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Grassroots movement encourages Manning signing

There's a grassroots movement in town to bring Peyton Manning to Miami. No, I'm not talking about Dolphins owner Stephen Ross's intentions of having his team chase Manning.

I'm talking about the folks that put up a billboard close to the intersection of Interstate 95 and Interstate 595 near the team's Davie, Florida practice facility.


The movement's website is manningtomiami.com and in trying to explain its mission statement it asks rhetorically, "How many wins is Manning worth? When's the last time we the fans have had an "impact" quarterback? What about the most cerebral quarterback of all time?

"Get behind this movement and let your vote be your voice and make a difference!"

The site also has sponsors so I suppose the mission statement is also to make money. And I applaud the entrepenurial spirit of the work. I also respect that folks with an opinion and a passion get off their duff and turn an idea into a tangible work.

But ...

It doesn't change my mind about the wisdom of Manning. (I'm not for it).I doubt it moves the Dolphins one way or another because they are not sending out ballots to fans to listen to their voice. I also doubt it will move Manning one way or another if he eventually reaches a moment where he has to decide where to play other than Indianapolis.

Still, good job by the website and billboard folks. I wonder if they'll debate the issue as we do here -- because it is not a slam dunk. I wonder if they will answer the serious questions about signing a 35-year-old (36 in March) quarterback with a great career to his credit, but also with a serious nerve damage history.

By the way, this is your chance to show your creativity. If you wanted to put up a billboard near the Dolphins facility, what would it read?

Go ...


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fin4life, I work for a firm that supplies pension plans and retirement plans to municipal employees. The stadium has absolutely nothing with their pension. The state of Florida provides and manages the pensions for city and state employees including teachers, firemen, and police. The city of Miami was the entity that financed the stadium. They did so with funds from a separate account and cash flow from tourist taxes, and issuance of GO municipal bonds. The change is a state mandated 3% contribution by municipal employees to the state pension fund. 3% is not an onerous contribution. You in-law may be talking about the state phasing out a program called DROP that let's employees work 5 more years after retirement age with their pension money managed by the state. This has zero to do with the stadium.

RG3 for 3, I'd give up 3 first round picks for him. Dolphins have shown they will waste the picks anyway. We all know they will botch this draft, probably will over draft a QB in round 2 again, ala Pat White and Chad Henne......

Since when has Dolphins ownership listened to the fans about any decision.

I can't believe someone actually paid money for that.

Same Stupid People with The Suck for Luck Campaign turns into Manning to Miami. Stupid People.

My Billboard would read:

Note to Ireland,

We need (and Mr. Ross wants) a top tier QB and you drafted Chad Henne and Pat White. Time is ticking...

Parcells is gone, Sparano too, Ireland next? It's your move.

NO, No, No to Manning. Bandaid fixes will not work. We have tried it many times and it has yet to work. It just puts farther back. Go for broke or go home. And put on your big boy pants. I have been a fan since day one of this team.

Ireland is an amateur. Manning is done. Matt Moore deserves to start. Good riddance, Chad. Replace Marc Colombo with the top available offensive tackle in the 1st round. Replace Vernon Carey with the top offensive guard available in the 2nd round. There is nothing wrong with Anthony Fasano. After round 2, we need to focus on defense. We need to add two defensive linemen, one linebacker, one safety, and one cornerback.

The chasing and the possible signing of Manning will just prove how out of touch Ross and Ireland are. It is silly at best. Whats wrong with this team?

I would put up two billboards, both for Mr. Ross.

1) Fire Ireland!

2) Sell the team!

I log on this site and see some good comments dont agree with all but thats a good thing. then you get the morons fire Ireland ,no one wants to come to maimi because of ireland , what a load of #@#%^$ if anything it sad little man like these so called fans. the admin is not your concern do you go to work and tell the owner of your buissness to fire your supervisor ,i doubt it you wouldnt have a job or your one of the I work for myself while sitting in dive drinking drought beer all day, just shut up!

ha, agree with dusty bottoms, the casual fan is dumb... matt moore will probably still be quarterback next season too

Fire Jeff Ireland!

I couldn't agree more

Website not available but my vote is NO!

My sign would read:


That's it.

Sign Blackmon.

Hurricane Payton making landfall in Miami.

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