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The type of QB Mike Sherman looks for

General Manager Jeff Ireland knows the quarterback search this offseason is the thing. He knows it's important. And he's eyebrows deep in working the problem.

He's so fired up about the issue, he's told coach Joe Philbin and his assistants and scouts not to breathe a word about Miami's plans, although everyone knows owner Stephen Ross has already identified Peyton Manning as his target if/when he becomes available.

But outside of names, what are the Dolphins looking for to drive their incoming West Coast offense?

"You like to have a guy that will let the system work for him instead of [him working for the system] -- go through his progressions," offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said this week.

Believe it or not, the first thing Sherman looks at when searching for a successful quarterback is not the arm. It's the feet.

"I like to start with feet," he said. "I want to have a guy that has good feet. If you have good feet, you have balance at the top of your route. You're in good throwing position. I always start from the feet up on quarterbacks because we're going to do a fair amount under center as well as in the shotgun on quarterbacks.

"The timing and the rhythm of the play is so important. In the West Coast offense, tempo and rhythm is very important -- one, two, three. One, two, three. We time the drops. With [Brett] Favre for six years we timed his drops to see where he is in his time from point A to point B."

OK so feet is a big deal. What else?

"Other things in the West Coast offense is you like ot have a quarterback who is able to make a good decision, have a quick release, get the ball out as he goes through his progression."

So if you're judging the QBs available in free agency, the draft and through trade, judge the things Sherman is judging.




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(Buffet of Dumb Tired Old Stick)

Armando, you say Ireland doesn't want anyone to breathe a word of their plans, but no one told that to Ross. He's already let the cat out of the bag.

Anyway, the prudent course forward is to take every available option to upgrade. That means not banking one just one option, but trying multiple things so hopefully one will work out in the end.

my breakfast/////////


Armando, no matter what Stephen Ross or Ireland say before the draft or any agent, player or any other GM, owner in the NFL says before the draft. Should not be taken as truth for obvious reasons. Peyton Manning will most likely never play NFL football again. Why entertain Manning as a viable free agent prospect. He is a huge risk that no team can afford. The Dolphins will be OK getting Flynn as a free agent to compete with Matt Moore who was the 12th rated passer in the NFL without working with the first team to start the season.

moore is a mediocre qb, he will be our backup. now go get a real qb

Daily Consensus Report...We still need a franchise QB.

yes dc and we still have fans like promichael thinking we have one with moore, thats insane and why we have had awful qb play every year since marino left

dusty, Moore might be a fine stand-in, a could even possibly get a team into the Playoffs (with a lot of help). But with this high-profile QB search by Ireland, it's obvious Miami doesn't feel Moore is the QB that can take this team to a SB. I happen to agree with his assessment (but that doesn't mean Moore won't be given a chance to prove himself).

lets hope dc, moore isnt taking us anywhere. im done watching mediocre hyped guys ruin our seasons. time for a legit qb

Read some good blogs. Go to www.professorlousnfldraftblog.wordpress.com

much more interesting than rewrites of Omar

If miami cant get manning which is dumb in the first place, and cant sigm flynn which hopefully cleve, wash, or seattle will over pay him, the dolphins will draft rg3!

Dear Mr. Salguero

"So if you're judging the QBs available in free agency, the draft and through trade, judge the things Sherman is judging."

"" the first thing Sherman looks at when searching for a successful quarterback is not the arm. It's the feet."

What Coach Sherman looks for

1 - Polydactyly : In regard to the foot, polydactyly manifests as the growth of a sixth toe.

The sixth digit may be poorly developed, resting at an odd angle on the side of the foot. It may also be fully developed and fully functional.

Coach Sherman and Jeff Ireland with look close and hard at RG3 and Casey Keenum in draft scenario's

2 - Rule out QB's with "Hand-foot-genital syndrome":

People with this condition have abnormally short thumbs and great toes, small fifth fingers that curve inward.....So no Nick Foles and B. J. Coleman (B.J....lol)

3 - Flat Feet : a medical condition in which the arch of the foot collapses, with the entire sole of the foot coming into complete or near-complete contact with the ground.

Rules out Kirk Cousins, Brock Osweiler and any Cops that walked the beat then turned QB.

4 - Club Foot : The foot turns inward and downward, making walking difficult.

Rule out Ryan Lindley

5 - Osteoarthritis : While it typically affects the hands, knees and lower back, osteoarthritis can affect any joint on the body, including those of the Feet.

Rule out Brandon Weeden

6 - Gout : Gout affects the joint most commonly in the big toe.

Rule out Kellen Moore

7 - Bunions : They are caused by a deformity of the hallux valgus, an area on the inner edge of the big toe. Their appearance suggests an inflammation of the toe joint.

Rule out Ryan Tannehill

Although I think coach Shermans search criteria is a little odd....you can't argue with science.

My best guess based on Chemical trails says we go with Casey Keenum.

Always looking skyward

Soiled :)

The Herald pays you a salary correct? Please act like you care about your job and do a spell/grammar check. Every article you write has errors in it.

how easy we forget........moore had us in every game 2011 thats just a fact......dont like dont care..catch the balll we would have won 3 to 4 more games..thats a fact.....d fence ran out of gas.......because o fence could not move the chains o yea not catch the ball......red zone same sheet catch the ball...they will bring in flynn thats a fact moore and flynn full camp otas mini camp we will be fine...devon best at the very least can catch the ball brandon marshall dont trust that douch......by by bm.

wazzzz up wit da delete button f this site by by

I am not going to bore you running my mouth and giving you all the wrong draft picks, like every year. Told you Brandon Marshall would NEVER be a Miami Dolphin!
Then all year told you Brandon Marshall sucks even though he demands double coverage on every play and was MVP of the Pro Bowl with 4 touchdowns.
I feel like such an idiot that I barely come out of my mom's bedroom, i mean my bedroom. At least you guys still believe in me and after my steroid cycle, i will post more pictures of myself.

lou's off his rocker. thinks rgIII can fall to miami in the first on his blog

rg3 getting closer ot being a ram if they can find someone who wants bradford. rg3 would never ever get past cleveland

and to end drafting a wr at 8-9, the packers havent selected a wr in the first round since 2002.in 2007 the dolphins chose a "playmaker" wr in the top #10, named Ted Ginn.
We arent drafting a wr in the 1st
Posted by: corners | February 18, 2012 at 04:30 PM

Corners, the Packers have been drafting wide receivers in the second and third round every year or other year since! They have invested heavily in the position, and it shows in their production.

Miami in comparison has drafted just three wide receivers in Rounds 1 - 3 since they took Yatil Green in 1997...Chris Chambers, Patrick Turner, and Tedd Ginn.

Only three teams have not drafted a quarterback in the first round since 1983...Kansas City, Miami, and New Orleans. The question is, who will be the last of the three to finally draft one? You would guess the Saints, but given the current direction of the Dolphins franchise I cannot see them expending a first round draft choice on a quarterback instead of taking the offensive or defensive lineman that they are so enamored with.

RG3 wont be a top 10 pick. Many parts of his game wont translate to the NFL. Remember Pat White?

Doing ANOTHER rebuild with Ireland as GM is useless. Clean house not just 1 or 2 rooms!

anthony wake up, guy will go top 5 for sure, most likely 2

Dont believe Peyton Manning runs, or even likes the west coast offense, does he?
Tennehill looks good at #2 if he lasts that long. Tennehill could sneek into the late first rd between 20-32.
Need WR, TE, OLmen(more then one), pass rusher, FS, and all these picks need to be slobber knockers. Knock the taste out yo mouth. Then Matt Moore will have a better look when hes not running scared for his life.

RG3 wont even be the 2nd QB drafted. Watch.

How about some NEW news about the Phins? I'm sick of looking @ Shermans picture and reading about his fetish with QB feet...lol...seriously we are starved for news about the Phins. C'mon mann!!

We are poised for a breakout year. Philbin and Sherman will put an end to the hoodies reign of terror.

A good draft and FA mena we will rise in the east. We will make the playoffs this year. Right it down.


I don't understand why you are still going on about Moore. You wrote him off last year as being 'garbage'. You figure he wasn't even up to Henne's standards. Now you've got him labelled as a 'stand in'. With all due respect, bud, shouldn't you let the guys who get paid to do this evaluate whether he's got the goods or not. I'm not saying he's a franchise QB but you've been wrong on this guy all along....what if you're wrong again? If you'd been GM's of the teams, Tom Brady would never have seen the field and Drew Brees would have been cast aside after a season or two.

You seem to be big on putting 'labels' on guys. If that was the case, guys like Hasselbeck and Watner would never have been starters in the NFL. How about we see what Matt Moore can give us out of more than just 12 starts, look for upgrades/competition but take 'labels' off of guys.

'Labels' do not define who a guy is, otherwise Cam Wake would never have seen the light if day in the NFL.

Ross, give back the money you stole from Dolphin fans. Your team is a farce.

I don't like coaches with feet fetish. They are usually good enough to get you to the playoffs. But aftre that they are gas bags.

Maybe Matt Moore will text Shermie some pics of his.......self. It couldn't hurt.

PS-Anybody know what size cleats Matt Moore wears?

Ross, give back the money you stole from Dolphin fans. Your team is a farce.

Posted by: rusty bottoms | February 19, 2012 at 11:54 AM

They say immatating someone is the highest form of flattery.

I say you're a common copy cat. You suck.




Could these idiots have found a worse coaching staff? GEEZ!

amsmith965, well were just so glad you'll jump on any teams wagon, have no football sense, or common sense either, say hello to Tom eh? douchebag!


Ross saved the Dolphins by buying team from Wayne.

Ross will never sell team, he is the next great owner of all time.

Yes JM, 6-10 is GREAT! Only a Jet fan would like Ross!! EXPOSED!

Ross will use business skill to build powerhouse, no?

I've seen it before on internet revolution, yes?

I'm sure Ross is great at real estate, but he is the WORST sports owner ever. He's cemented the Dolphins in the cellar for many years to come and is ripping off the fans with a terrible on the field product. If and when the Dolphins win a home game they throw a friggin parade!

Dolphins fans so stupid.
Stephen Ross is billionaire because he disguises his moves not because he announces them in advance.
Stephen Ross use communications expert to feed false info to local dope who publishes it in local paper.
Put down pipe.

Your just haters ! I will sign the great Manning max the Cap until I am sure we are over by 30,000,000,000.00 in 2013 at which time I will declare Bankruptcy mortgage the Stadium and move the team to West Palm Beach were we will play at the High Schools municipal Stadium down the street from my home. I will then make Tony Motorola and Thalia part owners since they are my neighbors. Our 12,000 seat stadium should always be sold out with real Phin-addicts giving home field, the noise will deafen ! I will rule and you pukes can shoke on it !

Yes Mr. Beven, yes !

Dolphins fans so stupid.
Stephen Ross is billionaire because he disguises his moves not because he announces them in advance.
Stephen Ross use communications expert to feed false info to local dope who publishes it in local paper.
Put down pipe.

Posted by: PhucYu | February 19, 2012 at 12:54 PM

Yes ! Finally somebody gets it, Rass and I have a plan and when we move to West Palm I will give you choice Season tickets in the Endzone !

Agreed, you have to be stupid to still be a Dullfin fan.

Dullfin fan.

Posted by: Ross Blowz | February 19, 2012 at 01:05 PM

Mr. Blowz,

When my West Palm Dullfins win the Soaper Bowl you will not be invited to the parade 1

Dolphins fans so stupid. Local dope reporter make fans believe they are 1 player away from being .500 team. This team start 5 acorns last season (J. Taylor, Columbus, Incogs, Fasano, Allen). Acorns not even qualified to be back-up on other teams are starters on this team.
Acorn belong on end of wang not on football field.

Hopefully, the whole QB issue is resolved this year. With a little creative salary cap manipulation (and some new contracts for a few veteran players), Miami can finally put it to bed! I'd love to see Flynn, Tannehill, and Moore ALL on the roster! It can be done! It should be done! Then, let them fight it out in training camp!

6 acorns: Forgot Olshansky.
Now all acorns need to be replaced with draft picks.
This obvious to anyone who count players on roster.
Why dope reporter pretend like star FA's want to come here? Why dope reporter spread false info put out by Ross communication experts? Why Dolphins fans beleive what dope reporter tell them?
Because Dolphins fans so stupid that why!


None of the QB's you mentioned are near elite.


We too are getting chemtrailed to death of the California coast!

Chemclouds and chemtrails are ALL over the east coast of Florida every day, Jahndoh.
What the Hell are they spraying us for?

Ize cant hode onto da ball in da damn chemtrails!


Here's a quote from Mike McCarthy right after he announced Flynn beat out 2nd round pick Brian Brohm to back up Aaron Rodgers. Once again with the feet.

"I like the way (Flynn) makes plays with his feet. He can get you out of a bad play," McCarthy said. "(He's) instinctive, very calm, his disposition is excellent. (He has good) pocket awareness and is comfortable in the pocket. I've been impressed with him so far."

No such thing as a chemtrail. Just look at your feet when you get outside and get in your car and move along.
Nothing to see here!

Blackmon will not be there at #8 or 9 too many teams ahead of us need a wide receiver and he is the best WR in this draft.
If we want Blackmon we must trade up and probably give up our 3rd or 4th round pick along with the trade

If we want Blackmon we will have to trade up
he will not be available in the 8th or 9th pick
too many teams that are ahead of us in the draft need a WR
I agree that if we cannot trade up to get RG3 Blackmon is probably the next best offensive weapon we can get that makes an immediate impact on our offense,
Having said that a good GM will attempt to trade up for RG3 until all hope is exhausted and then try again for Blackmon. These are players you cannot get in free agency lets address our RG in the free agency as well as our DE and Safety - let's get an impact player in the first round even if it costs us more draft picks, and lets load up in Free agency to fill our other needs.
Start by making more cap room available for the free agency by re negotiating some of those way too large contracts for players we could give up, and get same or better in free agency at less cost. ie. Dansby, yes he is OK but is he worth 11M per year ?? is he a difference maker ?? is he an impact player on our team - I think not again he is OK but not worth that kind of money

Could these idiots have found a worse coaching staff? GEEZ!
Posted by: busty bottoms | February 19, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Why are you saying this ?? Have you seen any results yet ?? NO so you should withhold your comment until we can properly evaluate them. That would be after one full season

What you seem to fail to understand is that our previous group of coaches was not getting the job done. We needed a change.
well who are we to say this group is no good before the first game is ever played.

stay tuned you will have to eat your commentary. If nothing else they are better teachers and they will probably instill better work ethics on our players as well as confidence. Unless your name is Don Shula you really are not qualified to make that statement yet.

600 channels and nothing on.

None of the ones I mentioned are elite. That's the point! All still have a potential upside. We can't afford an already proven elite QB. Do you think Manning will come to Miami for bread-crumbs? And, he's still mending. Besides, he likes to run things on the field using Indy's version of the Spread. Which is similar to the West Coast, but definitely not the same thing. The WC is more about timing routes, quick passes, and a QB who can scramble! Which can't appeal to Manning. And, he'd have to learn new terminology along with a new system. Something he hasn't done since he was a rookie. That is even if he CAN play. While he puts people in the seats, the odds of Manning being successful in Miami aren't good. Our owner's dream could just be a smoke-screen anyways.

Flynn is familiar with the West Coast, and would have a better learning curve in Miami. Tannehill is a raw rookie, but has some skill with the WC. Just needs reps and get used to the faster pace of the NFL. Moore showed some flashes last year and deserves another shot at starting. Henne's done! Salary cap issues could come into play unless Hennepin wants to come back on the cheap. Doubt it since he could probably make more elsewhere. Moore could also be history soon for the same reason.

In this league, you need a starter, a good veteran back-up for when the starter goes down (and they tend to do just that), and a hungry young gun. That's why I'd love to see Flynn, Tannehill, and Moore on the roster. But, I'll live with whatever the new coach decides. Already, I like the guy. He's showing some class; reaching out to Shula. There's a different air in the building. They say he's more approachable and professional. Time will tell.

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