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Dolphins do their homework at cornerback

What about a cornerback for the Dolphins? It sounds strange because Vontae Davis and Sean Smith are young and under contract for 2012, But the Dolphins are clearly thinking about their possibilities at the position because the club needs nickel cornerback help.

During their time at the Indianapolis combine, the Dolphins interviewed both Janoris Jenkins and Dre Kirkpatrick -- two outstanding talents with obvious red flags -- as possible cornerback additions. (No, not at No. 8 I would think.)

Kirkpatrick, an outstanding talent from the University of Alabama, was recently a charged with marijuana possession. And although the charge was dropped a couple of weeks later, the Dolphins no doubt asked the corner about the incident during their 15-minute meeting.

What might Kirkpatrick have answered?

"It was just me being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the guy that left the marijuana in the car turns himself in," Kirkpatrick said of the incident in which a friend eventually admitted the drug was his.

"He didn't want to put me in that bad situation. He signed an affidavit saying that I was unaware of the marijuana being in the car and the charges have been dropped."

Kirkpatrick talked to San Diego, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Oakland and the Dolphins while in Indianapolis. I can understand why. He's a fine player.

He talked about how he gave up a touchdown against the Florida Gators this past season. He said it was his first touchdown scored.

For the year, someone asked.

"Ever," he responded.

Jenkins is similarly talented although his history probably raises more flags and eyebrows and anything else that is raised in questionable situations. 

Jenkins originally went to Florida but was forced to finish his college career at North Alabama after a serious run of trouble. He flunked a drug test, was arrested twice for marijuana possession, and again a third time for his involvement in a bar fight.

Oh, and he's got four children by three different mothers -- a budding Antonio Cromartie, if you ask me.

"I made a few mistakes and I learned from them,” he said. “Everything I did, I did. I’m admitting it. I did it. I’m looking to put that in my past and move forward.”

Jenkins was forced to finish his college career at North Alabama after a run of trouble. He flunked a drug test, was arrested twice for marijuana possession and a third time for his involvement in a bar fight. He’s also 23, and already fathered four children by three different mothers.

"I'm pretty sure it will hurt me," Jenkins said. "but I'm looking past that, looking forward to moving on and just being successful from here on out."


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Clamoring for Flynn shows how desoerate we are for a QB.

Kris, you are consistently wrong.


tell me what questions I have asked....that lead you to that conclusion....

What in Your opinion of course....lead you to that opinion....


"You dont if we're a nuclear power"? Dude, we're brain dead and on life support. So doctors say there a proceedure that could or could not work, do you say no? That's where we sit todayu as a franchise. Hell, the surgery could kill you, but you're dead anyway if you dont.

Yesterday Gone, you too are consistently wrong. This organization has not played it safe at all. It's just that things haven't worked out. It was not playing it safe when we got Daunte Culpepper. Or Nick Saban as coach, for that matter. It was not playing it safe when we got Ricky Williams way back when we thought RBs mattered. Pat White and Tedd Ginn Jr were not playing it safe. The organization has tried, but things have not gone our way. There are about 25 teams in the league who are not the Pats, Steelers, Packers, and Giants too.

The organization has tried. Things are bound to turn soon.

There has never been a prospect like RG3 before. He is by all accounts the best throwing QB of all the running threat QB's that came before him.

Comparing RG3 to Vick makes no sense on any level.

If you are ever going to mortgage the farm on a player, RG3 fits the bill.

(Peter King's column today reports from the combine and further makes the case, at least the way I read it.)

Andruw Luck was cheated out of the Heisman by a flash in the pan athelete.Luck is a polish quaterback.All about winning football games.No kiddie socks.No frills.With just a win baby composure.No RG3.To pricey for a one year wonder.

Back to the subject of question marks at the DB position. I bet neither of the two starters had conversations with Pennington comparing notes on their final Rhodes scholarship interviews but it seems that Davis is able to make up for this with his physical talent and has a better chance of reaching his potential. Smith? I wonder.

The bright side is that we are now at least trying to shore up positions to enable the team to reach the next level, which is better than the position we found ourselves in a few years ago when a cat with a Dolphins jersey on in the defensive backfield that had a chance of tripping a streaking WR would have been considered an upgrade.

When I hear Smith and Davis speak, however, I have no doubt who would win if they took on the cat as contestants on Jeopardy.

So yeah, another starter-quality CB is something the team should be looking into finding this offseason.

Clue, Im not like other bloggers.. Do you really think Im going to go back 2 or 3 of Armando post to prove me right, its just not that serious and I dnt have time to waste. You know some of the things you posted have been redudant.


This is me you're talking to. Im fully aware once you make a cucumber a pickle, you cant turn into back into a cucmber again. That's just the mental state of some here. Cucumbers that have been turned to pickle.

At the end of the day it's Ireland who gets his way. Not any of us. So what any of us here think is totalling irrellevant to what Ireland will eventually do. We just come here to vent or boast the outcome of Jeff Ireland's decisions. Nothing more, nothing les.

I predict the Dolphins will stink again in 2012,

We cannot get RGIII no matter how much we want him. We simply don't have enough to offer.

Let me explain, again, to you simpletons. We cannot just "get RGIII" because we've decided we want him. Other teams watch the same tape we do. The other teams also see him as a potential 12-year superstar franchise QB. They want that too; they also don't want Hartline and Marshall and 2 future picks.

That being said, we are lucky to have Marshall and we have a good core team and we are indeed "close." We might even get there with one Matty Moore.

But these fantasy trade scenarios where some of you try to be smart because you've played franchise mode on Madden just can't happen, and what you idiots will fail to realize is that it won't be Ireland's fault.

News flash: the other teams want to win and please their fans too. It is not their goal in life to help the Dolphins get what the Dolphins want. When you guys suggest these one-sided trades like "let's give them Hartline plus 2 picks for Luck" you sound ignorant. That's just ignorant. They don't want Hartline and 2 picks. They too want Luck or RGIII.

YG, to be fair (to others, since I agree with you on this one) I think everyone sees how far Miami has fallen. Others just disagree on our path back.

Some believe we should solidify the team (around the QB) first, then get a QB (and we'll be ready to go). Others believe we shouldn't mortgage the future on a risk (RG3). Others think if we improve our defense, for example, we won't need an "elite" QB to win, we could win with just an ok or a good QB (like a game manager).

Some believe we just needed better Coaching. Some believe we need better talent evaluation. Some believe the Owner needs to cough up more money (and spend closer to the CAP limit).

People just have different ideas on how to improve the team. I accept that. I also accept my idea isn't guaranteed to work.

My reasoning of my idea (get a franchise QB any way possible, make it your single priority until you get one, even mortgage the future if you have to) is that we tried many of the other ideas stated, and they have not worked (as of yet). So let's try something new.

Many will see mine as a faulty option. I accept that. Doesn't mean I've yet heard any idea I personally like better. I assume others' feel the same about their ideas.


Are you posting to YOURSELF....

Is it just me, or does this Kris guy seem really, really stupid?

Oops post a @ 12:27 is for you Kris. Not like Im writing to myself.

Clue, Im not like other bloggers.. Do you really think Im going to go back 2 or 3 of Armando post to prove me right, its just not that serious and I dnt have time to waste. You know some of the things you posted have been redudant.

Posted by: Clue | February 27, 2012 at 12:27 PM


Who are you guys....and why is your SOLE PURPOSE IN LIFE to come on this BLOG...and start arguments....even if with YOURSELF.....

If ya like RG3 you have to love Tebow. He's better in every aspect of the game plus will sell tickets. Ross needs to make Denver an offer they cant refuse.

Kris, it was an honest mistake, Jeez why do you think you have to belittle other bloggers to make yourself look good?

Is it just me, or does this Kris guy seem really, really stupid?

Posted by: Tom | February 27, 2012 at 12:30 PM

You are not alone there.

Those against RGIII who support their position by pointing to Mike Vick as if that's a bad thing are wrong for 2 reasons.

First, all indications are that RGIII is a better pocket passer.

Second, however, IT IS WRONG TO SUGGEST THAT MIKE VICK IS NOT A PLAYER WHO (COULD HAVE WON) A SUPER BOWL!!! Were you paying attention? He was rouding into his prime and getting the Falcons close just as the dog fighting thing derailed everything and he went to prison.

I'm not defending or commenting on the dog fighting thing--just talking pure football.

Vick was indeed #WINNING. He had taken a team that had been terrible for many years and gotten them very close to a super bowl victory. He was getting very close just when the dog fighting thing ruined everything.

In other words, even if it is true that RGIII is "another Mike Vick," that's not a bad thing (as long as the similarities don't include a federal prison sentence right in the middle of RGIII"s prime).

Vick was a winner and was poised to take the Falcons to the promised land.

Tom, Kris isn't stupid. As I'm reading him, he thinks RG3 will be a bust. He loves his team, so he doesn't want his team to make what (to him) would be a huge mistake.

Me and others don't see it that way. But, if Kris is ultimately right, then this discussion would have been very prescient on his part.

I agree: Kris is very stupid.

troll killa,

Duante Culppeper? Dont make laugh. This franchise was again "playing it safe" using proven players but on the backend of thier careers. Marshall and Dansby are clearly the biggest balls this franchise has shown post Shula.

We had a chance to draft a qb 1st overall and took an olineman. When we have taken risks they were terrible ones. See Gerbril et all...

For once lets take a risk on a guy with upside totally off the charts. No more Wilford or Gebrils! Nor washed up or low ceiling qb's. Dont pay $50 million for a 7th rd qb with only two career starts.

RG3 being a legit 2nd overall pick and plays a position we have sucked at as a franchise for far too long. Says it all!

I find it hard to understand why some people can not get even excited at the possibility to draft a player like RG3 no matter what he does. The naysayers kept arguing he was the next Pat White, not tall enough, LOL so much for that.

He then aces the press conference and by all accounts blew everyone away in the one on one interviews with teams, including the Phins. He ran a Vickesque 40 and now people label him a run first type of QB, are you insane? Have you watched Baylor games at all? He always looks to pass first and then he ran, by the way with a horrendous line. He made -the now all of the sudden human after the combine- Kendall Wright look like DeSean Jackson.

Then I hear people knocking him down as a one year wonder. ARFKidding me? He was a starter from year one at Baylor, and excelled at it until he did get hurt. To those also knocking him down for this durability, the guy recovered fully and came back even stronger and better; that speaks volumes about his discipline and work ethic.

He is very smart measured by his academic success -since grade school, was raised by a military family, and has all the values you want in the face of your franchise mainly Christian just like that Tebow fellow in Denver who Ross loves so much. On the last edition of SI there was an article about Baylor athletics rise and it was mentioned an episode where RG3 pleaded to the school's president, none other than Bart Starr (!) for a teammate who had been suspended for violating a rule for the second time. He did not plea to get him back in uniform but to at least give the guy a chance to stay in school for this academic welfare instead of throwing the guy to a more than likely downward spiral, all while alleging the Christian values at a school like Baylor, a baptist school. Hall of famer Starr was thoroughly impressed.

RG3 is not a lock to be a star but you've got to like his chances.

Ryan isn't even #10 in this league. No way was he worth a #1 overall pick and that price tag.


It is nothing more than the same Troll posting in differnt names...Much the same way CLUE started a his post @ 12:27 as if he was posting to CLUE....

Clearly he forgot which screen name he wasm posting under....

Tom, or dick, or harry for that matter....doesn't bother me in the least....

They offed nothing football related...and who ever posted it...is certainly entilted to their opinion....

Hey Guys,

pretty lame that same person is signing in under 15 different names to say Kris is stupid, lol.


My biggest concern in all of this is that when the music stops we will be left with NOBODY to improve the position. Enough teams need QB's that it is possible we end up settling because our guy was taken. I hope we get some sort of future hope at the QB position when this off-season ends.

Luck is Polish?

Like polish power Ivan putski?

Kris, are you some sort of retard. I can understand why you get bashed by many bloggers your an idiot. I simply forgot to write your name and instead wrote mine and now Im a troll, your a damn fool.

and DC...

I don't think RG3 will be a bust...not @ all....I just wonder if he is worth the risk of trading up....If he fell to us....I would be more THAN HAPPY to take him @ number 8....and not giving up a plethora of picks....


I amost started this post with writing my name....

BUT....I realized that since NOBODY EVERn writes THEY'RE OWN NAME to start a post....I didn't do it....

and you accuse me of being a retard....lol...


I agree, a CB is fine. An OLB too. Basically here it is in simplicity: Best Playmaker Available in the first round - excluding ONLY RBs. CB, SS, OLB, ILB, DE, DT, TE, WO, Whatever. QB is more complicated, but I'll defer that. And obvious we have plenty of RBs to choose from now, so don't need those. Hell, trade one to move up.
Trade Bush? Not crazy. LaMichael James would do just as well in the WCO, and we could replace him in the 3rd round. As long as it was for a package to move up for Griffin.
So either spend your wad to move up for Griffin, or take BPA in the 1st.

RG3 = a poor mans Tim Tebow

Ohio Dolfan,

SETTLE? Settling is like being at the club and being afraid to go after the hot chick because you dont believe you can get her. Dude, the only faliar is not to try. Not to try is to "settle" for mediocrity.

Even "second place" is for the "first loser"!

Kris, I guess youve never made a mistake before. Your the perfect person at everything in life right?, trolling is for kids and I'm far from being a kid. So you can believe me or eat sh*t, I can care less what you do.


i think we agree then right? I was saying hope we don't end up settling for someone else because of not being aggressive enough to go after someone.

YG, good point on drafting the O lineman. That was terrible, as is Long.

I agree with those who think it would be good to get RGIII. I'm saying I don't think we can whether we want to or not--we don't have enough to offer. Other teams want him too. They don't want Hartline.


It may not matter to you if I believe you...

but just so there is NO confusion...

I DON'T....

Good day sir.....

We missed out on Drew Brees and Matt Ryan and each botch set us back 5 years.


If RG3 can be one of the top 8 qb's over the next 10-12yrs he would be worth whatever we have to pay to get him. If he's consistently one of the top 8 qb's over this period(10-12yrs). That's nearly a guarranteed 7-9 playoff appearances during that time.

More than enough chances to get at least one sb championship. To date we've only had 2-3 playoff appearances over the last 13 seasons. No wonder we have no sb appearances nor championships. Strength comes in number. RG3 gives us great chance at that.

I'm not sure I want to join the RG3 fray here, but here's my take for what it's worth.
He's a freak of nature, and a player that we will not see again for a very long time.
Even if he didn't run good, ...he's very smart, good size and weight for a QB, throws a nice ball, has plenty of arm strength, and wins. And his TD/Int ratio is 6:1. Understand that? No other QB prospect in this draft comes close to that. And he did it with Baylor's talent versus the rest of the Big 12, and STILL had his team in the title hunt.
Luck and Griffin are ridiculous - and the rest look average in comparison. Barkley is very good, but he isn't freakish talent. He isn't one-in-a-million. Griffin and Luck both are.
Whoever get them will be set for their career, and will simply have to build the remaninder of the team.
So there, my take.
That said, I doubt we'll get Griffin, but I expect us to try.
In the meantime I'll concentrate on figuring out a way to convince the FO that Cousins or Weeden is a better option than Tannehill or Flynn.

troll killah,

I wont be pissed if we dont get RG3. I'll just be pissed if Ireland doesnt even try. I need this guy to show me he has the balls to try and make this team great. Playing it safe aint happening. The post Shula years has taught us well.

YG I agree. It would be so freakin' cool if I'm wrong and we somehow get RGIII. I hope I'm wrong.

DC, any thoughts about possibly upgrading the QB position?

Now, if the Rams just like some team's offer better than our absolute best offer. I can live with that. Then we just trade down for a pass rusher or corner.

I still wouldnt like the prospects of drafting a qb 1st rd after Luck or RG3. There's no guarantee that guy would be better Matt Moore. But I definitely would draft the best available qb 2nd rd and develop him a couple seasons behind Moore.

Well, if RGIII is as great a draft prospect (with the highest upside ever like you say), then why are the Colts still taking Luck? Hmm...

There are reasons for these things, folks. Just as there are reasons that Tannehill is ranked as the #3 QB available. Yes, Henne was also ranked #3 in the year he was drafted. It's not a perfect system by any means.

As long as Miami makes a conscious effort to address the QB issue this year, we should be fine. A free-agent would be best. But, a good rookie may surprise. They have to do something or Ireland's outta here!

This draft class is weak at DB. That's why they're at least talking to some potential corners. We've heard it before..."due diligence". Mando needs to stop trying to create controversy every off season just because he doesn't have anything to write about. Duh!

Matt Ryan passes for 4,200 yeards, 29 tds, 12 int.

Henne has slightly more tds than that in his whole career. Yeah, glad we passed on him. Some people here are beyond stupid.


I don't disagree with anything you said @ 12:55....its just the price that has me iffy....RG3 # number 8 sounds great.....

RG3 @ #2...and 2-3 years of TOP draft choices gone...well...now he sounds a little less appealing....

Remember....people still make a stink about the Thomas trade up...and that was a 5 and a 7th....

I wish we could get some attractive girls in here.......that would scare the trolls away for sure

Agree exactly. Except I see no reason to trade down. There's ome definite studs available right where we're at.
But if we trade dwon to say 15, and get an extra 3rd, I can live with that. But 15 is about as far as I'd want to go. Studs avail seem to be from 1-15 ish this year.

off subject: Floyd from ND has risen bigtime in the draft. Anyone like the idea of drafting another WO in the 1st. I wasn't necessarily before, but I'd pliable.
Experts seem to be high on him before, just wondered about his speed, and he passed the test.

RG3 @ #2...and 2-3 years of TOP draft choices gone...well...now he sounds a little less appealing....

Remember....people still make a stink about the Thomas trade up...and that was a 5 and a 7th....

Posted by: Kris | February 27, 2012 at 01:10 PM

I'd rather have RG3 than any of our last few top draft picks.


The troll killah's in the house. I thought I told you that we won't stop. I thought I told you that we won't stop.

Ohio, your blog post make no sense. How would you even know if the girls are attractive?

It was a joke clue......not serious

Even though I don't mind Kris, I don't think you're a troll. My earlier post was talking about others.

If we don't draft a first round grade qb, then I don't want us drafting one at all - except maybe Weeden because he's obviously a special case due to his age.

Enough wasting picks on secondary options at the most important position.

Wow!!....looks like I missed all the fighting this morning. Good night I showed up to smooth it over (kidding)....

Seems to me a lot of misunderstanding on here with the written word which is typical of a blog.

For the record, I'm VERY impressed with RGIII. He's everything I thought he was. Now I didn't get any of the from what he did on the weekend but I got this from the interviews and he's intelligent and very level-headed. I already knew what this guy could do on the field and I've watched video of him. To me he's the complete package. It's just an opinion, but I don't see how he fails at the next level. This guy can move (which we knew) but he's also smart and accurate and has a good arm. I'd sell the farm for him but that's just me. At the very least we need to be in the talks right until the end. I guess Cleveland's considered the favourite, since they have the 4th pick and the 22nd. But ask yourself this OBJECTIVELY....who has the better roster? Can you name FIVE guys off Cleveland's roster? They have a LOT of holes to fill. So we're all assuming they are all in for RGIII but at what point would they drop out of negotiations? At some point don't they have to fill some of the many holes on their roster too? For example, who exactly is RGIII going to through to? Are FAs knocking down the door to go to Cleveland?

I've gone around and around and around on this thing (as I do with our draft every year). I've been high on Coples and Tannehill at 8 if we can't get RGIII but my new favourite guy if we can't get him is Ingram. I think he'd be the perfect fit for this team opposite Wake and I don't care if he's rated lower than that.

Tracy, @ 1:09 PM

"As long as Miami makes a conscious effort to address the QB issue this year, we should be fine."

Isnt this exactly why we have 2-3 playoff appearances over the last 13yrs? For most of these years we've been fine at best at our qb position.

Watching the combine...Luke Kuechly (LB) Boston College looking like the next Zach Thomas. He would fit nicely next to Karlos Dansby & Kevin Barnett in the middle.

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