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Philbin address to alumni shows attempt to balance building through the draft and Peyton Manning chase

As the Dolphins and other NFL teams chase Peyton Manning they recognize adding a potentially great player who is nearly 36-years old could improve the team dramatically, yes, but also could add to the roster a player fully formed by another team's culture, one who already established his philosophies and techniques while working elsewhere.

That can be a dilemma for some teams. It is apparently something of a dilemma for Dolphins coach Joe Philbin. You see, Philbin formed his philosophy on team-building with the Green Bay Packers in recent years and the Green Bay way is to build almost exclusively through the draft.

The Packers have not signed a free agent in two offseasons and Philbin believes, at least in part, that's the right way to do it. Yet, his team is chasing Manning, arguably the biggest NFL free agent in years.

Philbin addressed that dilemma on Wednesday evening when he met with an invited group of Dolphins alumni. The Dolphins invited their former players to the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB) and had Philbin and his staff meet and greet with them.

"I was extremely impressed," defensive end Jeff Cross said this morning on my radio show, Armando and Perkins. "I had the opportunity to ask [Philbin] what about the draft stuck out for him, if anything. And he went on to say, I'm trying to summerize, he pointed out that in his entire time in Green Bay on offense, no single free agent wound up ever being a starter for them.

"So they are big advocates of drafting players and developing them. He actually said that good healthy players, the chances of good players being healthy and being allowed to become free agents is very minimal in the National Football League."

Former free safety Louis Oliver was also at the event and got the same message from Philbin.

"He was talking about his vision and his vision is he wants to build players from within, you know, draft and cultivate our own players as opposed to bringing in players from the outside," said Oliver, who immediately recognized the irony because of the Manning chase.

"But I think a guy like Peyton Manning puts you in such a dilemma because of what he can do and what he can bring to your team and organization. We're stuck right now with the question of building from the ground up or bringing people in and plugging them in right away because you know what you're getting."

Regardless of whether Philbin likes or dislikes the idea of filling his quarterback need with a free agent rather than a draft pick, he is clearly accepting of the fact the Manning chase is going to be the way the club will initially try to address the quarterback position.

"He finished his little talk with us with a little Q&A," Cross said. "And before anyone asked the first question, he jokingly addressed the Peyton Manning issue. He said there's going to be a Peyton Manning fund you guys can contribute to on the way out the door. So yeah, there seems to be a little disconnect between that and his personal philosophy on free agency."

Obviously, the Manning derby is the one everyone is focused upon now. But Philbin's stated philosophy seems more at odds with the idea of adding potential free agents that have been tied to Manning.

Yes, the Dolphins seem comfortable with Manning because he's a signature addition. But would their desire to add through the draft affect a decision on signing Reggie Wayne? Or Jeff Saturday? Those guys are considered Manning security blankets.

Do they fall in under the Manning umbrella or does the team's desire to add talent primarily through the draft excluse those aging veterans?

Cross said Philbin also shared with the alumni his view of Miami's personnel needs going forward.

"He feels the offensive line certainly has to be be better," Cross said. "He went on to say the pass-rush has to be better. And if we're going to beat New England, we have to have defensive backs that can cover their receivers. I thought that was extremely insightful as to where things might be headed in the next couple of months."

The Dolphins, by the way, have been very active lately getting both Philbin and general manager Jeff Ireland in the community and interacting with not only their alumni but fans. Ireland, for example, held a conference call with season ticket holders earlier this week.

Tonight, both will be at Sun Life Stadium as guest auctioneers in the "Ultimate Sports Auction," an event that will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Cross and nearly a dozen other sports celebrities will be at the event. Philbin has also visited local newspapers and spoken to various business groups.

At no time, however, was he quite so transparent as how he was with the former Dolphins players.


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The Rams can say no. The Fins can at least make a valiant effort. I just don't see Peyton being a shell of his old self. I don't see Flynn or Tannehill as serious options, I see them as more acorns.

I think our own Moore will be more effective in 2012 than Peyton, Flynn or Tannehill. Why waste time with any of them?

Peyton at 100 percent we will never see again. So lets not confuse which Peyton we are talking about.

I hear what you are saying. I am partial to the idea of having a 6'6 QB ala Joe Flacco and well not many people thought he was very good and some people still hate on Flacco but I'd take a Flacco. Personally I don't like the high mid round QBs. There is a lot of talent in this draft especially on the defensive side of the ball and I think it is being a little over looked with all of the offensive emphasis. I think the "groom a QB" tactic can work if you have an established system and one that will be in place for many, many years to come as a lot of these type QBs are system players.

I see your point Q

And don't get me wrong, my first choice out of all of them would be RGIII......I've just been moving forward with the feeling that we are just too far back to try to trade up.

Especially with Cleveland sitting at #4

There are obvious exceptions to that rule but its' a goodin'

Did you see Peyton? Does he look old to you? The man has had professional trainers and dieticians his entire life, and 36 is the new 26, especially for a guy like him. He's got 5 solid years left. In one of those years, he will lead the Fins to a Super Bowl victory, thereby tying his inferior brother's win total, which is is ***clearly*** going to be on a mission to do. Next time, before you form an opinion, please try to pay attention.

Brandon Weeden if no Manning!

Mark in Toronto is a *tool*.

How can the Dolphins address the QB position through the draft and not through free agency? We're not giving up the farm to the Rams? Tannehill isn't the immediate answer. Without free agents theres no Manning OR Flynn. The Pack had Rodgers in place the last 2 seasons so it's easy to say they didn't use the FA system to get a QB. Miami's in a different situation. Maybe 3-4 players away from contending. How much better would Manning make the offense? Or one brick wall on the right side of the o-line? And one bonafied pass rusher to comp Wake? And a hard hitting DB to add to the young talent we have? I say do what it takes to sign Manning. and hope Tannehll is there in the 2nd rd and Peyton can groom him for 2 seasons.

Thavafin must not have seen Marino, who, in his last 5 years, threw 75% of all of his passes to FB Tony Paige.

i like D too. i think if we get peyton then we use 8 and every other pick except rd2 to get DE/OLB types that are built like jt,tuck, & pierre-paul.in todays pass happy NFL the G-men showed you how to win. with the 2nd rounder we take that QB of the future.james in vegas suggested trading the 8 and aquiring more picks.i like that too.

Next time, before you form an opinion, please try to pay attention.

Posted by: John the Revelator | March 08, 2012 at 02:04 PM

Who needs to pay attention? Me or you? You say what great shape he is in yet he is still not in game shape by his own admission.

Stats speak louder than opinions. Mannings stats have gone down every single year since 2004. He was in decline before the injuries. Never has a player his age had to recover from 4 neck surgeries and nerve regeneration issues. Will he? That is a bigger gamble than any other option on the table. Will he be as good as before? It defies logic.

You need to face it that the Dolphins have made Manning their #1 choice. Report is that Ireland and Gaines left the beginning of Miami pro day in a hurry. If the Dolphins sign Manning, you can either support your team or pull for the Jets. They Sparano now and a young QB that they traded up to get. Let me know how the year fist pumps go.

It is a proven fact that reading this blog makes one stupider, because of the extreme doses of stupidity that ooze from the computer like putrid mucus.

Armando, obviously Ross is driving the push for Manning. Moreover if Peyton Manning does happen in Miami, the number eight pick in the draft for the Dolphins will be a right tackle. Philbin does have a clear understanding of who is paying him. Ross put up with the dinosaur regime and obviously after spending a lot of money he wants to make a decision that he thinks is correct. It's his money and he was not incorrect going after HC Harbaugh and getting rid of dinosaur Sparano.


oscar, Caleb Haine is that scrub who back up Grossman on the Bears.

You need to face it that the Dolphins have made Manning their #1 choice. Report is that Ireland and Gaines left the beginning of Miami pro day in a hurry. If the Dolphins sign Manning, you can either support your team or pull for the Jets.

Posted by: dolphin fan in georgia | March 08, 2012 at 02:17 PM

You have issues dude. I can state my opinion freely, I don't need you to tell me what I need to face or become a jet supporter. You have a very narrow mind.

You can believe everything you read in the press. Fine with me. Try reading everything. The fins are after Manning only if he passes their physical requirements. Let's see how he does before jumping to conclusions. What we don't know, we don't know. What we do know, Peyton himself says he is not yet game ready.

Stats speak louder than opinions. Mannings stats have gone down every single year since 2004. He was in decline before the injuries. Never has a player his age had to recover from 4 neck surgeries and nerve regeneration issues. Will he? That is a bigger gamble than any other option on the table. Will he be as good as before? It defies logic.

Posted by: Quilombo | March 08, 2012 at 02:17 PM

What are you smoking?

His stats have not gone down, as a matter of fact, he had career high in yardage and was his second best year for TD's. His interception percentage was under his career average. His 66.3% completion percentage is above his career average.

You are putting too much faith into that SI article. The facts don't back up the supposed decline.

These fans think criticizing your team means you are not a supporter. Their idea is praise and accept everything they do or you are not a true fan. They are totally unaware of the genesis of the first amendment.


You have to agree that I respectfully disagreed with you and it turned into a good debate :)

Ohio, I do agree.

I forgot to mention. His 293.8 YPG was also a career high!

Ohio, I just forgot to call you a jet fan. Maybe next time.

I'm tired of every move the Dolphins try to make, the so called fans complain without seeing what happens. You are correct that the Dolphins have not signed or will sign Manning. But if he is signed and passes his physical then I will support the dolphins and will not complain about getting one of the QB's to ever play the game. Go Dolphins!

If Manning plays like Manning, I won't complain either :)

I am saying, in a nutshell, I will have to see it to believe it. If he doesn't play well, I bet Philbin will get the blame, they will say he didn't know how to adjust to Manning.

It doesn't matter who is QB. If the Dolphins lose, Plilbin will get the blaim.

Q, it is early March. The season begins in late August. We are in what is known as the "offseason."

Gee whiz

People complained about Pennington too. I have faith Manning at 75% will be as successful as Pennington was as well. What I'm worried about is our defense losing key players. The dolphins really need a game manager although a franchise QB preferable they win regardless becuz the D has been great... If they get Manning I hope they are able to restructure some contracts in order to be able to resign guys like Langford and Bell. Then we'd have a very real shot at being contenders next year.

Thanks John, for some reason I thought the season started yesterday.

The Miami Dolphin Way (The 10 Tenants). BTW, I’m not laying this all on Ross and Ireland…they’re just the latest and greatest in a long list of FAIL.

1.) Never, ever, ever spend more than a 2nd round pick on a QB....ever! It’s just too risky.

2.) In the first round, always...and I mean always take the best OL available. If you have to, you can go DL, but ultimately, our long term approach is to have five 1st round picks starting on the OL.

3.) If you lack a 2nd round pick and a QB who was a projected 1st rounder falls to the 2nd, by all means move up in the draft and take a running back, as it is the “safer” pick.

4.) Make sure you draft at least one player every year that makes everyone, including the draftnicks say WTF! This also needs to be at least a top three pick. Just call it an acorn, and all is good.

5.) QB isn't really a high priority, which irritates some from time to time. You'll need to bring in a guy every couple years or so to “compete” for the starting job. He doesn’t really have to be a franchise Caliber guy….just good enough to make it appear that we made a reasonable effort to bring in competition for the position.

6.) Some people say that you build through the draft…..humbug….that’s not the Dolphin way. Build your O-line yes….and then fill out a few other positions with later round picks. It is imperative that we start a certain number of these picks regardless of whether they can perform or not…it make it appear that we had a great draft. From there, the roster should be filled out with FA acorns and castoffs from other teams.

7.) Every so often, it is vital that we make a big splash at the QB position. Now, I’m not talking about violating tenant #1….I’m talking about bringing in a Daunte Culpepper, Trent Green, Chad Pennington and now….the great Peyton Manning. This gets everyone excited and buys us a couple of years while we hunt down our next 2nd or 3rd round QB prospect of the future. At minimum, the first year is good for revenues, so bonuses all around.

8.) If a QB of the type named in #7 isn’t available, it is acceptable to bring in a QB with a limited resume but has had 2-3 good games. If we pay them like a franchise QB, maybe they will become one…..or at least, it may appear to the fans that we are trying.

9.) Winning is overrated. Now don’t get me wrong….we want to win….but just enough to tease the fan base. It’s best to start off slow and then finish strong as this gives the fan base something to hope for next season. If we win too much, expectations are just too high and that’s too much work….if we don’t win enough, the fans want everyone fired….so keep it at a happy medium.

10.) It’s clearly best to turn over coaching regimes every 3-4 years.

Wolfman your list= FAIL

I really cannot understand why some of you folks are holding on to the "Pipe Dream" concerning the Dolphins Drafting RG3.
Even WITHOUT adjusting or inflating the points, it would cost us 2,600 points to draft RG3. And St Louis will likely inflate that price by 20% or even 25%. (Think supply and demand) inflating that price to as high as 3,500 points to buy the #2 overall pick.
Our #8 pick is worth 1,400 points. That leaves us shy 1,100 points. So, add our second rounder. Okay, we pick at #42 in the second round, that pick is worth 480 points. So we now have a 1st and a 2nd invested and only have 1,880 (1,400 + 480 =1,880).

Now we have a 1st and a second invested and we are still short 1,620 points.

So, we give up next years 1st, for Kicks let say we pick at the #15 spot next year in the first round.... The #15 pick in 2013 is worth 1,050 points, we are still shy 570 points... So we need to throw another 2nd round pick, If we pick #15 in the first round... we will pick number 47 in the second round of 2013. That pick is worth 430 points.
We are STILL short 140 points but MAYBE they let us slide on those or ask for a player like Hartline or another mid level player.
We now have spent 2 First rounders and 2 second rounders and gave up a player.... all for a guy who has NEVER taken a snap in the NFL... we are HAMSTRUNG for 2 years and will hurt for it just like after the Ricky Williams deal for 5 to 7 years...

4 Top Round Picks and a player... Damned if we are not the generous bunch...!

All the point info can be found Here...


All Cleveland must do is give up their 2 first rounders THIS YEAR... and a second and third next year and they own him....

RG3 will go to Cleveland if they want him... and even if they don't... It would be a franchise killer to buy the #2 overall pick.

The only 1st round QB Miami will have a real shot at is Tannehill. And IMAO he is a 2nd rounder inflated to a 1st buy shear demand of the position.

If Miami were to bring in Manning and draft a second tier QB he could be developed under Manning and Philbin and be ready to go when Manning retires.

It is either that way OR go after Flynn. OR believe that Moore can get it done for us (I don't believe he could)...

Look at the point chart for yourselves... don't try and play "Madden Football" look at what teams look to and decide if you want to pay 4 draft picks for him or not.

Redskins could be scratched off Peyton's list...

According to Chris Russell of ESPN 980 Washington, it isn’t.

Russell appeared on SportsCenter Thursday and, citing multiple sources, reported that Manning doesn’t want to play in the nation’s capital and has already informed the team.

Were Flynn to start an entire season, he would throw about 22 INTs.

RGIII aint coming you sound like Omar Kelly

Wolfman your list= FAIL
Posted by: beerphin | March 08, 2012 at 02:51 PM


Exactly.....it's the Miami Dolphin way!

Signal - I scratched them awhile ago. I think it was about a month ago, the mayor of DC came out publicly and said he was against the team going after Manning....pretty much saw the writing on the wall then and there.

Beyond that, I could never see Shanahan giving control of the offense to Manning....he's a very "my system" kinda guy and you either buy in (as Elway did) or you don't.

I think it really is going to come down to Miami and AZ, in that order.

Ross will make/save millions if he gets Manning. So that is his priority.

I remember one year in which Peyton's Colts were up 48-0 at half time, every single game. The way to win football games is to score points. Peyton's teams always score points.

Chiefs and Broncos are on the table as well i think

Crusher, we need to replace Columbo or Peyton will leave the field on a stretcher, so you can see my O line need point of view. I'm not sold on your qb of the future pick, but Manning gives us the luxury of time to find a franchise qb.

If we dont get Manning you can kiss next season goodbye.

I remember how Peyton on a very talented team only won the SB once.

I remember that Peyton has the most one and done playoff appearances in history.

I remember Peytong throwing a pic six to blow tying the SB in the final minute.

I hear the 49ers. Jets,and Rams have expressed interest also.

You build your core team through the draft, then add a free agent or two each year to fill holes based upon the depth available for that position in the draft. Miami should sign Manning and maybe Reggie Wayne if he is willing to take a cut to play with Peyton again. Miami will need to fill other holes and upgrade these positions: OT, OG, DT, DE, OLB, TE. Maybe trade Hartline for a draft pick if they sign Wayne.

james in vegas,
i hope/thought columbo was gone already.that guy is a human turnstile. i think if we go with jerry @ rg and murtha @ rt they can be come roadgraders. i'm not sold on any of these QB's other than andrew luck,but i HOPE ireland PLUS philbin & sherman (who have seen favre & rodgers so they know what a good one looks like)can get it right. so far...not so much...see beck(cc/rm's mistake),white,henne. i think it was painfull for parcels to start simms & that guy was almost perfect in his superbowl. i thinks his receivers dropped 2 of the 3 passes he missed. parcels wouldn't know a QB if God himself sent one to his door hence his son jeffy lacks the skill as well.

LOL.... irsay. But he got them there didn't he?

Is Vernon Carey a possibility still at RG and Jerry at RT?

Anybody remember that Monday Night foorball game against the Dolphins where we controlled the clock for damn near the whole game but still lost.

Miami dominated the time of possession battle, chewing 45:07 off the clock. In fact, the Colts only ran 13 plays in the second half. Indianapolis had the ball for 14:53.

While we were running our dink and dunk offense, Manning killed us, and some of you idiots dont want him.

Clue. that game was hysterical. We totally dominated yet had no chance to win. LOL

Love your post at 3:29 Clue

Manning had 2-3 80yd scoring drives all under 10 seconds!!

me too clue. 3:29 says it all. peyton can score from anywhere. same as eli. these are elite QBs that can make any pass at any time. the last time we had that was #13(can you imagine him in todays nfl with duper and clayton...6000yds)

Also, check out the latest "tweet" Marino sent directly to Manning

"Shout out to #18, Indy will never forget your legacy. Can't wait to see you back on the field doing what you do best. #ClassAct"

Seems to be heating up for the Fins

me too clue @ 3:29. guys like peyton can make any throw at anytime.same with eli. these are elite QB's and when you get one sit back and enjoy. last time we had one was #13...in todays NFL with duper and clayton, he throws for 6000yds.they'd have to put his name in the ring of honor twice.

And Manning is BETTER then Marino!

sorry about the double post...i knew i shouldn't have smoked my lunch.

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