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Dolphins do their homework at cornerback

What about a cornerback for the Dolphins? It sounds strange because Vontae Davis and Sean Smith are young and under contract for 2012, But the Dolphins are clearly thinking about their possibilities at the position because the club needs nickel cornerback help.

During their time at the Indianapolis combine, the Dolphins interviewed both Janoris Jenkins and Dre Kirkpatrick -- two outstanding talents with obvious red flags -- as possible cornerback additions. (No, not at No. 8 I would think.)

Kirkpatrick, an outstanding talent from the University of Alabama, was recently a charged with marijuana possession. And although the charge was dropped a couple of weeks later, the Dolphins no doubt asked the corner about the incident during their 15-minute meeting.

What might Kirkpatrick have answered?

"It was just me being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the guy that left the marijuana in the car turns himself in," Kirkpatrick said of the incident in which a friend eventually admitted the drug was his.

"He didn't want to put me in that bad situation. He signed an affidavit saying that I was unaware of the marijuana being in the car and the charges have been dropped."

Kirkpatrick talked to San Diego, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Oakland and the Dolphins while in Indianapolis. I can understand why. He's a fine player.

He talked about how he gave up a touchdown against the Florida Gators this past season. He said it was his first touchdown scored.

For the year, someone asked.

"Ever," he responded.

Jenkins is similarly talented although his history probably raises more flags and eyebrows and anything else that is raised in questionable situations. 

Jenkins originally went to Florida but was forced to finish his college career at North Alabama after a serious run of trouble. He flunked a drug test, was arrested twice for marijuana possession, and again a third time for his involvement in a bar fight.

Oh, and he's got four children by three different mothers -- a budding Antonio Cromartie, if you ask me.

"I made a few mistakes and I learned from them,” he said. “Everything I did, I did. I’m admitting it. I did it. I’m looking to put that in my past and move forward.”

Jenkins was forced to finish his college career at North Alabama after a run of trouble. He flunked a drug test, was arrested twice for marijuana possession and a third time for his involvement in a bar fight. He’s also 23, and already fathered four children by three different mothers.

"I'm pretty sure it will hurt me," Jenkins said. "but I'm looking past that, looking forward to moving on and just being successful from here on out."


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Kris said:

any one but me...
THe 32 other NFL teams to include OWNERS....and GM's...."

Kris, face it: Biased not is right. You have ZERO, and I mean ZERO hands-on experience working with and/or evaluating NFL QB prospects, whereas Billick actually made millions RUNNING a NFL team! No matter what the trade, your claim to be an "expert" based on what other team owners did in the way of hiring, firing, and not hiring NFL Head Coaches is really idiotic. Do you want to continue being an absolute "idiot", or should you re-phrase your boisterous opinions by saying, " I think, although I'm not an expert..." Believe it or not, this would give you more credibility and lessen the liklihood of you looking like an "iidiot", which, by the way, you do.

Marijuana is a non-issue and an infraction all over this country except the Southern idiot states like Alabama and Florida.

I Hope Mando has banned the Idiot Odin., Anyhoo, Gotta think Ross will go after Manning Just to sell tickets, The Man is desperate.


Good Morning.... :-)

U gotta' admit. You are a thinking man. I don't pretend to "know" sh.t I have never done. Offer an opinion and be humble by acknowledging that is just that, "an opinion"

sign manning if available first of all. he might not be as produtive as he was but he would teacher a rookie qb how to be sucessful. no way we can afford to give picks to move up for rg3. trade down for a 2nd round pick and draft ryan taneyhill. 2 2nd round picks...quality passrusher and a good blocking ol. YES...we can find quality in the second round.

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