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Dolphins don't seem done at quarterback

Back to football ...

The Dolphins' search for a franchise quarterback has to take a different road now. This team will not find that guy in free agency. This team probably won't find that guy in a trade because it's not likely Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger or Tom Brady will be on the market anytime soon.

So the only avenue that offers a glimmer of hope for Dolphins fans clamoring for a franchise QB is the draft.

During my 30-minute conversation with general manager Jeff Ireland on Tuesday, I asked him about Miami's chances of selecting a quarterback in the draft. Let's face it, the club needs one more guy behind Matt Moore and David Garrard and that guy will probably be a youngster or a developmental type.

Ireland paused after my question, no doubt weighing whether to answer. (He doesn't like to give anything away, not even in hints). And then he said:

"There's a chance of that. Let it run its course."

Not a yes, I grant you. But neither is it a no.

So let us assume the Dolphins do go for a quarterback somewhere in the draft. It's an assumption several NFL types and NFL observers are making. Former Redskins and Houston Texans GM Charley Casserly, for example, released his most recent mock draft today and he has the Dolphins picking Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the first round.

I like Tannehill. What's not to like. He was productive for Mike Sherman, his head coach at A&M and now the Dolphins offensive coordinator. At 6-4 and 221 pounds, he has prototypical size. He has a good arm. He was accurate enough last season. And while his decision-making could probably improve, thus bringing down his interceptions, he is not terrible there, either.

The problem with Tannehill is he's considered the next best quarterback after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. And that means he'll be overdrafted -- meaning he'll probably go higher than his actual grade because he's a quarterback and there aren't enough great ones of those in the NFL. I would be comfortable using a second round pick on Tannehill, probably even an early second-round pick on him.

But a first? At No. 8 overall where the Dolphins draft?

That, in my opinion, is not a value pick. He is not the eighth-best player coming out.

Yet, that is probably what it will take to select Tannehill. It will present the Dolphins with a dilemma because on the one hand, they need a quarterback. But on the other hand, they don't like to overpay for anyone, including a quarterback.

Should the Dolphins decide to explore the quarterback position later in the draft, I'd love for them to look at Brandon Weeden with one of their two third-round picks. This guy also has prototype size at 6-4 and 221 and has perhaps the best arm in the draft.

No one was more productive than him. No one throws the ball better than him.

The problems with Weeden are he's going to be 29 years old, which means his shelf life is cut by nearly five years. Other issues are he's careless with the football at times, and he's sometimes kind of confident in his abilities to the border of being overconfident. The NFL will humble him and that isn't a worry, but how long it takes him to figure out he's not in Kansas (or Oklahoma State) anymore concerns because, again, he's 29 years old.

Brock Osweiler, at 6-7 and 242 pounds impresses a lot of people. I look at him and see Dan McGwire. With respect to McGwire, that scares me.

As a later round pick I like Kirk Cousins. He reminds me, don't laugh, of Tom Brady. He's tall and lanky like Brady was coming out of college. He played in the Big 10 like Brady did. He was very good but not great at Michigan State just like Brady was at Michigan.

Even their statistics are something of a mirror for one another. 

Brady threw for 2,586 yards with 20 TDs and 6 INTs his senior season at Michigan. He completed 62.8 percent of his passes. Cousins threw for 3,316 yards with 25 TDs and 10 INTs last season for Michigan State. He completed 63.7 percent of his passes.

I like him. I really do. He's a winner and he brought his team from behind on several occasions. Is he a first or second-round pick? Probably not. But I like him.

This, by the way, is not meant to be a complete study on every single quarterback coming out in the draft. I'm not ready to do that yet. This is meant for you to keep your eyes open to the idea that the Dolphins are not done adding QBs.

There is a vacancy for a young guy.


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Regarding Garrard,

Here is something from Adam Schein yesterday -

"Instead, as first reported by our Jay Glazer, the Dolphins sign David Garrard. I like Garrard. But he told me on the SiriusXM Blitz two weeks ago that he’s not 100 percent healthy yet and he didn’t play last year."

Posted by: The Signal | March 21, 2012 at 12:12 PM

Signing Vince Young would have made more sense than Garrard.

I didn't mind reading this. Made a lot of sense. Keep it up

Re: drafting a QB. Believe it when I see it.

Problem is in drafting a about at 8,the fins pass up a terrific defensive player ie....Melvin Ingram....

Neither is Peyton Manning healthy yet and he just got $96M, so if Garrard is not healthy so what, there was no money up front, Miami just cuts him and no harm no foul. Also there is no football for 4 more months so health at this stage is not a big factor.

I agree a franchise QB is 99% of the time found in the draft and Miami needs to identify the next best one after Luck and RGIII and go get him. Overdrafting a QB is a given but you have to hit on one. I say draft one high and one later in the draft just to double up your bets, it is that important of a position today. If nothing else you develop them and trade them if one stands out over the other.

Do you see Ireland trading back to the mid first and selecting Tannehill there? It picks up some extra picks (maybe a 2nd or another 3rd plus a late rounder) this year, and fits in with Philbin's idea of building through the draft. He gets his QB, he gets a few more players this year to build on, it's a win-win.

Tannehill was a prjected 2nd rounder but because Jones and Barkley didn't come out is now considered a possible first round selection for the Dolphins? Anyways dont be surprise if Ireland goes with Reiff wit the first pick his daddy (Pacells) might still be giving him advice.

Also, I see Philbin having a major impact on football decisions this year. He is Ross's guy. Ross selected him, and I see him holding back on major free agent moves and placing an emphasis on the draft. I think this is a good sign for the franchise because the plan that he came on (that you reported on) was very detailed and I see Ireland trying to work with Philbin. That's encouraging. Maybe not this year, but I'm ok with that because I've never been a 'win right now at all costs' guy. Build for the future, and 4 years from now win 4 super bowls.

Agree, this is the scenario I pictured if the Flynn option got too expensive. I also have my doubts about Tannehill, I would take a chance with someone else in later rounds, since he won't be there for the second round.

And let's not forget we have a viable option with Moore and Garrard, it's not by any means ideal, but we've been much worse in the past.

Off subject, but.....

Ryan Tannehill's wife is pretty cute....just saying :)


Tebow to the Jets!!!!!

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 12:48 PM

Garrard has been better over his career than people are giving him credit for. Either he or Moore are likely to serve as the place holder QB we covet and either will likely be serviceable. Tannehil, Weeden, Cousins? Unless we can trade down I'd say wait until the second round for QB, go for best available in first, then pick up a QB and WR in 2nd and 3rd round. Our top pick really probably should go to a DB, DE, or OL (maybe WR if Blackmon is there).


Tebow to the Jets!!!!!

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 12:48 PM

JETS and TEBOW to beat Miami again!

i didnt see drew brees on your list. isnt he still holding out on the saints due to them putting the tag on him. just sayin.

Peyton suspended for 1 yr other coach suspended 4ever!!!!

Home needs to take something to calm himself down

Mando, tannehill is rated in the mid teens overall by scouts Inc. Sure drafting him at 8 is a touch high but considering he's a qb and they're in extremely short supply and by far the most important resource in relation to success, picking him at 8 is the furthest thing from a reach.

It would be Miamis best use of a first round pick.

Ohio, would you bang her in front of Tannehill?

Jeeeeeeeez Gooddell brought the HAMMER down on the Saints!!!

If Tannehill is the guy you are targeting then just go get him at #8. Is he the best player available at #8? No. Is RGIII the best available player at #2? No.


If Sherman thinks Tannehill can be a star in the NFL, the Dolphins need to finally spend a first round pick on a QB. Sherman coached in the NFL and was Tannehill's coach in college. Tannehill will not be there in round 2. The Dolphins are in a perfect position to evaluate Tannehill better than anyone else. If they view him as a potential star, the choice is fairly obvious at 8. QB is just too important to be overly concerned about "value drafting" or "overdrafting."

Saints lost 2 2nd round picks, as well.

Greg Williams suspended indefenitley! WOW

You could almost spell Henne with Tannelhill So... NO!!

Tebow & Sparano on the Jets r gonna beat Miami's AZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

Official Breaking NEWS!!!!!!!

Tebow to the Jets!!!!!

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 12:48 PM

JETS and TEBOW to beat Miami again!

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 12:51 PM

Peyton suspended for 1 yr w o PAY! other coach suspended 4ever!!!!

$500,000.00 FINE!!! + 2 second round picks!!!!!!!

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 12:52


Official Breaking NEWS!!!!!!!

Tebow to the Jets!!!!!

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 12:48 PM

JETS and TEBOW to beat Miami again!

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 12:51 PM

Peyton suspended for 1 yr w o PAY! other coach suspended 4ever!!!!

$500,000.00 FINE!!! + 2 second round picks!!!!!!!

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 12:52


Whoever the Dolphins want to get, Don't Draft him, and pick the next QB available.

So Head Coach gets a year, DC gets a indefinite, and the GM who lied to NFL and ownership gets 8 games, WTH!

No more whining about Manning, or knee jerk reactions for skipping Flynn/Smith/ etc. Or Vitriol about Ireland.
Real QB talk!
AND... It's not "Tannehill is our only hope" junk that all the other columnists obediently regurgitate.
Oh my.. a tear has come to my eye. ...:)
I love you man!

Ok, so comments:
Weeden confidence is a weakness? Name me one great QB who wasn't near cocky. I WANT my QB to be a shark on the field and assume the DBs are his bloody prey.
Marino did, Elway did, Peyton does, Brady, Rogers, Brees ... Tannehill is mild. Unsure. Not ready to kill. Cousins is a killer. Weeden is too. So is Luck and Griffin, for that matter. They KNOW they can beat that defense, just a matter of doing it. Not hope.

I totally agree Tannehill is not 1st round material, and YES someone will buy him there anyway. Hopefully not us.

Dont worry Dolfans Home is calling Armando so u can get Home's breaking news in another 1//2 hour

be patient

Home has the real contacts!

Lets rescue Drew Brees from the Saints we an make a nice low ball offer for him to get out.

Brandon Weeden will go top 40 w/o doubt. Moat likely Browns at 36 to pair w/ Blackmon. Cousins shortly after in the 2nd.


You are dreaming if you think Tannehill or Weeden will drop to the 2nd round. Teams reach for QB's and there will be a team at the bottom of the first round that will swoop in and grab Weeden. Tannehill may not be there at #8 and will definitely be top 15. Cousins may be our only shot...How about Tebowmania in NY


STFU! ESPN broke the news 1/2hr ago! Are you now campaigning for "HOME OF STUPID"?

Now Jets have two QBs that can't throw.

Tebow to the Jets? I guess the chanting protest mob worked.

If i remember well, last season everyone laugh esp. warren Sapp when the dolphins signed Matt More insted of Kyle Orten but look at what took place during the course of the season. People ie dolphins so called fans should stop this nee jerk reaction and let the team do their work and sit back and just enjoy the damm season already. sto all that bs and give the GM his credit that he has earned to this point.

Wow, some kind of punishment for NO. These People aren't kidding.

Home I saw the Tebow trade on PFT the exact same time you "reported" it on here.

Nice source.....

LOL NY is perfect for Tebow. With all the scrutiny in the media you won't even find a devote christian being a fan of his. And they thought Sanchez was bad.

Home should now be spelled: NARCCARSSIST!

Can you shut up already? You got the news off of ESPN just like the rest of us. SHEESH it already willya! LOL

Brees is currently sitting on an unsigned franchise tender. We can't afford him anymore than we could afford Manning.

DOLPHINS NOT DONE AT QB. READ THIS FROM MONDAY NEWS (prior to Smith resigning with 49ers).

Denise White of Vince Young’s publicity firm EAG made a tweet today saying “How about @VinceYoung to the Dolphins? I hear rumblings? Would he be a good fit for them??”. Vince Young responded with a re-tweet, adding “or the 49ers“.


Jets thru Sparano a crumb by bringing in Tebow. They think they now have wildcat 2.0 and they just may.

Wait until Sanchez throws his first pick and the Jet fans began chanting for "T-E-B-O-W................."

Then we'll know the circus has officially come to town(NY) LOL

Home gets all the breaking news from Phins.com and the insights, from me.

Armando, the Dolphins are overdone! THEY SUCK!!


I hate to say I told you so....but....i told you so (tebow to the jets)...it just makes sense for what the jets want to do....

If only i could have been right about Manning to Miami.....


The Patriots reportedly signed CB Will Allen to a one-year contract.


What do you say to your mother when you catch her with two black men?

Nothing because you just caught her twice!

I am very wary of Tebow as he has a knack to win the close ballgames.

Tebow Pounds the Miami Mullets again

Confused Dolphins running west coast offense on the east coast

Patriots say, "WTH !" "The Dolphins have officially lost it"

"Should have signed "Tim Tebow"

"Ross to lose hundreds of millions by not signing TEBOW"

"Losing is a staple for the fish"

"Ireland racist March coming soon"

Will Allen was a good player!!!

Anyone want to play golf and go fishing with me for te rest of they year?????

When Tebow and the Jests come to Miami moron Ross will honor Tebow again..

My mother is black, so what!

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