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Dolphins do their homework at cornerback

What about a cornerback for the Dolphins? It sounds strange because Vontae Davis and Sean Smith are young and under contract for 2012, But the Dolphins are clearly thinking about their possibilities at the position because the club needs nickel cornerback help.

During their time at the Indianapolis combine, the Dolphins interviewed both Janoris Jenkins and Dre Kirkpatrick -- two outstanding talents with obvious red flags -- as possible cornerback additions. (No, not at No. 8 I would think.)

Kirkpatrick, an outstanding talent from the University of Alabama, was recently a charged with marijuana possession. And although the charge was dropped a couple of weeks later, the Dolphins no doubt asked the corner about the incident during their 15-minute meeting.

What might Kirkpatrick have answered?

"It was just me being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the guy that left the marijuana in the car turns himself in," Kirkpatrick said of the incident in which a friend eventually admitted the drug was his.

"He didn't want to put me in that bad situation. He signed an affidavit saying that I was unaware of the marijuana being in the car and the charges have been dropped."

Kirkpatrick talked to San Diego, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Oakland and the Dolphins while in Indianapolis. I can understand why. He's a fine player.

He talked about how he gave up a touchdown against the Florida Gators this past season. He said it was his first touchdown scored.

For the year, someone asked.

"Ever," he responded.

Jenkins is similarly talented although his history probably raises more flags and eyebrows and anything else that is raised in questionable situations. 

Jenkins originally went to Florida but was forced to finish his college career at North Alabama after a serious run of trouble. He flunked a drug test, was arrested twice for marijuana possession, and again a third time for his involvement in a bar fight.

Oh, and he's got four children by three different mothers -- a budding Antonio Cromartie, if you ask me.

"I made a few mistakes and I learned from them,” he said. “Everything I did, I did. I’m admitting it. I did it. I’m looking to put that in my past and move forward.”

Jenkins was forced to finish his college career at North Alabama after a run of trouble. He flunked a drug test, was arrested twice for marijuana possession and a third time for his involvement in a bar fight. He’s also 23, and already fathered four children by three different mothers.

"I'm pretty sure it will hurt me," Jenkins said. "but I'm looking past that, looking forward to moving on and just being successful from here on out."


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Luke Kuechly is going to be great somewhere. That is my pick if I were Ireland but it might be possible to trade back to get him around 12-14. 191 tackles 111 of them were solo. People says he's not a pressure player but I think that type of player allows others to get off and would allow 5-6 rushers more often. Dansby is better suited playing ROLB in a 4-3 imo too

Weeden in the 2nd rd

The nfl is filled with teams that are fine at the qb popsition. But iuts the teams that have the juice at the qb position that are the perrenial playoff teams.


Kuechly looks good to me too but I think he's a luxury we can't afford right now. Reminds me of the guy in GB, Hawk. Just a pure tackler who is all over the field. Personally I think we're in good hands with Burnett and Dansby and I think 8 is a bit high for this guy. We need help with the pass rush and that's why I'm high on Ingram right now if we can't package a deal and move up for RGIII.

Chances of the Dolphins landing RG3 are slim. Peyton Manning is the only proven QB out there but he is not healthy so plan B would be Flynn who knows Philbins system that would make the most sense. Obviously if Manning gets healthy they should sign him according to Jeff Saturday Manning intends on playing again. Guys let this play out and see where it goes.

If we select Tannehill at 8 this will be a travesty

beerphin...knowing Ireland he'll pick another OL with #8. Which I'm not totally against, but damn, when was the last time we picked a true stud with our first pick: Jake Long over 4 years ago.
Kuechly won't get out of the first round, but he's not a top 10 pick, so your idea of trading down is feasible, but I see Ireland going DL or LB in the first round.

Anyone up for some load swallowing? We can spin the bottle to see who goes first.

Every time I hear Flynn's name as the next Miami qb, I get flashbacks to the feeling I had as an 8 year old on Christmas and opened my present expecting a new race car track and finding a sweater. Total letdown.

Although the sweater may serve you well, it brings no utility whatsoever.


Drafting Kuechly #1 at mlb forces us to become predominantly a 4-3 defense. From what I presently understand we're going to switch back and forth(4-3/3-4). Drafting a true 4-3 mlb 1st rd forces your hand to becoming predominantly 4-3 defensively. That just doesnt seem nto be the team's present defensive plan.


I disagree wholeheartedly......ANOTHER year not drafting a QB high would be a travesty. None of us know how good this guy can become but one thing we can GUARANTEE is he won't be good for us if we pass on him. At some point you have to take a chance. Nobody thought Aaron Rodgers thought he would be as good as he's become, as witness to his not being drafted until the 26th pick. He's now the MVP in the league. Tannehill's got great skill set and he's only 22. To write him off at this point is ridiculous!

Mark in Toronto,

I agree with you about Manning, if we can't land RGIII. Do you not think it's imperative, even if we get Manning that we draft a QB. I like Weeden too but if Manning plays 3-4 years, now we're looking at Weeden being 32 before he starts. I might be inclined to look at one of the other kids, like Cousins, if that's the case. Maybe he sits and learns for a few years and becomes the next Hasselbeck.

Cardinals need a OT and they are sitting at 14 I'd see if they'd be willing to part with their 2nd rd pick in order to get R. Reif.


Reports are everywhere including espn the top pass rushers in this draft are not worthy of being taken #8. I still think our best "right now" option for a great pass rusher is in fa. His name:


Mathis would be great along Wake and nfl proven. At worst he buys us 2-3 more years to draft a great one.


I can't disagree with you on Mathis. That would be a good add.

I don't agree with you about none of the passrusher being worthy to be taken at 8. I've got some questions about Coples now but I like Ingram and I like Upshaw. Taking one of these kids at 8 is going to be a LOT cheaper than adding Mathis.


I like the way you think. Always, a litte outside the box. That's an interesting option. Might let us get Tannehill at 15 or maybe a guy like Weeden in the second. Pretty good plan B.

I agree with Clue. Picking Tannehill at #8 is a travesty. We could trade down and pick up an extra 2nd rd pick and Tannehill would still fall into our laps at our traded down 1st rd position.

Then there's the prospect of trading down, picking up and extra 2nde rd picking and taking Weedon. Whether it's Weedon or Tannehill, Matt Moore's still the starter next year anyway. But of course this all means we didnt get Peyton or Flynn in fa.

Hopefully it doesnt mean we didnt at least try to get RG3. Thaty would be the greatest travesty of all.

Anyone who's seen Baylor and RG3 play, knows he can spin it....knows he can spin it better than Vick ever could or can now, better than Newton, etc.....and especially better than Tebow. If you have ever seen him, you know this. To boot, this is not even something draft nicks and analysts are worried about.

If you simply don't believe it because you've never seen it, and for whatever reason think the nicks and analysts are just brushing it under the rug.... my guess is you're simply stereotyping. i.e. RG3 is black, and he can run....ergo, he must be Vick 2.0.


Im getting my passrusher draft info from the so called espn draft gurus. None of them agree this year's top passrush talent is top 10 worthy. But they all have thier pros and cons about Ingram and Coples.

They unaminously agree neither are truly worthy of a top 10 draft status. Ingram they say seems very good, but not dominant.


But you don't KNOW that Tannehill will be there later. I'm saying if you like the kid you draft him. If you don't then you pass. But this idea that we have to go with what the consensus is is one of the things that's killed this team. Titans and Vikes went and got their guy last year and who knows if they were right or not but if they were they hit it out of the park. This idea that we only draft guys where they are expected to go will continue to get us 7-9 and 8-8. At some point you want to be able to hit it out of the park.

Craig, I understand we all want a franchise QB, but just taking a QB just for kicks is not the way to go. Tanehill has 21 career starts at QB, he's FAR away from being starter material. The guy is a second round selection at best. IMO reaching for him at 8 is worse that mortgaging the draft to select RG3.

Is Peyton Manning in town? Cause he hadn't caaaalled me!!! Word.

There are a lot of other things to be concerned with in RE to RG3....being able to throw the ball is not one of them.


You don't draft for what the guy is TODAY...you draft for what he could become. Consensus was that Brees wasn't a first round QB. He's a star in the league today. Consensus is that Rodgers was a late first round pick, he's the MVP of the league today. You have to look at a 22 year old and figure out what's his potential is. The fact that Tannehill has 20 games started shows he's got a long way to go. I'm not looking for this guy to start right away but consensus, if you listen to those that know, is he has a CHANCE to be very good.

They say Justin Blackmon is only 6' and runs a 40 in 4.52. If he falls to us, sign him, I mean right there!

Guys...our QB situation will become very clear on March 8th.
If Peyton stays in Indy...we focus on Flynn.

...If for some reason we pass on Flynn, then everyone in the draft will know we're eyeing Tannehill so we may have to take him @ #8 because with Seattle sitting there at #12, it will be hard to move down and still get him.

Manning 1st...if he stays:
Flynn 2nd...if we pass in FA:
Tannehill 3rd.

I personally do not like option #3. Tannehill will need a seasoned QB to push him to be better. Moore will be playing for his NFL life and have no reason to teach Tannehill anything.


You need to dig a little deeper on your reading. I've read comments from a number of the so-called experts who are high on the pass rushers this year. Guys like Mayock, Kiper and others have all had positive things to say about these guys. Every mock I've seen has at least one of these guys going at 8 or higher. Besides, I'm not really interested if someone is saying he should go until the 12th pick or whatever, pass rush is a major need on this team and there are a few guys who would fit in nicely with this team, and that's been showing up in the mocks.

YG I think you may be right about them trying to go with a 3-4 and 4-3 but ultimately they have to choose one and stick with it right? but as far as Tannehill or Weeden not starting their first years i have to disagree with i think both of those guys would beat out Moore imo

Just give up 3 first rouunder and move up to select RG3 at 2. Jared Odrick, Vontae Davis, Jake Long were our prev 1st round picks. Did they help us make the playoff?

Have heard some good things about Kirk Cousins(although I particularly don't like him).

oscar, Blackmon has other intagibles that make him a top 5 pick. He's the best route runner of all the WR's, this attribute should be the number 1 skill set looked at for WR's


Just to follow up. You're falling into that SAME trap this franchise has for years. 'Brees not good enough to take middle round. Let's pass'. 'Rodgers not good enough. Let's pass'. 'Dalton not good enough to take this high, let's pass'. Following CONSENSUS will get you killed EVERY time. You've already labelled Tannehill 'a second round pick at best'. Says who? Dalton was a second round pick last year, started right away and wa second in rookie of the year voting for a team that went 4-12 the year before. Care to explain that one?

I had this talk with DC last week. You can't put labels on players. If you like Tannehill enough you draft him....if you don't you pass.

Interesting that Peter King didn't think Blackmon was as big as he'd expected. He's heard the Megatron comparisons but in reality he's just a shade over 6 feet and 207 pounds. I still think he's going to be a Hell of a player but I don't think he's Megatron. It think this is who the Rams have labelled but how far he drops, I'm not sure. I don't know it's a GUARANTEE he goes top 5. There's some pretty good other players up there too.

Craig, Another point on Tannehill is he was 7 and 5 as a starter last season, he didnt elevate his team one bit. Dont you want a QB who elevates his team. Kellen Moore, Case Kennam, Dree Brees, Andy Dalton all elevated there team, Im not saying won a champoionship but def made there team better, Tannehill not so much. he just not worth a pick at 8. Neither was Gabbert or Ponder.

Craig, if we land manning then I think we should look at a very late round qb to try to develop into the next matt Flynn. If we go peyton, we have Moore as a backup, and then we get someone to challenge devlin. Otherwise the higher picks have to be spent in win now mode. R otherwise there is no point in signing peyton.

DC, any thoughts about possibly upgrading the QB position?

All I hear day in and out is the list you repeat. And as much as I want to fight that tired assumption created by the media, I'm starting to realize that there is a good reason we're bombarded with this stuff. It's probably an uphill battle to get any other names in the mix besides those 3, and it gets frustrating seeing no other option discussed. Of course there's the ol' trade up for Griffin thing, which i'm positive we'll make a bid on, but probably come up short.
I guess I just need to accept that Sherman and Philbin will discuss these 3 at nauseum, and come up with one of them.
Just sucks that we've finally got a shot at getting a deal game changer at QB, and we're about to:
1. Place our hopes on a broken, retirement bound HOF that will no be able to live up to his own legend.
2. Place our hopes on a back-up who had a nice game, but wasn't even the best Qb on the field that day.
3. Place our hopes on a guy that is about to bring the circus back in town that we chased away with Henne: Full of potential on paper (in the coaches eyes), but can't win in reality to save his coach's job.

None of these things are absolute, but none of these are our best odds either. That's what I don't get.

Tannehill supposedly has no touch on the long pass.


Not interested, especially at #8. Either trade up to get RGIII or trade back and try to pick-up more draft picks!

Ireland is a Parcels disciple.
Parcel's #1 rule in drafting a QB is that he MUST be a four year starter.
That's why they were so high on Henne & White.

Now, does Ireland make an exception? who knows, but Tannehill has the fewest starts of all QB's ranked in the top ten.

BTW...Flynn was not a four year starter either, but he is not being drafted.

Craig, agree on two fronts. If you think tannehill is a first round grade qb and you haven't addressed the need then he's tour pick at 8, no trade downs, no nothing, right there at 8. Getting an extra second or third pick is not worth losing your guy.

Also agree blackmon was the biggest loser this weekend. Riley Reiff might have worked his way into the top 3 picks now because clearly left tackles is a big need for both minny and the rams.

DC @ 12:28...Very good post. Well said.

The idea we have to label ourselves as a 3-4 or a 4-3 is in this day irrelevant. We play in nickel or dime most of the time. So to label ourselves as a 34 team is not really accurate. Yes as the base on run downs we had a nose tackle playing the 1 technique. I would be willing to bet we played 3-4 less then any other formation last year.

NH, Ireland has discussed with the OC/DC what they're looking for to fit their systems. I thought it was interesting that it was reported Ireland had the least amount of conversations with Philbin (they're both busy doing different things). But Ireland isn't strictly taking his cues from his Parcells' teachings this time around (if you believe the article).

For example, Ireland said while he still wants big players, he's gotten from Philbin's staff that they need athletic, speedy type guys. He said he was incorporating those needs into his talent evaluation. We'll have to see how well he's able to adapt to their needs while still keeping in mind the lessons he's learned from past Drafts.

Blackmon is coming off an injury. The guy was a stud in college. If he falls to Miami, I take him in a heartbeat. The guy can flat out play!!

the dolphins have many needs, but take this into consideration. the defense(specifically the secondary)that brady took to the woodshed in game #1 was not that bad, if you watch the tape on those games you will see the front seven staying at home and not going out in coverage, it took about four games until you actually see the LB's and DE's running around in coverage, if you ask me, those games fell squarely on the D-cooridinators shoulders, because game plan or not, the secondary was NOT getting any help, and only after this change in stategy did the defense come around. now the D is going through more change, this will hurt, but one can see that most of the resources this offseason should be spent on offense. taking in that into account, miami needs a right tackle, an explosive megatron like reciever, 100 LBS added to the running game, a tight end, and oh, yeah a great QB. between the draft and freeagency miami CAN get the job done the QB should be addressed by trade(ryan mallot, or matt flynn) experience and expenditures(draft-picks) make this the way to go, for it is far more important to get younger legs at running back then it is to have youth at QB,(brady quinn would be a stretch, i believe he did NOT get a fair chance and is physically tough with a better arm then teebow), at widereciever miami should sign mike wallace or persue michael floyd or blackman, either of these two recievers will bring miami's offense into the new era showcasing TWO stud recievers(marshall + ?), tight-end MUST be addressed via freeagency, and that leaves right-tackle. that means miami needs THREE #1 picks(Runningback, reciever, R-tackle). we already have one, we ONLY need TWO more, can ireland surprise the fan base and aquiire two additional first round picks without giving up too much to make miami the POWERHOUSE we all want? i believe fans would be thrilled with FLYNN or MALLOT, and one of the three needs that must be answered by the draft will be addressed with the eigth pick, how can ireland get 2 first round picks???? this should be irelands QUEST!

If I was the Rams, I make the deals for the 2nd round pick BEFORE free-agency starts. Once free-agency begins, you could have two teams no longer bidding on the #2 pick (with Manning and Flynn signing big deals). Suddenly, the demand to go up to #2 won't be so great. There will only be 2 teams bidding instead of 3 or 4.

I think they have to draft a QB 1st rd or 2nd rd regardless of Manning or Flynn. Weeden or Cousins in the 2nd would be my pick. Tannehill if Sherman really likes him.

NOTE- if miami signs mike wallace then ireland really only needs to aquire ONE additional first round pick.

If Miami signs Manning, Manning is going to be BEYOND PISSED if we use a high draft pick on another QB. Manning is going to demand we sign some players to help him win NOW.


Stay away from him unless you want another Henne!!

Manning is a professional he won't be upset if we drafted a QB high it's only prudent to have another good QB just in case of injury especially if there is history of injuries. I think Cousins is a guy that could really develop under Manning for a few years.

Congratulations Budtki for the longest paragraph in the history of this blog. Who can read that?!?!

Mark @2:19pm. Very well said. I agree on everything you said and I think you nailed it on Reiff. Never quite thought about it that way. it's possible the Rams could deal away the second pick and still get Reiff. Would be a great start to the draft for them.

Clue, last point....you may well be right about Tannehill. I honestly don't know. I just don't think it would be a 'travesty' to pick him at 8. A travesty to me is to just keep what you've ALWAYS done and never take a chance. If they are right the impact Tannehill would have is far greater than what a RT would provide.

Mark taught me that....and he's right.

beerphin, yeah lets hope and pray on another acorn. good idea.

What some of you seem to forget is that Manning isnt exactly opposed to staying in Indy. It all comes down to whether Irsay is opposed to the idea. There's still plenty of time for both to come to an ammicable solution that keeps Manning in Indy.

My greatest fear is Irsay letting Manning walk. It can be for no other reason than "physical evidence" Peyton Manning is no longer Peyton Manning. Buyer beware!

Drafting Ryan Tannehill isnt taking a chance, it's just plain idiotic! Reports are "Tannehill may slip into the 1st rd. That means the guy's chances of even being the 32nd(last) pick of the 1st rd are only 50/50.

Who in thier right mind makes a guy that only has a 50% chance of being a 1st rd pick thier #8 overall pick in the 1st?

Again thats not taking a chance, its just plain stupid!


Paint this picture for me. Manning has a $28 million bonus coming to him. They've gotten rid of his HC, his offensive co-ordinator has retired, they fired the guy who drafted him and they are about to draft his replacement. If it was you, would you re-negotiate your $28 million bonus, knowing that you're going to QB a 2-14 football team, who may lose guys like Wayne, Mathis, Clark and Garcon, knowing that if you have a bad stretch you're going to be on the bench so that the first overall pick can play.

Manning may be saying all the right things publicly but to me he wants out just as badly as the Colts want out of the contract. Under what scenario do you see him going back to Indy? To me it smells of the Montana and Favre situation all over again. His time is up there, so why not go to a team where you have a chance to start and perhaps win.

Edible is inevitable.


I GUARANTEE you were saying the same things about Rodgers and Brees the year they were drafted. Would it have been idiotic to have taken them at 8? You would have said so at the time. Would you like to have them on the team today?

Thought so.....

Tannehill may still be there with our 41st(9th) pick of the 2nd rd. If we cant get RG3 we can trade down, get another 2nd rd pick(2) and still possibly get Tannehill. If not, at least get Weedon. Neither will start in 2012 and neither shows signs of being head and shoulders better than Matt Moore in neither present ability nor true upside.

Gotta run fellas....work calls.

Been fun chatting....

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