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The type of QB Mike Sherman looks for

General Manager Jeff Ireland knows the quarterback search this offseason is the thing. He knows it's important. And he's eyebrows deep in working the problem.

He's so fired up about the issue, he's told coach Joe Philbin and his assistants and scouts not to breathe a word about Miami's plans, although everyone knows owner Stephen Ross has already identified Peyton Manning as his target if/when he becomes available.

But outside of names, what are the Dolphins looking for to drive their incoming West Coast offense?

"You like to have a guy that will let the system work for him instead of [him working for the system] -- go through his progressions," offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said this week.

Believe it or not, the first thing Sherman looks at when searching for a successful quarterback is not the arm. It's the feet.

"I like to start with feet," he said. "I want to have a guy that has good feet. If you have good feet, you have balance at the top of your route. You're in good throwing position. I always start from the feet up on quarterbacks because we're going to do a fair amount under center as well as in the shotgun on quarterbacks.

"The timing and the rhythm of the play is so important. In the West Coast offense, tempo and rhythm is very important -- one, two, three. One, two, three. We time the drops. With [Brett] Favre for six years we timed his drops to see where he is in his time from point A to point B."

OK so feet is a big deal. What else?

"Other things in the West Coast offense is you like ot have a quarterback who is able to make a good decision, have a quick release, get the ball out as he goes through his progression."

So if you're judging the QBs available in free agency, the draft and through trade, judge the things Sherman is judging.




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I read a article similar to this already saw it in the sunsentinel even though its a decent post your three days late armando

Matt Moore is our man. If he can't do irit Boone

How come my babbies posts keep getting deleted?

Sheet, dey deleting my posts too.

Whaddup wit dat?

Ah well hit me up.

Guys lets clear something up here. Enough with the "I already read this in the other paper you're late" stuff. The reporters are all at the same interviews and receive the same answers to questions being asked in an open forum. Therefore they write their own stories using the same quotes. They do not check with every other paper to see if someone wrote something first, this is not breaking news. If they have an exclusive interview that would be breaking because they would be the only ones with the information. Then if someone else wrote about it after the fact they would be late to the party and riding anothers coat tails. But when all of these guys are in the same room you will get very similar stories. Pick a writer and only read his take if you feel your time is being wasted by you.



Been told that every season. last season... The highest priority in the off season is upgrading the QB and we ended up with who???

The years before we were addressing the QB.

Ever since Marino retired we have been addressing the QB.

We will once again, this season address the QB, and next season the next and next.

This talk about the future dolphin qb is nothing more than an exercise in futility. There is not a single GM in the NFL that can predict with certainty how effective the free agents - manning and flynn - or the draftees will be. Least of all mando, who nobody even wants to hire as a GM.

Furthermore, the GMs will make their own decision, not mando nor any fan.

I'm sticking to my plans on this draft.

We wont be addressing the QB position as there are none worthy of wasting the first pick on.

My plans would be to walk away with a guaranteed PLAY MAKER. That Impact PLAY MAKER is WR Justin Blackmon.

Trade up to get him and let's at least salivate that this season we will have two treats at the receiver position as well as Bush in play action.

Even with Moore at the helm or whoever you want to get, Flynn, Manning, etc. The two Beasts are going to turn us into play off contenders.

The Beast on the left, The NEW Beast on the right, Bush lined up for play action and we are good to go.

Build the O line and D line with the rest of the draft that we have left. Address the QB in FA if possible.

I am tired of always walking away with crap picks that aren't PLAY MAKERS. Name ONE draft pick that is a PLAY MAKER? NONE, ZERO, Nada.

Blackmon WILL be a Play maker so go get him before the Pats and jets with a ton of picks and being very aggressive fool you and move in and snatch up Blackmon.


Omar at the SS ALWAYS copies Armando's posts.

Another coach with a foot fetish?

I guess it goes to timing and coordination.

Believe it or not, the first thing Sherman looks at when searching for a successful quarterback is not the arm. It's the feet.

"I like to start with feet"


NY "G" I agree with you 100%. Once the two QBs are gone, the price for moving up should dramatically go down. Once that happens, I make a move up for Blackmon. I trade Brian Hartline and our #3 to move up a couple of slots to draft Blackmon if he is still there. I then take the top rated TE with our #2. Let's do it!!

Moore, Tannehill (trade down), and some other QB3. That's what I wanna see. OR....Manning, Tannehill (trade down), and some other QB3.

"make a good decision, have a quick release, get the ball out as he goes through his progression.


Sounds like mobile Henne before he got hurt.

Just saying...

Blackmon is too slow to draft in the top 10.

"Trade up to get him and let's at least salivate that this season we will have two treats at the receiver position as well as Bush in play action.

It didn't do the falcons any good, and now they are hamstrung this draft with more needs than last year

and to end drafting a wr at 8-9, the packers havent selected a wr in the first round since 2002.in 2007 the dolphins chose a "playmaker" wr in the top #10, named Ted Ginn.

We arent drafting a wr in the 1st

True corners, ATL overpaid for Julio.

Take the OT #1, finish the oline and be done with it for 10 years.

Keep Pouncey at center. Stop this moving him to guard talk. He is smart and able to be a top center. Let him develop there. Forget endlessly switching guys around.

Besides the top 2 usual suspets (Luck, Griffin), in the draft we have these guys that fit Sherman's bill:
Cousins, Weeden, Osweiler, Keenum, K. Moore.

As far as veteran's go:
Manning - arm is done. Won't happen.
Flynn - Knows the system, can probably hit all the marks required other than deep passes.

**If Philbin really believes in Flynn, there won't be any hesititation or question. If FLynn becomes the fallback, it's because of his system experience and nothing else. In other words .. he isn't our man of the future. IF, though, Philbin jumps quickly and with both feet into the Flynn flames, then perhaps he thinks Flynn will truly be a star.
Philbin is the best barometer.
Sherman may have trusted Tannehill with his senior team (the same one that lost enough to get him fired), but that tandem doesn't sound enticing to Dolphin fans.
Been down the "coach devoted favorite QB who needs another chance to prove he can win" road. Done it. We're 6-10 because of it.

You're over thinking this JS. Thanks to Ireland being an idiot, I expect him to take a punter in the first round and ignore QB altogether.

Of course, in a wierd way, that might actually make sense given that I expect us to be punting a lot next year.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"I like to start with feet".

Sherman said Big Feet, then I look for Hands, Big Hands, cause you know what they say about guys with big hands and big feet.....Big nose.

I like a guy who can smell the endzone.

I then look for a highly tuned Palate and his taste buds, can he taste and apppreciate the endzone ?

Sherman also said he looks for a QB with "Marshall Syndrone" : The facial features of Marshall Syndrome are the appearance of large eyes......can he see the endzone.

Big Ears...Does he hear the endzone calling to him.

A sense of touch...can he find the endzones G spot that will satisfy all Phin fans.

Endzone Intuition...He who feels the endzone, knows the endzone...he who feels not the endzone, knows not the endzone.

Endzone Equilibrium...He who is in balance with the Endzone, knows the enndzone....He who is not in balance with the Endzone, knows not the endzone.

I sure hope coach Sherman and Jeff Ireland can find there guy.

Chemtrails make me say Casey Keenum.

Soiled :)

It's like taking a knife to a gunfight. No coach, owner, GM or QB.

Whatever happens, the hapless Fins will remain in the cellar.

No question Fed. And for a very long time.

Talk about disrespect.
Copy and past that, and I personally like our coaching staff. I think this is going to be one of the best staffs in many many years. I think Philbin was a better choice than Fisher. Also, who he picked for for his assistants are good choices. They are going to prove people wrong when we start winning games consistently...

Dave, with all due respect, it will be years before we start winning consistently. And definitely not until dipsh!t Ross sells the team.

Matt Moore holds the ball to long, is not very accurate and folds time after time in the 4th qtr. Ireland knows his ass is on the line. He will make a move.


Lol. It's a curse.

With so very few options for experienced QB's, Henne will be signed as Moore's back up. They will issue the politically correct statement that he will be given a chance to compete for the job.

Does anyone remember our last 4th qtr come back?

Green Bay. Field Goal. OT.

type this into you tube:

Derek Gee: CHEMTRAILS NY - January 6th, 2012

Hard for me to say, I'm wrong on every pick every year.

Just want the chemtrails to stop and of course, a girlfriend would be nice too.

I love it when NFL Network puts up the Top 5 available QB's in the draft and you see names like (3)Tannehill, (4)Weeden and (5)Foles filling out the list after the BIG-2. In Tannehill you've got a converted WR who lost enough to get our OC FIRED as his HC. I like Weeden's # but then I saw the Fiesta Bowl and was alot more impressed with his WR's YAC than I was with him, forget (age factor) Beck this guy looks like Chris Weinke 2.0

Foles has all kinds of mechanics issues but might be worth the looksy but mid-round. I see all these guys sliding as far as late Rd.2 and into the 3rd. Some have suggested a trade down but unless a big talent on OL, DL or maybe Blackmon falls in our laps I don't see it and also in that scenario you would hope we would pick that player and not trade for the next Koa Misi or Pat White which is what we've done collectively in our trade downs with the jury still out on D.Thomas being anything more than serviceable!!

The Dolphins have become one of the most pitiful franchises in pro sports. Thanx Ross.

Hard to believe Ross ia allowing Irescum to do the draft again.

If a rookie does not reach the pro bowl, that does not mean bust. Rookies are rookies. Thomas will come through. Two of the top three backs in last years drafts didn't play a down, so Thomas is ahead of them. We had garbage coaching. Thomas needs to be targeted more out of the back field, he is one of the better backs at catching the ball.

One thing I don't like is Mr.Ross MAN CRUSH with Peyton Manning.I UNDERSTAND that is his MONEY but he should understand the RISK he is taking.He is done and should retire.Please Mr.ROSS don't make the same mistake as NICK SABAN did years ago bringing CULPEPPER.Please no more of those mistakes!!!!!

This franchise is hopeless. Terrible owner, GM , another experiment for HC, and no elite QB anywhere in sight.

Here I thought REX RYAN was the NFL Head Foot fetish coach. Now Sherman is coming out also???

I smell something going on here...

NJ are you going to the Chemtrail Awareness March in New York?

If a rookie does not reach the pro bowl, that does not mean bust. Rookies are rookies. Thomas will come through. Two of the top three backs in last years drafts didn't play a down, so Thomas is ahead of them. We had garbage coaching. Thomas needs to be targeted more out of the back field, he is one of the better backs at catching the ball.

Aldon | February 18, 2012 at 06:33 PM

I'm not saying D.Thomas isn't a SERVICEABLE Ball player but worth 3 Picks?? We not only traded the picks but also passed on a QB who we better all hope doesn't turn out to be great 3 to 4 Yrs. from now when given his shot at replacing T.Brady. By the way Demarco Murray was always the RB I liked along with M.Leshoure so we'll wait and see on Lashoure but D.Murray was an absolute BEAST coming off the bench behind a leaky Dallas OL and you know what Dallas just had to wait out there turn Rd.3 which was behind ours!! NO STUPID TRADES, either D.Thomas really picks it up or he will fall into the draft day bust category, right or wrong!!

Don't blame it ONLY in Ross. Remember Cameron, Wanstedt, Saban? Remember Culpepper, Fiedler, Feeley? Well, it's not Ross alone. Actually, I would say it is only 10% Ross.

Keep in mind we traded up from 3 to 2. A 7th round pick is negligible. You are saying he is only serviceable. I am saying lets give rookies more than a year before judging how they will turn out.

Aldon your conveniently forgetting the conditional 5th Rounder in that trade. Again you misunderstand I am NOT saying Thomas can't play but will 2nd guess that move and that selection until he goes over 1,000.

Dolphins need to make sure they don't overlook Brandon Weeden, pick up Blackmon at 8 or 9, then get Weeden. He's west coast, he beat RG3 and Luck AND had better stats in 2011!

TimKnight, Yea I want to go if I can get away from my mom's house for the weekend. Usually she's got me on a tight leash, but we have to make a stance against the evil doers and the chemtrails. It's nuts in NJ with the chemtrail sparaying. Out of control,Tim

Trade the draft to go get RG3.

I did not forget anything. My point was throwing in a 7th round makes the 3 for 1 in a trade up less of a stretch. Here you have a rookie playing behind #2 overall pick Reggie Bushin his prime, maybe your expectations should be more realistic for rookies.

We gave up 3 picks, they gave us 1 pick, net difference 2 extra later round picks, its not as bad as some of you like to make it sound. Let's not forget the only RB on the roster at the time was Lex Useless. They had to take a RB somewhere.

Get RGIII, we haven't drafted a QB in the 1st. Round since Marino. Its time to grow a pair and make a move.

Posted by: Phins78 | February 18, 2012 at 03:00 PM


Weeden doesn't have enough shelf life. By the time he has a few years NFL experience he will be in decline. Makes no sense to invest in that.


Weeden is good for 10/11 years. He hasn't been hurt and has proven himself. I would try to get Blackmon, Weeden, then try for Barkley next year! Think about it, could work out!

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