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Alleged video of Peyton Manning Friday workout

The video below of Peyton Manning throwing the football in a workout has hit the web and ESPN. It is sold as a video of Manning on Friday throwing at Duke University.

1. Manning has indeed been confirmed to be at Duke these past few days.

2. There is zero confirmation this is the Duke field or that the video is from yesterday, although ESPN ran with it as if it is legitimate.

3. The video was obviously taken without Manning's permission thus the poor and apparent undercover nature of it. It is only 27 seconds long. Can you say surreptitious?

4. If the video is legit, it shows Manning does have the ability to move fairly well.

5. If the video is legit, it shows Manning does have the ability to throw deeper patterns as one of his passes goes a good 50 yards.

6. Manning looks good but not great in the video. His drop is not quick. His spirals are all not tight.

7. The velocity on Manning's out throw is very good.

So that's a glimpse of what Manning is doing, assuming the video taken in secret is legitimate. That is a big assumption. I believe the grain of salt approach is best here.

Props to reader Michael Heck for passing the video along.


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just get griffin and build around him. this is so simple

We're 8. We're not in position to get RGIII, is my understanding. Can anyone say that's not so?

The next couple years no one is going to want our record to decline, fans want wins, is that not so?

We have to do something with the other veteran, Marshall, don't we? We have to get him an upgraded QB, right?

So really, first choice SHOULD be Manning. You can get him, plus draft picks, develop more guys, improve the team, and then maybe make a big move up another year, with another RGIII. In the meantime, you're also picking a young QB to develop, who you can trade away in the future for a draft pick, or if you're lucky, becomes your starter.

Working the draft from a position of strength, like NE does, is always better than working it from a position of desperation.

We are NO LONGER year one with Parcells, wondering if we should draft Matt Ryan. We're 8th, and there are a hord of quarterback-hungry teams picking ahead of us. Don't you think they want RGIII, too?

yes we are at 8, yes we can trade up and get griffin. offer the best package and hes ours

What is the best package, dusty? Tell me specifically what it will take to outbid other teams. I'll google too, while you answer that. Because the answer is where we have to start.

Chances are good that Philbin and Ireland have already discussed Flynn and nobody knows what was the end result of that discussion.

Posted by: Professor Lou | March 04, 2012 at 06:10 AM

Chances are good? Geez, chances? Its beyond impossible that they didn't discuss him. Chances are it was not a long debate but a very short discussion. Philbin knows in an instant the value he places on Flynn. We just don't know. For some reason many like to assume he is high on Flynn. He may have scratched the idea of Flynn in 2 seconds. We will know soon enough.

Brandon Marshall will never be in the ProBowl or score any touchdowns for the mimi Dolphins anymore!

typo^ meant Miami Dolphins

I tained Anthony Fasano.
He was at my gym,which i own and i own the staff too,they are my staff at my gym which i own. plus another gym and 3 or 4 houses,icannot remember right now.

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Anthony Fasano is from NJ and i am from NJ so i trained anthony fsano from NJ at my gym which i own by myself.YUP Tim!

Lou, Flynn is not franchised yet, there are likely waiting to see how expensive he is, I'm sure they've discussed it.

Dusty, after 1st google I got a phinfever writer who thinks it may take a number 1 pick in 2012, 2013, the number 2 pick in both years and a 4th to get RGIII. And mind you, you may still lose in that crapshoot because other people are bidding too. What happens if,

1. You lose the bidding war and Manning and Flynn are already signed?
2. RGIII is basically Michael Vick?

meant Anthony Fasano ^ above
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Another thing to consider with selling the farm on RGIII is, you're not getting Cam Newton. That guy's a monster, and he's 6-5. Even recent rookie successes like Matt Ryan at 6-4 and Joe Flacco at 6-6, are tall. I don't think Flacco is going to win any mensa awards, but I see his height and arm as a big advantage. I saw it when Ireland was scouting him, I thought we were getting Flacco early in the season. Then I realized we weren't.

RGIII may be just a better Michael Vick. In an era of bigger, taller guys, this guy is 6-2? You're kidding, right?

Mando, Couldnt agree more. But given Ross's M.O. for making the greatest fupas in the history of the Dolphins, I dont see Ross changing "spots" anytime soon. Im absolutly possitive Ross will sign the Old, injured QB over the young, uninjured QB weither its RG3, Matt Flynn, or drafting Tannehill. Ross just doesnt know what he's doing in the area of NFL football franchises, and I dont believe he has faith in Ireland or his scouts. Ross may be able to buy & sell propertys but when it comes to football operations, he dont know squat and thats putting it mildly.

Smart money takes the deals as they come. Manning is coming available first, so you go for him. If that doesn't pan out, you look at Flynn and RGIII. You try for Flynn, if not, you make a run at RGIII and if that doesn't work you stick with Matt Moore, who is not that bad, and stock draft picks, for a QB run in another year. After all is said and done, that's what the dolphins are likely doing, because that's what a smart GM would do. You can't say "no" to Manning and assume you're going to beat out other teams for RGIII. Assuming, of course, he'll be elite.


That's why you can't have Manning AND RGIII. We don't have enough money for the both of them.

Moving up in the draft for RGIII means your team is in RE-BUILD mode. You'd give up about half of this year's draft and part of next year's for an unproven rookie. Who may or may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread. And...could be burnt toast!

Mandi has another man-crush on a player. This is the same guy who told us that Brett Farve was coming to Miami to "Save the Franchise"! There's a reason he's a beat writer (that no one in the team's FO will talk to anymore) and not a GM/Coach in the NFL. He writes with an eye towards controversy. Has to. Because, the team won't give him any info. Because, they don't respect him. Because...oh well, you get the picture.

Our GM and coaches have the best inside-track on RGIII, Flynn, and Tannehill because of their associations. If they still grade-out Manning higher than those players, be sure that they have their reasons. And, Ross didn't hire them to be "yes" men. He hired them to give him a winning team. Do that or you won't have a job long. Ask Parcells and Sparano.

In reply to Dave Hyde: It is never the Stadium; it's the People that makes It.

I remember back at the OB, lots of Anglos, somewhat less of us Cubans, some Negroes. Parking was not enough and People used to pay up to $20.00 in important Games to park in front-lawns of houses. So, Mr. Hyde, if they put a good product on that Field, why should it be any different now?

When they call, "Play Ball"!, you will see the Fanaticism christening the place into what it is, a Park for the Love of Baseball.

We all know you are totally against the idea of bringing in Manning and you have an unhealthy man-crush on RGB. How are you able to tell that his drop back isn't quick; his spirals aren't tight; And his velocity isn't there;
all from a 20 second crappy quality cell phone video???? WOW you're F*****G amazing!

Who cares if it is legit or not. How can an NFL team place its future on a 36 year old quarterback who is 'damaged goods'? Why is such possibility even being considered and discussed so much? Are you kidding me?

Also rest assured, that in the near Future, Team Cuba, will either join the Major Leagues or come to play exhibitions here. The potentialities are immense and in a somewhat more distant Future, this extreme southern tip of SoFla will be called, Miabana.

Still not the ideal option for the Fins, but at least with Manning in the FA discussion its one more option we have, and other team desperate for a QB. If Flynn comes for not giving up anything except signing and paying the guy, he's the best option, IMO.

griffin best option, easily

Everyone is so high on Flynn, but shouldn't we wait until we see what the FO thinks? They may not even make a play for him, then how high will you all be on Flynn if his former coach doesn't even want him?

I'm on again!I have no life.My wife is divorcing me.

My boyfriend will be here shortly, I need the relief.

Simply put, Manning will make Ross money....even at 75% healthy. So Manning is the teams #1 goal, and you have to be naive not to realize that.

It's Manning- someone is obviously taking the video from the outside looking inbetween a fence. He looks good- I say sign peyton and let's have 3 years of a solid QB.

After Chad Henne and Pat White, does anyone trust Ireland to draft our next QB?

RG3 will sell more tickets than aging Manning no longer in his prime.

Mando states Manning's throws look good but not great. Interesting. Why, you pretentious douche, do you insist on declaring yourself a non-expert when it suits your posts, but here you have no problem first saying that you can't make much out of the video because of its quality, but you, a non-expert, can at least make out that the spirals aren't very tight. It's unfortunate that the porous Miami beat reporting has allowed you to keep your job.

RG3 will sell more tickets than aging Manning no longer in his prime.

Posted by: Reilly | March 04, 2012 at 12:42 PM



Most of us that are advocating signing Manning aren't saying don't draft a young guy as well. That would be the ideal situation. Sign Manning, have Moore as your insurance and draft a young kid for 2-3 years down the road. I really don't see what's wrong with that thinking. It's great to talk about RGIII but is it even feesable? To me, to add Manning, draft a guy like Ingram and perhaps draft a guy like Tannehill or Cousins would be a GREAT start to the offseason. Hard not to get excited about something like that.

no doubt, griffin would make ross wayyyyyyyyyyyy more money than broken down manning

craig m draft who? some garbage like tannehill. no thanks im tired of the mediocre qb. get a franchise guy in griffin

The RG3 argument is a joke. If we get him we kill this years and next years draft so who the hell are we going to put around him? Manning getting back to 100% isn't a sure thing, but neither is RG3. There are no sure things. But if you want to talk safe bets I don't see what's so safe about giving away this year and next year's firster rounders and a host of other picks. That would be stupid.

put around him? uh clay,bush,long,marshall,bess,hartline,fasano,pouncey any other questions


You don't sign Manning AND draft RGIII. Makes no sense. What you're proposing is to sit the kid on the bench and to use one of your words is, as you would put it 'garbage'.

You me and everybody else have NO idea what Tannehill might become 2-3 years down the road working with Sherman and learning from Manning.I don't get this idea that a 22 year old guys who's played 20 College games at QB is already dubbed to be 'garbage'. You must know something everybody else doesn't know because there are MANY of the so-called experts who like this kid. He's worth the risk.


To use your terminology, Hartline, Bess and Fasano are 'garbage'. Not good enough....time to start upgrading some of these guys and you don't do that but trading the farm for RGIII....sorry.

i know craig, u dont ever sign manning. u pick up griffin and relax the qb issue for next 10-15 years

and now your making up stuff craig. never once came close to calling bess garbage. he can be very good with a real qb. hartline and fasano are garbage but its what we have right now.

so tired of the go by book and keep picks and draft more garbage. for once trade up and take a franchise qb. its so simple actually. the way u want craig hasnt worked for last 13 years

Why spend Mr. Ross money on Payton? Because that is what the owner wants, he is the only person who can tell Jeff what to do, who to draft, etc. Bill


That's such 'bunk' it's not even funny. Listen I like RGIII and I think he'll be successful in the NFL, but let's deal in realism here. There's not a QB in the NFL you can guarantee will successful in the NFL for the next 10-15 years. Not even Luck. We all think these guys will have success in the NFL but what about injuries, what about failure, what about free agency. The reality is, guys like Manning who stay with one team as long as he has are the minority, no the rule. I'm sure everyone said the same about Vick when he came out and it didn't last. And don't tell me that RGIII is so much better than Vick when he came out....that's just 'garbage' too. Vick was the top pick coming out and was thought to be the face of the franchise for over a decade. Things happen....


I'm calling Bess garbage. He's fine as a slot receiver but let's not make him out to be something he's not. He's not a number two receiver and isn't a game changer. I don't care who's playing QB.

You guys sound stupid.
You guys sound like dopey reporter.
NFL rules require that we have 53 on roster.
We have 7 FA's.
We have 6 draft picks.
Do math.
Put down pipe.
Good FA's not come here. Good FA's go to good teams.
Acorns come here. Acorns not even back-up on other team come here and start on day 1.
Last season 6 acorns start.
Acorn belong on end of wang not in starting lineup.


What hasn't worked over the last 13 years is inept drafting and giving picks away. Love Ricky Williams but how many more games did they win with him in the lineup? Two first round picks there. Love Brnadon Marshall but how many more wins did they have with him in the lineup? Two second round picks right there. Then there were picks given up for A J Feely, Culpepper, Lamarr Gordon, Trent Green, and Tyler Thigpen. Don't remember too many of those working out. And I haven't even talked about failed draft choices such as Eddie Moore, Yatil Green, Jon Avery, Fletcher, Pat White, Jason Allen, John Beck and Chad Henne. Do I need to go on?

So it has nothing to do with not gambling on tradeups and EVERYTHING to do with failed decisions. Argue that if you want but that's reality bud.

Anyways, I'm out guys....

Have a good Sunday.

And don't tell me that RGIII is so much better than Vick when he came out....that's just 'garbage' too.

Posted by: Craig M | March 04, 2012 at 01:22 PM

Not garbage. RG3 throws the ball so much better than Vick its no comparison.

Some of you will compare any black QB that runs to Vick. It's senseless. RG3 and Vick are totally different players and different people. Miles apart.


Vick was the first pick coming out for a reason. All the stuff they are saying about RGIII now they said about Vick when he came out. I'm not going to debate who throws the ball better....it's pointless. I'm just saying there was the exact same buzz about Vick. My point with dusty is, this notion that you can say ANY QB in this era is a guarantee for the next 10-15 years is ridiculous or in his words 'garbage'.


I don't think you can ACTUALLY read. Don't twist what I said. Actually take the time to read what I said. It has NOTHING to do with race. Give your head a shake. It's this notion that any QB is a guarantee for 10-15 years. I simply used Vick as a comparison. Where in those comments did I say anything about a black QB that can run?

ricky was a rb. we havent had a real qb in 13 years, thats the whole reason why we have no shot every year

You compared RG3 to Vick. Not me. And just because there was buzz about both of them means nothing. Nobody was ever saying how great Vick throws the ball.

It's funny nobody compares RG3 to any white QB. Subconscious racism.

then why u talking about vick, vick was a runner, griffin is a passer. griffin is an academic all american, vick was an academic all thug. nothing at all about these 2 is the same

just get griffin and build around him. this is so simple

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 04, 2012 at 08:32 AM

This comes from a simple minded person.

I say its nothing but a bunch of chicken sht fans. Now that a real QB is within reach, they don't want to spend, they want to go bargain basement again.

I guess most fin fans shop at Target.

exactly mik, keep overthinking yourself like always


You're actually a f*cking idiot! If you knew me you'd know I don't have a racist bone in my body. You should be a little more careful before you start calling people racists.

For Reilly (and you too, dusty), there was the same type of sentiments about Couch, Carr, Russell (oops, don't mention a black QB), Leaf or any of these other top-rated QBs who was drafted highly. The notion that you are all set at QB for the next 10-15 years by takig a QB high is BS. Manning's the exception and his time is up after 12 years.

If you guys are trying to make this about race, then I'm wasting my time even talking to you.

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