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Alleged video of Peyton Manning Friday workout

The video below of Peyton Manning throwing the football in a workout has hit the web and ESPN. It is sold as a video of Manning on Friday throwing at Duke University.

1. Manning has indeed been confirmed to be at Duke these past few days.

2. There is zero confirmation this is the Duke field or that the video is from yesterday, although ESPN ran with it as if it is legitimate.

3. The video was obviously taken without Manning's permission thus the poor and apparent undercover nature of it. It is only 27 seconds long. Can you say surreptitious?

4. If the video is legit, it shows Manning does have the ability to move fairly well.

5. If the video is legit, it shows Manning does have the ability to throw deeper patterns as one of his passes goes a good 50 yards.

6. Manning looks good but not great in the video. His drop is not quick. His spirals are all not tight.

7. The velocity on Manning's out throw is very good.

So that's a glimpse of what Manning is doing, assuming the video taken in secret is legitimate. That is a big assumption. I believe the grain of salt approach is best here.

Props to reader Michael Heck for passing the video along.


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We are not much for impersonating People either...

But Ireland said it, "we are open to short term solutions as well"!

We may not be able to get RGIII.
Manning at 80% will make fins better now.
Brady was a 6th Rd pick, Marino was the 5th QB selected, you never know.

I think it is real.
Good for you Manning.

That is without a doubt him.

Believe that the best FA possible is Manning, Wayne/Garcon and Nelson (safety from Bengals). Then draft DE/OLB, TE, QB, OL and the fill.
No specific order in 2-4.
Just my opinion.


Not sure if you're still around or not....

We don't always agree on things but I couldn't agree with your comments more. If Manning is healthy I'm so excited about what he brings to the table.

Armando, I've got to take you to task for some of your comments on Twitter tonight, my friend. You said 'no 'bridge' QB has ever won a Super Bowl'. Fair enough but you'll have to clearly define a 'bridge' QB for me. As far as I'm concerned, Warner could have been considered a 'bridge' QB back when he started with the Rams. Nobody could have predicted he'd become the kind of QB he'd become. He was a journeyman, a nobody when he took over the Rams. Same with Brady. Nobody could have predicted he's become what he's become. A 6th round QB out of Michigan, he's won Championships, MVPs and will go to the Hall of Fame one day. Pennington would fit your definition adn he took us to the playoffs when he came here and isn't that really the goal. When you look at the Packers and the Giants the last two years, are you really going to tell me that 6 weeks before the big game EVERYONE was predciting they were the teams to beat. Not true. The goal is to make the playoffs and get hot at the right time. You're looking at a 10-6 and a 9-7 team that won the Super Bowl.

Lastly, Warner was 37 I believe when he took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl. Plunkett was 30-something when he took the Raiders to the Super Bowl and I think you could make arguments that Brad Johnson, Jake Delhomme, Rex Grossman, Rich Gannon and Jeff Hostetler and Trent Dilfer were all bridge QBs.

I'm not quite sure I understand your dislike for Manning but if he's healthy, I'll take a 36 year old Manning with a chip on his shoulder any day of the week for my QB. If he comes here, and he's healthy, how about one of us admit to the error of their ways next year. Deal?

jets are a huge mess, still pissed though that pennington is helping sanchez now

Odin .....

as the self proclaimed "blog funny man"....i would think that you coula apperciate a good joke....even if its @ your expense......

What ever the Troll said....I thought was funny....rather than laughing to myself...I have to courage/guts/whatever you want to call it....to put an LOL to it ans sig my name....

I didn't think you would be so sensitive about it.....I have laughed @ DC's Troll from time to time.....among others's....I am sure you may have laughed at a Troll clowning on me on occasion....maybe you just didn't have the cojanoes to LOL @ me.....you can dude...i won't be offended...or ACCUSE you of being others....I will just take it for what it is....

In short....I will be a man about it......

Sorry to hear your vaginosis js flaring up tonite.....take 2 squirst of vagisi.,,,,followed by some Midol....and lets chat in the morning.....

Craig M....not really here...just doing a final sweep before I hit the sheets.....

Note to blog.....don't watch 'COWBOYS AND ALIENS'.....Its as bad as the movie title sounds.....

Manning to Miami does have a nice ring to it......I look forward to hearing it about 1,000 times the day it is announced on ESPN....

OK, everybody take their meds. This is just an exorcise.

IF Manning is healthy and IF he comes to Miami, then a lot of talent will follow....and we will be able to fill the few positions that need upgrading. Just like the Heat, get the right 3 main guys and people went to them for minimum wage....although their minimum wage and OUR minimum wage is VERY different!

LOL@Badger.....whether you mean exercise or exorcise, it's funny....actually, it's funnier if it's the latter!

Peyton Manning is way too smart to join the Dolphin trainwreck.

redsky follow with what money. broken down manning would only bring broken down wayne with him

Manning is fine, but the video is weird. Why is he the only one in costume? I am tired of the whole overblown propaganda BS. At least next week the Manning FA situation gets settled. Next, Flynn and Griffin. This crap is crap.

Redsky, I said what I meant. The NFL demons are upon us.

Sorry to hear your vaginosis js flaring up tonite.....take 2 squirst of vagisi.,,,,followed by some Midol....and lets chat in the morning.....

Posted by: Kris | March 03, 2012 at 10:19 PM


Huh Uh!

Oh, IT IS SO ON!!!!

PS: OK, I have to admit, THAT was FUNNY!

Seriously though, I guess I took it the wrong way this time. My bad. Knowing which Trolls to talk to and which trolls not to talk to? I don't know, I get confused.

We're good though kris, I like you. "Touchy Mouse" and all :)

Odin, the center, the hub of the wagon wheel!




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Your alright man. In my book your grate.

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Odin, not kidding! It's a compliment my friend!

And AirFramce was too smart to fly the Concorde. Oh wait, they crashed one and then the Concorde was grounded.....whoops!

I can kick your @ss.




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Just messing around. Killing a little time waiting for the Brunette to get ready.

We're going to a little party at a friends house.

Anyways, Thank you VERY kindly Sir for the Shout Out!

If I'm the Hub, I designate you as at LEAST a SPOKE my Brother!




Odin you're welcome! I'd stick my spoke into your hub any time!

Forget manning get rg3.

Ross will lose a lot less money if he gets Manning. End of story.

I want miami to go the young route and draft a qb so miami put a face to the franchise by saying this is our guy.havent had that since danny boy. But IF miami did sign manning we would attract high level free agents to make this team a force even.if peyton lasted only 2-3 years. By then philbin and company will have this years 2nd round qb ready to.roll. Kirk cousins.

I think Manning at 80 per cent is Griese at 100 per cent, and last time I checked Griese won two Super Bowls.

Mando, I always hear you try and grade players but really, what the hell do you know? You're not a coach or a scout. You're a journalist, and not even a very good one at that. You're so far up RG3's butt and it's sad. Why don't you report on what's going on and stop trying to rally other people to the RG3 pipe dream?

Wrex, Mando posted a good article under the team news section. He made some good points

Goodnight all, you too Mando!

Mando, great article for the Sunday paper but not as good as eating some Hawaiian pizza and garlic/cheese bread at 3:30 am! Yum!

Having intimate knowledge of two quarterbacks in the draft and one in free agency doesn't mean Miami is going to end up with one of them.
Chances are good that Philbin and Ireland have already discussed Flynn and nobody knows what was the end result of that discussion. There is just as much of a chance that Philbin said it is too much of a risk to sign Flynn to a big contract because he isn't sure about him.
A discussion about Tannehill could have yielded the same results. Who knows if there has even been one? Tannehill is not "raw", he's "super raw". He hadn't played the quarterback position since his senior year in high school. He wasn't recruited out of high school and ended up at A & M. He only played a year and a half of college football. Had he burst onto the scene like Newton it would be a different story. His play over a season and a half has been nothing more than erratic and he requires a lot of work. Drafting him in the first round is a HUGE mistake because there is absolutely no value there.
I saved the best for last; RGIII. How does having intimate knowledge of this kid help Miami? Are you kidding me? Who needs intimate knowledge about RGIII to know what he could do for your team? If you need it you shouldn't be a GM. He's the most athletic quarterback in the draft in years, accurate, intelligent and has a good head on his shoulders. The only thing to decide is how much is too much. If you have a legitimate shot at him you have to take the shot but, if it's going to cost too much and set the team back in the long run, it may not be worth it.
But, that's just my opinion and that is why I don't make the big bucks like the ball boy does to make these decisions.

Armando the conspiracy theorist...I love it! Reality check for anyone reading this blog...the only thing the Dolphins should be doing right now is negotiating with St. Louis for the #2 pick...last time I checked he's still a Colt. I'd give 3 #1 picks for that pick without a second thought...after the combine RG3 and his hype would sell just as many tickets as manning would...with a couple of solid free agent pickups and smart 2nd and 3rd round picks the next couple of years the dolphins will be solid for years to come...just saying folks.

According to the ESPN announcers covering the Duke-UNC game Peyton, who was at the game, has been working out there for 6 weeks.
He has not been working out in Miami.
That was all a lie posted by Mando.

I ask again: are you on disability?
I mean dude how can you have nothing else to do with your life.

What mean Sugar-Nuts?

Does Sugarnuts mean nuts coated in sugar? If so what about wang?
Or is it a reference to honey roated almonds?

Why ruin Phuc's Sunday with this b ullshit? Huh?
Dopey reporter tell us that Peyton working out in Miami.
That lie.
On espn at game last night they say Peyton working out in NC for past 6 weeks, and then, they show Peyton at game.
Peyton not in Miami.
Peyton not working out in Miami.
Why dopey reporter lie to us? Again and again.
Why dopey reporter not elite, franchise reporter?
Why this blog mediocre at best?

I was vacationing from NJ and in Florida by the stadium.
I noticed chemtrails everywhere at about 2:00 PM until sunset.
Some of the chemtrails went straight up in the air ,then curved and did a loop.Ridiculous that anyone would think this a real flight pattern,unless the pilot was tripping on acid.
During the next hour I watched the chemplanes spraying white plumes that expanded,making crosses in the sky and acute and 60 degree angle chemtrail lines across the sky.

I dont know the purpose,but it is definitely happening and starting to scare the heck out of me.

Really, who knows if and when RG3 will be any good?

Armando, you dont know much about Peyton Manning do you?
I came all the way from NJ to Florida to try to get a glimpse of Peyton and apparently he was not even in Florida.
I think the toxic chemtrails being sprayed in Miami have completely fogged your brain.
I am flying back to NJ today,but first I am going to get more pics of the chemtrails in the sky here.
Today the whole sky is filled with toxic chemclouds and real eery looking.
Like something from a horror movie.

RG3 very good athlete.
Good NFL QB? Who know?
NFL QB's that are most exciting outside pocket spend lot of time on IR.

Miami wont draft a black quarterback.The last black quarterback was a Lemon.Paying white fans wont part with their money in the south to support a black quarterback.

Tim Knight,
Give up yo.
No one come Florida on vacation and waste time with Mando' blog.

Now I worried.
Now I scared.
If Miami franchise Henne in next 36 hours we have to swallow load of PriceMaster as apology.
Why we owe PriceMaster apology?
Why PriceMaster stronger than us?
I afraid PriceMaster hold me by ears and bruise my throat.

What if PriceMaster' wang so thick that Phuc can't breathe?
What if load more than 1 swallow?
What if Phuc start gagging and then choking?
What if PriceMaster get angry and turn Phuc over?
Phuc have good idea: lube up before PriceMaster come over just in case!

Phuc lubed up and ready for anything.
Phuc not have vaseline.
Phuc lube up with bacon grease.
Oh well this emergency.

Good thing Phuc save bacon grease in can under sink.

I blog 365/24.
It is my life.I blog at work,at home,even on the toilet.
I have not made love to my wife in over 5 years.I am fixing the Miami Dolphins from NJ every waking minute of my life,which is pretty freakin pathetic. lol

Hey Tim. lol
I'm up two.Blogging is my life two, when not running one of my 3 businesses or taking care of my 2 0r 3 houses which i own myself, just me by all alone myself i own them. YUP!
Today i work shoulders,shins and earlobes at the gym.
Did i tell you i own them myself, me by my own with my money, myself.
Anywhoo Tim all is good but no smelly fish for me. Males are the dominant ones for me.

p.s. Show me the chemtrail pictures in Miami when you get back.

^ too

I'm with you on this one Armando. It's buyer beware on Peyton Manning. Prior to any team investing $10 to $20 million on Peyton there should be a workout. I know Ross seems to be driving the Peyton Manning train but it could be a diversion. In the end I believe Ross will listen to the professionals he hired on this one. The most viable option for the Dolphins due to their many position needs is Flynn/Moore. Not Peyton due to his age and health questions which will not be resolved when a decision has to be made. The only way that Matt Flynn does not become a Dolphin is if GreenBay takes a big gamble and tags him. Ross inherited both Sparano and Henne. He made the right move on Sparano and Henne will not be back.

Manning has been cleared by 4 top neurosurgeons and his own daddy.Sing Manning.I have neurosurgeons at my gyms and they know their stuff.So sign Manning.

p.s. Brandon Marshall will never become a Miami Dolphin!and never make the Pro Bowl, he is a nut job and i am san!

^sign Manning

^ typo
^ i am sane


Could not agree more about Brandon Marshall. Simply put a Loose Cannon.

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