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Yet another reason I love RG3

You know I love Robert Griffin III.

It's been that way since the midway mark of the college football season. And it's about more than just his ability to run a 4.41 time in the 40 or the fact hes already graduated, or the fact his folks were both military personnel who instilled great discipline in the kid, or the fact he completed 72 percent of his passes with 37 touchdowns and only six interceptions last season.

No, it's the total awesomeness of this young man. He's bright. He's gifted. He handles himself like a successful 40-year-old man but manages to maintain a certain enthusiasm about things.

I love all that.

And I love what I saw below. I heard he had wowed practically every team he interviewed with at the Indy combine -- the Dolphins included. Check out how he handled the coach's interview with the NFL Network via the Sportsgrid:


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Uh, The Giants WON the Super Bowl

... Just Saying. lol

Cam Newton over RGIII imo

If we give up 3 first round picks for this kid it wouldn't hurt as much as not doing it.We need a quarterback in Miami that does what Brady does for the Pats, he makes free agents want to play for them for less. RG111 is the only guy in the list of QB candidates that has the potential to do that.It's worth the risk to finally land that guy in Miami because, if he is what he seems to be when free agency opens in 2013 we will be competitive in this division for those free agents that normally overlook the Dolphins, and as we sign those free agents no one will be crying about not having a first round pick.

cam newton is very very good. griffin will rival him

and Y-Bell will def be signed back because of his run stopping safety skills

Yes, Home has heard the Dolphins will run a 4-3 base defense, of course on some plays they will switch depending on offense

duh. lol

Perhaps Home knows a lot more and is a lot closer to the team than chronic blogger and out of state blogger from the Ghetto of Washington DC

... just saying


Skyles, has nothing to do with sensitivity. I'm simply not understanding how you're not understanding everything said on this blog is an opinion. Sure, sometimes posters back it up with fact, but in the end, we're all just spitting in the wind here.

Also, it was surprising to me to read someone react to my post as if it was anything more than opinion, when I stated at the very beginning that it was "IMO."

That's my issue. I don't have a problem with you disagreeing with the opinion. I have a problem with you characterizing it as something I think I KNOW (like as fact). I have no clue. For all I know, the Colts will pick a kicker with the first pick. Only they know what they're going to do. And only when they do it will it be confirmed.

What I'm asking you to do is work under the assumption that everyone here understands what any other poster is saying is strictly their opinion or speculation. Not a guarantee or some divine knowledge. That work for you?

exactly dc

I said it last year Cam Newton would/ should be #1 over Luck as well. Cam Newton put together the best NFL rookie QB year and people still want to say Luck will be better... I highly doubt it. I think Luck will be great but Cam Newton is on another level.

I love RGIII! He is the real deal. We need to find a way to get him. If that means giving up some draft picks it should be done. Let's not make this mistake again and not take a franchise qb in the first. Yeah, you give up some picks this year and next but, if he plays 10+ years you still have plenty of time to add picks while he is still young.

I predict the Dolphins will stink again in 2012.

Giants won the SB with one of the worst defenses in the league during the Season. Just saying.

And, perhaps Home is nutjob conspiracy theorist who could stumble on being right like a broken watch is right twice a day.

...just saying.

According To Spy Network International:

Jeff Fisher was originally signed by the Miami Dolphins then Traded to the St Louis Rams for the 2012 2nd overall pick.

Rejoice Miami RG3 is on the way! LOL

RGIII, RGIII, RGIII is the one for me! Welcome to Miami!

miami will be very good if they get griffin. if they sign manning they are done

This RG111 kid needs to clean it up he looks like some sort of gay hippie.

You don't win games with draft picks. You win them with players who can make a difference. If you're giving up draft picks, they are just picks. Do it Ireland! Make the damn trade!

RG3 is the choice if all things are equal. They are not. It's unrealistic to believe that Jeff Ireland with his conservative Parcell upbringing will make a bold, costly trade up to nab RG3. I look for the Dolphins to make a run for Payton Manning with a fall back position of Matt Flynn. What do you think Armondo?

He looks like a Jamacain who smokes the wacky tabaccy but who cares. He can trow da ball mon.

Though Ireland has has a conservative philosophy in the past, I think this time it's different because he's very high (at least through reports I've read) on RG3. It's his alma mater, he thinks the kid is intelligent as well as a gifted player.

Not saying that means he'll definitely make the deal, just saying he might go away from his norm in this particular instance.

ok, i have to admit my opinion on moving up is changing. after seeing more of RG3, watching more of his play and seeing what kind of person he is i think the fins should be willing to give up 2 1sts and 2nd and a 3rd. 2 picks this draft 2 picks next draft. if that isn't enough then congrats to the browns or skins. i still think we won't get I'm even offering those 4 picks.

we have to offer this and next years first rounders. give them a 2,3,4 also in either year

RG3 is about as "BUST PROOF" as you'll ever see come into this league. I dont get the "VICK" comparisons. Vick was a super athlete playing the qb position. RG3 is a super qb who just so happens to also be a super athlete.

Chances are extremely low you go wrong trading the house for RG3. Griffin is an extremely rare on top of rare nfl commodity at the qb position.

i think he will be a brown. they could give up 3 1st rounders if the needed to. but with the 4th pick they have a lot more value than we do with the 8th pick. the rams can get extra picks 1st and maybe a 3rd from the browns and still draft blackmon or kahli. one or the other will be there at 4 but not at 8th.

Had RG3 shaved "the dreds" Im sure he could have equaled or broken Vick's 4.2 forty record as a qb during the combine.

This guy has at least 10lbs of dreds hanging from his head. LOL

pm to the jets.
griffin to wash.
flynn to ariz.
8-8 to phins. out of the barkley and the other 2 qb sweepstakes in 2013.



I agree with all of the logic concerning moving up to get RG3- I think he's a player you can build a franchise around.

I just don't see the Dolphins making this kind of move however, when they've openly admitted to wanting a free agent QB and Manning is their top target, AND- Manning reportedly (conveniently) is getting healthy...

It's gonna happen. Manning is coming to Miami. RG3 is going elsewhere and we're going to have to watch him play for years to come.

And Steven Ross is making this happen. It may or may not work. It's a great move if it does.

dusty, we're not the most pessimistic posters on the blog. That title goes to 2 watt, lol.

Sell the farm, get RGlll. Do it now, or regret it later.

dc,u'v known me 4 years. have i been wrong yet.?

dc. the phins have turned me into hanibal lecter.
i accept that title with honor.

Rams are likely going LT with thier 1st pick. That makes our #8 position still attractive to them because we've been projected to take Iowa LT Riley Reiff with that pick.

With our #8 pick the Rams still get thier LT in Riley Reiff. Even if the Browns do outbid us, still we can drive that price so high The Browns poop thier pants in winning.

2 watt, that's what I'm worried about (you being right again).

So I find you EXTREMELY outdated in your knowledge of how football is played today.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 29, 2012 at 12:33 PM

I wonder if anybody saw the disruptive force that big agile players like Albert Haynsworth (Tenn.) and Ngata are in the 4/3 scheme with the up-field rush in the QB's face?? The inside rush is the most devastating to a QB because it completely disrupts his ability to step in to his throws or properly set himself causing Int's.

In the 4/3 by the way the roaming FS position is alot more important than the SS position which is more of an in the seam player. DC is right Home you need to find out what the scheme requires and each players primary responsibility before posting nonsense. The ultimate 4/3 SS was R.Lott because he had the ability to run with any T.E. or R.B. in the NFL while hovering at around 10 Yards off the line of scrimmage. In today's game you need a E.Reed or converted CB like A.Rolle or M.Jenkins to cover ground on the back end.

You can't however put a price on a DT that can rush the QB whith the strength to clog up blockers as in plural aw well. I for one am intrigued at the idea of this D.Poe kid because alongside a player like Soliai we would have a pair of agile inside rushers who can tie up the Guards and Center leaving players like Wake at DE with Odrick and Starks one on one. If we can't get Griffin and sign Manning I have no problem with adding Poe to the DL rotation in a trade down picking up maybe an extra 2 to address OLB and CB/Safety with TE inj Rd.3 The OL can be addressed in FA and we would have something there IMHO.

RG3 will make this team 100 times more exciting to watch every Sunday. ESPN is already buying extra disk space for the highlights.

Home, do the blog a favor & spare us your long windered & redunant uninformative posts. Reading your posts is like watching paint dry.

People in this blog keep writting how exciting RG3 will be. More exciting than Dan Marino. Maybe so, but let's remember the Dolphins won NOTHING with Marino and all his excitement. Give me a dull, mundane QB like Bob Griese and Three Super Bowl visits in a row and two Victories. Excitement equals nothing!!!

The reason why elite left tackles are so prized in the NFL is because they protect the quarterback's blind spot. We all saw how Columbo had trouble on his side. Imagine that happening on the left side with an average left tackle. You wouldn't have your franchise quarterback too long.

Posted by: Professor Lou | February 29, 2012 at 12:34 PM

Without using the internet, name the Packers, Giants, Chargers, Steelers, Texans, Cowboys & Eagles left tackles. Then name their QB's.

You can win superbowls without elite LT's, you can't without a QB. Not in today's NFL. Your logic is as outdated as Parcells. That's why we're in this hole in the first place.

I see where Greg Cote is again playing GM. "Do whatever it takes to get RG3". Keep in mind GM Greg Cote back in the early 90's urged the Miami Dolphins to trade Dan Marino for draft picks because the Dolphins had a budding Super Star in Scott Mitchell. Also GM Greg Cote spent most of August encouraging the Dolphins to sign Vince Young or Donovan McNabb. The Miami Herald should post a WARNING on any column Greg Cote writes. READING THIS MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR BRAIN.


If Marino could have run a 4.4 forty we wouldnt be talking about how atrocious our run game was when he played qb. Watching Marino take off and run was like watching molasses moving uphill.

Did you actually watch this video? RG3 was just given the "basic concept of the west coast passing offense, then distracted, and asked to draw up what was presented to him for the very first time(basic concept of the west coast offense). He freaking nailed it!

Oh, by the way, the west coast offense is exactly what we'll nbe running under Joe Philbin. RG3 just proved in the video he can ace the basic concept of it. TRADE THE DAMN HOUSE!

fin4life@ February 29, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Man, you hit the nail on the head. Parcells as a HC hated the media because he was questioned when the team lost or other decisions that didn't work out. If you've ever seen some of his responses as a HC, you know what I mean.

When he landed in Miami I'm sure (at first) he loved it. And why not? Nobody dared question him and no mandatory pressers on Monday. But it didn't end there by a long shot. Secret partices, Sporano mumbling through pressers because he was afraid to give away any 'secrets', assistant coaches were not allowed to speak and in fact the whole team was under a gag order of sorts.

I remember it like it was yesterday and I'm glad the puss gut is gone. Now if we could only get rid of Ireland. LOL

Without using the internet, name the Packers, Giants, Chargers, Steelers, Texans, Cowboys & Eagles left tackles. Then name their QB's.

You can win superbowls without elite LT's, you can't without a QB. Not in today's NFL. Your logic is as outdated as Parcells. That's why we're in this hole in the first place.

Posted by: how dumb can 1 person be....no, really! | February 29, 2012 at 01:21 PM

You may be the dummy here. Just because LT's are not widely known by name, does not mean they are not elite.

Backus, Mackenzie, Gaither, don't know steelers or texans Schaub went down in injury for season..., Free for cowboys but they are switching Smith there and Herremans is RT which would be vicks blindside


During Marino's final 5 seasons I was a proponent for trading him for a slew of draft picks too. Entering into Marino's final 5 seasons it was readily apparent decline was beginning to set in and he was going to lead us anywhere but just shy of the afc east cellar.

People thought I was nuts! However, thats pretty much how Marino's last 5yrs and our franchise fate would play out. In each of Marino's final 5 season his former self would fade more and more with each passing season.

o and Gaither went in due to McNeil being injured and slowed... Gaither is huge btw could be a great fix at RT for us seeing he is a free agent

Man there are some folks on here that aren't too bright. Trade this years draft and next years for RG3?

You half-wits will be excited on draft day. You will be calling for Ross to sell the team, Ireland to be fired, and Philbin to be fired before the 8th game.

RG3 can't play every position. He can't block for himself. He can't catch for himself. He can't the rush the passer. He can't cover the passer.

Result: Dolphins lose most of the games. RG3 is on injured reserve. Dolphins enter next draft with high draft picks except they traded them away and aren't selecting anyone. All you fanboys are screaming about the next "once-in-a-lifetime talent" you want on the team and the Dolphins can't do anything about it.

You guys saying "make it rain" spend too much time on Madden. The Dolphins can't outbid Cleveland or Washington without putting a foreclosure sign out in front of Joe Robbie.

Sign Manning for QB
Sign Saturday for C
Draft Reiff for RT
Move Pouncey to RG

...Do this and we will be unstoppable on offense.

All you guys foaming for RG3 and comparing him to Cam Newton and using Cam's first season as proof need to look at a bit of history. Remember Vince Young? He was rookie of the year. He could run. He could throw. He was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Where is he now?

You may be the dummy here. Just because LT's are not widely known by name, does not mean they are not elite.

Posted by: Zippy | February 29, 2012 at 01:27 PM

Thats funny considering you know other elite athletes names. Why not LT's? Elite players, regardless of position, ARE house hold names.

By your logic, the players names you do hear about all the time are not elite.


Yes it is impressive. But I can almost guarantee Luck Tannehill and Weeden would be able to memorize a basic formation shown seconds before by a coach. He is not the only one who understands how to play QB.


There are many nfl fans of other teams who couldnt tell you our starting LT is without Googling it. LT's are popular with thier fans when they are good ones.

Fans of other teams just bdont keep nup with who the LT's are on other teams. There are fans of at least 31 other teams who couldnt name Jake Long as our starting LT right off the top of thier heads. But does that make Long any less important?

I don't like the idea of drafting RT that high especially when there are many other options. Reiff should play LT

yg,boselli is 1 i remember.

jt would try once on his side then after getting raped he would move to the other side for the remainder of the game.lol


Somehow I doubt that Ryan Leaf would have been able to do that. I pretty much belief most incoming rookie qb's would have left out at least "one bit" of important info.

Its scientific proof the normal human brain retains only about 65% of new information introduced to it. RG3 retained at least 95% of that info. Mariani did have to refresh RG3 on the "7step drop". That's it.

This video proved how remarkable RG3's "brain recall" ability is. This is why the kid graduated both high school and college early. His "brain recall" ability is nearly "off the charts". This isnt a coomon ability, its a very special gift my man.


Just like RG3 said in the video:

"I'm not an athlete playing qb. I'm a qb who so happens to be an athlete".

It couldnt have been said better.

Newton did pretty much the exact same thing w Mariuci last year. RGIII even said he knew that this was coming you were trying to distract me. I bet if he did the same test with Luck or Weeden they'd nail it too... But i do agree maybe not Ryan Leaf...

Mando, just get divorced and marry RG3 already. How many articles on this guy must we endure. I hope you got him a Valentines gift

This video proved with RG3's great "brain recall" ability. Thsi kid could excell in any kind of nfl offense.

So there goes the "he played in a simple offense" in college theory. The guy's brain recall ability is capable of processing huge amounts of info.

I have a question for those who say "Peyton cannot throw"
Are you a member of the Manning family?
Are you his wife?
Are you his best, most trusted friend?

No, I did not think so...because the reality is, they are the only ones who really know.

...the rest of you punks are just spewing false info based on innuendo.

Fact: The new CBA says the Colts cannot see Peyton throw until April.
Fact: Colts are taking Luck with the 1st pick
Fact: Irsay does not want to pay Peyton $28M on March 8th.

The facts point towards Manning being released before March 8th and hitting the FA market.

Fact: Ross publicly said Manning is at the 'top' of his list for a starting QB

Please connect the dots and realize that RG3 is NOT coming to Miami and accept it like a man.

Exactly my point Yesterday.

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