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The type of QB Mike Sherman looks for

General Manager Jeff Ireland knows the quarterback search this offseason is the thing. He knows it's important. And he's eyebrows deep in working the problem.

He's so fired up about the issue, he's told coach Joe Philbin and his assistants and scouts not to breathe a word about Miami's plans, although everyone knows owner Stephen Ross has already identified Peyton Manning as his target if/when he becomes available.

But outside of names, what are the Dolphins looking for to drive their incoming West Coast offense?

"You like to have a guy that will let the system work for him instead of [him working for the system] -- go through his progressions," offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said this week.

Believe it or not, the first thing Sherman looks at when searching for a successful quarterback is not the arm. It's the feet.

"I like to start with feet," he said. "I want to have a guy that has good feet. If you have good feet, you have balance at the top of your route. You're in good throwing position. I always start from the feet up on quarterbacks because we're going to do a fair amount under center as well as in the shotgun on quarterbacks.

"The timing and the rhythm of the play is so important. In the West Coast offense, tempo and rhythm is very important -- one, two, three. One, two, three. We time the drops. With [Brett] Favre for six years we timed his drops to see where he is in his time from point A to point B."

OK so feet is a big deal. What else?

"Other things in the West Coast offense is you like ot have a quarterback who is able to make a good decision, have a quick release, get the ball out as he goes through his progression."

So if you're judging the QBs available in free agency, the draft and through trade, judge the things Sherman is judging.




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“Very Interesting Bit Of Detective Work”

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Please send this to everyone you know with the hope that we can force the media as well as OUR NATION to address this.

Provided this team gets on track with the new schemes (and buys into the new coaching staff's methods), I really do think the Fins will make a run at the play-offs.

We're a young team that got off to a slow start due to the strike and an incompetent coach.

Posted by: Tracy474 | February 19, 2012 at 09:36 PM


People might not want to here it, but well said man.

The fact is, once Moore got comfortable, went 6-3 easy and really should have been 8-1. That's despite SpOrano, an interim coach and all the drama.

Worst case scenario, Moore is going to be taking an improved team and Coaching staff even further this year. Worst case scenario.

Nice Post!

Fin.., WOW, Interesting read there, Is That true?



I received it along with everybody that works with me at our work e-mail addresses. I haven't verified any of it but thought it an interesting read, it's a chain link e-mail that's going around and thought I'd post it.

odinseye | February 19, 2012 at 10:21 PM


This can be added to your State of the Union earlier which by the way was one of the best most inspired reads in a while, GREAT POST!

Fin, EMail Tabliod Stuff?, Come on your better then that.

Guys Not to get off the subject of football, But Watching Star-Trek on FX, It's a pretty good flick if none of you havent seen it, It repeats at 11pm.Thought it would be stupid but they did a great job of telling about the young Kirk,Spock, Etc. Its a good flick.


The interesting thing is that it all comes with specific links that show the Birth certificate and anomalies in question and like I said I haven't verified any of it but you must admit a Federal Judge in Atlanta forcing a sitting U.S. President to answer a Federal subpoena in open Court after that lady Senator threw the charge down is interesting stuff.

Besides we've talked these QB's to DEATH since November. I love this blog but Mando needs to get a little more creative, like giving us a post about best available by position of need and debating it's importance and with what pick we should address or go the FA route, NO??


I saw that movie and thought the same with that whole parallel Universe theme which all ties in nicely at the end.

Ok, so I get raked over the coals because I mentioned Tannehill. Maybe you should know that NFLDraftScout.com ranks him as the 3rd best QB in the draft. And, the 11th overall best player available. Who's the 4th best QB? Bruce Osweiler, Arizona State, 6'7" 240 lbs., who runs a 4.83 forty time. Ranked 45th overall. Would you rather have him?
Posted by: Tracy474 | February 19, 2012 at 04:31 PM

Personally, I'd rather have Foles or Cousins. I did a small breakdown of Osweiler on my blog www.professorlousnfldraftblog.wordpress.com.
I looked at his bowl game against Auburn and broke down some of his pass plays to point out his inconsistency and lack of accuracy. He's not even as good as Mallet was at Arkansas and Mallet didn't go until the third round. I will definitely be watching him closely at the combine because I can't wait to see how he does.


I keep reading were alot of folks are ripping some blog site you put up. I however haven't seen your site, what's the link??

Fin, It strayed away a little, saying Vulcan was destroyed and Spocks mom was killed, But in the series Spocks mom appearred in a few episodes, Though Iam not a "Trekie" I still think it was a good Movie.LOL


That's right about Spocks Mom but you forget that the Romulin was changing history going back in time. It's how Kirk ended up an orphan and Eurora with Spock?? I am no Trekie either was always more of a Star Wars kid but remember the original show in re-run heaven on the old WCIX-Channel 6 which also had that Night Owl Theater with some old fat guy who loved red Blazers, LOL!

I keep reading were alot of folks are ripping some blog site you put up. I however haven't seen your site, what's the link??
Posted by: fin4life | February 19, 2012 at 10:45 PM

There are two. The blog is www.professorlousnfldraftblog.wordpress.com
The mock draft site is www.professorlousnfldraftsite.com

As far as the ripping goes, let them rip away. I'm a big boy, I can take it.

Fin, Your showing your age, "Night Owl theater with Big Wilson", Think it was on in late 70s Early 80s Before there was cable.LOL

You can leave a comment for each post on the blog. If someone doesn't like what is in a post they can respond by leaving a comment on the blog site itself.

Fin, Your showing your age, "Night Owl theater with Big Wilson", Think it was on in late 70s Early 80s Before there was cable.LOL

FP4FGs. | February 19, 2012 at 11:04 PM

Ditto, Big Wilson huhh,LOL? Back in those days we use to get hit with the Natl. Anthem every night at Midnight and TV was done until 6:00 A.M. Then came the Iran Hostage Crisis which started a News show which gave Ted Koppel a career on Nightline.

Oh, by the way, thank you to everyone who took the poll on the blog site, all five of you. LOL.

I've got the Star Trek prequel on FX now, good movie, they stayed true to the original actors. Gr8 flick!

Thanks Lou!

I can't believe that Corvette fours over a cliff! Whatta waste!

Lou, thanks for the link, I wasn't mocking your poll, I'm gonna check it out!

I can't believe that Corvette fours over a cliff! Whatta waste!

Publicado por: redsky | February 19, 2012 at 11:15 PM

Or that the young Kirk a couple hundred Yrs. in the future was listening to 1995 Beastie Boys either?!

That was goes over a cliff! Spell check gone haywire! Sorry!

Fin4, the music was great! AND appropriate! If I was going over a cliff, I'd be cool listening to that! LOL!

Beastie Boys I guess will still be around in 2300.

Weeden played baseball previously, so his BODY is young for his age, as EVERYONE knows how meticulously ballplayers maintain their bodies. (LOL)
Check out Prince Fielder.

Seriously, Weeden's had a lot less wear and tear, as their offense is a "get the ball out quick type."

Whats with the guy with the horse face at the Bar, Is Peyton Manning still around in the 24th Century?

Whats with the guy with the horse face at the Bar, Is Peyton Manning still around in the 24th Century?

FP4FGs. | February 19, 2012 at 11:25 PM


NEWS FLASH Peyton Manning isnt coming to this trainwreck of a team.


Peyton held workouts at Duke University and can't throw an out or across his body. The WR's who caught his passes said there was nothing on the ball. Not even 24 Hrs. later the video disappeared of Youtube.

IMa Writer! Thx for saying what I've been saying! Weeden needs to be considered! They can Blackmon 1st, then Weeden! At his age he is mature enough to take over!

I meant draft Blackmon 1st, the Weeden....

Ross doesnt care if Peyton can throw or not. Ross just wants to sign him to sell some tickets.

Then Weeden! Freaking spell check!

Peyton is done, finished, his best years are behind him! Kudos to him! But we have better QBs to check out!

If he doesnt sign Manning, Ross will be buying tons of his own tickets! LOL

I went to cnn.com and searched obama birth certificate and nothing comes up.
I went to foxnews.com and searched and there it was.
I searched Kenya on Google and Wkipedia indeed says the country was formed in 1963.

Look up the definition of the work Tyrant:
He who serves illegally.

That's word tyrant (not work tyrant)

MJ, I think you're right. Ross would send Manning on the field in a wheelchair if he could sell some tickets.

Pricemaster, the US Constitution was created/written to avoid tyrants! Current leaders are trying to overcome our Rule of Law! We must overcome!

Nick Foles doesn't throw anything except checkdowns.

GN, I'm out!

I agree with some of the above comments, M. Moore is the man. Perhaps he played poorly the first games but then he did a decent job. He's not perhaps the future but until no other man proves to be better than himself, he's the man.
Sherman can say whatever he wants about the feet, but a QB not necessary relies on good feet.
We can speculate as much as we want about everything, that's fun and part of the salt and pepper during the off season, but at the end of the day good drafts, coaches decisions and ultimately wins and loses will dictate the final grade of this team. So far, the team looks like an expansion team. Being really optimistic this team will finish 10-6 in 2012. Being realistic 8-8.
The staff must understand that we need a long term rebuilding not a short term joke of a team like the one Sparano delivered during hist first year.
So staff, start taking smart decisions, not popular ones based on marketing or apparent reputation. Be honest, and plan for the next 10 years. That is the team that we all want.
We have waited for almost 40 years for a world championship, so 2 or 3 more years does not make a big difference provided that at the end we have a really good team.

Some of the people here are really sick and need to get a life. Racism bleeding through on a football blog is sad. Lol it really must suck being you. That's to anyone who sadly feels this is the forum to voice your racist comments.


Saw you're reply at 10:29.

Thanks, I really honestly believe every word of it. Daboll was like the Breath Of Life after three years of Henning. I get the feeling it's going to be even moreso with Philbin after 4 years of SpOrano!

I haven't been posting much lately. I have to "Stick and Move" to avoid my "Fan Club(the trolls)". I'm always reading though and I always catch yours and the rest of the good posters here. Keep up the "Good Stuff".

Heading out to do some early morning Ice Fishing.


The starting QB of the 2012 Miami Dolphins is Matt Moore.

DC Dolfan fears Joe Mama.

Sign Manning and draft Tannehill. Get 2-3 good years from Manning and Tannehill will be ready.





all pumped up again for 2012..same old fins until mush for brains is gone it will not change all brand new AGAIN........man please.........same guy is pullin the trigger on players

IF there is a franchise QB between the 3 (Flynn, RG3, Tannehill), this FO should be the best at deciding who it is. They all have the inside scoop (well, more so for 2-out-of-the-3) on these players. Philbin coached Flynn (he hasn't said much about him though), Ireland is a Baylor alum (should have some inside info on RG3) and Sherman coached Tannehill (and is now vouching for him).

So, the only question should be: how do they get the guy they like best?

If there was EVER a chance Miami would find a franchise QB, this should be it. Whatever QB it is (minus Manning), they should be developed well by these coaches (especially if the player has knowledge of the coach already).

I think, however, that we need another month of analysis of every available QB option. I don't feel like we've explored these options enough.

We'll have something new to discuss next week, about the Combine results.

I think the only reason they hired Philbin was because they were in love with Flynn(after 1 game?) and thought Philbin could bring Flynn. But when Manning entered the picture Ross pee’ed in his pants at the opportunity to sell some tickets. What I think will happen is they sign and play Flynn even though Moore is better.

I happen to agree with Lou about Osweiler. I read his blog and he's right on the money. This is not to say he couldn't develop but of the QB's after Luck and RGIII Oswieler be in what I call tier 3 QB's in this draft. He really could have used his SR year.

For the 1st tier QB's I would have Luck, then RGIII.

2nd tier I would put Tannehill, Foles and Cousins. I would add Weeden but age is a concern and Case Keenum but height is a slight concern along with the history of Houston QB's in their system.

Of the 2nd tier I feel like Foles and Cousins are a little bit more ready to start in the NFL than Tannehill.

For those of you wanting that trade up for RGIII there is some interesting news in this link below about the redskins plans. There is also some Manning news there.


Texas, Haslett denies the story, but parts of it have been corroborated by reporters. We always knew we'd have to trade up to 2nd pick to get RG3 anyway. That would be my choice, but I don't think it will happen.

When I think about what lengths the redskins will go to and what lengths Ireland will go to to get RGIII, I think we have no shot. :)

Because of that I have been watching a lot of recorded games of other QB's. I watched Osweiler and he is tall and has a strong arm but needs a lot of work. His footwork is awful which makes his throws very erratic. IMO a long project.

I also watched more of Cousins and Foles. So now I am down to 3 QB's to draft if the Dolhins go that route. At least I feel that 1 of these 3 QB' is who we'll end up with in the draft. Tannehill would be the third.

Other then Andrew Luck, its a down year for QB's in this draft.

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