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Alleged video of Peyton Manning Friday workout

The video below of Peyton Manning throwing the football in a workout has hit the web and ESPN. It is sold as a video of Manning on Friday throwing at Duke University.

1. Manning has indeed been confirmed to be at Duke these past few days.

2. There is zero confirmation this is the Duke field or that the video is from yesterday, although ESPN ran with it as if it is legitimate.

3. The video was obviously taken without Manning's permission thus the poor and apparent undercover nature of it. It is only 27 seconds long. Can you say surreptitious?

4. If the video is legit, it shows Manning does have the ability to move fairly well.

5. If the video is legit, it shows Manning does have the ability to throw deeper patterns as one of his passes goes a good 50 yards.

6. Manning looks good but not great in the video. His drop is not quick. His spirals are all not tight.

7. The velocity on Manning's out throw is very good.

So that's a glimpse of what Manning is doing, assuming the video taken in secret is legitimate. That is a big assumption. I believe the grain of salt approach is best here.

Props to reader Michael Heck for passing the video along.


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If rg3 has any chance to come here. He will. I just don't think there is a chance. We just don't have enough to offer vs. Cleveland and Washington. We would need to basically give up the next two drafts. Then one knee injury and we will never be out of this crap hole. Not saying that will happen. But the risk is far great for one guy.

I may be alone in this thought, but...seriously, I believe RG3 will bring more fans to the stadium than Peyton. RG3 is a new young talent with a rare set of skills. You can bet the media is going to be all over him. Peyton, for all his greatness, is in the autumn of his career, and represents the past generation, not the future one.

Heck, who knows what Matt Moore could eventually become with 2yrs of carrying the "clip board" behind Manning. IMO, Matt Moore isnt really that far away to becoming an extremely good, borderline great starting qb. Just gotta make sure you have very solid pieces around him on both sides of the ball.

Yesterday G. I'm with you. At least make a play for RG3, go all out. If it can not be done, and if it looks like Peyton can still perform at a high level, that would be the next best option. If it can't be determined with much certainty Peyton will heal well enough, I can't see risking it.


Nothing beats a failure but a try. Ireland needs to offer up to the max he can offer to move up to get RG3. Even if Cleve or Wash beats him out in the trade up. At least he seriously tried.

Ireland cant have the attitude some fans have an just automatically surrender to Wash and Cleve have a better shot. Then doesnt make a play for RG3 at all. That's what will disappoint dolfrans most.

The first 10 picks of this draft will be highly entertaining. After that, who cares.

Your not alone about rg3. I agree. However he is a human. And just like anyone. One wrong injury and you banked 2 drafts on him that is to much risk for me. But that is just my take.

Yesterday. I am on board with what your sayin. Just can't sacrifice 2 drafts


Poizen, what you are saying is true for any QB. Any player. If you are saying lets play it safe and sound, well that is a recipe for 8 and 8 for eternity. You have to roll the dice, and choose the time you roll them wisely. I'd roll them on RG3.

See guys, this is what was worried about when I advocated 'Suck for Luck'! Had we had lost, we would have had the number one or number two pick and we could have had Manning and Luck or RG3!

To my knowledge, no QB that sat on the pine behind Manning ever amounted to anything. So lets forget about praying some later round pick develops under Manning.


I like excitment too....and the FINS without a doubt have been a snooze fest the last few years....even to the point that I fell asleep watching a few games.....Matt Moore seemed to cure my narcalepsy tho...but it wasn't just him....it was the winning that he was a part of that made the game exciting.....

Notthing is more exciting than winning...when it comes to football anyway....

Let Cam Newton have a few more 6-10s....and the Panther's will turn on him too....

Manning is a winner...and if we could ALMOST manage .500 without him...we will surpase .800 with him....

imaging...12-4 or better for the next 3 seasons....with a chance in the dance....

Hows that for excitement....

Redksy, suck for luck is cute, but how do you get a franchise to intentionally lose? It is illegal, and it would be too hard to hush that up in todays twitter world.

I expect Shanahan to be our greatest competitor in landing Manning. The Browns are the most down trodden of the teams needing a qb. Therefore, the Browns will be far nmore agressive inb landing R$G#.

Still, the Browns have a major problem. Theyu are absolutely "god-aweful". Though they have "bigger pieces to initially offer". We're in a better position to offer the Rams "greater bulk". By that I mean far more pieces.

The Browns just need too many pieces to become a very good team to offer draft choices in great numbers. They have far more to lose if RG3 doesnt become as great as percieved. Even though we lost to Cleveland last year, we still have far better pieces currently on our roster.

We can afford to offer more in bulk to trade up than Cleveland to move up and have it have less of a detriment becuase of it. This is where we have the "UNSEEN" upperhand on Cleveland.

we dont want manning so lets hope the skins sign him and leave us trading up for griffin, then we become good

last year...AND the year before YG.....

last year...and the year before.....

Redsky. Come on man. I am happy we won games. Suck for luck?? If that was the atmosphere here last year. And we drafted him. I bet he would have pulled a elway, or Eli. Then we would have been screwed beyond belief. Any team who throws games would lose instant credibility.


Who says it takes two drafts? It could be one draft split into two drafts. We might can even work a little sumthin-sumthin under the table moving players.

No one's trading two entire draftys for one player even if he's the "incredible hulk". LOL

Kris, I ask, are you not being overly ambitious? New team, rookie HC, rookie DC. This team is not as complete as the team Manning had for the last 10 years, and he only won one title. I'm thinking its not going to be nearly as automatic as you make it sound. Add to that, we are putting ourselves back to square one in 2 or 3 years. I'd rather not start over so soon. I'd be on board if Peyton did not have 4 surgeries with speculation of more to come. If he can't throw like a pro today, he seems like the highest gamble of all options, and with the shortest term upside.


The Browns beat us because of sad sack quarterbaking on our behalf. Not because they had a better roster. LOL

exactly clyde, lets get off this horrible move of wanting manning a shell of his once great self

Shanahan. When he drafted Cutler, he said not one word about him, showed no interest. It was a surprise to even Cutler. If Shanahan expresses interest in RG3, its a ruse. If he remains quiet, you can be sure he will go after him.

Yesterday. To give the same value as 2 ones this year a one next year sprinkled in with 2,3,and 4s. That is what the report is with wash and Cleve. That would be our two drafts. Unless st Louis. Is givin us a discount.

clyde that doesnt work here cause the skins owner is retarded and has already showed his hand and how much he loves griffin



Posted by: ALoco | March 03, 2012 at 07:24 PM

Forgot to tell you. Jethro Bodine from "The Beverly Hillbillys" is my twin brother. Yes he graduated 6th grade. But I'm sad to say I didnt because I had to stay at the farm and feed the chickens and milk the cows.

I'm "Crapthro Bodine". LOL

Can we trade players too in the draft or only picks? The Rams need a LT. We can offer them Long, and put ourselves ahead of Cleveland that way.

On another note....I am glad we didn't land Fisher. His OC was replaced by the dunce Sparano, and his DC is now being investigated by the NFL. Nice way to start your new job Fisher!

Clyde. Unfortunately the injuries last year make long as a chip very unlikely. They can use that against us to equate it as a 3 or 4 equiv. not worth it at all. He does not get us closer to rg3. They just take the other 2 teams deals and take Riley with the 1st.


You make good arguments....but I would never bet against a Manning....not even little brother ....

I don't discount what your saying....I just like the idea of Manning in a FINS uniform better than any argument that can be made against him not comming here....

I am admittedly biased for Manning.....We saw the Brees fiasco.....and we don't want to be on the wrong end of that again....we eve saw that a Pennington is worth 11 wins in this division....

So yes....I am all in on Manning....

Caveat, I want us to pursue Griffin, and don't want Manning. But I don't think we have a choice. We've been told by Ross what we want.
So... let's go ahead and assume Peyton comes here. What would YOU do as GM? Really, seriously.

Here's my take. Peyton means win now, try for SB. So with that philosophy, I'm in the "get guys that immediately help Manning win" mode. That would mean weapons on offense, and turnover-creators on defense to get the ball back to Manning. Certainly not a bad philospophy even without Peyton. So, comfortable with this idea I hit the draft.

* Blackmon is prime, but probably gone by 8. If he's there, I grab him. If not, I look for my turnover-creator: a hawking LB/DE type. I'd go safety, but there isn't a strong enough one that warrents an 8.

*At round 2, assuming the couple of guys I like at QB are still hanging around, then I have to pick up Peyton's successor. I've got my star from round 1 to help me now, so sacrificing my 2nd for a QB isn't so bad. Besides, there's some nice playmakers lurking in the 3rd and fourth rounds that run really fast and are hard to tackle. So, me I take Cousins here, but they'll prob go Tannehill if he's still avail (doubtful). If they don't like Cousins, Osweiler is next man up, but he may be available in the 3rd, not sure. Weeden is too old to sit behind Peyton. I like him, but only if he's starter from day 1.

In the 3rd, I look at BPA from my board. A receiver? Safety (Taylor may be available here)? RT? Me, if Taylor (LSU) is available, he's mine. Solid lock down safety, so that fills another need. If I got Blackmon, I definitely go defense here. If I went defense in the first, I may skip safety and try FA for that, and look at the few speedy receivers left.

Rounds 4-7, I get whoever is left on my board in the positions of TE, DT, RT, LB, S, CB.

There. JS as GM.


I dont see Shanahan giving all of that for one player. He'll heavily pursue Manning and Flynn first or use the draft for one of the qb's after RG3. Redskins are going to be our single most greatest competition for Manning. If Skins get Manning I dont see Shanahan as "hot and heavy" for RG3. Just isnt his style.

This leaves Cleveland as the primary compettion for Rg3. however, the Browns need so many pieces to become really good. They still have to be careful about "how much" they offer for RG3. Thier president of football operations Mike Holgren is not one to throw "COMPLETE" caution to the wind. He'll give thier gm Tom Heckert latituide, but, I dont expect it would be wreckless latitude. They just need to many pieces.

I can see 2 #1's but not 3 of them. I think 2 #1's and a 2nd rd pick as thier max. Also gotta remember they are in a position to draft Tannehill with thier late 1st rd pick too. making sure no one gets him as a bargain in the 2nd rd. RG3 will probably not be a day 1 starter no matter which of these teams he plays for.

Slight mistake.
In rounds 4 and 5 there should be a few short speedy guys available. Maze, Rainey for example. If so, grab one of them. They are perfect for the WCO, and good threats to go the distance everytime they touch the ball. Just not pounders, or great drivers after the first hit. But dangerous, nonetheless. 3rd down boys.

Missing OL above was Nate Garner, who like Jerry can play both positions.
Let Murtha, Garner and Jerry fight it out for the two positions and draft one OL Rd #2-3.
take the best DE/OLB in Rd 1 and a young QB and TE Rd 2-4. Then fill.
Manning, one of Colts WR and DB in FA,
Seems awfully simple.

YG @ 7:35....i agree with that....

Kris, putting it that way, I'm wouldn't bet against either Manning either. They are both deceptively dangerous.

If it was anyone but RG3, I would be fine. I do think he is a rare prospect. I believe Cam Newton and RG3 are ushering in a new era of QB's, and I'd like to get in on it while there is an opportunity. We know how rare these opportunities are.

yesterday u saw the report on flynn, saying miami was really the only team interested in him and he was our third option at that. snyder wants griffin, first thing snyder has ever done right in washington

The Browns havent been revelant since Kosar. Thier players want out as soon as thier free agancy begins. No one really wants to be in Cleveland.

Just like the Chicago Bulls center Jaoquin Noah said, "When have you ever heard anyone say, I'm going nto Cleveland on vacation"? Even LeBron left. Let's hope RG3 brings his talents to "South Beach" too! LOL

Clyde, Poizen: Indy figured it out, how to keep Manning if they want AND get the first pick!

yesterday are u insane, if griffin goes to wash,mia, or cleve he will def start from day one

YG, LOL, even LeBron left!!!! I've been there, couldn't wait to leave!


Part of the deal for Snyder to get Shanahan was to allow Shanahyan to run "all football operations". But it doesnt mean Snyder isnt quietly loudly whiper-yelling in shanahan's ear about he would love to have RG3. But Shanahan would love to have RG3 too, but with Shanahan it has to be at the "right" price. LOL

IF this really is Manning in the video, then I no longer have a question who'd I'd prefer between Peyton vs. Flynn. Before it was neither, & who cares we're doomed. Now it's, no brainer Manning.

Still not my #1 option, though.
Or #2 option.

#1 is Griffin. Step up and be strong Ireland.
#2 is draft BPA at 8, and grab Cousins/Weeden in the 2nd. Start Whoever wins camp.
#3 is Manning, and still draft Cousins. He'll learn watching the best, and be ready 1-2 years from now when/if Peyton retires, or just slows down.
#4 is Manning, and wait til next year, and throw in the kitchen sink for whoever the awesome QB will be in the draft.
#5 is fugetaboutit, start Moore, and start all this crap again next year. Burn Dolphin jersey in disgust.
There is no 6.
So Yes, no Flynn option for me.

griffin would set us up for huge things for the next 10 years at least. manning would set us wayyyyyyyy back. so i fully expect ireland to chase manning, but everything says manning wants to remain a colt or go to the chiefs. so lets hope thats right and we can force ireland to get griffin

It amazes me how many people are high on Flynn based on nothing but media hype. He is less than Kolb, Cassel and Orton and look how great they are doing. I will be shocked if Miami shows any real interest in him. I don't see Philbin staking his game on a former 7th round pick with two games of experience.

Not against RGIII in any way but we have many needs to just be competitive.
Two 1sts , one 2nd and a a player (Marshall) and I say do it.
Otherwise, Peyton and fill.

Sign manning with incentive laced contract!!

He is 80% healthy, better than Flynn or Moore.

Draft a O-line an pass rusher!! Playmaking TE.
Trade back and pick up a 1st round pick in 2013 draft.
Draft Matt Barkley in next years draft an have him sit behind manning for 1-2 years.

How is this not a brilliant plan??

I'm not antioch-RG3 it's just too costly for Irland to move up for!!!

With you phinsman.
Only go after RGIII at the right price.
Great possible, wrong year.

Draft Matt Barkley in next years draft an have him sit behind manning for 1-2 years.

How is this not a brilliant plan??

I'm not antioch-RG3 it's just too costly for Irland to move up for!!!

Posted by: phinsman | March 03, 2012 at 08:14 PM

Briliant? You say draft Barkley as though it will be as easy as buying milk at the supermarket. We are not likely to have a high pick next year either.

Look, unless your team stinks and picks in the top three, the only way to get a great QB 99 percent of the time is to PAY UP!!!!

Otherwise you just end up like the Miami Dolphins for 10 or more years.

What A Clown,

I'm starting to wonder about kris myself.

He blasted me and some others here for talking to and encouraging Oscar, Whom he called a, and I quote "confirmed blog troll".

Yet, earlier tonight, he could clearly see me trying to start up a conversation by **Talking Football**.

As the usual peanut gallery trolls intrude, kris encourages them.

EX 1:

If you removed all the posts of odinseye rebutting everyone, this blog would rarely ever be more than one page. It seems like every time I stop by 7 out of 10 posts are odinseye responding endlessly to someone else.

Posted by: Innocent Bystander | March 03, 2012 at 06:23 PM

kris responds:

LOL @ 6:23.....

Posted by: Kris | March 03, 2012 at 06:34 PM

I'm starting to suspect that the NOT so "innocent bystander" is actually kris' "Touchy Mouse". It happened one two many time to be explained away so innocently-LOL.

Either way, it seems neither realizes that 100% of the blog is everyone responding to everyone else "endlessly".

I mean, it IS a sports blog Touchy Mouse ;)

you sign Manning/ Fix the O-line and the rest of the draft can be best player.

Then next year you try to get barkley or Landry or you keep upgrading the talent.

I also do not understand the worry that we are going to have to give Manning control of the O??? Is that not what you want from a QB???? Crap really all you are doing is throwing out the plays and letting your QB read the D. Isn't that how you are supposed to play Offense????

I let Manning run my Offense any day of the Week and especially on Sunday. Didn't Sherman let Farve do basically the same thing In Green Bay????

The running the Offense argument is way over blown.

Go Dolphins!!!

Odinseye for what it's worth I did have the same observation. To quote Shakespeare 'Kris doth protest too much'

Poizen at 7:03,

That's a great point. Signing Manning and planning for the future are NOT mutually exclusive.

It's some kind of wierd excuse people make for some reason. My theory is that it's mostly from the people that can accept the fact that we most likely will not get a shot at RGIII.

I have a simple scenario that exposes this argument for what it is.

Lets say Ireland signs Manning. Then on draft day, he trades down, picks up a pass rusher and gets the trade partners 1st round pick for next year.

We would then have two 1st round picks next year. We could then use those, as well as our full compliment of picks to target one of the top QB's in the 2013 draft.

This is ONE(of many)ways we could sign Manning and still be planning for the future.

Yesterday G. I'm with you. At least make a play for RG3, go all out. If it can not be done, and if it looks like Peyton can still perform at a high level, that would be the next best option. If it can't be determined with much certainty Peyton will heal well enough, I can't see risking it.

Posted by: Clyde | March 03, 2012 at 07:19 PM

I agree in principal. The problem is, Manning will be available well before the draft and he will have many suitors.

If we wait on Manning to see if we can get RGIII, Manning will most likely be gone. Then if we miss out on RGIII too..............ughhhhhhhhhhhh!

Good point Odin. Either way manning can not hurt us on an incentive based contract. Only worse case we are status quo. If we could get st Louis pick for this years 1st and a couple seconds. I'm in. But they seem to want a lot more.

odinseye I'd rather miss out on a player with a 2 or 3 lifespan than miss a long term solution.

Just for conversation sake.
Who's to say we cannot sign Manning for say$10 with incentives, which probably is less than Flynn will get and make a play for RGIII also.
Know it sounds insane but could happen.

Just saying that if we do not make a move in FA and lose out on RGIII, we have not got better.

Clyde I agree we need to take a chance at some point. But in a. Year where you have a equal chance at manning for peanuts I think there is a Rick vs. reward tha t needs to be considered. If there was no manning option at all. I would be in you corner 100%.

I meant risk. Sorry. I pad spell check lol

I wonder why...........

Why is it that people say the picks we gave up for Thomas(3rd, 5th, and 7th)we're basically lower picks that never amount to anything anyways?

I wonder why...........

Why then would any of these lower picks sweeten the pot any in a deal with the Rams.

I wonder why............

Why do people say we should find our Franchise QB first and build the team around him?

Why do these same people not think Holmgren feels the same way?

Theres one BIG difference in the Rams trading with us vs. the Rams trading with the Browns. With the Browns, the rams only have to trade down two spots to no. 4. Trading with us, the Rams move down 6 spots to no. 8.

That's a big difference when you're considering a top 4 pick vs. a top 8. Regardless of who can afford what more, the Browns can get the Rams pick cheaper than we can.

The one thing I know for sure, Holmgren loves drafting QB's and believes you should draft one EVERY YEAR.

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