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Time to remove emotion out of Parcells dislike

I know many Dolphins fans do not appreciate Bill Parcells.

Those fans see the Parcells time in Miami as a waste. They see Parcells as someone who came in, collected four years worth of salary for 34 months worth of work, and then cruised without leaving the Dolphins any different than they were when he took over as the club's ultimate football authority.

I don't see it that way soI want to take today, when Parcells makes his first attempt at being voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as the occasion to make my case.

Unpopular, my opinion? Probably.

But lay aside your emotions and consider the facts:

When Parcells took over the organization the Dolphins were a joke coming off a 1-15 season. They were the worst team in the NFL.

But on the day he took over they had instant credibility. The jokes stoppped. That was worth something.

Within six months they had Jake Long on the roster. Say whatever you will about Long, but his current career arc is not just of going to Pro Bowls, it is of someday being a Hall of Fame candidate as well. That was worth something.

Within 12 months of being hired the Dolphins made the playoffs by winning the AFC East title. Make whatever apologies for that  you will -- the weak schedule, the fact Tom Brady was injured, whatever -- but the facts do not change. The Dolphins went to the playoffs after winning the division and that felt good at the time. It was a good feeling being relevant again -- no matter how fleeting the feeling was. That was worth something.

Parcells presided over three drafts in which he had ultimate power. And in those drafts the Dolphins blew two second-round picks on quarterbacks. I grant you that. But he never got a first rounder wrong. Unlike Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstedt, Nick Saban and Cam Cameron, Parcells got three good players -- Long, Vontae Davis and Jared Odrick -- out of three first-round picks. Not a bust among them. Dismiss that if you wish, but the facts are there wasn't a John Bosa, Yatil Green, John Avery, Ted Ginn or Jason Allen in the group. That was worth something.

Now Parcells is gone from Miami. And he failed to deliver a championship to the organization. But one of his two key hires is still running the football side of the team. Parcells hired Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland and while Sparano failed and was fired, Ireland remains. I know many of you do not like Ireland, but that doesn't change the fact he's still running the show. And if he fails, then the two Parcells hires will go down as disasters. But if Ireland succeeds, Parcells should similarly get credit for bringing in a guy who helped the organization.

Disagree with that notion? Then you must disagree with Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin and all the pundits that matter covering Sunday's Super Bowl. This Super Bowl matches two former Parcells disciples as head coaches. Both have talked extensively about how Parcells affected their careers and was responsible for shaping their approaches. In that regard, this is a Bill Parcells Super Bowl. And if Jeff Ireland, whose chief mentor was Parcells, molds the Dolphins into a Super Bowl team, there is no way a logical person cannot understand the importance of Parcells in that.

So hate on Bill Parcells if you wish. He is not Nick Saban in that he never lied. He is not Johnson in that he never promised a championship in three years. He was the anti-Cameron in that rather than going 1-15 in year one, he delivered a division title in year one.

If that still leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, that's your business. I believe the Dolphins are better off now than they were when Parcells took over in 2008.

And I believe his entrance into the Hall of Fame is assured -- if not today, then soon.


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Fire Ireland and get rid of the Parcells stench.

The Dolphins still suck, whats your point? Parcells was a huge waste of time and money.

I agree with all your points Mando. I still have distaste for Parcels though for leaving without getting us back to a consistent winner like he did at all his previous stops. I knew he was a mercenary hire but he left before the job was finished.

Parcells is an overrated piece of trash who has done nothing in 25 years and we all fell for the hype me included, screw parcells!!!!

I am still excited about the Game tomorrow.

Bill Parcells probably should be a favorite to make it (10th all-time in wins, two Super Bowl wins, took four franchises to the playoffs), but you never know how much momentum new guys will have in the room among the 44 voters. Some of the voters aren't fond of the prickly Parcells, but he does have more wins than the four coaches -- Marv Levy, George Allen, John Madden and Hank Stram -- who've been enshrined since 2000, and none of them have more Super Bowl rings than Parcells.

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/peter_king/02/03/super.bowl.xlvi.preview/index.html#ixzz1lQT5kzkR

You talk like Parcells had worked some magic to found a late-round gem in Jake Long. But he had the n°1 pick!
Miami was the last stop of a long career. The worst stop.

He also brought in NoodleArm without giving him a physical which led to the BACKDOOR wildcat to cover it up.
That made every player, employee and fan of this team look like a h omo.

Of course he belongs in the HOF. He had his faults, at times thinking he was God in Football, and made his mistakes, but overall, a shoe-in.

I wouldn't be so sure, ALoco. Defense wins Champioships. Now, which Defence?

Ultimate power corrupts.....Parcells WAS a good head coach once. And regarding Long, he was the number one pick in the draft for God's sakes.


Since when did the fans of this team pay any attention to FACTS...it's all emotion...and they are hot because there's been no Super Bowl Championship in close to 40 years and no appearance in close to 30.

The FACTS are: Parcells is the 10th winninget coach of all time, who has won more games than some of the coaches already in the Hall, including Marv Levy. He's taken 4 different teams to the playoffs. He's developed great coaches under him, including Bellichick, Payton and Coughlin, amongst others.

Regardless of how the Ireland era ends in Miami, it will NOT be a disaster. Cam Cameron WAS a disaster. So far, it's not good enough....but it's NOT a disaster....a little perspective people.

OVERATED!I'm tired of ESPN putting this guy on a pedestal.They always highlight his accomplishments, but never his failures. We were 1-15. That's rock bottom eventually the team would get better. We improved from awful to mediocre. Great Job Tuna!

Uff! I forgot wth I was going to write. I think I'll go cook something.

You're not going to change most of the people on here's opinion of him Armando. I agree with you and obviously the Hall of Fame voters do too...

People are welcome to their opinions. They can think whatever they want. Not looking to spend time trying to change them.

Enjoy the day guys.....rest up for the big game!

IMHO odins behavior with all those reposts is totally indefensible and disrespectful. Mature people can just ignore the posters they don't like. Odin constantly pollutes the blog with endless stupid garbage responses and provokes them on. Good riddance. Let him find a new mud puddle to play in.

Dolphins still have a joke of an owner and a clown for a gm....how is this changed since 2008???

Armando, did you get a big hug from parcells or ireland in one of those "PriVate" interviews or something*lmao*

The idea that Long should be a HOFer because he was the No. 1 pick is stupid. There have been a ton of busts as the No. 1 pick.

Parcells not only picked the right guy, he picked the best guy. That does not always happen. IN fact, it often doesn't.

So Parcells should get credit for picking the best guy.

Road Rage, going from 1-15 to 11-5 is not going from awful to mediocre.

11-5 and in the playoffs is way better than mediocre.

Parcels was a great nfl figure the stats prove it. But if one playoff appearance in three years is ok. Well look at the falcons they too wanted parcels they have made it to the playoffs every year. This is all I'm saying he was suppose to come in here and turn the franchise around well now after he left we end up 31-33 in the record area. So what did he change. How did he turn the franchise around. How many playoffs have we been too. I believe herm Edwards said it best " you play to win the game". That's all that matters not what he did before or after what he did here and based on that he failed

With our record of blowing 2nd rounders and Pat White is the poster child for that, we ought to just pass this time

Parcells WAS a failure.

Yes, he turned a terrible team into a mediocre team before quitting but the NFL is designed so that terrible teams can't do anything else but improve (see Detroit Lions, SF 49ers etc. etc.)

So yes, mediocre is better than terrible but the pompous phony underachieved here in much the same way as he did with the Patriots, Jets and Cowboys.

So, instead of getting the HOF Parcells, we got the "not a disaster Parcells"....the "so far, not good enough Parcells"


Anybody notice a few posts back fin4life had a post complaining to Armando about being copied or something and now its gone!

Good coach, but there was a reason why most owners didn't want him to have full control. You've just witnessed why the last few years.

Please, Long has been hurt the past two years, Pennington fell into our lap and the coaching staff he assembled sucked. Ireland may end up being a good GM but at this juncture most people hate him. Parcells was the same as everyone we brought into this organization to improve it, a big name who lost his edge and hunger. The new staff we have now is what we should have done 10 years ago.

HOF's are evaluated on their entire career. Not a bad game or bad season. Parcells is being evaluated as a HC, not VP of operations.


BP was NEVER the coach of the Miami Dolphins.

I appreciate your point of view, however after the way parcells treated jason taylor...I would argue he does not deserve the benefit of a doubt.

Sorry, we're closed.

Bill Parcells = Peter Principle. He finally got to 'shop for the groceries' in Miami. Thanks a lot pal

i agree

I just think a lot of fans want to see just the negative side of things lately

Mando......let go of Bill's pocket!!!!

John Bosa, Yatil Green, John Avery, Ted Ginn, and Jason Allen weren't #1 overall picks, and Parcells clearly picked Long out of sheer terror of making a mistake.

Fans in Atlanta must find it hilarious that we're even discussing the possibility that Parcells might possibly not have been a huge disappointment.

Let's not forget that the two SB coaches have good players- probably a bigger reason for their winning seasons than their acquaintance with Bill.

Parcells left us with Sparano and Irescum. NUFF SAID!

Armando this is a waste of a read. He is HOF material for what he did from 81-97. I appreciate one good Miami draft. He left all of South FL and the rest of the fin nation with a terrible case of the Ireland Flu....No antibiotics can touch it. I moved on from his cash grabbing ass a long time ago. Please focus on the 2012 Dolphins staff, players and fans from now on and stop ripping band aids off their old wounds...

Fat man also drafted suck boy henne because he wouldnt cost much. Look where that got them. 4 years of wasted time.

How could you be so blind?! He was horrible, plain and simple. You also say that Ireland learned from him and we all know he has no idea whats hes doing. He drafted Long (HoF bound) but that was the number 1 overall pick. The rest of the draft sucked for us. The rest of the drafts have been busts. Failed to pick a star or pro bowler the rest of the drafts after that. Best thing he did was step out of the way for Brandon Marshall. Sadly its also why I dislike him. Half ass a job for two years then step down because hes getting payed regardless for the two years after. Made the playoffs once and did nothing. Nice feat but thats nothing to praise him over. I agree he was never cam cameron nor Dave W but none had big names like Parcells did. Nick Saban has more dislike from my heart though. Horrible decade for the Dolphins all around. Open your eyes please


That is because they couldn't have been any worse. The guys sucks!

First couple sentences into reading Mando's article and you could tell he backs Parcells. Buck Parcells.

Mando- if your whole argument is predicated on Ireland turning out to be a successful "hire", good luck with that. And good luck to all of us.

Armando said >> Parcells got three good players -- Long, Vontae Davis and Jared Odrick -- out of three first-round picks. Not a bust among them.

You had better take a ride on the ZIP LINE because you need to clear that noggin...

Not a BUST among them?

Just what has Vontae and Ordrick done for us Armando?

Please enlighten us with a good story on accomplishments they had.

Secondary SUCKS... SUCKS and SUCKS.

Once again you are settling on being average and having a good cover now and then. NO consistency.

And BTW... Parcells SUCKS and to ME.. Hasn't been a winner ever since Belichick let his phat arse.

If it was not for Belichick Parcells would have been FIRED. Belichick MADE parcells not the other way around. Although the media spins it that way and Kings Tuna.

Hey Parcells.. Hope you DO NOT get into the HOF.

He is the most overrated blow hard ever to make a reporter drool. I don't follow how you people drool over his bull.

Agreed, Mando... Dolphins fans hating on Bill Parcells need to keep things in perspective... a ton of the core of our team was DRAFTED by parcells... that is definitely something of worth. Henne didn't work out, but he was great value at the pick he was taken in the 2nd round. Just look back to the "Ginn/Beck" 1st and 2nd round combo versus the "Long/Henne" combo... both went to Michigan, Long is a future HOF'er potentially, and Henne was frustrating, but he was surely better than Beck.

And for anyone who says, "what about jake long, he was the #1 pick overall.." just remember, reggie bush was almost the #1 overall pick before the texans went for mario williams... and for a #1 pick (and even in the top three), he was an epic bust. he's done well for us, but he's no jake long, nor is he even close to mario williams.

Bryan Jacobs,

or you are a #1 pick or you aren't. RB was "almost" is a figment of your imagination. My grandmother can also almost fly!

Jared Odrick had six sacks, an interception, a forced fumble and two batted passes during the season.

If he does that every year, he'd be one of our best DL of the past decade. He's not a bust.

God, some people are retarded.

If winning is the main barometer by which successful coaches and GM's are measured then...you are right, "The Big Tuna" deserves to be "canned" in Canton.


Your admiration of Parcells is fine and you are likely correct that he will make the HOF. However, let's separate his time with the Dolphins .... like you say ":without emotion". Parcells did change the culture with the Dolphins, I'll give you that; however, you cannot overlook the schedule in Parcells YR 1. That schedule,combined with an innovative WILDCAT formation surprised a few teams and got the team into the playoffs. But Parcells, and his staff, were unable to maintain this trajectory! How can you call that successful. Parcells time here was part of a grander scheme; let's face it Armando. Wayne Huizenga is a smart businessman, he knew that he needed a big name and a greatly improved team (even if it was S/Term) to boost the franchise value. Parcells was brought in to increase the team selling price, it was a good idea as it worked brilliantly. The moment the sale took place that SLOTH Parcells was essentially done, his mission complete. Sure, he left us Ireland and Sparano I prefer Sparano to Ireland but we'll see)

Everyone comparing drafts and results from our past coaches and management is seeing everything in the wrong light. You are comparing a "genius" to nobodies. Compare Parcells to Shula... Exactly! Every coach/management has sucked after Shula but Parcells was suppose to get us back to the golden ages since he had a history of doing so and is a HoF coach but he didnt and gave up half way. To all the dolphin fans that think he did a good job better think Saban did well for us also. If not, i call you hypocrites!! @Bryan Jacobs yes a lot of our players are from his doing and guess what, we suck! So lets stop being blind to the fact that Parcells sucked it up.

Parcells was great. The key word being "was". The fact is he hasn't won a Super Bowl since he was with the Giants in 1990. Since then he's been with four franchises and for the first three he fulfilled his contracts and left the teams in a better state than when he arrived. But his departure from Miami, taking the money without continuing to work toward improving the team illustrates one thing above all else, and that is, that he isn't motivated by winning anymore. His only motivation these days is money and cashing in on his past glory. If he had been more diligent, actually worked for the money the full four years he collected it, then maybe the Dolphins wouldn't still be a rudderless ship, maybe they would have realized sooner that Tony Sparano and/or Chad Henne weren't the answer and maybe he would have found real leaders for this franchise which may or may not have led them to winning more than one division championship or at the very least hope that it might soon be within reach. And if all that had come true then maybe, just maybe, he would have been voted into the HOF today. Instead he disgraced himself, he took the money and ran and if I saw him on the street I'd tell him all of this. He betrayed the franchise. He traded Jason Taylor, another guy destined for the HOF. Not because he couldn't play anymore but because of his own enormous ego. It'd be great to say that he traded Taylor for a franchise QB. But he didn't. That's the same pick he used to draft Pat White. The fact is, the game had passed him by before he got to Miami, and he probably knew it. But he leveraged his resume to steal money from Wayne Huizienga and Ross. That's why he'll always be persona non grata in Miami. He'll probably get into the HOF, his record before Miami might have already been enough to achieve that accolade. But on behalf of Dolphin fans, as we used to say in Jersey and in terms Bill Parcells can easily understand, he can stick his plaque where the sun don't shine.


I don't think Parcells was a complete disaster for Miami, but I don't see how any credible argument can be mounted that he was a success, either.

Success in the NFL means being a contender. At the very least, it means having a better than 50% chance of making the playoffs every year. It means being a winner.

The Dolphins aren't a winner right now. They're a below average NFL team, and they've been below average for the last three years.

Are the Dolphins better off now than before Pacells got here? Well, of course they are. But that really isn't a huge complement when you consider that the Dolphins were 1 and 15 before Parcells got here. There are many NFL GMs who could get a 1-15 team back to "below average" status with decent drafting and free agent signings.

When Parcells arrived, we expected to be relevant again. We are definitely not relevant right now, and there is no guarantee that we'll be relevant again next year or even the year after that.

For that reason, I think Parcells' tenure has to be viewed as a huge disappointment.

I'm sorry but I just can't accept Yatill Green as a bust. He was tearing it up in camp then suffered a major injury.

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