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Alleged video of Peyton Manning Friday workout

The video below of Peyton Manning throwing the football in a workout has hit the web and ESPN. It is sold as a video of Manning on Friday throwing at Duke University.

1. Manning has indeed been confirmed to be at Duke these past few days.

2. There is zero confirmation this is the Duke field or that the video is from yesterday, although ESPN ran with it as if it is legitimate.

3. The video was obviously taken without Manning's permission thus the poor and apparent undercover nature of it. It is only 27 seconds long. Can you say surreptitious?

4. If the video is legit, it shows Manning does have the ability to move fairly well.

5. If the video is legit, it shows Manning does have the ability to throw deeper patterns as one of his passes goes a good 50 yards.

6. Manning looks good but not great in the video. His drop is not quick. His spirals are all not tight.

7. The velocity on Manning's out throw is very good.

So that's a glimpse of what Manning is doing, assuming the video taken in secret is legitimate. That is a big assumption. I believe the grain of salt approach is best here.

Props to reader Michael Heck for passing the video along.


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Peyton was courtside at Duke-UNC game last night.
Everyone in America saw him.
Except Mando.

amsmith compares Manning to Culpepper. I see now how this blog stays alive. Wow.

lol just go get griffin and we can start to win again. get manning and this franchise will be all but dead

All lubed up with bacon grease I save in can under sink.
Now I ready for whatever PriceMaster do to me.

all i have to say

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 04, 2012 at 02:04 PM

I thought you were done at 2:04PM.

Your simple opinionated posts are worthless.

Pat White will be franchised!!!!

I have no life.

lol price

Fake PriceMaster at 6:38.
It's probably kris.
That's alright because kris gets the biggest load to swallow, I had already deacided that 3 weeks ago.
Get ready to kneel down kris and say ahhhh

Mark Sanchez asked Chad Pennington to help him learn the new offense. Pennington told him not to worry because the quarterback position isn't an important part of a Tony Sparano offense.

Lou, I said the same thing yesterday and was berrated by a jet troll.Beware.LOL

I guess I missed that. If Sanchez thinks he had a tough time with Shotty's boy he's going to be looking to go into the booth after this year.

I Hope NYJ Have a bad kicker.

pat white will be franchised as henne .

Ben Volin, from the PBP, said he won , $1,028,000, today, I guess from betting on Golf. Spend it nicely, Ben, and quickly.

I wish we had Sparano AND Nolan back.

henne will be franchised .

pat whute will be franchised

Henne will be cut., Just like countless meaningless #2 Dolphin picks.

But, I thought Henne had been released,

Craig M makes the argument that because some teams have traded up and it didn't work out, that means teams should not trade up because it won't work out.

Kris makes the argument that if Jeff '8 and 8' Fisher doesn't want RG3, why would anyone else?(Maybe its because everyone else doesn't already have young up and coming #1 overall QB like Fisher has in Bradford?)

Both very feeble arguments. One has to consider each situation independently.

Until proven otherwise, the true status of Mannings rehab is unknown. I would be hesitant to throw my chips down for an aging injured QB who as of now is still not game ready for the next season.

cant cut henne, hes already a free agent. will sign with jets soon, that will be awesome. jets will be awful

Well, the truth of the matter is that you don't anything of what's going on, Reilly, and Ireland does.

Man, Henne And Sporono on the jets.Yeah baby.

Maybe the Jets can add Dan Henning in some capacity.

Really, those are the 2 personages that I wanted to get away from down here. What are the Jets doing!

Oscar, I got a feeling Ireland is clueless, Though it's just my feeling.

jets are done, rex ryan will be fired after season

Oscar, I got a feeling Ireland is clueless, Though it's just my feeling.

Posted by: FP4FGs | March 04, 2012 at 08:03 PM

This is coming from a guy who thinks Pennington is clueless and a laughable QB coach.

jets are done, rex ryan will be fired after season

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 04, 2012 at 08:03 PM

Please provide proof.

I will be glad when Manning Signs so we can focus on the rest of the mess that needs fixed.

Anyone who wouldn't want Manning at 80 percent just does not understand what makes him great. And that is he disects the D before the play gets off. You dont get that with any of the other candidates.

How many deep balls do we normally throw a year anyway??? RGIII is another Vince Young and that isn't all bad, but QB's are supposed to throw the ball not run.

Anyone who would pick Flynn over Manning even at 80 percent is the same person who looks at Henne and says he is a leader.

We need to start talking about how we are going to keep the D up to par. I am not so sure the big mistake this year will not be letting Nolan Bolt.

You might be wise to use free agency to fix the line with proven talent and use the draft for the D this year.

Go Dolphins!!

This is coming from a guy who thinks Pennington is clueless and a laughable QB coach.
Posted by: Not a dildo like fp4 | March 04, 2012 at 08:04 PM

Repost where I said that troll.

I don't want Manning at 80 percent. The line between the greats and the averages players is much finer than you think. Manning at 80 percent is an average QB.

Let's not forget, Manning at 100 percent supported by a great defense only won the title once in over a decade.

I'd be good with Manning at 97 percent and above.

u da man shula

I don't know yet, FP4. I guess we have to see one more FA and draft from him. If it works, he's a stayer. If it doesn't, he is probably gone. That's the Life of GM's.


Still waiting for your list of trades that panned out for teams trading up. I'll betcha it's a short one. Until I see it, I'll consider your argument to be 'feeble'. NONE of the top teams out there have build their franchises based on some lucky trade up. Good teams are built by consistently hitting on your draft picks and beig prudent in FA. Think Pitt and GB.

amsmith965, big difference between Manning and Culpepper....you don't have to trade a second round pick for Manning.

Manning won a SB with NO defense. Check your stats Reilly before you spew your nonsense.

oscar he wont be gone, hes already the joke of the league and ross wont fire him for anything

Looks like the Rams are going to loose DC Williams for a long time. NFL even talking about suspending Saints HC Sean Payton and GM Mickey Loomis. Really makes me happy that Fisher did not take the Miami because Williams was tagged as his DC all the way. How much negative PR are the Rams getting right now!

Even better is that the Redskins and Bills are up for fines, suspensions and lost draft picks. Imagine if the Redskins loose draft picks this year? What would they trade to the Rams for RG3?

In a twist of Irony, the Rams will loose their DC and potentially the one suitor willing to overpay to trade up with them for RG3!

This could get very INTERESTING!

lol hilarious craig, uh heres one for u, the giants eli manning. unreal dude ur better than that


That's one....brilliant!.....THAT's your argument?

biggest thing most are missing here is that sources as of 2 days ago said he wants to remain with colts if possible and kc will be his next choice. has done all the homework and saw kc had very good skill guys and a solid young defense in a very weak div. heck they are already talking like manning is on the team here in kc. i sure he he does go to kc and not miami. griffin is the answer


Really, you want me to do your homework for you? Your argument is beyond ridiculous if you are saying because SOME teams traded up and failed therefore trading up is doomed to be a failure. How can any logical person be so narrow minded.

I won't spend my time doing YOUR homework, but off the top of my head the Ravens traded up for Flacco and he has taken them to the playoffs several times. So I guess that is a failure in your book.

Craig cites a few trade up scenarios that didn't work out, and from there determines that all trade ups are doomed to be failures. That is some seriously defeatist and pessimistic logic.

Lets not take a chance on a possible super star franchise QB, but lets take a chance on an aging injured vet with only 2 or 3 years left?

Sorry folks, I'm out on that one until Peyton PROVES he is back in form. This 80 percent talk is nonsense.

Peyton at 100 percent on a fine team won once. Peyton at 80 percent and recuperating from multiple surgeries is not so likely to win another.

If you want Peyton at 80 percent, just sign Marino.


I don't believe the Ravens traded up for Flacco. I believe they took him right where they were situated in the draft. You might want to check that one. REALLY?....that's your argument? You're saying the Ravens go to the playoffs every year BECAUSE of Flacco. I think it's got a lot more to do with their defence and their run defence and they get there IN SPITE of Flacco.

Honestly bud, it's a VERY weak argument. I think you need to let it go before you embarass yourself. I ask you to come up with examples and you come up with Joe Flacco.....hilarious! He's barely a top 12 QB.

i said that also reilly,lol just sign marino back, same as manning


Make certain you don't jump on the Manning bandwagon when things are going well next year. You've stated your case against acquiring him. And how do you know he's 80 per cent anyways? Are you the guy who shot the video? You're talking about something you know NOTHING about so don't start shooting out percentages to us like you know what you're talking about.

At his age, I don't see Peyton ever back to 90 percent. Peyton is a competitor against his own bests interests. He wanted to get in late last season for the redzone offense because he could only throw 20 yards. Not even recuperated and he still wanted to go out and risk his health. Fine. Doesn't mean its smart.

We much not confuse Peytons past with his futures, which looks to be a dimming bulb.



Where are you reading that the 'Skins will be forfeiting picks? I've read nothing on that. Bounties have been going on for years in the NFL. I highly doubt that the NFL will be going back many years to take draft picks away from teams that Greg Williams coached and if they ever did I doubt it would be anything significant. New Orleans on the other hand....could be significant.


In Canada, using the Queen's English, which has been around a lot longer than anything you use in the States, its 'defence'.

How's that for a buffet of knowledge?


Before ridiculing my response, why don't you go check the facts and not make yourself look so dumb. So now a qb that makes the playoffs is laughable and instead of crediting him you give it to the rest of the team. So you will just say that about any trade up that was successful.

An open mind you do not have. I gave you an example and you made excuses.

Craig, listen to yourself. What you are saying is beyond absurd. You are suggesting because some trade ups have failed they all will fail. Nobody but you can possibly accept that logic.



You need a course in reading and comprehension. Try to consider what I am saying and not what your imagination is running with.

I have no idea where Peyton is at and never implied that. Never. I was responding to those that say Peyton at 80 percent is good enough.

See if you can pay attention instead of making false accusations.

You are feeble dude, really.

Oh Snap, Aloco pointing out Spelling Mistakes.

Looks like a fake aloco at 8:34.


Again YOU are saying that....I never said anything of the kind. I'm saying there's a line where I would draw for RGIII. Apparently you don't have a line...I'm sure Jeff Fisher wishes you were the GM in Miami. And I've NEVER heard anyone say that Joe Flacco is the REASON the Ravens make the playoffs. He's not consistently in the Pro Bowl and he's not regarded as one of the best QBs in the league by those in the know. Lastly, he's not a trade up and if he were, he's NOTHING like what we're talking it's going to take to get RGIII. Your argument is very feeble.

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