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Dolphins do their homework at cornerback

What about a cornerback for the Dolphins? It sounds strange because Vontae Davis and Sean Smith are young and under contract for 2012, But the Dolphins are clearly thinking about their possibilities at the position because the club needs nickel cornerback help.

During their time at the Indianapolis combine, the Dolphins interviewed both Janoris Jenkins and Dre Kirkpatrick -- two outstanding talents with obvious red flags -- as possible cornerback additions. (No, not at No. 8 I would think.)

Kirkpatrick, an outstanding talent from the University of Alabama, was recently a charged with marijuana possession. And although the charge was dropped a couple of weeks later, the Dolphins no doubt asked the corner about the incident during their 15-minute meeting.

What might Kirkpatrick have answered?

"It was just me being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the guy that left the marijuana in the car turns himself in," Kirkpatrick said of the incident in which a friend eventually admitted the drug was his.

"He didn't want to put me in that bad situation. He signed an affidavit saying that I was unaware of the marijuana being in the car and the charges have been dropped."

Kirkpatrick talked to San Diego, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Oakland and the Dolphins while in Indianapolis. I can understand why. He's a fine player.

He talked about how he gave up a touchdown against the Florida Gators this past season. He said it was his first touchdown scored.

For the year, someone asked.

"Ever," he responded.

Jenkins is similarly talented although his history probably raises more flags and eyebrows and anything else that is raised in questionable situations. 

Jenkins originally went to Florida but was forced to finish his college career at North Alabama after a serious run of trouble. He flunked a drug test, was arrested twice for marijuana possession, and again a third time for his involvement in a bar fight.

Oh, and he's got four children by three different mothers -- a budding Antonio Cromartie, if you ask me.

"I made a few mistakes and I learned from them,” he said. “Everything I did, I did. I’m admitting it. I did it. I’m looking to put that in my past and move forward.”

Jenkins was forced to finish his college career at North Alabama after a run of trouble. He flunked a drug test, was arrested twice for marijuana possession and a third time for his involvement in a bar fight. He’s also 23, and already fathered four children by three different mothers.

"I'm pretty sure it will hurt me," Jenkins said. "but I'm looking past that, looking forward to moving on and just being successful from here on out."


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Miami should offer their #1 for Sam Bradford.


Like I said, RG3 was throwing around 40 times per game. Its well known he was protected by a very suspect oline.

Also like I said, there's no stat for how many times he escaped the rush for positve rush yardage. Or how many times he escaped the rush to hit a long td. We all saw he had to scramble on that game winning td against Oklahoma.

A lesser qb behind RG3's oline easily piles up close to 40 sacks a year if not more.

..Anyone that thinks that Baylor had a shoddy O-Line is making stuff up. Griffen was sacked a bunch because IMO he was learning to be a pocket passer. So what if he was sacked a bunch last year..He was really productive all the while..He was trying to learn how to read the field. I would be willing to bet his running totals, were higher, and his sacks lower his junior year when Griffen wasn't such a pocket presance.

Also Baylor was a complete offense. In fact I believe they were in the top 10 in rushing last year..Even ahead of Stanford..The reason wasn't RG III..Terrance Ganaway is going to play in the NFL as well. Add Kendal Wright, and C Phillip Blake to the mix, and that is at least 5 players on the offensive side of the ball for Baylor who will be playing on Sundays..

Add the other Robert Griffen, Cyril Richardson to the mix(both were second team, or honirable mention big 12 offensive lineman)..The Baylor line was no the issue. Do folks just make stuff up before writing opinions?

So NY 'G' instead you want to draft more lineman? Well with all the sacks we give up dont you want a mobile QB? or do you want a stationary Manning, Brady? Your beef is with olineman not RG3.

Tannehill is tall. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are also tall.


Our oline is a slice of heaven compared to one RG3 played behind in college. It would by far the best oline Rg3 plays behind.

Also, get it right, our oline dint suck. MARK COLUMBO sucked. Guarantee Columbo isnt the starting RTY this year.

I'm pretty sure the rams can't trade Bradford without some serious cap implications but if its possible, I'd get him from the rams. Offer our #2. I don't think the rams would have that much leverage.

Bradford effin sucks and cant stay healthy. Tornoto must of froze Mark brains.

I wouldn't even offer a #2 for Bradford... he is a bust the Rams missed with him but Fisher likes him and isn't trading him so its a mute point.

The Rams owner says Bradford is staying put...and it makes total sense.
Bradford stays a Ram and they trade down to stock up on players who can help him... notably a WR & OT.

Guys...the Redskins are our chief competitor here and they have like $75M in cap space...they are so far ahead of us in the leverage dept. that I can't see a formula where we leap-frog over them for RG3.

The wildcard is Manning!


I was replying to your response to me that the sacks are third as compared to his completions and TD stats.

Again.. we MUST protect the QB, especially if we land the kid. Not worrying about the sacks will wear off really fast once we watch him being carried off on a stretcher.

Moore had good feet/legs would you agree? And the Dolphins gave up 51 sacks. The O line needs to be shored up to provide protection for the QB whoever that may be.

I say we complete our O line by shoring up the right side which as we seen is not easy.

Yesterday's Gone,

True, I would like to know those stats also. It would be interesting.


Sorry but forgot to answer your other question.

YES.. I want a pocket passer just like Manning or Brady vs a Vick style QB.

NY"G", Comparing Moore to RG3 with good feet/legs is like comparing Rodgers and Randall Cunnigham. RG3 far surpasses Moore in this department. We've been trying to sure up the online the last 5 years, screw the oline for a change. Concentrate on premium positions.

For the last time RG3 is more polished passer than Cam Newton coming out, do you compare Newton to Vick. Jeez man. RG3 is no Vick


You are correct Larry. We will continue on that path unfortunately for a few more years. I want Play makers and I am not against RG I am just on here talking like all the rest that i have my concerns.

In the end Larry.. Jeff THE SCOUT has a track record and it is not favorable towards what the fans are calling for.

My only question is where were these athletic freaks when we had the number 1 pick in 08. (Grifftn, Newton, Luck) Instead we get Long WHHOOOPPPTY DO a guy who cant score a TD.

...Mark in Toronto..I think a trade for Bradford is going to be tough for the Rams to sell. His contract is huge for a guy that has potential. That is what they would be selling. It would be irresponsible of our team to settle for a move like this. Sure we would address the position. But I think we would be doing them a favor. We would get stuck with a huge contract. They could select Griffen at a much lower price, and IMO get the better player. The new CBA concerning rookie contracts is great for teams searching for young guys. Economically it is not such a burden should these guys end up flopping.

In this scenario. I would rather we trade away the farm for Griffen(I'm not convinced that Ross and Ireland are going to be conservative this offseason. I could see the team or Ross gambling if we do not aquire Peyton Manning)

Here's the Problem with our drafts the last two years. You need your 1st rd picks to come in and play like 1st rd picks.

Jake Long ------ Check!

Vontae Davis --- Plays more like 2nd rd pick and seems to be stuck there.

Jared Odrick --- Absolutely not. Its questionable to say he's given us bottom 2nd rd pick production as of yet.

Maurice Pouncey --- Check!

To bad our best two #1 picks have been olinemen.

Problem II. 2nd rd picks must become impact players by year two.

Chad Henne --- About to let walk. Enuff said

Pat White -- Cut

Misi --- Clearly not n impact player in year two. Show limited promise year one.

Sean Smith --- Average 2nd rd pick year one. #yrs and still hasnt made the leap into impact status.

D Thomas --- Shows promise, but far too little production. We'll see what yr two holds.

This is just what our past 1st and 2nd rd picks have netted us. Outside of Long and Pouncey our drafts have been been pretty lackluster. Then some of you worry about giving an entire draft for RG3. Is it like we're going to be very productive with our draft picks anyway? SEE THE PAST!

Meant drafts over the last 4 years.

Meant drafts over the last 4 years.


I agree as that is exactly what i mentioned a few weeks ago. Exactly what have our picks netted us? I asked for play makers like Blackmon and people were calling for my head. I called for trading it all for Luck and people were calling for my head in a basket.

So just as i posted the other day, yesterday and now...

Draft picks are just that. The pick can turn out to be a HOF or a bust regardless what price we gave for them.. 1,2 5 #1 picks or nothing can net the same result.

No guarantees on Luck, RG, Blackmon, OT Kille, and the rest.

All we can do is give our opinions based on what we watched and keep our fingers crossed that the pick dose not fall off the stage and break his arm.

The last 4yrs after the 1st and 2nd rd(when we didnt totally blow those) we basically drafted mailroom floor moppers.

Trade the whole damn draft for either Luck which isnt hapening or Rg3. JUST DO IT!


True. Ireland seems to have aq tendacy to reach for players that should have been drafted lower. Or just falt out play it too safe. Thats why right now our roster is exactly what it was put together to be.

A far overeaching very safe roster. That = perrenial no man's land as a team. Exactly hwere we njow are. We're a direct reflection of the men who put this roster together.

Daryl et all, I'm not advocating a trade for Bradford per se. I'd much rather pay the price to trade up for rg3 and offer more than the next best offer, whatever that is. However, I was just speaking under the scenario where luck and rg3 were not available in trade and we couldn't get manning. Basically I'm advocating any scenario where matt Flynn isn't our answer.

I'm out, have fun gents.

Just to put it rest. Indy has publically stated they arent trading the Luck pick under any scenario. Rams say they are open to trading out of #2.



YG...I wonder what the odds are that Manning stays a Colt? 0% 10% 50%...That may really increase the price of a guy like Griffen should the Colts do the unexpected and keep Manning. It isn't out of the relm of possibility.

Mark in Toronto..I understood where you were coming from(as far as Bradford) I do agree that we should keep all options on the table if we are indeed serious about finding a quarterback. I was just offering an opinion as to why I think Bradford would be a bad move. I don't know half of the scenarios that will come into play as far as a trade up for Griffen. It is easy to say we don't have enough firepower to get a deal done. But I know this to be false. So many different ways to complete an aquisition that haven't been discussed, that the obvious(Cleveland having the upper hand) maybe farthest from the truth.

Names in late rounds to consider for help in offensive playmaking, especially in a WCO:

TY Hilton (WR). Round 3. Might be round 2. Fast, Percy Harvin type slot, playmaker.

Brain Quick (WR) - round 4. Solid 6-4, good hands, decent speed. Had a good combine as well. Replace Hartline with a real downfield thread, and YAC guy.

Marquis Maze (WR) - round 4. Short but quick, shifty, and hard to tackle. Slot guy, with possibility to score every time he touches the ball.

Chris Rainey (RB/WR) - round 5. Crazy fast. 3rd down Wing player, decent hands, though not listed as a WR. Takes an average screen, or flat pass and can turn it into points. Demps is better, but may not play football.

Miami needs a young star QB to be the face of the franchise. No one better then RGIII.

Make a deal NOW FIREland!!

YG..Pretty good assesment of our top picks the last 4 years.. We have not done well in the second round. Misi IMO has shown nothing as far as his draft position. Thomas, the verdict is still out. The trade for him will be questioned until he can put together a few good productive seasons. We don't know how he will pan out. IMO we could have found equal production from a player in the 3rd or 4th round. It(the trade) is still a head scratcher. You should expect to get better production out of players in round 2. Just because they are starters now doesn't mean they were good picks.

Let me jump in on the Bradford talk. I'm AMAZED that guys on here can call him a bust! Are you serious? He's played two years in the league, last year with no OL and no weapons and he's 24 years old. How is it that you can call him a bust after such a short period of time?

All things being equal, I would take him in Miami in a hearbeat. He signed a 6 year contract for $78 million, with $50 million guaranteed. I don't know enough about contracts in the NFL but if there were a way that this contract could be renegotiated without it being non-advantageous for St. Louis or us I would give up out first for this guy. He'd be an upgrade on anything we've had here in a while and would be a good option for years to come. Don't know if any of that is possible but Ireland should be exploring this.



Craig M...Whats up??

I think the deal on Bradford is you would be gambling on potential. I am not saying he is a bust. I'm saying I don't know. He could go either way. I am weary of players who digress. I know Bradford was injured, his weapons were as well, and the line suspect. All truths. This is just me. I would be very very cautious about a player like Bradford because of the contract. But more important..He has been stricken with a bit of the injury bug since his junior year in college. Perhaps this is the wrong way to go about evaluating him. If I am the one making the deals, I'm not risking the money on him..just me.

Now I understand, or I think I'm on the same page where nobody is suggesting Bradford be the first priority. Just an option to keep on the table. I said earlier it would be irresponsible of us to explore this option. I was probably of base there. I should have thought a bit about that before I wrote it. Any option that upgrades the position has to be considered. My opinion though is that he would have to be one of the last options of the bunch.

I know everyone cares: ..so here's my draft hopes

1. C. Upshaw (UA) OLB
2. K. Cousins (MSU) QB
3. T Y Hilton (FIU) WR
4. B. Taylor (LSU) S
5. C. Rainey (UF) RB/WR

Coples or Ingram are honorable mentions for #1.
Weeden Ok to switch with Cousins maybe at #2.
If Maze falls to the 5th round, I'd take him over Rainey.

Possibility B. Taylor moves into the 3rd, so in that case go after Brian Quick in the 4th

On the above draft hopes... I am assuming Blackmon does great on his 40. If so, he's still gone before we pick. If not, grab him, and switch out one of my receiver picks for a LB/pass rusher.


Good points and I'm not suggesting this be our best option. But when you look at all the options, if the money works for both teams, it's a move I would make in a heartbeat. Forget what he did last year.....did you like him coming out? Not a lot not to like. Last year he regressed, no question but that was a 2-14 team he played for and if you saw any of the Rams games last year they were mailing it in. The roster in St. Louis isn't nearly what it would be here in Miami. I think he'd do a lot better here and to work with someone like Philbin and Sherman would be great for him. The only question (other than money) is how beat up is he from last year. I don't want the second-coming of David Carr and that's my fear.

With all that being said, after Luck and RGIII, where would you put Bradford in the mix of Flynn, Tannehill, or anyone else you might think of. For me, money aside, he'd be quite high on the list.

Only guy at 8 i would select is dontarie Poe---

Im all about trading back and stockpiling picks--However this DT prospect is once in a decade. I agree with mayock. You want to run a hybrid Defense u need a nhata like player---

We are losing Soliai and Langford and JT retired--

If you sign John abraham and draft Poe your Front 7 is Versatile and deep-

Qb--Manning or Flynn in FA---

From 2nd-5th round you can fill secondary holes, Oline, maybe add a pass rusher

I dont see us attacking WR, RB, and TE in this draft before roun6 6---(TE class is awful outside of Fleener)

JS in LA,

Pretty good list. Right now I'm higher on Ingram than either of the other two but that might change over time. I think I prefer Weeden over Cousins too and I don't see a RT in your draft. Are you getting him in FA or are you looking at a mix of Jerry and Murtha?

Poe would be a trade down, if we did.
Plus he's more a 3-4 guy based on his girth, speed and talents (called a "space eater").
But certainly not a bad pick, just depends on where I suppose.

Who cares about the stinkin Dolphins?

Some of the posters on here seem to think that Miami should draft as if they were playing in a Fantasy Football League!!! We're not going to use half of our draft on Wide Receivers! That doesn't make sense. We have other needs that must be addressed. Such as:
A good Pass-Rusher will help whomever is playing Quarterback. We need a good Pass-Catching Tight End, either a Right Tackle or Guard, and help at Free-Safety! So, giving up everything for just one player (even if it is RGIII) doesn't do anything to help the TEAM!
The only numbers to be concerned about are those in the Win-Loss category. This is the NFL, not your local fantasy league where you get to play GM, Coach, etc. So, get a grip on reality people....focus here....get out of your Mom's basement for a minute and breathe some fresh air or maybe you need to put down whatever it is you've been smoking in the attic!

RT is either FA, on on roster, or both. Both prob.
Tired of training draftees for O-line.

I may draft O-line in another year, but not this one.

How can we fill the glaring hole at GM?

i think Poe isnt a Paul soliai ---he is a guy u could put in 34 or 43-- like a nhata----play 3 downs be moved around

He moves way too well laterally with that explosion to be labaled a run stuffer only---He is already a top 15---by draft day def top 10--

If tyson Alulu can go at 10 ---who knows where Poe will go

tell me what questions I have asked....that lead you to that conclusion....
What in Your opinion of course....lead you to that opinion....

Posted by: Kris | February 27, 2012 at 12:22 PM

Clue, Im not like other bloggers.. Do you really think Im going to go back 2 or 3 of Armando post to prove me right, its just not that serious and I dnt have time to waste. You know some of the things you posted have been redudant.

Posted by: Clue | February 27, 2012 at 12:27 PM

Someone talking to self forget to change pesky sign in name.

..Craig M..I have gone on record saying I think Flynn is the right option for this team right now. This has been met with plenty of resistance, and good reasoning as to why Flynn is a huge huge risk. I just go back to system familiarity, and I can't get past this. I have hammered this point so I don't need to do it again. We have also disscussed the point about if Philbin wants him it should say enough plenty of times I don't need to revisit that point.. Again. I could be totaly wrong. I know the downside, and the reasons why people are anti-Flynn. But at some point you have to make a stand for someone..It seems the media has penciled in Manning as priority one Flynn plan 2. I don't know if this is how the team sees it.

Like I have said. Any attempt to improve the position should be met with appluase. Even if the player isn't personally your top guy.

Henne > Bradford

i wouldnt take a pass rusher in the 1st round alot of talent at pass rusher this year 6-8 guys, but no one I would bang the table for when i can get a Cam Johnson or Chandler jones in early 2nd--

If not Poe, i would trade back and take Cordy Glen, Mike Adams, or Michael Brockers while getting at least another 2nd.

Your opinion and you're welcome to it.
In my estimation, scoring points and terrorizing defenses is the thing we had the hardest time doing.
Second hardest thing was terrorizing opposing QBs.
Hence my #1 pick is a passrusher, and all-around nightmare.
The TE pool according to "experts" is lame this year, hence no TEs.
In the WCO the coach counts on his receivers and backs to make plays after the catch, and they will get the ball generally in open space, so fast, shifty guys do well, and are best suited. Giant slow dudes who catch but fall down aren't the focus of a WCO. But yeah we need a better TE.
Feel free to throw some names out there. I'm not as schooled on those fellows ATM.

And we are in serious need of a safety, but unless you want to spend your #1 on Barron, I didn't see anyone I thought was worth it until Taylor. 3-4th round.

Just to inform everyone. A "Throwing Athelete" is a nice way of saying black quarterback. And yes, RG3 is a better black quarterback than Mike Vick. But I bet Vick is a much better dog fighter.


Fathering 4 kids by 3 different mothers? Is that a problem, other than child support?

Anyone catch JLo's nipplegate at the Oscars?

Those who say miami doesnt have enough to get rg3 are brain dead. Miami has plenty. Ues its going to cost them but they can do it.

77 - I agree that we have plenty to offer but will the Rams want to move back to 8? They may have a player that they want in mind that may be gone by 8.

With that said an offer that makes sense to me would be swap this years firsts, next years first, Jake Long and just to add a player I would also offer Bess or Hartline.

Then I would take a guy like Massie in the 2nd if he's there. He may move up into the late first after his combine.


You can bet Fisher is in WIN NOW mode. Don't you think he'd rather have two firsts THIS year instead of waiting? Also he can get a far better player at #4 than #8. At 4 he could get Blackon or Reiff for sure, plus still have a #22.

Sure we can offer players but they'd have to be our best to make it worthwhile and even then who do we really have? They would probably rather have Reiff than an injured Long and forget greasy hands problem child Marshall.

Cleveland has a serious edge.

Philbin already said he has big plans for Marshall and Bush. Dude lead the league in drops and was still good enough to make the pro bowl. Probably because he balled out during our Prime Time games.

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