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Yet another reason I love RG3

You know I love Robert Griffin III.

It's been that way since the midway mark of the college football season. And it's about more than just his ability to run a 4.41 time in the 40 or the fact hes already graduated, or the fact his folks were both military personnel who instilled great discipline in the kid, or the fact he completed 72 percent of his passes with 37 touchdowns and only six interceptions last season.

No, it's the total awesomeness of this young man. He's bright. He's gifted. He handles himself like a successful 40-year-old man but manages to maintain a certain enthusiasm about things.

I love all that.

And I love what I saw below. I heard he had wowed practically every team he interviewed with at the Indy combine -- the Dolphins included. Check out how he handled the coach's interview with the NFL Network via the Sportsgrid:


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I said all of the things you just posted by clearly saying it was the fault of all of the post Shula front offices. Its been a very long "series of bad decision" that leaves us where we sit now. nNot just one isolated incidence.

I'm not sure but didn't Ditka trade everything to get Ricky Williams. They traded everything away and then a 1st and 3rd next year for him I think, Redskins wanted him too and made them give up those two in 2000. It could have been possible if they had given that kind of a trade arrangement early on in the process where they weren't sure... you never know. Now in hindsight you can say Carolina never would have made a trade but if an outrageous offer is on the table you don't know if they'
d oblige.

Wolfmna, While I agree you did write a short story, thats exactly the pasth we'll go down signing Manning. Wow you must be a pysic

2 watt's bulb may have just turned on

Posted by: Petition to rid the blog of this home idiot! | February 29, 2012 at 02:25 PM


I think this has become a passing league. Yes, you still need to stop the run, but that's becoming less and less Priority One. There's other things you can do better to overcome weaknesses in stopping the run.

That's how teams like the Saints, Packers, Patriots, Giants can get to the Playoffs (and win SBs), even if their run-stopping abilities are mediocre.

I don't think our SS needs to be a run-stop FIRST type of player (like Bell is). I think he can have more skills against the pass and be more helpful to the team.

So now how clueless am I (because I care so much what you think about me)? Or was that just a throw-away line to make yourself feel better?

beerphin, That Ricky Williams trade was dumb on Ditka part because Williams was a RB, who was sort of cooky. Now if this was a QB and he had this conviction that QB was going to be a star then the trade wouldnt have been so bad unless the QB became a Russel or Leaf.

All it takes is one awkward hit for a QB to get injured. I never said he'd be knocked out unconscious like Pat White. I remember that hit too it was Ike Taylor or a DB from the Steelers he hit him helmet to helmet. White went down and he didn't move.

Had JJ gotten Marino about 5yrs earlier than what he had. There may have been an entirely different chapter written in Miam Dolphins history annuls.

Yesterday's Gone | February 29, 2012 at 02:51 PM

This I agree with 100% had Tim Robbie ousted Shula who was withdrawn since 87 after the death of Dorthy his wife and gone the JJ route like Jones did in 88 we would have been the team of that decade when you analyze all the lower round picks that panned out for them like Eric Williams, Leon Lett, Brock Marion, Darren Woodson, Nate Newton, Stepnoski, Tony Tolbert ect... Then trading for Novacek and of course Haley for 2nd Rounder ect..... JJ in Miami passes on Ray Lewis and a host of Florida talent cause remember his coaching was called out by owner Jones and he wanted to prove his UM Cowboys were no fluke.


I didnt "knit pick" I stated the truth. It isnt a smogasborg buffet to pick what you do and dont like. Marino was "totally fried" by his 3rd season under JJ. You could stick a fork in him he was done.

So hopw the hell can you build around a qb that's totally done by his 3rd season around you? There were far too many issues that needed to be addressed on both sides of the ball not even mentioning Marino was at the "hell's gates" end of his career.

who was running the rock then Abdul Jabbar and then????

was it Lamar Smith?

Are you guys still debating about Marino? Jesus Christ, he was so 15 years ago.

that was fifi rb beer.


clue i agree but all I'm saying that it is not impossible to trade up by offering insanity.

So hopw the hell can you build around a qb that's totally done by his 3rd season around you? There were far too many issues that needed to be addressed on both sides of the ball not even mentioning Marino was at the "hell's gates" end of his career.

Yesterday's Gone | February 29, 2012 at 02:59 PM

In my original post I told you he was done by Thanksgiving in 99 Vs. Dallas and really before that in all honesty on Monday night in 97 when he tore up an ankle Vs. Indy when nobody touched him and we had to live threw 4 weeks of Bernie Kosar stinking up the joint but again my point was in the talent he was stripped of like Fryar and passing on Moss for Avery ect.. not helping the cause.

Move on Guys

I agree.


You are correct. Dorothy passing may have greatly affected Shula. His drafts were pretty bad when needing to follow up the Marino netting. He never surrounded Marino with great talent in the draft.

But, they couldnt just tell Shula to step down. By this time Shula had "earned his keep" and was well on the way to becoming a future hof hc. By this time Shula had pretty much written his "own ticket".

who was running the rock then Abdul Jabbar and then????

Publicado por: beerphin | February 29, 2012 at 03:00 PM


who else was from UM on that cowboy team besides Michael Irvin? I don't remember...

We should draft whoever the tallest player is, at any position, at any given draft pick. It's a proven fact that tall people are superior.


I was 13 years old when Marino retired, I'll never forget that bashing the Jags did to the Dolphins in the playoffs. I actually cried after that game. How many can say that?

Me too Clue.

i cried during the game clue.lol

This is insane; You like the kid, we know, but, you might as well tell us how much you like Tom Brady, because the Dolphins have the same chance of getting either. That chance is ZERO!

With that said. Quick quiz: When was the last running QB that won a SB? What about one that made it to the SB?

On the other hand, signing Manning COULD work... There's that side of it.

The 90s Cowboys won because of Gator RB Emmitt Smith, who was a one-man show.

vick made it but lost?

kordell split time at the sb but lost.?

But, they couldnt just tell Shula to step down. By this time Shula had "earned his keep" and was well on the way to becoming a future hof hc. By this time Shula had pretty much written his "own ticket".

Yesterday's Gone | February 29, 2012 at 03:06 PM

So your point is Tom Landry hadn't when Jerry Jones showed him and Tex Shramm the door. How about Chuck Noll in Pitt. getting canned by Art Rooney Sr. kids?? Tim Robbie showed no BALLS in dealing with that situation what so ever and I for one had no pity for him or his Bro Mike when they eventually lost the team to impending Bank foreclosure.

The undersized linebacker they had was from Miami, what was his name again???

Bol, In the 90's football was diffrent then it is today, Today its all about passing.

wasn't it the lux tax?. they didn't have the $$$

I also believe cried during that game. I remember that day vividly and will never forget it.

Vick never made a superbowl... McNabb made it and lost with Eagles. McNair made it too and came an inch short of the end zone by running to win it. I wouldn't exactly call them running
QBs either they could scramble ok i guess.


Mark and I already dispelled that lame quiz yesterday. I'll give you 2: Aaron Rodgers and Steve Young.

Going forward, posters please stop insinuating no mobile QBs can go to a SuperBowl (or win it). First off, they have, and they did. Second off, THIS LEAGUE IS CHANGING. Just because something didn't happen in the past, doesn't mean it won't in the future.

I doubt anyone in the 80's could have predicted a QB like Cam Newton in 2011.

I know this is a debated subject in this country, but it's called EVOLUTION!


Did I confuse you? I didnt make a point I just pointed to a major factor. In your facts you left out a very important "FACT".n These guys were forced out by people who had very good "FOOTBALL KNMOWLEDGE".

Joe Robbie was the only football head in the family. When he died his children, having very little "football knowledge" entrusted the football end of the franchise to Shula. Knowing this, what was Shula going to do, force himself to step down?

Huizenga eventually did, but with Marino then at the decline of career, it was already a little too late.

who else was from UM on that cowboy team besides Michael Irvin? I don't remember...

beerphin | February 29, 2012 at 03:06 PM

Russell Maryland
Jimmy Jones
Darrin Smith
Kevin Williams
Alfredo Roberts

Fla. A&M

Nate Newton
Derrick Gainer

Central Fla.
Eric Williams


Godfrey Miles
Dixon Edwards
Emmit Smith

That was probably their best game in the history of the Jaguars short franchise. Sad Marino retired after that. I know he had nothing left in his knees but to go out like that... Just wish he had one more game than that horror.

Correct beerphin. I added my two.

And then I'll say that I wouldn't call RG3 a running QB either. Actually, he self-described as a passing QB who can run.

beer, yeah it was the nfc champ. game. not sb. he lost.

Fran Tarkenton was a mobile QB that went to the SB.

Exactly. Running QB's historically haven't done jack; RGIII will likely be successful, about as successful as a running QB can be.

Either way, it DOESN'T MATTER, because the Dolphin's aren't going to give away their entire draft for one guy. There is absolutely NO WAY we get the kid, and I'm OK with that.

marc rg3 isnt anything near a running qb, u guys have to get over that. hes a qb,period.

As a fan, I was completely disgusted and defeated that day, right along with my team.

We've been waiting a long time to come back from that one.

Those comparing RG3 to Michael Vick need take light of the "FACT" we're talking about two guys whose mental makeups are as diffrent as day and night.

Vick came into the league with the hip hop gangster mantality. Surrounding himself with those type friends. It really shocked no one he got caughtup in a dog fighting ring and stink. He surrounded himself with that type of company.

RG3 is far from that type. He is of a more proper and regimented upbring. RG3 is not "ghetto". Michael Vick was "absolutely ghetto."

You're comparing Aaron Rogers and Steve Young to RGIII? Those QB's scramble as a LAST CHANCE! They don't have designed running plays. They don't rush for 1000 Yards a season. I didn't say a "mobile" QB, or even a "scrambling" QB. I said a "running" QB, which is exactly what RGIII is.

Regardless, it's still a moot point, because he's not coming, not gonna happen, it's a fairytale.

Beerphin offers the best risk of RG3. He's a smaller (in today's game) QB, who is mobile, therefore susceptible to injury (much like Pat White or Michael Vick). That's a valid point. Then again, Chad Henne, Chad Pennington, Trent Green...I mean, go down the list, QBs go down all the time (here and elsewhere). Just part of the risk of the game.

hey maybe we will sign brees instead,lol. sources are saying brees is unhappy at all of the saints offers

Uh, I'll let you wait and see. While Michael Vick came into the league as a RUN-FIRST QB (because his passing game wasn't up to par), RG3 is NO MICHAEL VICK. The kid will pass first, JUST LIKE Rodgers, and will run when he needs to.

He's a FREAK OF NATURE, that's why when he runs, he gets a ton of yards. Don't blame him for being the best athlete on any field he steps on.

Posted by: Petition to rid the blog of this home idiot! | February 29, 2012 at 02:25 PM

Posted by: Post of the Day | February 29, 2012 at 02:57 PM


Steve Young is a running qb that won two sb's. Elway was a running qb that won two sb's. Lets not forget here that running qb's can also be described as having the ability to also hurt you with his legs.

With Elway and Young dc's had to also game plan for thier ability to hurt them once they took off with ball running downfield. RG3 fits more into a Elway/Steve Young category than a "Michael Vick" category.

I mean, that is, if you aren't very nearly "brain dead".

oh dusty, that reaks of irony. We passed on him twice, he wins a SB with the team who took him after we passed him up, then he comes back here.

It's dripping with intrigue. That's why it's a pipe dream you've teased us with.

Darrin smith, that's who's name escaped me.

YG, don't you get it, RG3 can only be compared to Vick or Cunningham or Vince Young. Why never Doug Williams (well, people here probably don't even remember Doug Williams)? Why doesn't his long ball accuracy ever get compared to Warren Moon?

But one thing you can NEVER do, is compare RG3 to a white QB. Nope, that breaks some unwritten rule only known to some posters here.

I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

young won one super bowl as starter

DC Dolfan,

RG3(228lbs) is clearly bigger than both Vick(210-15lbs), and Pat White's totally out of the discussion. Im beginning to wonder if some here just dont want a "black qb" in Miami. Im beginning to feel an "under current of bigotry here concerning RG3. But its being masked.

A "white qb" of Rg3's ability and athleticism would not have drawn the same comparisons as some here have labeled on RG3. Im like Al Davis. I believe in "JUST WIN BABY"! I could careless if the qb were 30 shades of purple as long as he gets us to the "promised land".

I'm not blaming him, I'm simply stating the fact that historically QB's that run A LOT don't fare well, but since you made me go look at stats RGIII ran over 149, 179, 173 attempts RUSHING in the 3 years that count. Rodgers 74, and 86, and VICK 108 and 104. So, he ran almost as much as VICK and RODGERS combined!

I don't even consider that much of a risk either but when you talk of trading all that away and then think of the possibility it would hit harder

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