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Yet another reason I love RG3

You know I love Robert Griffin III.

It's been that way since the midway mark of the college football season. And it's about more than just his ability to run a 4.41 time in the 40 or the fact hes already graduated, or the fact his folks were both military personnel who instilled great discipline in the kid, or the fact he completed 72 percent of his passes with 37 touchdowns and only six interceptions last season.

No, it's the total awesomeness of this young man. He's bright. He's gifted. He handles himself like a successful 40-year-old man but manages to maintain a certain enthusiasm about things.

I love all that.

And I love what I saw below. I heard he had wowed practically every team he interviewed with at the Indy combine -- the Dolphins included. Check out how he handled the coach's interview with the NFL Network via the Sportsgrid:


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I never said he wasn't a QB I never said don't draft him. I just think for instance Brandon Weeden is better. RGIII will be great in my estimation. So will Luck... Tannehill could go either way imo but he has bright upside as well. Prolly running a very similar 40 time too. I just don't think trading away the picks are worth it when you can get a guy like Weeden in 2nd becuz of age...

Its ironic how during the season we lament over how great -and even good QB's- make up for weaknesses in other areas of the team. Yet, after the season we put so much emphasis on draft picks which, have NO value if you don't know what your doing (see, last few 2nd round picks). I would be more than willing to trade away picks for RG3. Without a great QB, we are going NO where anyway.

Yesterday's Gone,

My friend for you to even mention RG3 who is nothing more than a "Good" college QB at this point to a Hall of famer in Marino say's all anyone needs to know about your IQ. As far as you wanted to trade Marino in his last 5 Years because "His Skills were dropping" put you in the Idiot Hall of Fame.

I would like to tarde you for an ink well.

There's not a doubt in my mind that Griffin is worth a whole lot. And under any other circumstances, we would offer a whole lot to get him. And under the same circumstances, we would miss out because Cleveland And Washington would reach deeper to do it.
So even without Manning, or Flynn, I think we'd come up short on a Griffin bid.
But I truly don't think it matters. The Media and Ross have decreed that Manning is our man, and since we'll be the most interested party for his sevice next month when his arm status is still a mystery, he'll be in a Dolphin uniform before Easter.
So RG3, Flynn, all go bye-bye. We'll need all our draft picks to fill needs that we no longer have cap space to hire in FA (Peyton's contract), so we will absolutely need those picks to pan out. And will we go for future playmakers? Or O-linemen to protect oour rental QB investment?
The media and Ross have determined this is what you want. If you didn't realize you wnated this, then start obeying, er... believing it now.
Start printing up the jersies.


Im not over thrilled with signing Peyton, but Im not absolutely against it neither. Clearly Manning's within the the last 5 yrs of his nfl career. Check the decline of Marino withe each passing year once he entered the final 5.

Thats whyu Im a proponent of even if we sign Peyton still sell the farm for RG3!


I absolutely love you baby! You sand the rough edges of my ego. LOL

New Coach Wanted, are you some sort of idiot? Vinve Young was dumb as bricks and everyone knew that with your post your not too far behind Vince.

As far as you wanted to trade Marino in his last 5 Years because "His Skills were dropping" put you in the Idiot Hall of Fame.

I would like to tarde you for an ink well.

Posted by: Albert | February 29, 2012 at 01:54 PM

Do you disagree that Marinos skills dropped off in his final years? He was never the same after the achilles heal injury, and then once he had some minor neck injury, he was a shadow of himself, so for the last 3 years he was in serious decline, possibly the last years.

It would have been more valuable to get some picks for him in retrospect.

The majority of us want RG3, but Irealnd will probably seek guidance from his papi Parcells who will tell him

"Hell no dont trade up, trade down and select more fat slow acorns"

The one thing that worries me about RGIII is chance at getting injured in NFL. He is similar in size to Pat White. RGIII is a way better QB than White was at college White being a more option QB... But all it takes is one monster hit and he's out. RGIII might be as explosive as Vick but look how many times he was injured... Sometimes its just smarter to stay in the pocket. I do believe however he will be a better QB than Vick prolly not as fast or quick though. Vick just had that special quickness that none can compare


My only problem with Weedon is, imo, coming into the league at age 30 he needs to start and have an impact right away. He has ZERO sit time. The pressure to have an instant impact right away maybe to great for him.

Plus coaches are going to be far less patient with an incoming 30yr old qb. He's already lost 7yrs(aka 23yrs old) before he takes his first nfl snap. Either he has to be great right away or he'll be out of the leagu entirely within 3 seasons.

This is what makes Weedon an even greater gamble than bidding the farm for RG3. He has only a 2-3yr window to at least be a top 10 qb or he's out of the league entirely. I wouldnt be surprised if Weedon dropped to 3rd rd because of this.

Can't and won't happen that we sell the farm for RG3 if we get Manning. We will need every pick, plus some to fill the needs we no longer will have cap cash to spend in FA.
If anything (at least i hope) they will spend a 2-3rd pick on a fair rated QB that can pick up for Peyton when he quits. But they may not even do that.
With Manning comes concern for his well-being. Meaning, since we can't sign expensive FA O-linemen, then we have to draft them. And no one ever drafts just one when they need one. Linemen pan out less than 50/50, so the history is to take your fave guy early, then grab another around 3-4th pick for insurance.
So my guess is when Peyton comes (yes, I concede he's coming), we use at least 2 picks on OL, and one of them a top pick.
With Manning goes the wake. In other words, the game changes, and priorities change.
no RG3.
Hoping Cousins. But expecting we'll now wait until next year - with even a worse draft position.

beerphin are you drinking right now? Rg3 is bigger than Vick, When Vick cam in the league he was 5 11 190, RG3 is 6 2 3/8 and 228.

If they were going to sell the farm they should have done it last year for Cam Newton.

I know this. Whatever the Dolphins did during the last 5 years of Marinio's career were due in fact to Marino. Was he as good as before No. But he was still better than most in the NFL at that time.

By the way, the point was the stupidity of trading Marino BECAUSE we ha d Scot Mitchel as the back up QB.

I guess since the average age of this blog is fairly young no one here remembers the mess that Scot Mitchel was. Maybe people here should talk to Detroit Lion fans.

beerphin, agreed about Cam


"RG3 similar in size to Pat White"? Did you miss the combine? Pat White wa like 6'1 190ls soak and wet. RG3 measured in at 6'2 3/8, 223lbs. where the hell is the similarity?

If that's similar I'm very very worried about you son. LOL

RG is built well and only going to bulk up. He is bigger than Drew Brees, hows he doing?

If pat white was the same size as rg3, he'd still be playing. White was less than 190 lbs.

Cam Newton was drafted 1st overall last year. Like Indy with Luck, Carolina absolutely not trading away the top pick under any situation.

So how can you trade thye farm for a player who isnt even available to be dealt? Not even to mention we sat at #15 last yr and not at #8. Where is stuff coming from. Fantasy land maybe?

I have to say, it's refreshing to hear a poster like beerphin. I rarely agree with his opinions, however, I have yet to see him insult anyone else because he disagrees with them. He simply makes his points, and leaves it at that.

Beerphin, I was EXTREMELY against your position back a few months ago to take Richardson in Rd. 1. Let me take this time to apologize if I said anything offensive to you (not sure if I did or not).

And I will take your lead, and try to follow your excellent, mature attitude, of disagreeing without being disagreeable.

You are a great asset to this blog!

Albert, get Marinos slab out of your mouth, he sucked his last 5 years.

RG3 is the most overrated prospect I have seen. He is fools gold because Barkley and Jones didnt come out and because Cam Newton looked good in his 1st year. I think RG will be a lot closer to a Jamarcus Russell type. Whoever reaches for him will be very dissapointed.

If anyone here still remembers, it seems during Marino's last 5yrs nearly every interception he threw became a "PICK 6"! Geesh!

Mitchell is a perfect example of a back-up QB's stock going up, creating hype, and not being able to live up to that hype. Mitchell had talent, but not consistency, nor health. And no one really wanted to trade in Marino for him. However in Marino's twilight, fans were calling for Damon Huard, since he seemed to have so much upside and future. Well... not so much it turned out.
SO, long story short, I haven't bought into the Flynn hype for the same reason.
But trying to win with Marino's name didn't work either, in his later years. We needed to draft a serious replacement which we haven't done once since.
trying to win with Manning's name won't work, and in the end we'll still be looking for a QB, and still not super-bowl material.


IO truly wish Barkely and Jones had come out. We would have a better chance of the idiot gm's allowing RG3 to slip to #8. They would have labeled RG3 as "just another Michael Vick" to sell thier fans on passing on a "black" qb. Bigotry would have landed RG3 in our mitts, not lack of talent!

the person who will gain the most with the pm signing will be matt moore.he had bums ahead of him his whole time and now.?.

Hank what time we putting up the confederate flag in the front yard?

Sell the farm, do it quickly, the opportunity for greatness is eking away.


You don't really believe that I know. Jamarcus was a lazy boy who put no effort into learning anything. He knew he was too stupid to learn so he didn't try. Griffen is a superior student.

Jones and Barkely, Barkly, whatever...don't come within light years of RGIII.

Sell the whole freakin farm, get this kid.

Rex and Belicheat will both throw up if this happens. They will fear us.

I have a question for those who say "Peyton cannot throw"
Are you a member of the Manning family?
Are you his wife?
Are you his best, most trusted friend?
No, I did not think so...because the reality is, they are the only ones who really know.

Posted by: Home Knows Best | February 29, 2012 at 01:51 PM

Home knows nothing,

Are you in his family? Wife? Friend? You just called people idiots because no one knows if he can throw. Yet, you post daily about how Manning can throw. Your proof? Evidence? Are you NOT an idiot?

Just to help you out, YES YOU ARE. Probably the biggest 1 on this blog.

The most optimistic article about manning throwing is that he can throw a whopping 20 yards. Show every one otherwise or for the love og god, SHUT UP!

At least the naysayers are going with the majority held belief from credible sources. You're going on NOTHING. You wanna see an idiot? Look in your mirror.

I want RG3 in Miami, but.........here's my prediction:

1.) Miami lands Manning...bill boards go up all over town...the vast majority of Dolphin fans are very excited, wish pushes the ticket sales.

2.) Because they now have Manning and Moore is still under contract, the FO will determine that they're already heavily invested at the QB position for now. If they do happen to draft a QB, it will be a very late rounder unless someone just happens to fall to them that they can't pass up. I see Devlin coming off the practice squad as the 3rd option.

3.) OTAs roll around and Manning is still rehabing and hoping the nerve will regenerate soon. The propoganda starts pooring out of the Phins facility that he should be ok....it's just OTAs after all.

4.) Training camp rolls around....Moore is taking first team snaps due to Manning's nerve has not regenerated, making it difficult for him to put any velocity on passes and make those tough throws. Don't get me wrong, he's working hard at it and he's confident (I would never question Manning's work ethic)...but he's just unable to spin it and make the throws that Moore is making.

5.) More propoganda comes out from the Phins that "they're just taking it easy with Manning." "He's been in the league a long time, doesn't need training camp like the others do."

6.) Pre-season rolls around and Moore is taking all of the first team snaps. "We're just resting Manning" is what comes out of the FO..."he doesn't need the pre-season.

7.) The season starts....Manning still isn't there with the regeneration of the nerve and the atrophied tricep...."he's coming along, but he's not quite there."....."I think we'll be alright, he's coming along nicely."

8.) Six weeks into the season and Moore has the Phins sitting at 4-2 and has looked respectable....maybe not franchise, but respectable. It looks like Manning's nerve has finally regenerated to the point where his passes look to be at least 75%-80% of what they used to be. The Phins determine to start Manning in week 7 despite the fact that he has never taken a first team snap with the offense. It's like a rock concert...the fans are going wild....Matt Moore simply dissapears in the discussion despite the fact that he has the Phins at 4-2. It doesn't matter....it's Manning time!

9.) Manning's first game is a disaster. He hasn't really had a whole lot of reps in over a season and a half now...he has no timing with his receviers because the little work he has been able to put in, hasn't been with the first team. "It'll be ok...he's Manning...we're seeing some good thing out there...just needs to get in synch with his receivers." We'll be ok.

10.) Game 11, Manning has started to show signs of being his old self....but he's still off....but looking a bit more comfortable in the offense and with the receivers. Unfortunately, the 4-2 start has gone to a 5-6 due to Manning's inconsistencies early on and a new found propensity towards throwing interceptions due to he doesn't quite have the arms strength he used to, but his brain doesn't really know that.

11.) The rest of the season is hit or miss...some good, some bad, but ultimately Manning looks to be a shadow of himself. The Phins finish the season 8-8....the good news, they're bringing Manning back next year....the bad news....Matt Moore decides he'd rather try his luck in FA that sign an extension. The Tebow mania blows up in Denver's face and they realize they need a real QB and bring in Moore....

12.) Moore ultimately isn't the answer for Denver, but proves to be a good QB and a nice bridge for the franchise guy they ultimately draft in 2016.

13.) RG3 has an up and down rookie season...but mostely up. Lots of TDs, but yeah....through a few too many picks as well. By the end of the 2014-2015 season, the Browns are on their way to the playoffs, finishing the season with a 12-4 recored and winning the division. The talk around the NFL is what a powerhouse the Browns are going to be for the next 8-10 years.

14.) Meanwhile, back in Miami....as the 2013 season heats up and Training Camp begins, Manning abruptly announces that he just doesn't have it in the arm anymore and abruptly retires. Miami has let Moore go to FA and hasn't made any attempt to draft a potential replacement for Manning (even though they knew he would only be good for a couple years....3 at most). The Phins have to scramble and ultimately bring in Orton.

After Manning's inagural 8-8 season...and then abrupt retirements, the Phins spiral further down behind Orton finishing 2-14. They have the 1st pick in the draft and have the opportunity to snag a legit franchise potential QB....but they pass on that to draft an O-lineman for the 4th year in a row.


Manning at 35, is clearly on the downslide end of his career. Could he have 1-2 more very good seasons? Its possible.

If Manning cant get us into the sb this year, with each passing season it becomes even less likely. Manning isnt the solution, he becomes the "new bandaid" at our qb position.

Favre's last 5yrs in the league we saw flashes of former greatness. But most of all, he would fade as the seasons drew closer to the end. His last playoff appearance was nearly forgettable. He nearly got killed out there.

The offseason plan then might very well look something like:

Sign OB Manning, C Saturday, move Pouncey to RG, draft Reiff #8 for RT, sign DE Abraham in FA, draft TE's DB's in lower rounds.

YG, Manning is roughly 3,534,253 times better than Favre ever was on his best day.

wolfy, wow your really wrote a short story there.

Thanks DC I rarely get upset unless the trolls ruin this forum but it's always a debate There really is no right or wrong for most of what's posted here just insightful opinions. I don't remember any insults nor do i care about any made by others... I respect your opinion among others here as well. Yes even yours YG even though your Marino opinion is killing me.

Alberto Pujols,

Marino may have been a shadow of himself the last 5 years, but he was still better than anyone we have had since. Furthermore in those last 5 years when he was throwing all those iterceptions ( Yesterdas Gone) he was still winning enough games to get us to the playoffs for three of those 5 years. But I guess people here could not wait to get to the Jay Fiedler years.

Home is only partially correct. Sorry. Miami will try to sign Manning 1st. There's no doubt that he is their #1 priority in free-agency. Jeff Saturday may be another story. He has some mileage on him and I think they like Pouncey where he is at center. And, I believe they'll use the #8 pick in the draft to either take a pass-rusher (like Ingram) or move down and try to load up on picks to surround Manning with talent.

Barring that, they may entertain signing Flynn, but I don't think they're real high on the guy. So, unless he comes cheap (doubt it) or just totally Wows them somehow, I just don't see it. Don't forget, Philbin has the inside scoop on the guy. And, he's not saying one way or the other.

Next up, in case we don't sign Peyton, is the draft. They've already made inquiries about moving up to take RGIII. Only they know if they're willing to risk all of that for the kid. Maybe...maybe not.

And, if everything else falls through (which actually seems to happen a lot for Miami), they'll look at Tannehill at QB. Remember, Sherman has the scoop on him. That could be good or bad.

The biggest glaring need, outside of QB, that is worth the #8 pick overall is a pass-rusher. Maybe, a cornerback. But, more than likely a pass-rusher. Or, trade down for more weapons/players.

This makes the most sense. But, when has our Front Office ever been real sensible anyways?

JS inLA,

I agree. Back up QB,s on winning organizations often fail when they go try to become starters on other teams. A.J. Feely, Kevin Kolb, Scott Mitchell are all examples.


Very likely but I hope you're wrong...


Im not over thrilled with signing Peyton, but Im not absolutely against it neither. Clearly Manning's within the the last 5 yrs of his nfl career. Check the decline of Marino withe each passing year once he entered the final 5.

Thats whyu Im a proponent of even if we sign Peyton still sell the farm for RG3!

Yesterday's Gone | February 29, 2012 at 01:54 PM

No doubt on checking the decline on the stats on Marino YG but I remember Marino in 98 beating Peyton in a shoot out were he hits O.Gadsen (Not exactly your speed vertical threat) on a critical 3rd and long for a 50 Yard TD with less than 2:00 MINUTES to go then hitting him again on a 2 point play securing the win.

You wonder had JJ not shipped I.Fryar off to Philly with gas left in the tank and drafted Randy Moss what Marino's final #'s would have looked like, he could have also drafted Ray Lewis with pick #26 in 96 but that's another story with the Zach pass.

Marino was hurt alot at the end and DONE in 99 by Thanksgiving Vs. Dallas when he made Dexter Coakley look like a HOFer with those 3 picks he threw him but between 96-98 JJ really saddled him with ZERO to work with. The aging Tony Martin who always forgot how to play in a Miami Uniform and glorified slot WR in the game but slow McDuffie, Gadsden was actually a primary threat.

His insistence in taking the ball out of Marino's hands hurt him plenty when we were never ever able to secure at least a 2 seed in the post Season. You wonder given that Miami D played so well at home with the crowd how it might have played out giving Marino the threats and D in those particular post Seasons or for that matter the #'s Danny could have put up in that time frame as well.

Pat White 6'0''1/4 197 ok so he was a couple inches shorter and 25 lbs lighter My thing is w/ QBs that extend plays in general regardless of size they get hit HARD in the NFL you think those 2 in. and 25lbs make that much more of a difference when your running full speed ahead and then your run into a NFL LB... either way it's dangerous

The post Marino years have only been a testament to how lightly the post Shula ran front offices regarded the qb position. No fault to the qb's in the post Marino era. The blame goes directly to the post Shula front offices that lightly regarded the qb position and got exactly what they paid for.

Just a shame as dolfans we had to watch!

Sell the farm, get RG3 and solve your longterm QB situation. If not we are going to deal with journeyman QB's for years to come. Who knows when we will come this close again in the draft. I love Mannning, but who is to say that he wont feel comfortable after this coming season and retire, then what?

The Real G,

I just read your post and I'm throwing up.

I think Cam Newton might be the exception there. Dude is enormous...

DC if you don't think one needs to stop the run in today's NFL, you are just even more clueless than I thought.

While signing Manning AND giving up this year's draft along with part of next year's for RGIII sounds really great, it just doesn't make football sense!

This isn't a fantasy league...sorry!


"Marino beating Peyton in a shootout".

Exactly my point. Former great qb's still show "FLASHES" of thier former selves all the way to bitter end. That what frustrates most.

Fans get lulled into a sense of "false security" thinking thier qb has it. Then he snaps you back into today's reality that he really doesnt by throwing a pick 6. A great qb's final 5 seasons usually becomes far more fall than rise the closer it comes to his final season.

Yesterds's Gone,

If you really want to disect this issue you have to start with Shula and his poor drafting in his later years. Then you move forward to JJ and his inability to draft any good offensive players during his tenure. Then you move forward to the incompetent Dave Wanstadt and his failure to Draft Drew Breese instead opting for Jamar Fletcher. Then Nick saban opting for Dante Culppeper and passing on Breese (AGAIN). Then the fiasco with Cam Camaron, the bad luck with Chad Pennington and the impatience with Chad Henne and Matt Moore. All this is being followed by the desperation for RG3.

u wanna keep pm fresh for a whole season.
sit him against the cream puffs that moore can demolish.
say. 3-4 games.
watch it work.

sit him in 4th q romps. keep him fresh for the p/o's.
sb is in sight.


To credit JJ, you just cant build a team around a qb clearly entering his declining years. By the time Shgula was ousted Miami clearly had more problems than just an aging Marino. JJ figured by the time he got the roster to where it needed to be Marino would be making his "retirement speech anyway.

Had JJ gotten Marino about 5yrs earlier than what he had. There may have been an entirely different chapter written in Miam Dolphins history annuls.

beerphin, you have to take in account who hits the QB, normally its DB's once they take off running. Now in Pat White case, he was jsut too small, but Rg3 can with stand a hit from a DB.

Noone knows how RG3 is going to do in the NFL, but having said that , Ill put my money that he will do very good and its exactly what we need for a long term solution.

2 watt

Yeah we can use Manning as our closer. Now all we need is a middle reliever. Geez!!!


Don't knit pick what I posted Bro, I agree the numbers declined but JJ didn't help with the talent sorrounding Marino either. You saw what R.Cunningham did with Moss in his rook 98 Season can you imagine what that would have looked like with Fryar opposite Moss who would have been every bit the mentor Chris Carter was and McDuffie in the slot, heck even Gadsden working the middle with his size.

Marino had McDuffie, Tony Martin (who always was terrible in Miami) and Oronde Gadsden. Then JJ had the excuse we were going to run but never could always turning to Marino late in games, that act got old quick.

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