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Dolphins do their homework at cornerback

What about a cornerback for the Dolphins? It sounds strange because Vontae Davis and Sean Smith are young and under contract for 2012, But the Dolphins are clearly thinking about their possibilities at the position because the club needs nickel cornerback help.

During their time at the Indianapolis combine, the Dolphins interviewed both Janoris Jenkins and Dre Kirkpatrick -- two outstanding talents with obvious red flags -- as possible cornerback additions. (No, not at No. 8 I would think.)

Kirkpatrick, an outstanding talent from the University of Alabama, was recently a charged with marijuana possession. And although the charge was dropped a couple of weeks later, the Dolphins no doubt asked the corner about the incident during their 15-minute meeting.

What might Kirkpatrick have answered?

"It was just me being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the guy that left the marijuana in the car turns himself in," Kirkpatrick said of the incident in which a friend eventually admitted the drug was his.

"He didn't want to put me in that bad situation. He signed an affidavit saying that I was unaware of the marijuana being in the car and the charges have been dropped."

Kirkpatrick talked to San Diego, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Oakland and the Dolphins while in Indianapolis. I can understand why. He's a fine player.

He talked about how he gave up a touchdown against the Florida Gators this past season. He said it was his first touchdown scored.

For the year, someone asked.

"Ever," he responded.

Jenkins is similarly talented although his history probably raises more flags and eyebrows and anything else that is raised in questionable situations. 

Jenkins originally went to Florida but was forced to finish his college career at North Alabama after a serious run of trouble. He flunked a drug test, was arrested twice for marijuana possession, and again a third time for his involvement in a bar fight.

Oh, and he's got four children by three different mothers -- a budding Antonio Cromartie, if you ask me.

"I made a few mistakes and I learned from them,” he said. “Everything I did, I did. I’m admitting it. I did it. I’m looking to put that in my past and move forward.”

Jenkins was forced to finish his college career at North Alabama after a run of trouble. He flunked a drug test, was arrested twice for marijuana possession and a third time for his involvement in a bar fight. He’s also 23, and already fathered four children by three different mothers.

"I'm pretty sure it will hurt me," Jenkins said. "but I'm looking past that, looking forward to moving on and just being successful from here on out."


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YG...I agree, the only reason Irsay lets Peyton leave town is because he is damaged goods.
But...the NFL Network is reporting that due to the new CBA, the Colts cannot 'officially' see Petyon throw a ball until April. Well past his March 8th bonus deadline.

Irsay is going to have to make a decision based on limited information.

Tebow throws better then RG3.


You can "guarantee" nothing about me. For the record, I was pissednwhen dummass Wandstadt didnt draft Brees. Aaron Rodgers I knew very little about and didnt have an opinion one way or the other.

If you remember anything about Rodgers, he kind of came on the qb draft radar a little late that year and Cal like a perrenial powerhouse. Even though he led Cal to a top 5 ranking, its not like he was a household name.


Exactly why in mind if Manning's available, buyer beware. Irsay will have all of the best info available before letting Peyton walk. I think if he lets Peyton walk, based on the info he'll have at his privy, its not a very good thing.

I've watched enough video on Tannehill really wanting to see at least potential, and it is just not there. I agree with whoever posted earlier that some fans, unfortunately, are having serious stereotype issues when it comes to think who will the next QB in Miami be.

They compare RG3 to Vick, I mean until two days ago I would have give you a pass, even though RG3 is a much different QB and a way more polished passer than Vick was when he came out of VT or even today, but now that it has been clarified once and for all his height and weight how can you still make that comparison I guess just because he's black and fast.

Or how about Tannehill? Why is this guy being hyped so much? Again I go back to look at tape and I do not see anything special other than he is a very fast white guy who used to be a WR. Does he have upside based on his height and athleticism? I guess but to draft him in the 1st round? That is ridonculous!

Please do yourselves a favor and just youtube both QBs if you did not DVR any of their games and see that the comparisons are not even fair. RG3 is a legit once in a generation talent at QB. Is he a lock to be a super star? No, hell no but c'mon put aside your stereotypes and think team first and you simply have to admit this guy has way more pluses than minuses and his chances to become a franchise type of QB are far superior than those of Tannehill or all the other second rate QBs or worse the scraps from other teams (cough) Flynn (cough).

Titans and Vikes went and got their guy last year and who knows if they were right or not but if they were they hit it out of the park. This idea that we only draft guys where they are expected to go will continue to get us 7-9 and 8-8. At some point you want to be able to hit it out of the park.

Posted by: Craig M | February 27, 2012 at 01:53 PM

this coming from the clown who had nothing but bad things to say about those teams last year reaching for their QB too early. now it's acceptable? what a blow hard!

Its not like Peyton ever had Brett Favre type athleticism. That's what preserved Favre's career slightly longer than most.

Even if Manning never had any injuries, at 36yrs old he has about 2 "above average seasons left at best. Coming in off of injury that forced him to miss an entire season. Expect even "above average" to be slightly reduced.

Brandon Weeden 2nd rd

TigerSam, I agree that there are some bloggers on here(kris) who believe RG3 is not worthy of a trade up because he compares him to Vick, shows you his football knowledge...

Jets reached and got Sanchez. There a difference between reaching(over drafting) and moving up to get a consensus best. If for not Luck being available this year, RG3 would overwhelmingly be this year's 1st overall pick.

So what, you trade a bunch of draft picks that arent guaranteed to get you an instant impact guy for one that maybe 85% certain that you will get that type of player. At the most important position on your teaqm to boot!

budki youre off bsae you said we need a great qb and then list mallot and flynn as sjuitors.............neither are great......neither have really even played

If both Matt Moore and Matt Flynn were available in fa today. I almost guarantee the "smart gm's" would choose Moore over Flynn based on Flynn's only had 2 career starts. If I were a gm, I would.

Moore and Flynn are the same players.

What would we realistically get with the picks we would give up for RG3? We'd be left with an average starter and and grooming an average back up they we pray will turn golden.

It's ridiculous. Make a play for RG3!

A real QB would make what we have so much better. More than any DB or lineman or safety. We've been building the core back for 4 years...Time to make a play!

Yg, I think its more than probable tannehill is gone by 14the if he's regarded as a first round player. He won't get passed Seattle. In fact my nephew who's a big Seahawks fan asks about him all the time. Apparently his name is blowing up their chat boards too.

Its a shame a flawed guy like Tannehill is moving up the boards and some of you turds heads are questioning RG3.

Why would the Rams take an offer from a #8 team (Fins) vs. a #3 team (Browns) or #5 team (Skins)?

The Browns are in the driver's seat
The Skins are riding shot-gun
The Fins are in the back seat

We would need to pull a 'Ditka' and basically throw our whole draft to match what the Browns can offer.

NHFINSFAN, so pull the Ditka unless you think Odrick, Davis, Long will get us to the playoffs

Viewed from another angle...Fisher interviewed here and got to crack the hood and see first hand our strengths & weakness regarding player talent.

So, if he is a true deal maker, he'll cherry-pick from our roster and swap #2 with #8.

Could go something like this:

Rams drop to #8 but get our 2nd, 3rd this year plus Long & next years 1st.

You get the idea...Fisher can craft a deal to match his needs with current roster players, vs. purely getting future picks from us.

I base my predictions upon facts.
The beginning of last year saw us without direction due to the CBS negotiations and lack of training camp. Hard to install a new offense without a TC. We had hoped that Henne had absorbed enough to help out, but that wasn't the case. Also, for whatever reason, our defense struggled (I'm still not exactly sure what their problem was, except for the addition of JT, nothing else really changed).

So, if this team starts out 2012 the way they ended 2011, then we should be looking at a 9-7 or 10-6 season. And, that was with Matt Moore slinging the ball! So, unless they all decide to slack off this year because they really, really miss Tony Sparano...I say we are on track to make a run at the play-offs! Especially, if they upgrade the play at certain positions (especially Quarterback).

And, I'm hearing that most of the experts agree with me.


RGIII was sacked 27 times in 2011 and sacked 20 times in 2010. While everyone is drooling at his speed they need to also concentrate on the traits. Traits such as even though he is lightning fast he got sacked. In the NFL where it's a much, much faster track is one reason why I say he is very susceptible to injury. When the D gets a hold of this kid he is going to be pummeled.

So again, many will turn a blind eye to the above but he is a very gifted athlete, strong intelligent academically and great charm and character but all that is not going to help when you are running for your life..

Yeah I know, your going to say the NFL O line will better protect him. True to some respect but if he resorts to running throw that out the window and also look for O line injuries.

Just one man's opinion.

Why? Because the Rams need a WR above all and with Blackmon's height all of the sudden being an issue they can easily land him there. Furthermore other WRs like Floyd, and Stephen Hill now offer a lot. And if we give enough picks to them or a combination giving them a player like Hartline or Sean Smith or even Vontae Davis I think we can work a deal.

Not even trying for RG3, who physically is a prototype WCO QB will be a sad testimony of our gutless top brass. That alone would make me lose any hope.

RG3 fits our team's athleticism with guys like Bush and Marshall in here. He will generate way more buzz than Flynn, that alone will help the team in $$$, selling more tix, merchandise, TV games. To top it all his contract will be nothing compared to Flynn's and we would have space to bring talented FAs like DeSean Jackson who is only 25, and we could also sign either Michael Griffin or Cortland Finnegan to compensate for the loss of one of our CBs.


Players learn with experience. RG3 won't be a rookie forever. It is not logical to assume he can't improve where he needs to. Coaching, training, great athlete, it adds up well.

Baylor's line was atrocious, I mean you do not see a single dude from that line in the draft like Stanford's who has three guys in the mix.

If anything that makes him even more attractive because it shows A) he can run his way out of trouble, and B) he can take hits.

When he did get injured, a couple of years ago with a much lighter frame, he came back with a vengeance, stronger. That also speaks volumes of his body handling recovery very nicely and about his work ethic. This guy is a winner, has always been.

Reality is that the Dolphins went 6-3 during the last 9 games last year. Two of those losses were by 3 points to Dallas and the Pats, in their place. The biggest fear I have is that the new administration will ruin what the Sporano regime was about to achieve.

Mr. Kelly at the Sentinel thinks we should nab Richardson if he's still there at #8 (not only will he be there at #8, but he'll probably be there at #15), and look at Cousins in the 2nd or 3rd.
Interesting. Well if we do that, then either Bush or Thomas needs to be traded for another pick somewhere.

I'm wondering if Blackmon won't be falling now after a disappointing hieght measurement. Should Blackmon not show blazing speed at his pro-day, he may slip to late 1st. tall or not, blazing or not, the dude's a playmaker of bigtime proportions.

Kris is the kind of guy that would drive 10 miles out of his way to save a nickel on a six pack of Bud.

Adding on to what TigerSam, each year RG3 has also improved statically in every major QB category.

Hey JS, Mr. Kelly at the SS is a major moron. He makes Mando look like John Madden in football matters.
Even before your post and w/o reading his idiotic column (or his videos LOL) I had a hunch he'd say something that stupid.

Skyles & TigerSam,

Those are also valid points. In the end I really don't even know why he is being discussed as both of the top two are long gone and If i am going to sell the house i would much rather sell it for Luck vs RGIII. Given that selling the house with Jeff THE SCOUT in charge I don't for see the move up even being considered.

We are going to be hearing a lot of posturing from the Fins as they are using Armando and the media to do their bluffing but in the end, we will be very lucky to just come out of this with WR Blackmon or OT Kalil.

I'd normally agree, but I'm not sure he's whacked this time. Richardson is still not my pick, since he have so many RBs right now - wouldn't been great last year - but I have no doubts he'll be a Ray Rice for someone. But I still say we go WO, LB, DE or Safety if we can manage a stud at #8.
I'm really wondering how far Blackmon will fall. If we can find him at #8, then I'd definitely go there. He'd have to blow his 40 pretty hard for me to think he's not worth it.
Otherwise, there' Floyd. Or the LBs or DEs that will be around that area. Some pretty good prospects at #8.

but I DO agree with going after Cousins in the next round. Or Weeden, whoever is left on the board.

NFL Live says the Rams want at least two #1's, a 3rd, and a 5th to move up to the #2 pick in this Year's draft.

Tracey, thats sounds like a good deal to me.

Albert is correct. Nobody wanted to play us the last 9 games of the year. We were light years better than eventual champion Giants.

IF, big IF, the Rams only want 2#1s and a 3rd, and 5th. ...Pfffft. Take it and run.
Stupid Rams.

But if they get that from a couple of teams, the price may significantly go up. THAT's where I think we miss.
But some mid/late round pciks, and couple of #1s - even Ireland might say Yes to that.

JS, Agreed that deal NFL Live is throwing out there is not bad. We would have a 1st and a 2nd. Trade Hartline for a 3rd and we'll have a great draft. I should be GM.

Just give up 3 first rouunder and move up to select RG3 at 2. Jared Odrick, Vontae Davis, Jake Long were our prev 1st round picks. Did they help us make the playoff?
Posted by: Clue

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/02/what-about-a-cornerback-for-the-dolphins-it-sounds-terrible-because-vontae-davis-and-sean-smith-are-young-and-under-contract/comments/page/4/#comments#storylink=cpy

other teams know this info too, so they don't want our picks. they also want RGIII


The new car salesman ploy is being utilized. The Rams know there are many teams that want the #2 and they are starting a bidding war, a war of which the Fins cant afford and Ireland even if he could afford will punt as he loves looking under rocks for Acorns.

He is out of our reach so stick with needs and pick Play makers like Blackmon or a great OT Kalil.

Anyone who advocates going after Flynn and the price tag with which he would come is stupider than my dog. And my dog is stupid even for a dog. That makes NHfinsfan the stupidest of all the morons here.

Here are the options that are better than Flynn:

1. Matt Moore
2. Peyton Manning
3. RGIII trade the next 3 years' drafts
4. Chad Henne
5. Tannehill
6. Bringing Ricky Williams out of retirement and having him play QB


When you looked up RG3's sack numbers, did you also check his pass attempts per game? Im sure with a run game next to nil and a shotty pass protect oline, Baylor was probably throwing the ball at least 65% of the time.

RG3 average around 60yds rushing a game and Im sure 90% of those run were not designed running plays. Too bad there's not a stat category for how many sacks RG3 avoided having a shotty run and pass protect offense.

What we'd give up if we gave away our 3rd and 5th,
Last year had neither, so we'll evn up the anty and move up one round each, respectively:

2nd round D. Thomas.
4th round E. Gates

Would you give up hose 2 dudes, and next years #1 for Griffin?
Oooo, you're breakin' my arm, he'a.
Where's my pen, I'll sign now!

ALSO.. if we are going to throw 2 or 3 #1s for RG I say we at least offer that for Luck first. Offer the Colts 3 #1 for Luck and throw in a useless 3rd round for sweetening the pot.

What we'd give up if we gave away our 3rd and 5th,
Last year had neither, so we'll evn up the anty and move up one round each, respectively:
2nd round D. Thomas.
4th round E. Gates
Would you give up hose 2 dudes, and next years #1 for Griffin?
Oooo, you're breakin' my arm, he'a.
Where's my pen, I'll sign now!

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/02/what-about-a-cornerback-for-the-dolphins-it-sounds-terrible-because-vontae-davis-and-sean-smith-are-young-and-under-contract/comments/page/5/#comments#storylink=cpy

Dude, again, the other teams know that too!!!! They don't want our useless picks either. There are 2 good positions to be in, 1 and 2, and everything else is fungible.

Jimmy Graham was a 3rd rd pick

Dear Messrs I-Play-Madden-So-I'm-Smart:

Again, the Colts want Luck. He is off the table. They would not trade their next Manning for all the picks in the world plus $5333434342342432243412434342432433.

Get it? Peyton has only 2 years left even if he's healthy.

We can't trade picks that lead to guys like D. Thomas and V. Davis for Luck. Colts also have a TV and watch tape. They want their next franchise QB too.

if the RAms were smart, they'd forget loyalty and also not trade # 2 and take RGIII for himself and then trade their current QB.

Some here cry, "Cleveland has 2 1st rd picks to offer". Heck, they can offer bopth those picks and a 2nd rd pick but still get outbidded.

On the other hand, we can offer this year's and next years first, our entire 2012 draft, and throw in next yuear's 2nd rd pick and trumph Clevel;and's offer. We would still have our 3rd-7th rd picks next year.

That clears a helluva lot of cap space for fa next year too. We can re establish the value lost of having only 1 draft pick in 2012 by making a HUGE fa splash in 2013 and still be far under the cap.


Here you go... He was also sacked 28 times in 2008.

2011 291 402 4293 72.4 10.68
2010 304 454 3501 67.0 7.71
2009 45 69 481 65.2 6.97
2008 160 267 2091 59.9 7.83

87 37 6 27 189.5
94 22 8 20 144.2
42 4 0 4 142.9
61 15 3 28 142.0

Why does the name Tannehill keep coming up in the same sentence as the Dolphins? Maybe because he threw 29 TD's with only 15 INT's with only 20 starts. The draft pundits rank him as the #3 Quarterback in this years draft (and they get paid to know this stuff). And, his college coach is now the Offensive Coordinator for the Miami Dolphins, Mike Sherman. If you're looking at Texas A&M tape and not seeing whatever it is that the draft guru's see...maybe it's because you've got your RGIII Man-crush Glasses on...

NFL Live says the Rams want at least two #1's, a 3rd, and a 5th to move up to the #2 pick in this Year's draft.

Posted by: Tracy474


I make this deal NOW.

Look, folks, I'm with you on the cost will be bigger than reported for the #2 pick.
I'm mocking it.
Unless the other interested parties decide they aren't interested, I think we'll get beat by a ballsier team.
I've been advocating, and will continue to advocate a playmaker in round #1, and a QB in round 2.

Unless Weeden's birth certificate was tampered with, and he's really 23, or Cousins fires a 70 yard pass, neither of those will be in round 1. And Tannehill isn't worth round 1 cheese, but he'll get picked there by someone.

Here are the options that are better than Flynn:

1. Matt Moore
2. Peyton Manning
3. RGIII trade the next 3 years' drafts
4. Chad Henne
5. Tannehill
6. Bringing Ricky Williams out of retirement and having him play QB

Posted by: Troll Killah No. 3 | February 27, 2012 at 04:23 PM

I love this! LOL


the above didnt post good so here is the link on RGIII.

I'm still concerned with all the sacks and 2008 it was 28.


Ny 'G', Your worried about some damn sacks, look at the TD to int numbers jeez.

I don't understand why nobody is discussing a potential "third option," which is that the Rams don't trade their pick and instead draft RGIII for themselves. I don't understand why the Rams would be loyal to Bradford, who sucks.

Has anyone mentioned the idea that after all is said and done there will be no moving up and the Colts will take Luck and Rams will take RGIII. They want franchise QBs too. Yes I know they have a ton of other needs, but if RGIII is a once every 15 years player, he's worth it.

Other teams have learned from the mistakes made by teams like the Fins too. Nobody wants 5 Hartline, V. Davis, D. Thomas type players that, obviously, don't equal playoffs.

I hope the Rams are stupid. If I were they, I'd not trade the pick and grab RGIII for myself.

Hey Toll #3...back off on the hate man. I'm just tossing out scenarios like the rest of us.

RG3 is the HOT commodity right now and both the Browns & Skins have more leverage.

IF Manning is unable to restructure a deal with Indy, I believe Miami is a top team to land him.

IF that falls through, then Flynn is a logical fallback since he knows the system that Philbin & Sherman will install.

I'd love RG3 to be our QB this year, but we're bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Troll Killah No. 3 please STFU!

Tannehill lost to virtaully every good team A&M played. 6 of them.
In those losses, his TD/Int ratio was 1:1. In other words he contributed to those losses.
believe as you like, and root for us to pick him - who knows he may be great. But I don't think Tannehill's dtractors have no info to back up their assertions.
NFL.com (which lists him #3) describes his weaknesses as "on the field decisions, and missing open receivers too often".
Wow, sounds great.

Tannehill will be picked in the top 15. Tannehill sucks.

The only two playmakers Miami has a chance at #8 are Blackmon and Richardson. No one wants to waste another #1 pick on a RB. So that leaves Blackmon. Blackmon still may not fall to us, but there is a CHANCE. Just like there was a chance with Randy Moss.

If I was Miami, I would pull the trigger for RGIII and make the trade NOW. We all know Ireland doesn't have the balls to do it though. In that case, pray Blackmon falls to us. If not, it is going to be another lackluster boring draft.

The Miami Dolphins Way!


And you are content that our O line is going to protect him???? We don't have a good track record do we?

51 sacks allowed by Miami is third-most in the NFL 2011. The Dolphins have allowed four or more sacks in eight games (all defeats) and yielded a franchise-record 9 to Philadelphia.

HELL YES!! I AM worried about the Sacks... especially if we spend 2 -3 4 #1 picks on our QB I don't want that sitting in traction...

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