 years and win SB every year like Marino.
Fans know before every season that they automatically win SB with franchise QB: just ask San Diego, Dallas and Atlanta

How about HirePolian.com.

Does anyone know if Ireland is a hermaphrodite? That might explain Ross's attraction to it.

Why hire polian? Everyone saw what his team was like without manning.equal to a marino era team without marino...... Not very good.

Here is one for the billboard ,How far can a manning with a bum wing fly the Miami Dolphins?.........................ALL THE WAY TO THE CRASH SITE.

Flynn is not a upgrade. Matt Moore is 20th in the Top 50 QBs and Flynn is 21st. If he would have played more than 1 game he never would have made the list. Don't waste the money on him he won't pan out.

Billboard should say "Dolphin Toxic waste dump".

RG3 in the '1-3

Manning won't come to Miami! OSHA and AARP both will not let a man in a wheelchair play professional football.

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