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Alleged video of Peyton Manning Friday workout

The video below of Peyton Manning throwing the football in a workout has hit the web and ESPN. It is sold as a video of Manning on Friday throwing at Duke University.

1. Manning has indeed been confirmed to be at Duke these past few days.

2. There is zero confirmation this is the Duke field or that the video is from yesterday, although ESPN ran with it as if it is legitimate.

3. The video was obviously taken without Manning's permission thus the poor and apparent undercover nature of it. It is only 27 seconds long. Can you say surreptitious?

4. If the video is legit, it shows Manning does have the ability to move fairly well.

5. If the video is legit, it shows Manning does have the ability to throw deeper patterns as one of his passes goes a good 50 yards.

6. Manning looks good but not great in the video. His drop is not quick. His spirals are all not tight.

7. The velocity on Manning's out throw is very good.

So that's a glimpse of what Manning is doing, assuming the video taken in secret is legitimate. That is a big assumption. I believe the grain of salt approach is best here.

Props to reader Michael Heck for passing the video along.


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(( BUFFET OF DONKEYS ))........

Aloco and others, Manning will be the most ready QB for the Dolphins to compete for a playoff spot if he's healthy, RG3 will have to go through a rookie learing curve, but will be a long term soloutuion.

According to the Mayas the earth will be destroyed this this year, so get Manning and enjoy winning some games before we all turn into dust.

Mark, that is a really shortsighted view. This team need stability. They need to compete now but build for the next 12-15 years. In 2, maybe 3 years Manning will be on the couch. What happens to the team then? Same as the last 10 years, mediocrity. They need to acquire either Flynn or draft a young QB. Manning is not the answer. You say they will be no worse off than they are today, but who wants that, we've done it for the last years. This team needs a good sound draft philosophy, a good commonsense philosophy in free agency and a foundation for the next 10 to 15 years. Manning doesn't give you that at all, he gives you one, maybe two years, at the most. Even those years will most likely not end with a Super Bowl, so what's the point?

Texas, I'm not worried about what mock drafts say. How many mocks had us taking Misi in Rd. 2 that year? I think Ireland has a plan this year, it involves a QB, and the Owner and Coaches are on-board. Just don't know who that QB is (though my hunch would be it's Manning).

You guys worried about what happens 4 years from now, worry about the present. Manning if healthy can play at least 2 or 3 seasons, just make sure you have a young QB behind him ready to take over the reigns once he's finished.

"Aloco" would you quit it already with the act. Get a life please.

This will be the week we could possibly find out what may happen at QB.

I just found that interesting that this is what most site so called experts think about Ireland. Over 50% of the sites are saying OL.

jr, I agree with Mark and Clue on this one. I'd rather go after a long-term solution too (like RG3). There's just a very strong chance we don't get him.

Actually, my suggestion is to get Manning (if that's what they want to do) AND get a QB to develop in the Draft (i.e. Tannehill). That way they can hopefully win now AND have a fallback position if Manning doesn't work out or is done in a couple of years (by then they should know if Tannehill, or whatever QB they get, is worth continuing to develop).

But you don't just pass on a HOF QB if the only time you've gone to the Playoffs in a decade was with a pretty good FA QB. Pennington gave Sparano a boost and I'm betting that's what Philbin is hoping from Manning. That at least gives Philbin some time to form the team he wants, and then he can take the ball and run with it when Manning departs.

For a team that hasn't settled their QB question in almost a decade and a half, this a pretty good temporary option (MUCH BETTER than Henne/Moore).


If Ryan and Flacco and Sanchez took their teams to the playoffs in their rookie years, so can RG3. Learning curves are history with top picks.

They could be thinking we're getting Manning, and will want to protect him, and since this year's Draft is stocked with linemen, Ireland will go that route.

There's a chance they're right on that one.

Is there a reason why people who are against Manning think we won't be able to draft or sign another qb after signing Manning? Whats with all of the we're screwed for another decade nonsense? What if the Dolphins draft a Tannehill type to groom behind Manning for a couple of years? What about the draft next year? What about signing another qb from a team when Peyton is done? Talk about short sighted. "If we sign Peyton we will be mediocre for another ten years" Puhhhhlease either stop listening to your queen mother Armando or put the crystal ball away, neither are working.

Speaking on behalf of the donkey brigade or buffet of donkeys ... personally I think being called a donkey can be a compliment. Its a very hard working and industrious animal.

Anywhooo, personally I prefer getting rg3 too. But don't think it will be all sunshine and farts if rg3 comes here. Initially there will he a rookie salary curve as DC said, then you will suffer the consequences of giving up so many picks to make the trade and there will be very little talent infusion for a couple of years. Then maybe after year five or so you will be in the position of accumulating enough talent to surround the guy to be a true contender. So if he's blessed to he healthy in five years and productive, then you will be able to be in a good position. So there is significant risk with making that trade, more than signing peyton in my opinion.

Doubt me? Look what happened to the giants after making the Eli trade. They were horrible for a few years for suffering the consequences of a rookie qb and then losing picks. And we are talking about giving up more than the giants did for Eli. And also keep in mind that things could not have gone any better for the giants for making that trade. It truly was a best case scenario and still things were hairy for a while and many fans wanted to kill the guy. If he wasn't as mentally strong as he was, it would have never worked.

Think about that for a while.


The other thing that pisses me off is the notion that by drafting RGIII, 'we'll be set for the next 10-15 years'. Listen, I like the kid and I think he'll be a good QB in the NFL but there are NO guarantees that any QB stays in the same place for 10-15 years any more. Peyton's the exception and he's done after 12. I believe under the new CBa players can be UFA's after 4 years (maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's 5). Regardless, under the new CBA rookie deals are MUCH smaller than they used to be and I think we'll see more and more guys trying to strike it rich when their rookie deals are up. That's their chance to cash in. So this 'we'll be set for the next 10-15 years' nonsense needs to stop. Today's NFL doesn't work that way. And I haven't even factored in injuries or poor play or off-field problems. Guys through this '10-15 years ' around like it's etched in stone and it's not...it's total BS.


(( BUFFET OF DONKEYS ))..........

I don't get whay guys are scared of adding Manning. I keep hearing 'he's 36'. Who cares! Are you telling me if Brady was available you wouldn't be interested?....he's 34! Manning is one of the smartest, most prepared QB to ever play this game. Go back to the season before he got hurt, just a short season ago. He still had it before the surgeries. So we sign this guy and it doesn't work out.....big deal! I would have to think the cap ramifications would be minimal. The rest of you are suggesting we pass on Manning and Flynn while they are available as FA's and putting all your eggs in one basket trading multiple picks for RGIII. I don't get that. Who has the leverage in a situation like that St. Louis or Miami? The team that NEEDS to draft a young kid or the team that knows you need to draft a young kid. Roll the dice on Manning AND draft a young kid....just don't spend multiple picks trading for him.

all of you wanting to go all out for RGiii will be te first ones to blame Ireland when he flops or get hurt happens to Scrambling QBS, and we have no first or second rds picks next year and no cap money, COME ON THINK FOOTBALL NOT so called sport analisiers.

Dustybottoms not everyone agrees with you mostly because you appear to be as dumb as a rock when it comes to football your probiley a fantasy player and a b ball fan witch does not transfer to pro nfl. I normslly dont reply to this bog but its a slow day and your rambling are dumber then the norm do everyone a favor if you have a thought of your own state it and move on or just go away you sad little man.

Watch the foot work....It's NOT even Archie!

I went to Duke. I can confirm's that's Wallace Wade stadium on campus in the video.

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