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Yet another reason I love RG3

You know I love Robert Griffin III.

It's been that way since the midway mark of the college football season. And it's about more than just his ability to run a 4.41 time in the 40 or the fact hes already graduated, or the fact his folks were both military personnel who instilled great discipline in the kid, or the fact he completed 72 percent of his passes with 37 touchdowns and only six interceptions last season.

No, it's the total awesomeness of this young man. He's bright. He's gifted. He handles himself like a successful 40-year-old man but manages to maintain a certain enthusiasm about things.

I love all that.

And I love what I saw below. I heard he had wowed practically every team he interviewed with at the Indy combine -- the Dolphins included. Check out how he handled the coach's interview with the NFL Network via the Sportsgrid:


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Look for the browns to possibly clean up this draft and next., Holgrem'sbeen around theblock a few times, I see him taking a Idiot GM to the cleaners, The only Question is who's gonna be that Idiot?, I got a feeling I know who the leading canidate for the "Idiot " Gm Is.

EXCUSE ME @8:43,

Reportedly were the 1st of the RG3 teams to unofficially back off the bandwagon?? Either were playing coy or Ireland hasn't learned a thing yet, how in God's name would something as sensitive as our draft day and FA intentions be a matter of public consumption before March-01. I'd like to believe were leading everybody on a wild goose chase and looking to draw the Manning teams out while trying to drive the Griffin sweepstakes down or we really are out of the RG3 running and will pay Manning 3 times what we should, which one of the scenarios do you guys out there think plays out?? We probably over pay as usual!

So now the Coalition To Ban Odin is kissing his ass. Pathetic coalition if you were to ask me.What's next? The Coalition To Ban Odin becomes the Union To Same Sex Marriage.You're a phony Coalition To Ban Odin.You're just resentful towards odinseye cause he ignore you in the past.I dislike you odinseye cause I think you're too negative,well verse, but too much pessimism.

Ozkar, Really?, Really.

fin4 = another gullible blogger that will never learn year after year after year after year to ignore the smokescreen info in the media pre draft.

Pity | February 29, 2012 at 08:47 PM

I was cut off if you notice by my last post I was going to finish by saying were either the dumbest team in the NFL or playing our own games looking to drive the Griffin price down or keep it at bay while drawing out the teams interested in Manning as much as we can, not that I owe an explanation to some troll blogger.


As much as I hate to agree with you(lol @ 8:53), you got it man.

Holmgren has more control and some better picks to work with.

Somehow, some people here think Ireland is going to out duel him at trading picks and getting a QB.

I'm hoping for the best, but I'm not expecting it.

Odin, Fin And he rest of you bloggers, All I want is a team that wins a super Bowl.

rumor has it NE will make a play for RG3 and dump Brady next year.

also, I am hearing GB make decide to keep Flynn and get extra picks for Rodgers. It must be true because i saw it on sports.r.us.com and football.for.fools.com

The Browns aren't trading away their picks folks.They will go after Matt Flynn and build a team to compete in their division and beyond.

The Coalition To Ban Odin also just wants to have odinseye's baby.

.I dislike you odinseye cause I think you're too negative,well verse, but too much pessimism.

Posted by: ozkar | February 29, 2012 at 08:55 PM


I respect your right to have an opinion. When you put it out there like that, I have NO problem with it.

Matter of fact, I'm going to make a concerted effort to be more positive in the future!

Thanks for the constructive criticism..........(I think......LOL).

flynn? lol. practice squad guy. freakin irish dude should stick to the bagpipes. flynn. lol. so good gb is letting him walk with no competent backup on the roster. lol. flynn? lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it's a great to do so.We have a new coaching staff and FA and the draft are right around the corner.

nfl.dumbo.com reported flynn is this years hot fa qb and therefore we should offer this 7th round pick a huge contract so he can flop on our soil. lol. lets pay some teams cast off garbage an elite qb's salary lol.

Somehow, some people here think Ireland is going to out duel him at trading picks and getting a QB.
I'm hoping for the best, but I'm not expecting it.
Posted by: odinseye | February 29, 2012 at 08:58 PM

Kinda like a guy that brings a rock(Ireland) To a gunfight(Holgram), It's not really fare having Ireland as GM and Ross as a owner, There should be some curve IMHO.

It's not your money they will be paying him fiend of fin4live.

i am not gay, but i have a picture of kiper on my bedroom ceiling. its inspiring. if he says flynn is the hot new fa, i am hot for flynn!

ireland is an idiot you say? ok. but you dinkle brains now want flynn lol. whose the idiot you say? flynn? oh yes, genie in a bottle will make flynn good. i think. maybe.

Did Coalition To Ban Odin just ask odinseye to marry him.You suck Coalition To Ban Odin.You make me throw up.Just a few days ago you were bragging about getting odinseye ban for a week or so.Now you're on you're knees with pads and a whole lot of KY jelly.Pathetic.

gb would rather have no backup qb than flynn. lol. seriously. can't you see. open your eyes. flynn, lmao.

Why I think Drunking Odin posting as " Coalition to Ban Ireland and Odin"?, Never thought Id see Coalition and Odin having a civil post between the two.

Guy's there's always time to agree with someone., It's not as if I still dont want Odin Banned, And I'am sure he feels the same way.

It's called a same sex civil union.

you know maybe Cleveland will throw Colt McCoy to the curb after the draft. We were all willing to trade the farm for him a couple of years ago.

Every year there are great names and profiles. Next year and the year after that will be no different.

Take the Manning Bus and the hope it could bring. Their is always next year to get the flavor of the month.

Bet the farm on a new tractor when we need a few more cows is a mistake. Go after Manning and build the line and find a shut down corner or safety. Then you can bet the farm next year to get Landry or Barkely they should be the flavor of the months come next March.

Go Dolphins!!

Who are you,Coalition To Ban Odin,John Lennon?Imagine all the people.Just change your name to Just Phony.

shula you cockle dumb fuh. only the teams picking in the top 3 next year will have a shot at those qb's, and rg3 is better, so lets trade up for him and not those hokies. go lay an egg now.

Thx coach shula 71.Now that's some something sensible Our Dolphins hopefully will do.

ain't there no smart fan with half a brain here or you all be dumb idiots? you guys is dang stupid, dummer than stupid is dumb!

honey, you seen my corn cob pipe?


The thing about Cleveland is that everybody keeps talking about the Philbin-Flynn connection but somehow forget Mike Sherman worked for Holgrem in G.B. as T.E. Coach while current Packers H.C. Mike McCarthy was QB Coach on that Holgrem staff as well. The O the Pack runs was put in place by Holgrem way back in the mid-90's. Some will say,"Hey they play a more vertical game than a West Coast game" To them I say go google the 96 SB Champ Packers after they added Andre Rison to go with Brooks & Freeman at WR along with T.E.'s Chumura and Keith Jackson and they were a carbon copy of these Packers.

It's the evolution of the W.C. which has opened up but the principles remain the same and this goes back to the 92-95 Seasons when Andy Reid was Holgrem's QB/Assistant H.C. and the two developed what to a large extent is the modern pass game we see were everybody is running some variable on what they put together with Favre. In Flynn, Holgrem knows what he gets while addressing other key needs at RB were they need a compliment to P.Hillis and a slew of D help in a Defensively deep draft.

If Holgrem who won't chase Manning decides to go all in on RG3 without so much as sniffing in the direction of Flynn given it's his Coaching tree and Offensive terminology that developed Flynn we can take it as every bit the indictment a Philbin snub would be about Flynn as well, IMHO!!

Is Coalition To Ban Odin oscar canosa or Aloco?

The Cleveland Browns are keeping their picks folks.If you don't believe then see Tom Eckert's modus operandi.

Holgrem and Tom build Super Bowl teams.Not entertaining ones.

Me thinks Ban Odin is his friend Fin4Life.

friend, coach philbin ain't going to waste no dang time with second rate back up flynn. he aint freakin stupid, no he ain't. flynn ain't no starting qb, he is a hoax. gb would rather have no back up qb than flynn, can you read the tea leaves sons?

don't get me wrong now, but y'alls actin like a bunch of aunt jemimas!

peyton order some right arm nerves from china, but the dang rice heads sent left arm nerves, so now he gotta wait another month. it be frustaten for dang sure.

I hears ya fin4live ya right these here folk are dummer than a bowl turnip tops. This here Son of a Mick Flynn couldn't throw a turd thru an open door much less hit the side to da barn. It the genius gay thor and friend4live who think dey smarter than a june bug in heat. By the way first cusin suzy4lay in heat like yo mommas fat sal.

Voces sao burros mesmo, que coisa!!!!

How come no one is calling out friend of fin4live a racist?Yet as soon as some,like myself,call RG3 too pricey is all about racism.Rice heads? Armando must be too busy picking out his wedding gown to marry RG3 to censor this clown.You're a s hitty fan.

I reckon you be right Mr. Kin.

Odin, Any other post from"Ban Ireland And Odin" will be imposters(Or Armando him self.) Iam out.

ozkar let me impart some sage advice son, you need to pop the kernels before you eat the popcorn. if you don't, you gonna be on the toilet a long asc time in the mornin.

Was that a good-night kiss from Coalition To Ban Odin to odinseye? Disgusting.

Hines Ward is available

If Holgrem who won't chase Manning decides to go all in on RG3 without so much as sniffing in the direction of Flynn given it's his Coaching tree and Offensive terminology that developed Flynn we can take it as every bit the indictment a Philbin snub would be about Flynn as well, IMHO!!

Posted by: fin4life | February 29, 2012 at 09:28 PM

You have some unparalleled insights here.

I've given some thought to Holmgren still having back channels into the Packers Org, but I hadn't thought of this. Good stuff.

I think RGIII and Flynn are Holmgren's top targets. I don't know which one he covets more, but I'll bet he'd like to make a deal with the Rams opening day of Free Agency(who wouldn't).

If he really wants RGIII, he'd have to pass on Flynn(I think). If he passes on Flynn, there's no guarantee he can get a deal done for RGIII.

That's what I call a conundrum!

I still think Holmgren goes all in on RGIII. Of course that's just my own personal, USELESS prediction.

Beerphin, Pat White is slow, dumb and couldnt throw the ball. No comparison!

It is true that the RG3 and Pat White comparisons are unfounded.I would draft RG3.I'm just not willing to morgage everything on him like some have suggested.Only if he was available when Our franchise was on the clock.

Why o why on earth would Holmgren be innarested in 7th round back up Flynn that the pack don't even want?

Dat dang media dun dere brainwashed almost the entire public population. Go figuer it.

yooz miama fans ain't never goin to learn some other teams cast off ain't goin to turn into no diamond under your cap. it just don't work that way, never has. you can change the uniform but crud smells like crud jus the same.

Green Bay gave Flynn a huge endorsement when they went out earlier this year and signed a quarterback from the Arena League to fill his spot.


Whaddup Doh!

You be on sum bullshyt dog! Dat ain't whazzup.

Dey ain't gotsa be no DiMones fool. Feel me?

Cassel got dat cabbage, Kolb too. You know it.

Smell like crud? FOOL! Flynn's shyt fin ta smell like MONEY! He bout ta get paid neega! Das Whassup!

Why would Hilgrem be interested in a 7th Rd. back up, SIMPLE!

You or anybody think it's coincidence that Browns H.C. Pat Shurmur was Philly QB Coach under Andy Reid from 2002/2008. Reid was the Assistant H.C. of the Packers under Holgrem. If you analyze the way the Packers since the Holgrem ERA have developed QB's and then look at the Eagles model you see the parallels between the two teams. If there are two teams that mirror each other in the NFL it is without a doubt these two Franchises.

These teams in the last decade and a half have turned out more talent at the QB position than some Divisions combined with mixed results when the product (QB) is transplanted elsewhere. You think given their very distinct way of breaking down their system QB's that Shurmur and Holgrem haven't broken down the game of one Matt Flynn??

You think they don't know if he can handle carrying the load or not and probably better than anybody in the entire QB needy NFL?? IF Holgrem decides that given his needs he rather mortgage his bounty of picks on RG3 and I believe teams (STOCK PLUMMETING) will begin to give Flynn the very cold shoulder and alot quicker given his track record and inside knowledge here than if it were Miami and Philbin ignoring Flynn, IMHO!!!!


Post Marino(1999), we've spent exactly 3 picks at qb(Huard, Beck, and Henne). 3 picks in 13yrs.

Even if we spend the entire draft(7picks) on RG3 plus 3 picks next year. We would finally spent 13 draft picks in 13yrs post Marino at the qb position.

Spending nearly a full draft and a half on RG3 to finally get a real qb after 13 post Marino years. Would only be "playing catch" on what we should have been doing "every season" after Marino retired.

I wouldnt trade up for RG3. if he falls to us, OK.

Huard, Beck, Henne, and the "scrap pile". Boy, this franchise has sure been serious about replacing the legendary Marino.

Time to get serious, trade the house for RG3 now!


Exactly why 13 seasons after Marino we're still searching for a real qb. We've spent 13 season on either dollar store or recyclable qb's.

When will enough be enough for you?


How about this.

In Green Bay Rodgers is the begining and the end.

We have a QB starved league and guys like Cassel and Kolb are getting Brinks Trucks to drive around in.

Flynn had a few good games and got EVERYBODIES attention in a contract year. Green Bay is solid with Rodgers and they ALREADY know they can't pay his back up anywhere near the kind of money Wash, Arizona, Miami, etc, etc will throw at him.

For Green Bay it isn't even about endorsements. It's economics. It's a business and they happen to be pretty good at it. They see the writing on the wall. They know there isn't anyway they keep Rodgers and Flynn(given Flynn's the new flavor of the month in a contract year).

Green Bay is ready to move on without Flynn. All their concerned with now is getting SOMETHING out of the deal.

PS: Ireland should monitor the situation and take notes. We've let a lot of talent walk without getting anything in return lately.


Maybe of course we could wait another 20yrs and pray a "Tom Brady" falls into our laps. "Tom Bradys" come alone once every 30yrs or so and Brady's been in the league 10yrs. Thats why I say another "20yrs" and the next Brady will come along.

I realize giving up valuable picks for RGIII is a lot but nobody can tell me they wouldn't love seeing him wearing a Dolphin's uniform this season.

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