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Yet another reason I love RG3

You know I love Robert Griffin III.

It's been that way since the midway mark of the college football season. And it's about more than just his ability to run a 4.41 time in the 40 or the fact hes already graduated, or the fact his folks were both military personnel who instilled great discipline in the kid, or the fact he completed 72 percent of his passes with 37 touchdowns and only six interceptions last season.

No, it's the total awesomeness of this young man. He's bright. He's gifted. He handles himself like a successful 40-year-old man but manages to maintain a certain enthusiasm about things.

I love all that.

And I love what I saw below. I heard he had wowed practically every team he interviewed with at the Indy combine -- the Dolphins included. Check out how he handled the coach's interview with the NFL Network via the Sportsgrid:


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Yet some prefer 7th round weak armend Flynn or End of the Road Manning or destined to be nobody Tannehill?

Are these the same folks that wanted Ryan over Long but now want Flynn over RG3?

Yeah, sounds like the dolphins alright. If no rg3 next season, more empty seats for ross to buy up. he gets whst he deserves. Hopefully his puppet ireland can man up and do something about it or is he going to be the same old shmuck?

Everyone has their opinion.

I just don't see how many still insist on labeling him as a Vick type player.

I don't see how some don't see this is a rare talent worth trading up for.

I don't see how some still want to nurture some project player behind Manning.

I don't see how some think we will get anyone better in the following years draft.

I don't see how there is not more unanimous enthusiasm for RG3.

Imagine RG3 with a few years of NFL experience and a few years of NFL conditioning. Imagine how many problems he will pose for opposing DC's.

RG3 has the potential to make our offense more exciting than Dan Marino did. Believe it or not.

Imagine that.

As long as the ROSS/IRELAND COMBO is running the Dolphins they will never amount to anything.

Sharp Kid! Handles himself well. Too bad the Dolphins will try to resurrect Jim Kelly or Warren Moon this offseason. Looky there Mando has a Man Crush. haha

I wanted RG3 long before I saw this, yet again more confirmation. As a season ticket holder, not only do I want RG3, he will pull in more crowds than Manning will. That should make Ross happy. I'll give three #1's for him. Let's be bold!!!! Manning is short term and an unknown.....

RG3 is not an acorn so ireland will probably pass. ross needs to make 2 offseason moves; fire jeff and sell the team.

Mind Boggling, 7th rounder yes, weak arm no. Where in the world did you get that information. No one, but one one has said that about Flynn. We Know what we get with Flynn. We don't really know what we get with RG3. In 2008 no one in Miami was saying Ryan over Long. Are you one of the people begging for Brady Quinn, or in favor of the Colts drafting Ryan Leaf, or the Raiders drafting JaMarcus Russell, or even the most NFL ready QB in last year's draft Jax's Blaine Gabbert. In any event the Dolphins don't have enough chips to offer to trade up for the #2 pick.

In 2008 no one in Miami was saying Ryan over Long...

Are you one of the people begging for Brady Quinn....

In any event the Dolphins don't have enough chips to offer to trade up for the #2 pick.

Posted by: Michael | February 29, 2012 at 06:43 AM

1. Where have you been? 9 million fans wanted Ryan, a QB. over Long, an OT.

2. Nope, I never wanted Quinn. Nice try.

3. You have a fear of the unknown and would rather take a known quantity that is only average over taking a chance on a high potential super star. Not me. No guts, no glory.

4. You have a defeatist, loser mentality. You are obviously a can't do person rather than a can do person. Too bad.

Mando, put the Kool-Aide down. We were all here last year when you made Kyle Orton out to be the second coming. Three #1's is the going price for RG3 and it's too steep to pay. Let the chips fall a bit and then make a smart choice. Finger off the button - please.

Mind Boggling = Odin?
Dude are you on disability or something?
How is it you have nothing else to do with your life?

No more revisionist history. First there aren't 9 million fans in the Miami area. Second most Miami fans were trusting BP ability to draft players. So they were in favor of the Long trade. Ryan threw 19 INT's his senior year at BC so there was concern about his ability at the NFL level. Maybe you didn't want Quinn, but there was outrage in Miami after the Phins passed on him. Flynn is much more ready right now than RG3 to start, and we don't know what we're getting in RG3. In the offense he ran at Baylor he NEVER under center, 60% of his passes were at the line of scrimmage or behind. He has never run a pro style offense. Cam Newton is the 1st and only spread QB that has been successful. Do you remember Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Tim Couch, Blaine Gabbert, They were all all world QB's too. Aside from that draft choices have become even more valuable than in the past. They balance your salary cap. If you don't have them you have to go into free agency to fill your whole like O line, wide receiver, d end, safety and tight end. The phins aren't a player away from the SB. The reason for the Phins decline in the early 2000's is the trading of their draft choices, and not hitting on the ones they had. And finally, they just don't have the chips to move up. The Skins and the Browns both can offer more to move up. In fact the Browns have a higher 1st choice, and another #1 in this draft.

You idiots all claimed that Mallet was the best QB - ever.
Now he's been tutored for a year by Brady.
If Tannehil is worth a number 1 then why not offer our #1 for Mallet?

BTW Mallet spent his freshman year as Henne's backup at Mich. Henne set the bar so high, by breaking all Big-10 and Mich passing records, that Mallet had to transfer or off himself. Ironic that Henne & Brady set the combined passing yards in a game record while Mallet watched.

How is it you have nothing else to do with your life?

Posted by: PriceMaster | February 29, 2012 at 07:12 AM

This is coming from the same guy that tells the bloggers they are going to swallow his....

PriceMaster is PhucYu and a few other names.

I cant see miami not trading up to get RG3. we are only a few players away from winning now. I think we have to trade up at this cost 2-1's a 3, an a 5. Heck why not 2-1's 1-2 an pick up a 4 and five, what do you think?


It would help reading if you learned to use paragraphs.

Just because RG3 is in a different type of offense does in no way suggest he can not play at a high level in an NFL offense.

To assume a great and intelligent athlete can not quickly learn a different offense does not make sense to me.

You can rattle off 100 QB's that have failed. It changes nothing.

Every rookie is an unknown. I don't understand your fear of the unknown. There are no sure things. There is no sure thing Flynn will have the same success in Miami as in his two whole games in GB. There are times to roll the dice, this is one of them.

You want Flynn over RG3? It is on all levels truly mind boggling. I can not comprehend it.

Too bad the Fins want a band aid for a couple years so they just pause the franchise QB for a few years. SMH. Kids a once in a lifetime talent. Period.


How well did Kolb do when he changed teams? Cassel? Both did not meet expectations. Both teams are said to be still looking at QB's.

You assume Flynn will put up those same numbers in Miami? That is far fetched. It is far more likely they were fluke games.

I am not a great judge of talent. I don't like the hype and I don't think that the type of player RG3 is would bring us to the superbowl. But he will be great entertainment.
The problem with a guy like this type of athlete is that in tough situations he will try to do something all by himself. He is smart enough to pick up any type of offense and that is really great. He is fast enough to make him a very large danger to run. He has an arm like a cannon.
Buuuutt, in the 4th quarter after a 30 yard run down by 3 he is going to make a mistake. He is going to get hurt, trapped, fumble or throw an INT. It is inevitable because of oxygen depletion and emotion. You are going to laugh at oxygen depletion but when an athlete goes all out his ability to see all points on the field become less and less as the game goes on. Blood goes to his legs. His hands cant hold the ball as well, he is sweating, his focus not as tight.
After a 16 game season and 3 playoff games his ability to use oxygen gets less and less. His emotions also create mistakes when he is tired.
This type of player will go far but never win the big one in the NFL (or hasn't and might once). We need a prototypical qb. One with a great arm that makes good onfield decisions. Like Brady or Eli Manning. You certainly didn't see them running all over the field. You didn't see any of the truly great qbs running all over the field. Randall Cunningham, Mike Vick and others have done that and have gone far but never to the big show.

Even if you are 400 lbs and wheelchair bound you can find a women online.


Ever here of Steve Young? Fran Tarkenton?

You are projecting some wild fantasies with your scenarios about how RG3 will perform above. They have no bearing on reality.

It amazes me how some bloggers think they have so much insight on oxygen and conditioning and decision making yet want to believe those that actually play and study the game full time can't see what they see and far more.

If you are not retired then the only other possibility is that you are Mando.
If that is the case you have a serious mental illness yo.
A serious mental illness!

These athletes having coaches too, you know? But some bloggers sit back and assume they have far more insight.

Mind boggling.

I am boggled out.


When Henne is franchised you will all swallow my load as an apology to me.
And I will thenceforth be known as


Mind, this isn't Madden, you have to manage the salary cap, and draft picks help you do that. This is a moot point anyway. If you were the Rams would you want what the Dolphins would offer for the #2 pick, or what the Browns and SKins have. Not even close. Read this they don't have enough ammo.

What is it about this topic that has everybody so wired? Reports came out yesterday stating the Dolphins not motivated with the price of moving up... Redskins willing to give it up to move up... blah blah blah. I am not buying any of it!

All of us must wait for free agency to figure out what anyone is doing. This will be the gauge that tells all. I cannot see any team trading picks until Manning and Flynn are out of play. Now I was never on the RG3 train but, having watched the kid in recent weeks has me excited about him. I want him more than any other QB available, including Luck.

So all us fans must sit back and wait!

The anticipation of pain is worse than pain itself!

Miami should give the Rams what they want to get RGIII. He will be All-Pro and win multiple Superbowls for the team that drafts him!! Please don't let this be another Drew Brees situation. I don't want to be coming back in here 2-3 years from now complaining on why the Dolphins didn't draft RGIII and instead took another project QB who is another Henne. Then someone can claim I never wanted RGIII and that it was all hindsight and no one knew he would be this good.

Do it Miami! Do it NOW!

Take a chance on having a STUD QB for the next DECADE!!

This is the move which can be a defining moment in Dolphins history.

The greatest Dolphin draft move along with drafting Dan Marino.

You only get a chance like this once a decade.

We blew it last time with Drew Brees.

Don't blow it again Miami!

Draft RGIII!

Flynn does have a weak arm. You saw this watching him at LSU. How many 9 & 7 routes were under thrown?? I have witnessed it at the pro level also. Dudes arm is weaker than almost all the prospects coming out this year. He lets the deep ball go very early and has little zip on intermediate passes. He anticipates well but can't squeeze balls in to coverage or throw someone open. FACT! Flynn is a product of Green Bays west coast offense...short passes...lots of yac....inflates stats.

The last QB that Shanahan drafted was Brien Greise. (Michigan 1998, Tom Brady was his backup, won Nat'l C'ship the year he and Peyton were seniors).

Greise proved to be a capable passer that threw alot of TDs and a lot of Ints.

More importantly when the Ray Rhodes defense failed to show Greise was a valuable SCAPEGOAT.

Shanahan needs a scapegoat more than he needs RG3. It's more likely that Shanahan sign Henne than RG3.

Just so that we are all clear the

doesnt matter what shanny would do, its what snyder would do. snyder 100 percent wants griffin and has already offered alot and sure he will up the offer even more. miami should try and outbid him but snyder can be really dumb and may even offer his whole draft

The scenario:
It's draft day and you're the GM of the Dolphins. You've decided to forgoe going after Manning and Flynn in FA and still need to pick up a quarterback. Do you:

1. Trade up to draft RGIII. The trade will cost you this year's #1, #2 and #3 plus next year's #1 and #2.
That means you're not picking again until round 4 and a lot of talent will come off the board between now and then and next year you won't be picking until round 3 so you'll miss out on more talent. Can any team afford to pass up on that much talent?

2. Forgoe trading up and take Melvin Ingram at #8. In the 2nd round you will have your choice of defense and getting someone like Bruce Irvin or Vince Curry to give yourself one of the best pass rushing lines in the league or you could get a tight end with Fleener or Charles. In the 3rd round you'll have your pick of SS Harrison Smith, WR Nick Toon, OT Bobbie Massie, DE Cam Johnson, OT Mitchell Schwartz, or QB Kirk Cousins.
In the 4th round you could add FS Antonio Allen, C Mike Brewster, RB Ronnie Hillman, OT Tony Bergstrom or TE Michael Egnew.
The draft is deep with talent thru the 4th round and you have a chance to make a real impact and add some solid players to your team. So, do you pick up one player who is dynamic like RGIII and wait for the 4th round to come around or do you pick up 4 players who will contribute to the team, be solid and add depth in areas where you need it.
In the 3rd round you could add Cousins to your roster and if you have enought conviction he could be groomed to be your future starter it may give you an option at quarterback. While not as dynamic as RGIII you can surround him with the talent he needs on offense.

There's your hypothetical. What would you do? I'm interested to see the responses.

straballa, u mean the same offense we are gonna run? oh

Payton = bandaid
Flynn = easily as many ??? as RG3, if not more - and YES, his arm strength has been questioned and is one of the main reasons he fell to the 7th Rd.
RG3 = complete unknown, by FAR the most upside, by FAR the biggest risk
I don't want a QB we 'can' win with (suggesting - even WITH his known limitations). I don't want to re-visit this crapola 2 years from now. I want a FRANCHISE QB! Could be RG3...definately won't be Payton 2 yrs. from now & likely isn't Flynn anyway - what are the chances Matt Flynn (a 7th Rdr.) becomes anything similar to the once in a lifetime Tom Brady (a 6th Rdr.)? Take that 1sr Rd. plunge after 29 freakin' years!!! GO GET 'OUR' GUY!!!


How is it you censored so many posts yesterday, but you continue to allow the posts such as this one below???

When Henne is franchised you will all swallow my load as an apology to me.
And I will thenceforth be known as


Posted by: PriceMaster | February 29, 2012 at 07:47 AM

The issue isn't whether Miami is willing to move up, the issue is whether they have more chip to trade than the Browns and the Skins. Those 2 teams have much more to offer than us. In fact the Browns have 2 number one choices in this draft. The Skins have a higher number one in this draft. The Browns can trade their 2 ones and the Rams can draft the WR they want at number 4 with the Brown's draft pick.

The last QB that Shanahan drafted was Brien Greise. (Michigan 1998, Tom Brady was his backup, won Nat'l C'ship the year he and Peyton were seniors).

Posted by: PriceMaster | February 29, 2012 at 07:55 AM

Check your statement Pricemaster!

Jay Cutler was the last QB Shanahan drafted AND he traded up to get him!

lou u wouldnt have to give up that much for griffin

For 3 #1 picks we could have ANY QB in the NFL: Rivers, Romo, Ryan, Stafford, Cutler, MackNabb, Cassel, Whitehurst, Palmer, Flacco, Sanchez, Bradford, Tebow and any other franchise QB in the NFL.

I stand corrected.

I can't see the Browns trading their two #1's to move up. They need help at too many spots and it is going to cost them more than just their two #1's. The Rams are looking for multiple picks. They don't want just two so, unless the Browns are willing to give more than that they aren't trading up.
The Redskins make more sense. Shanahan did a good job with the draft last year and added some good players. RGIII would give them the ability to score from any point on the field. They may be willing to make that trade but, judging from what I saw at the Senior Bowl, Shanahan is also a big fan of Weeden. He may be looking to trade down rather than up to accumulate more picks and possibly take Weeden later in the first to get better value.
I still say it is going to be tougher for the Rams to get what they are looking for than people think because the majority of the teams in the top ten really need to get some help at multiple positions and there is just too much talent in the draft.

Let's go get him! That video wowed me! RG3 would look great in aqua and orange.

cassel?? tebow?? most the guys are horrible u named price

lou browns and skins have already made offers to the browns. browns offered one of the 2 first rounders they have this year plus many other picks. skins have offered 2 first rounders and 4 other solid picks. it wont be easy but well worth it to outbid these guys

lou u wouldnt have to give up that much for griffin
Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 29, 2012 at 08:06 AM

The Rams aren't looking for a deal like the Cowboys got from the Vikings in the Walker trade but they are looking to make it worth their while. They aren't going off the trade value chart on this one; they're going off the charts. They want to get multiple picks this year and some picks in next year's draft. Otherwise, they aren't going to move. They realize the value of the pick they hold and what a pick like RGIII would mean to most teams. If they can't trade down I still believe they may take him no matter what Fisher says about Bradford.

"We Know what we get with Flynn.


You are the only one that seems to know. No self respecting person can say they know what flynn brings when his whole body of work is just 2 games.

lou they are asking for a little more than what the giants gave up for manning


We all need a little help sometimes.

I read that when Shanahan drafted up to get Cutler he was quiet about it and that it was a move no one saw coming. Maybe the Redskins are using this trade up language as a smoke screen as they to want Manning.

I would love to see RG3 here. Maybe some south Florida fan would put up a billboard outside the stadium asking (or telling) Ross how many tickets RG3 will sell!

Better yet, put it up outside of his New York office!

how would that help, draft is way after manning is avail

If it is true that the cost of getting RG3 will be a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd to swap to the Rams, then I'm all for it.

Where is that information coming from? There are rumours flying around the Rams agreed to trade the pick already but nobody has confirmed. There are also reports that Holmgren made an offer and so did the Skins but nobody can cofirm what they offered. There is also no confirmation of what the Rams are looking to get. One report has the Skins in discussion with the Rams and says the Skins will need to part with their first three picks this year and first two next year. It's all speculation at this point until there is something more solid but some have also said the Rams are waiting until draft day to get the deal so they can continue to field offers.

rams havent agreed yet lou, but want to deal pick soon before manning and flynn take teams out of the bidding.and yes the skins are the front runner because snyder can be really dumb and will most likely give up alot more than us.

I just cannot wrap my brain around the thought of Ireland making a deal like that. Im still not sure Ireland drafts him even if we owned the #2 pick. Lets get real folks!! my take is we stay at number 8 and we draft on the OL. I think we take Tannehill in the 2nd. Hes get mentored by Matt Moore.Hopefully Ireland is fired along with Philbin for a 5-11 2012 season. I really hope Im wrong!!! But this guys track record tells me differnt!!

Sometimes you have to take chances. Shula did, with Marino and his supposed off-field issues. In RG3's case, there are no extra-curricular issues. The only thing you have to judge, is how much is it going to cost you. Easier.

Armando, I have a bone to pick with your boy Greg Cote. He's STEALING MY THOUGHTS! Can you tell him to stop infringing on my posts. He basically wrote a "take RG3" article based 100% off things I've written here. Please pass along that I don't appreciate him writing columns with my voice.

NOW, to something NO ONE has heard me say yet, "RG3 is the best move to make in 2012 to solidify our QB position." PERIOD (kris)!

But, the word is still out that Manning is a lock for us. Hopefully that's just smoke, but, if not, I could live with that decision. I like where Miami is right now in all these conversations.

We have better players than Clevelland or Washington that we can add to the offer.

players? lol rams dont want players. they want picks and alot of them

Also, let me second dusty's posts. Cleveland IMO is looking less and less likely. They like to improve through the Draft. Giving up a bunch of picks for RG3 isn't in their usual character. The RG3 campaign is red hot up here in D.C. A few months ago, it was maybe 1 or 2 people. Now, EVERYONE practically is on-board. They see it as a very good possibility. And I'm starting to hear the same things here as we say in Miami, "I'm sick and tired of having a question at QB every year. I want a PLAYER at that position. A KNOWN quantity, not a placeholder." I understand that mentality. Exactly the reason I want RG3. Right now, I'd say Washington is the most likely destination.

Quick negative though to them. They are in the Rams Conference (and they play all the time, like we play Houston). Not sure the Rams want to see RG3 every year (or almost). If they deal him to Cleveland or us, they'll see him like every 4 years. So, if they have any long-term strategy, that would be a negative for Washington.

no doubt he is smart, very fast, and his numbers at Baylor were outstanding but so were Pat Whites' and he was more productive. However watch his release see his spiral. It isn't the best in the draft. Weeden is a better QB. If he were 23-24 years old he would be the #1 overall pick.

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