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Yet another reason I love RG3

You know I love Robert Griffin III.

It's been that way since the midway mark of the college football season. And it's about more than just his ability to run a 4.41 time in the 40 or the fact hes already graduated, or the fact his folks were both military personnel who instilled great discipline in the kid, or the fact he completed 72 percent of his passes with 37 touchdowns and only six interceptions last season.

No, it's the total awesomeness of this young man. He's bright. He's gifted. He handles himself like a successful 40-year-old man but manages to maintain a certain enthusiasm about things.

I love all that.

And I love what I saw below. I heard he had wowed practically every team he interviewed with at the Indy combine -- the Dolphins included. Check out how he handled the coach's interview with the NFL Network via the Sportsgrid:


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Have you all lost your dignity? Or you will even talk football with a guy commanding you to service his knob? Apparently so.

You chaps are a sorry bunch.

Lastly, to counter the "you have to give up too much to get RG3" crowd.

Let me remind you, in 2007, we WASTED a draft pick on John Beck. In 2008, we WASTED a draft pick on Chad Henne. In 2009, we WASTED a draft pick on Pat White.

How many draft picks are you willing to waste, delaying any marked improvement in the team from mediocrity, on sub-par talent? There's 3 2nd-round picks lost in 3 consecutive years. How much has that damaged the team? Take the collective decade, of accumulating and discarding FA's, draft picks, all for naught. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And we sure have gained absolutely nothing for all that movement.

At least on this one, like Eli Manning, you GET SOMETHING BACK! You get a player (likely) to become a franchise QB. You don't have to waste any more picks in that position for a while.

For anyone who doesn't want to part with draft picks, finding a long-term solution at QB is the best choice available. And the most likely long-term solution in this year's Draft, besides Andrew Luck, is R-G-I-I-I! Say it again.

Mariuci and Weeden is a better vid.


Ideally getting Blackmon and Weeden would be a homerun in the draft.

Cleveland IMO is looking less and less likely. They like to improve through the Draft. Giving up a bunch of picks for RG3 isn't in their usual character.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 29, 2012 at 08:43 AM

Where do people come up with this stuff? How can anyone know what Cleveland is likely to do? They like to improve through the draft? They have a relatively new FO, who knows what they will do or what their character is. When Parcells arrived they said he never drafted oline first. Well gee, maybe it wasn't the highest priority on the teams he had, maybe there were better options first. These guys are more flexible than you give them credit for. There are tendencies and then tendencies are broken for special circumstances.

Everyone as their opinion, but speaking as though you have any idea what a franchise might do is a bit far fetched unless the GM happens to be your uncle.

I don't think Ireland has what it takes to make that type of trade. He seems to be a very safe and measured guy. Not a risk taker. And sometimes it takes risks to get players that are difference makers which is what this team needs. We've got a lot of solid players but not enough difference makers. Unless some of those players magically fall to us, we will continue to toggle from sub par to mediocre to kind of good but never elite. I hope I'm wrong but well see.

Weeden can make all the throws and sits calm in the pocket. 6'4 Strongest arm and best accuracy. He also beat alot of good teams this year and almost went undefeated.

Why trade your best player in Long and half your draft this year and a 1st next when your given a chance to draft a better QB in the 2nd rd?????

Morris Claiborne was a man among boys at the combine. Everyone else wasn't even close.

...at cornerback, that is.

I hope we don't give up the farm for RGIII. He's a perfect fit for the skins. He'll be another daunte culpepper or randall cunningham if he's lucky.

Trade Long? That's just silly. That discussion should never happen.

How do replace your starting left tackle, the most important player on the offensive line?

Claiborne is very impressive and Peterson played great for the cards

So, basically what Armando and some of you are sating is "Go ahead and throw whatever resources and draft picks that is necessary into drafting RG3"...

Okay... then just for kicks... one of you with the man crush on this kid, that means you too Armando... tell the rest of us who warn caution just how much is "TOO MUCH"...?

Is 2 1st round picks, a second round this year and a third or second next year "Too Much"....?

If not... then what is "Too Much"...?

Some of you same people likely LOVED Ricky Williams. Ricky cost Miami 2 1st round picks and a 3rd round pick. Yet, aside from a bunch of meaningless yards he gained before going on his first Weed Excursion, Ricky brought nothing to Miami but misery.
Now I would expect RG3 to be a much better player.... but NO ONE can guarantee that... and just as the people who stand in awe of RG3 readily admit, I will repeat... 50% of all QB's taken in the draft are out of the league in 4 years.And because other "Can't miss" QB's have fallen flat on their faces (The list is way too long to write) I'm not buying into a "Can't miss option"...

I'm all for chasing and getting RG3... But I need one of the "Man Crushers" ready to eat his jock to tell me "How much is too much"....

The Ricky Williams deal DESTROYED Miami... ending in a 1-15 2007 season. With his drama, and the fact we did not have a blue chip acquisition for 2 years... it KILLED our franchise...(you can argue it but cannot deny it) This RG3 deal if it is Too Much could too... and NO ONE can say for 100% certain it does not have that chance...

So... I'm ready to chase RG3 also.... But first, I need to hear one of you RG3 lovers tell me one thing....

How much is TOO MUCH...? Then I'll know if you are serious or need locked up in a asylum for 20 years.....

Come on Armando....report something that is actually relevant.
They know, you know, RG knows, and we know, the Dolphins are NEVER going to be able to draft this guy.
Love him all you want, but do your job, and write about something we DON'T know!! Like who the Fins probably WILL draft...

get pm. get weeden. don't blow pix. afc championship game.
watch.so weeden takes over at 31. big f'n deal...old my hard tan axx.
got it????????????

The Redskins are being very aggressive in trade talks with the Rams. There may be no chance for anyone else to get into the conversation.


I would give this years and next years 1 and 2. The chances we blow half those picks otherwise is already great, so its only costing us half that in the end!

get pm...enough of this f’n chit at qb.
can’t f’n take it no mo.!!!!!.
just bring it.

and an extra month to get to know his new phreakin’ team.


Too bad Miami couldn't sign Manning AND draft RG3. What a "QB de tat" that would be! That way RG3 could learn from Manning so this franchise can win now AND later.

ross’ office.

coach philbin. who do u want at qb.
flynn or manning and all of u’r d/pix.. ?
why i ask is because

i and the phins just signed manning he he paxxed his physical.

j phi:.excuse me boss. i just krapped myself and have to go change my drawers..


Do what it takes to get RG3!! We will not regret it!!

Guys....put down the RG3 cool-aid and step away from the keyboard.


What part of that don't you understand? When Manning is let go on March 8th, Miami is in the drivers seat to sign him.

Miami is NOT in the drivers seat for RG3...Cleveland & Washington share that spot, while Miami sits in the trunk.

Stop dreaming of RG3 in a Fins uniform because the longer you dream, the harder the fall when reality hits.

How can you guys say RG3 is a once in a lifetime talent when he isnt even the number one pick. If Barkley was in this draft RG3 might be the number 3 qb. I think the guy has talent and will be a good player but by the time he is ready to take the fins to the next level the team will be old. This team is built to win right now. Bush, Marshall, Long, Wake, Dansby, Burnett, Starks, YBell, Vontae are all guys in their prime. The only young up and coming players on the roster are pouncey and odrick.

How I love thee!

Let me count the ways!

Oh BROTHER! With JT's retirement I thought we were going to get a break from this kind of fluff crap!

As Archie used to say to Edith: SHUT UP YOU!


RG3 would be a perfect fit for a Philbin/Sherman offense. I've been saying all along that Manning is too old and even if he is good this year, we may be back in the same spot 2 years from now. Flynn is more or less unproven. He may be great he may be good or he may be AJ Feeley. Trade next years 1st and 2014 first if need be. At worse, if he doesn't work out they wasted a couple first round picks. Big deal. It's already been 27 years since they've been to a SB. The reward could be unbelievable. Do It!!!!!!

1st rd Luke Kuechly LB Boston College
2nd rd Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma St
3rd rd Tommy Streeter WR University of Miami
4th rd Olivier Vernon DE University of Miami
5th rd Derek Wolfe DT Cincinnati
6th rd Ryan Miller OG Colorado
7th rd Scott Solomon DE Rice

Fact: We are built to win NOW
Fact: The Owner's 1st choice is Manning
Fact: Did I mention that Ross wants Manning?
Fact: Ross signs the paychecks
Fact: Manning is the BEST QB in the last 10 years
Fact: Favre led the Vikings to the NFC Championship @ 40
Fact: Did I mention that Ross wants Manning?

What happens if We give the Rams all they want for the rights to draft RG3 and he flops? How far back would that send Our franchise? The price for moving up to draft RG3 is too astromical and not sensible.History has shown Us that mortgaging the draft for ONE player doesn't guarantee success.Come on man,We seen this with the Ricky William trade when the Saints drafted him.Be smart fellow Dolphans.Don't let the hype for RG3 blind you to the fact that Our team has many holes.

beerphin....I would love to see Kuechly in a Fins uniform, he is the next Zack Thomas!
But he is a reach @ #8 and feel they will go DE with that pick...maybe Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina

I'd trade Long if it guarantees getting RG3. Hell, john Jerry filled in for Long and was ok. It's easier to find a serviceable LT than a great QB. Look At NE, great QB and serviceable LT works Just fine. Long is also starting to break down ala Tony Boselli. Again, what has the great Long done for this teams chances of winning. I'm pretty sure try are under .500 since he was drafted. A QB is way more important. It's not even close.


What part of that don't you understand? When Manning is let go on March 8th, Miami is in the drivers seat to sign him.

Miami is NOT in the drivers seat for RG3...Cleveland & Washington share that spot, while Miami sits in the trunk.

Stop dreaming of RG3 in a Fins uniform because the longer you dream, the harder the fall when reality hits.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | February 29, 2012 at 09:56 AM

Ross wants a HEALTHY Manning. As of today, Manning is not healthy.

Maybe its you that is dreaming.

I don't think Cleveland would have to give up quite as much as us to land Griffen.

Also, with Holmgren NEEDING a franchise QB and having preached for years about drafting one EVERY YEAR, what's to discourage him?

RGIII is the cats azzz according to most, so Holmgren's going to pass because of Coly McCoy? C'mon MAN! If RGIII is HALF as good as Armando says, how is Holmgren not salivating at the tought?

The Kicker for Holmgren is, in a trade with the Rams, they only slide down two slots. Holmgren can probably get RGIII for a song and a dance compared to what it would cost us.

Fisher can trade with Holmgren and still get a top 4 pick! How about Cleveland sawps 1sts with the Rams and throws in either his second 1st or his 2nd rounder THIS YEAR.

We can't even TOUCH THAT! Holmgren will still have a high pick this year(his second 1st or his 2nd rounder)and all of his picks from next year to further sweeten the deal if need be.

If RGIII is even half of what you all say he is, you better believe a guy like Holmgren, a guy with beliefs abouts QB's, LIKE HOLMGREN will be ALL OVER HIM!

Holmgren has Colt McCoy. He's sitting at the top of the draft order. He has MULTIPLE 1st rounders THIS YEAR!

We have Ireland with his carry over Parcell's philosophy.


Would Patrick Willis be a reach at #8? We could have had him instead of Ginn Jr. but instead he went 11 to 49rs. Kuechly has better numbers than Willis did coming out I don't see it being a reach getting the best Linebacker in the draft... Also he is a leader for a defense

This blog is pure comedy! Thank goodness Jeff Ireland has enough sense to NOT make a deal for RG3. The regime that is foolish enough to make the deal for the reported asking price will all be fired within 3 years. Mark it down!!! St. Louis will win a championship within 3 years if they pull of this heist.

Ozkar, NE has a lot of holes also. Except they have a great QB. It covers up a ton. Now I'm not saying RG3 is a cant miss, but you can't hit the lottery if you don't buy a ticket. This franchise hasn't bought a ticket in a long time. At least try to be dynamic. Conservatism has gotten them nowhere. Time to change and roll the dice.

I know many of you believe Ross is mentally retarded. He is smart enough to not want a crippled Manning. Manning is not healthy, until he proves it.

RG3 undoubtedly has the potential to be just like Randall Cunninham.Agile,gritty,electric,helluva an arm,well thought of,coachable,charismatic and so on.But,but he seldom won big playoff games.Cunningham had talent around him.Receivers,running backs,tight ends and some of the most formidable defensive players on defense.The Eagles were a very good team in the late 80's and in early 90's.However they never won.Very entertaining and most definitely worth rooting for but never won.I want to win multiple Super Bowls.A dynasty.NO to RG3.

For those of you who feel RG3 is a better option then Tannehill, I urge you to watch this:

The 2011 head-to-head match up of RG3 vs. Tannehill

IMO, Tannehill looks more polished.


Wake is gonna be a beast at DE I don't see DE being that big of a need with possibilities already on the roster. Plus I think Olivier Vernon is going to be a great pro. Maybe no production in college but he is faster and stronger. Vernon put up more reps and the same 40 yrd dash that Ingram did at combine and he is a little bigger.

ozkar...I agree.
The last 'scrambling' QB to win a Superbowl was Steve Young.

watch this video of RG3 vs. Tannehill from last fall...everytime RG feels the pressure he takes off, and the results are not always favorable for him:


I guess no one rembers Mat Cassel who one 11 games for the Patriots. Then went to the Chifes. Hows that working out? Last time I checked they were looking into to getting Manning or RGIII. Flynns got 2 wins on a superbowl contending team. Plus the word is Green Bay going to franchise him. So your going to pay him top dollor. I rater take my chances whith a rookie......Trade up

The patsies didn't mortgage their future when they drafted brady jrljr2.Be sensible,just like your precious patsies have been.

..I think it a useless exercise to say stuff like..Because it has never happened it can't, or because another team failed doing this we shouldn't. Anyway, I can't helpmyself today, and will enter this as one of those dumb fact that lack logic, or substance. Ok here we go.....Do you guys know that in 60 plus years..The only quarterback taken number 2 in the draft that has a winning record is Donovan McNabb?
RG III isn't the first guy coming out that is going to "change the game" or is "once in a lifetime prospect"..

He may be very good, even great. He may have the best chance to "buck the mold"..He may flop on his face. I have said that any attempt to improve the quarterback spot should be applauded. Within in reason. Trading away 2 drafts worth of top picks away to aquire Griffen is akin to a junkie promising to pay you back so he can buy his dope..He gets his quick fix(us) you wait knowing most likely you will never see that money(us)

In 2008 no one in Miami was saying Ryan over Long...

Are you one of the people begging for Brady Quinn....

In any event the Dolphins don't have enough chips to offer to trade up for the #2 pick.

Posted by: Michael | February 29, 2012 at 06:43 AM

1 everyone wanted ryan but wasnt disappointed with long
2 if you didnt want brady quinn you obviously werent disappointed with the ted ginn pick?
3 the dolphins have more than enough to offer to move up

Also it might be possible to trade down a little and still land him and get another 2nd or 3rd and 4th rd pick. and Get guys like Josh Robinson DB or Zebrie Sanders OT

First, I know some of you racists pricks cant look past the fact RG3 is black and have braids, get over it already! Were in the year 2012 dirtbags, you know who you are.

Secondly, If Philbin was smart, he'll want Ireland to trade whatever it takes for RG3, so that he can mold him into the QB that he wants him to become. Do you guys honestly believe Peyton Manning ego will allow Philbin to tell him how to run an offense? They'll be bumping heads all season.

Some of you need to take the blinders off your eyes!

Tannehill looks awful. I've watched him a bunch. I have no idea what anybody sees in him.

I get the feeling there is some subconscious racial bias going on. Seriously. People want Tannehill or Flynn over RG3? Gutless.

All of you tired of acorns want to pass up a possible super star for a known acorn. Gutless.

Eveytime an African-American athelete excels epithets like game changer and once in a lifetime prospect are uttered.Always.Yet they seldom reach that echelon.

Zach Thomas may be one of my all time favorite players... Kuechly is going to be better

Home says,

"Another reason why Armando has had and NEVER will have anything to do with drafting in the NFL"

Why would u go after RG3 when Peyton Manning (who is healthy and does not have to play contact football for 6 more months) is on the table?

The Miami Dolphins essentially can have MVP QB Peyton Manning



Then u can also sign Center Saturday to work w Peyton
Move Pouncey to Guard where he excelled in college, improving the O-line

Also WR Reggie Wayne is available in FA

Imagine QB Peyton Manning w WR Brandon Marshall (2) MVP Pro Bowlers playing w WR Reggie Wayne, RB/WR Reggie Bush and WR Bess in the slot.

Sure hands & feet WR Hartline for an extra

Then the Miami Dolphins can use their 1st round pick on much needed DE to pressure and sack Brady & Sanchez

Then another lineman & a CB, like Alabama's stud CB(tradeseansmith.com)

The following year the Miami dolphins will also STILL HAVE THEIR FIRST ROUND PICK (cuz they did not WASTE IT on RG3)

Now we have a team, NOT JUST ONE PLAYER

U get that, Huh Armando ?

have a HAARPy day :(


RG3 is so overated.

Weeden over anybody... Stop being blinded by his age it is just a number. He was a professional baseball player drafted by the Yankees. Throwing fastballs accurately at over 95 mph...

I would love RG3 but he costs too much- not gonna happen.

Ross says sign Manning. It's gonna happen- Manning is coming to Miami.

Our first round pick will probably be spent on a pass rusher- maybe Tannehill as a project.


ozkar, your another one of though guys.

Eveytime an African-American athelete excels epithets like game changer and once in a lifetime prospect are uttered.Always.Yet they seldom reach that echelon.

Posted by: ozkar | February 29, 2012 at 10:36 AM

Jim Brown
Walter Payton
OJ SImpson
Lawrence Taylor
Warren Moon
Steve McNair
Jerry Rice
Randy Moss
Eric Dickerson

The list goes on and on and on.

Skyles is right. DC, you are such a tool. Yes, of course you *want* us to get RGIII and not Cleveland, but you have *no* basis for thinking that might actually happen.

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